Swiss Sales Enablement software vendors MarTech from Switzerland

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My list of Swiss Sales Enablement software vendors / Sales Enablement solutions, marketing content management (CMS/DAM), sales knowledge management (KM/LMS), MarTech SaaS from Switzerland, as of 20-Mar-2022:

basis06 AG @basis06 [seems to have restructured/pivoted to focus less on Sales Enablement.] Bern, Switzerland

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 12.36.48 pmBlueconomics @blueconomics Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH Zürich/Switzerland. online tool helping sales teams to hunt & farm new business by visualizing & analyzing relationship networks. Bachenbulach, Zurich, Switzerland

Combionic Germany/Switzerland based. Combionic collaboration software connects people, processes, & information in context & across applications. Enabling sales people & partner organizations with a slide library. Drag & drop slides to a plug-in right within Microsoft PowerPoint to have all the context/tags captured automatically & the slides are already uploaded / available in the cloud based slide library which works great for accessing/generating on the fly from tablets.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 8.17.58 pmeggheads @eggheads_ai conversational microlearning (micro-learning) eLearning: Do your employees always know the latest news from your company? Are their skills up-to-date? In these times many businesses struggle to keep employees current & updated. Make it easy & fun for your team to soak up new business knowledge with chat-based learning nuggets. Let your internal news & trainings feel like WhatsApp. Provide an experience like Duolingo with your content. Create short, mobile & interactive chat conversations to train employees & keep them updated. Sign up now & get new ideas for your trainings, internal communications & more. Eggheads GmbH. Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Highspot @highspot sales engagement platform providing visibility & insight across the sales cycle. End-to-end platform that closes the loop between marketing, sales & the customer providing real-time alerts & predictive analytics on all your business content. Increase seller effectiveness, improve sales management visibility to best practices, & deliver insights to marketing to produce content that drives engagement & revenue. Optimize how your marketing & sales teams use content to effectively engage customers & drive revenue. In September 2019, the company introduced its SmartPage technology, giving go-to-market teams guidance alongside content so they can have effective customer conversations. Seattle, WA, USA. 5-May-2020, announced the launch of its Austria, Germany & Switzerland (DACH) operations, headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Kony Kony enterprise apps: Reach your employees on any channel – phones, tablets, desktops, & more – to deliver a consistent experience that drives enterprise-wide adoption. Enable sales teams to engage with customers in a personalized & informed way – anytime, anywhere. Help field & plant workers quickly execute & close work orders with intuitive workflows & access to pertinent information. 10-Sep-2019 – Geneva-based Temenos’ announced the acquisition of Austin, Texas-based digital application provider Kony in a deal totalling $580M. 25-Sep-2019, Temenos (SIX: TEMN) @Temenos GENEVA Switzerland banking software company, announced: the acquisition of Kony Inc @kony the US digital banking SaaS company has now closed.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 8.11.36 pmPITCHER @pitcherdotcom end-to-end mobile sales enablement platform that empowers your employees to fully engage your customers & prospects: Streamlines customer interactions & tracks reactions to marketing collateral, effectively closing the marketing feedback loop. Give your team the latest data, collateral, & key messaging anytime, anywhere—even offline. Out-of-the-box mobile modules will transform your sales process. Connecting to a number of CRM & ERP systems, & making this data available in the field, gives your sales teams the capability to be mobile & real-time – with the information that matters most. Access your essential Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics & Oracle OnDemand data from anywhere, on any device. Pitcher AG, around since 2010. Zurich, Switzerland; Barcelona, Catalonia, ES; Istanbul, TR; Newton, MA, US

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 12.50.35 pmSquirro @squirro Harvest content that matters: Revolutionize the way you gather/store/use content that matters. Do more with data! Boost your client engagement & service levels with the Squirro Insights Engine, combining human intelligence & powerful AI. Zurich, Switzerland based

SwissVBS @SwissVBS a bts company @btsgroupab (BTS is a public company traded at the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm under the symbol BTS b) Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of enterprise B2B sales teams: SET (Sales Enablement Tool) is a marketing & sales app that aligns salespeople to their organization & empowers them to meaningfully showcase their products & services to clients. Push up-to-date organizational messaging to sales representatives simply & quickly. Gain insight into sales activity & customer engagement. Align learning content to the point-of-sale – bringing learning closer to performance. Access to the latest product information in a client-ready format. Customize & share content to meet specific customer needs – both during & after the sale. Access relevant just-in-time training, tied to the client interaction. St Gallen, Switzerland. Toronto, Canada. Munich, Germany.

HIfv4cwK_400x400Vidinoti @Vidinoti User-friendly platform to create, deploy & manage localised Augmented Reality content. Implementation of solutions in AR & VR for events & expos / trade shows. Enterprises can benefit from AR to better train & onboard their employees & reduce maintenance & intervention costs thanks to immersive manuals & AR-based remote assistance. Augment your content with more engaging content, in just a few clicks & track the popularity of articles via analytics dashboards. Create & deploy AR-based interaction & tours using Vidinoti’s CMS. That content can then be easily accessed using an installed mobile app. Switzerland. 17-Jun-2021, Bigtincan @bigtincan Australian sales enablement vendor acquired 100% of Switzerland-based tech company Vidinoti SA for roughly $770k in cash & shares. The Swiss acquisition specialises in augmented & virtual reality systems: Suite of tools to create, deploy & manage augmented reality content including V-Director, V-Player & the Vidinoti SDK.

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