Sales Enablement MarTech tools using ChatGPT and alike

AI for selling b2b: Tools that help B2B sales teams include CRMs & sales chatbots. CRMs like Hubspot & Salesforce use AI-powered analytics & ML (machine learning) to help understand customer behaviour, predict sales trends, track customer engagement & manage sales data etc… Sales chatbots, like Hubspot Chatbot Builder &, Salesforce Einstein, & Drift, can help B2B sales teams qualify leads, book meetings, & close deals.

In January 2018, I started a list of Sales Enablement tools powered by AI/ML, but here is the early start of a list specifically for ChatGPT and alike [Large language models (LLMs) are computer programs for natural language processing (NLP) that use deep learning and neural networks, like GPT-4].

Last edit 3-Jun-2023

Accent Technologies @accent_tech Now integrating with OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI Engine! AI AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: CHATGPT CUSTOMIZED For Your Team. Put the latest AI technology to work with your own ChatGPT knowledgebase that answers detailed questions about your products, services, accounts, opportunities, pipeline—even with detailed recommendations for next steps & improvement. Customized to know your business: All the knowledge & power of ChatGPT plus the knowledge of your business. It knows your company, products, services, competitors, industry… & anything else you need it to know.

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Business:

Ask a question about your business, you get the answer. It’s that simple. No implementation needed, minimal if any training for the team, no big rollout. Just an incredibly smart assistant that can help with about anything. Want to Know About Sales? Your Sales Assistant will tell you anything you want to know about your deals. Just ask & get the answer. The Sales Assistant is loaded with all the information from our Synthesis Analytics Engine—purpose-built Sales Engine! Helps You Write Emails and Create Personalized Content Your Chat Assistant is not as smarter as ChatGPT—it’s smarter! It knows you & your buyers; & can help you write on-target emails & create personalized content that directly fit your buyer’s needs.

Ask Details About Your Product & Services

Your Sales Assistant: Know everything you need to know about your products & services—& how they stack up against competitors. It can even help you differentiate & win. Just ask & get the answers you need. FL, USA. Accent Technologies, Inc.

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