Analyze missing Sales Enablement content and predict performance of content before posting it

The latest addition to my lists:

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 10.13.44 amFocia @focia_io Digital content management made easy. Predict the popularity of your content. We predict what works – before you post it. Enables you to post the best content, providing cutting-edge tools all-in-one platform. Content creation: All the tools needed to create. Scheduler: Optimise your post scheduling. Performance prediction: Predict engagement with accuracy. Predict engagement: Predict the engagement of your posts. Analysis: Compare against competitors. Brand tracker: Compare performance against competitors. Built on powerful machine learning tech. Our predictive models are built using reinforcement learning techniques that outperform humans. Our models at your fingertips. The Focia API can be integrated with existing systems with ease (coming soon). By Three Thirty Labs, Inc. New Zealand / Australia

An acquisition I had missed and just updated everywhere:

AccessBell @access_bell Founded in March 2020 you could call Access Bell inspired by COVID. Customized video conferencing for enterprise workflows. Customized, self-serve, fully-managed video conferencing for your workflows & apps. Expand your Zoom experience with features incl. real-time collaboration, personal notes, & agendas that sync with tools you already know & love. Take personal & collaborative notes & assign action items during the meeting. Organize your meetings with an agenda to indicate the progress of the meeting. Integrate seamlessly with Slack, Drive, Email, & other productivity tools. Track user engagement & better understand your meeting participation. Palo Alto, CA, USA7-Jun-2021, “AccessBell, a VC-backed silicon valley startup founded by Stanford MBAs, sold its video conferencing software solution to Tata Medical & Diagnostics for an undisclosed amount. What started as a trial converged into a solution which is being used to provide teleconferencing services to deliver healthcare services.”

171 of 777 companies/products I track have been acquired:

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 4.01.15 pm


Check out the “2022 STATE OF MARKETING AND SALES AI REPORT” presented by Drift and Marketing AI Institute.


Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.17.00 pm

The second use case in the table below (“Analyze existing online content for gaps and opportunities”) was something my former team at BizSphere used to call “Content Intelligence” and did for internal/partner/channel facing content for Sales Enablement and Partner/Channel Enablement via their so called “Content Landscape”.


The third use case in the following table (“Predit content performance before deployment”) would be something Focia (mentioned above) covers.


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