Launches, raises and acquisitions in b2b Sales Enablement SaaS

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 10.06.54 amKompyte @kompyte helps product, marketing & sales teams collect, organize & act on CI (competitive intelligence) to differentiate, provide unique value & earn market share. COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE FOR SALES ENABLEMENT: Differentiate & win more deals. Improve sales effectiveness with up-to-date intelligence on competitor pricing, products & promotions. $1M in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Rival IQ, TrackMaven, & L2. Now saying they don’t compete with RivalIQ or Track Maven anymore, but their main competitors are Klue & Crayon. Intellikom, Inc., doing business as Kompyte. San Francisco, CA, USA & Barcelona, Spain. 1-Mar-2022, Semrush SEMrush Inc an online visibility management SaaS platform, announced plans to acquire competitive intelligence automation & sales enablement platform Kompyte. Based out of Austin, Kompyte is an Al-driven solution designed to simplify the tracking, compilation & analysis of competitor insights for sales, marketing, product development & executive teams. Its platform delivers timely, strategic insights derived through the consistent monitoring of competitors’ holistic online presence. This enables better messaging, positioning, product development, & revenue capture for both small teams & large enterprises.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 11.08.57 amSlintel @Slintel_Inc go-to-market intelligence that helps businesses discover & connect with high-intent buyers. Enabling companies to prospect better & scale faster by providing lead intelligence & sales enablement support. Helps companies boost conversion rates by getting in front of the right prospects at the right time, using the right medium & with the right content. Competes with Infer, Leadspace, & Lattice Engines. San Francisco, CA, USA. On 5-Oct-2021, 6sense (6sense Insights, Inc.) acquired Slintel for an undisclosed amount.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 9.13.44 am24-Feb-2022 Upland Software @UplandSoftware acquired Boston-based search company BAInsight / BA Insight / BA-Insight Inc. @BAinsight for $33.4M in cash. With the acquisition of BA Insight, Upland continues to build its knowledge management product portfolio by giving customers a powerful new way to conduct searches that span their enterprise systems to deliver relevant, personalized, & actionable results, with a technology that: Eliminates the blind spots by connecting search to many different systems & applications; Unifies search results with the ability to set up the correct, specialized taxonomies to organize, retrieve, & sort the most relevant documents; Delivers increasingly relevant results using analytics and machine learning to make each search better; & Places a search bar wherever the user wants it so they can search natively in target applications or across all the applications they use every day.

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 12.10.35 pmBynder @bynder digital asset management platform: Gives your brand the organization it needs, & your organization the brand it deserves. Role-based access from anywhere, anytime. The digital asset management solution helps you do more with your marketing assets. Bynder’s platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, & maximize the impact of marketing assets. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 12.49.22 pm3-Mar-2022, Bynder acquired content operations platform GatherContent @gathercontent Launched in 2012 to bridge the gap that separated quality content from hard-working marketing teams. Through a centralized content operations hub, GatherContent strips away the ambiguity & chaos that often comes with creating content for campaigns, websites, & other channels. A user-friendly UI gives stakeholders the tools they need for managing, editing, reviewing, & approving content – all in one place. By uniting GatherContent & Bynder DAM, Bynder offers a centralized platform for content teams to collaborate on creating structured content. By combining text & digital assets, approving it with simple workflows, & enabling the distribution of the approved content to whichever channels need it, we’re empowering marketers with the tools they need to provide superior customer experiences.

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 11.59.29 amSofon Solutions @SofonSoftware @SofonDE Sofon Guided Solutions: Supplier of innovative standard software for Guided Selling. Sofon Deutschland GmbH, Moers, Germany. Sofon B.V., Eindhoven, Nederland. 5-Oct-2021, Revalize @revalize a TA Associates portfolio company, acquired Sofon, a Netherlands-based provider of pricing software. Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 12.04.47 pmRevalize, Jacksonville, FL, USA (sector-specific revenue operations software for manufacturers, their distributors & their specifiers) announced the expansion of its geographic footprint & solution portfolio through the acquisition of Sofon, Netherlands-based provider of Guided Selling & CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software solutions. This combination will expand Revalize’s ability to provide revenue operations & CPQ solutions across industry verticals & geographies.

