Scott Brinker @chiefmartec released the 2023 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic martech

2-May-2023, Scott Brinker @chiefmartec released the 2023 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic with 11,038 solutions searchable on

You can download a hi-res slide of the landscape or even a super hi-res PDF. But the best way to dig into the landscape is to use the free interactive version on

“[…] we removed 689 companies from last year’s landscape — a 7% churn rate — that were acquired, pivoted out of martech, or went out of business.

But it’s the same dualistic story we’ve seen for the past 12 years in martech. Yes, there is consolidation and churn. Even significant consolidation and churn. But the rate at which new startups have launched has consistently outpaced the exit rate of those who leave the arena, whether victorious or dead.”

See my own Sales Enablement market deathwatch list.

Regalix @regalix @nytro_ai Nytro Platform (PITCH INTELLIGENCE FOR SALES ONBOARDING & READINESS) solutions for Revenue Enablement, Revenue Operations & thought leadership. Create, organize & measure interactive content so you can more effectively coach & train your sales teams to close deals quicker.Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.09.24 am Nytro Trainer app: Remote coaching capabilities including role-based virtual onboarding (ability to onboard sales reps remotely & at scale, enabling them with the right sales readiness content so they can start selling to buyers across the various stages of the funnel), AI-Powered Training (Sales leaders can create customized quiz + assessment journeys, powered by artificial intelligence that recommends guided selling paths that prepare SDRs, BDRs, AEs & Field Reps with selling capabilities), Pitch Master (practice, perfect & record demos & pitches for quick evaluation, powered by AI, that provides insights into which reps are ready to sell & which require more practice to master the perfect pitch), Continuous-Coaching (create PinBoards which inform reps on the latest & greatest sales tips, plays, industry news & best practices, keeping them on top of their game to constantly improve their sales skills in an ever-changing market). Palo Alto, California, United States (Old branding was Many offices in India. Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 12.11.17 pmMarketStar QOZ Business, LLC, a Utah limited liability company / AEBE Limited, an Irish company limited by shares with company number 467373, trading as MarketStar @marketstar Outsourced sales & revenue solutions firm MarketStar acquired revenue operations firm Regalix & its subsidiaries, including, for an undisclosed sum, 2-May-2023. The acquisition will help MarketStar expand its service offerings, especially with the addition of’s intelligent sales onboarding & revenue enablement platform. Following the acquisition, will continue to function as an independent subsidiary of MarketStar. Dublin, Ireland – Ogden, UT

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 12.34.19 pm2-May-2023, Sales enablement and revenue productivity platform Mindtickle announced the acquisition of Enable Us. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Enable Us is a digital sales room provider that empowers sales teams to create digital buying experiences with their corporate branding and messaging. Mindtickle believes the acquisition would provide an all-in-one platform for sales leaders to align entirely on gaps in knowledge, skills, & day-to-day deal behaviors. Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 10.56.15 amEnable Us @EnableUsInfo formerly Referenceable & formerly All-in-one buyer-centric enablement platform – web or mobile application: Organize, Share & Analyze everything your buyers & sellers need to close deals quickly using Digital Sales Rooms. 1639670725673MindTickle @mindtickle sales enablement & readiness platform. Expanded sales readiness platform with ideal rep profiles, sales content management. Gives you the power to ramp up new reps faster, coach them effectively, keep them up-to-date & create a culture of sales excellence. 360 degree Sales Readiness Solution (Accelerate time-to-productivity of new sales reps). Onboarding. Ongoing. Coaching. Anytime Anywhere. 564 staff in India.

Rallyware @RallywareSF for Sales Enablement: Speed up onboarding & improve productivity of every sales rep. For any sales organization, the company’s success is determined by its ability to quickly onboard & train its sales reps to get them become productive & knowledgeable about the company’s products, processes, & partnerships. Unfortunately, only a handful of reps become fully productive. Empowers its customers to coach, train, & motivate their workforces through personalized scalable engagement programs that achieve higher sales, faster employee onboarding, increased participation in corporate initiatives, & other business objectives. Mobile & web platform drives online & offline activities by creating a game-like social user experience. $4M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Saba Software, SumTotal Systems, & Cornerstone OnDemand. San Francisco, CA, US. MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. 2-May-2023: Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 10.40.21 am Performance enablement platform Rallyware acquired retail sales enablement platform Myagi @Myagiapp for an undisclosed sum. Through the acquisition, Rallyware hopes to increase sales productivity for consumer brands & multi-brand retailer partners. Myagi’s brand & retailer network data will be merged with Rallyware’s Performance Enablement Platform. With the acquisition, Rallyware believes customers will be able to reduce their sales technology stack, slash sales rep training costs, & bolster internal communications with reps. Additionally, the merged entity will be able to provide sales training programs with seller onboarding, product & customer service training, clienteling, & sales optimization features.

Zoom @Zoom acquisition of Solvvy @solvvyinc to strengthen conversational AI capabilities & launched Zoom IQ for sales. 14-Apr-2023, Zoom announced the acquisition of Workvivo to extend Zoom’s platform & offer its customers new ways to keep employees informed, engaged, & connected. Zoom to acquire Workvivo to bolster employee experience offering. Today’s workforce is distributed – with people working from home, in an office, at a remote location, on the frontlines of a retail floor or warehouse… Engaging employees & driving culture through connection is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s imperative for success in today’s business environment. Putting people at the heart of hybrid work. Workvivo @workvivo The digital heart of your organization: Simplify communication & drive engagement with an employee experience platform. The Employee Communication platform designed to build natural, meaningful bonds between teams, allowing companies to reach & engage their employees everywhere. Workvivo Limited, Ireland

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 11.26.57 am

Full disclosure: I’m an angel investor in

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 11.47.51 am

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