ScopeAI @ScopeAI automatically extracts actionable insights from customer service conversations using NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). San Francisco, CA, USAAlso known as QuikiScreen Shot 2022-03-19 at 9.26.12 pmOn 31-Aug-2021, Observe.AI acquired ScopeAI to advance omnichannel ambitions; for an undisclosed amount. Observe.AI @observeai also known as Z21 Labs: Ushering in the next generation of contact center teams with an Intelligent Workforce Platform that helps teams improve CX & agent performance. San Francisco, California, US. Z21 Labs, Inc.

Acquia @acquia cloud platform for building, delivering & optimizing digital experiences. Boston, DC, Portland, & Reading, UK. Acquia was acquired by Vista Equity Partners.Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 5.18.33 pm WIDEN @Widen DAM & PIM software to help businesses deliver content with confidence. 8-Sep-2021, Acquia acquired Widen Enterprises, Inc. @widen for an undisclosed amount. 

Workbounce’s ‘Google meets Slack’ product for sales teams raises $2.7M from Index Ventures, 9-Mar-2022:

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 4.22.24 pmWorkbounce @GetWorkbounce sales teams, meet your co-pilot! Looking for information, chasing prospects, & doing admin work is slowing your deals down. Try a better way. Close those browser tabs! We integrate with your most used platforms (Salesforce coming soon). Every team struggles with knowledge silos! Knowledge shouldn’t have to be hard-won & reps shouldn’t have to lose business to get better. Content & answers could be anywhere… Loom, Gong, Marketo, DocuSign, Dropbox, GDrive, Slack—answers live everywhere, incl. inside people’s heads. So much valuable information is available but hidden—unless you know exactly what to look for & where to find it, or exactly who to ask. To solve this, you bring in a content management system as a single source of truth which inevitably becomes an outdated silo & creates a maintenance burden. Workbounce is designed to be an insightful co-pilot for all customer-facing teams. We connect the siloed tools you use every day—like Google Drive, Notion, & Slack—with a layer of intelligent search & analytics. Spend less time digging through multiple platforms looking for answers, & more time building deal-winning relationships with your customers. Workbounce Ltd, Covent Garden, London, UK

Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 9.47.35 pm

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 4.20.54 @isentia Asia Pacific focused media intelligence & insights business. Discover & share insights from news & social media to drive smarter decisions. Has been sold to UK-based Access Intelligence: Jun-2021, Isentia Group Limited announced a takeover offer from Access Intelligence at an implied Enterprise value of $67M. Access Intelligence is a technology-led company delivering SaaS products that address the fundamental business needs of customers in the PR, marketing & communications industries. Access Intelligence’s technology is relied on by 3,500+ organisations every day, from global blue-chip enterprises & marketing agencies to public sector organisations & not-for-profits (NFP). iSentia has offices in all larger cities in Australia. Access Intelligence Plc. is a London, UK software provider. Their flagship Vuelio Database offering is a fully integrated communications management platform that combines solutions for public relations, public affairs, stakeholder & influencer relations.

5-Nov-2020, Zoominfo acquires EverString @EverString to expand its breadth of Company & Contact Data

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 2.07.29 pmPitch Pocket helps businesses talk to more people more often, by utilizing easily shared & trackable video content via mobile. Gives your sales team (on the floor in retail for example) quick access to vital content. Most importantly, it allows them to share it in a trackable way, so you always know exactly who is engaging with your content, & when. Increase Uptake of Promotions. Utilise Digital Business Cards. Stay Top of Mind With Key Accounts. Showcase Your Products. Sydney: Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia

DeckLinks launched on Product Hunt on 18-Mar-2022:

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 2.14.24 pmDeckLinks @deck_links B2B SaaS created to make sales more conversational. Helps sales teams securely share sales decks & instantly access engagement analytics to close more deals faster. BriefBid @briefbid launched DeckLinks, a platform that helps sales teams share interactive sales decks & access instant analytics on buyer engagement; positioning DeckLinks as Google Analytics for sales decks. It offers analytics for deck sharing & is a new stand-alone product that was inspired by key-learnings from the BriefBid’s B2B Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 2.16.07 pmmarketplace, which serves media buyers & sellers through RFP management & matchmaking. They saw sell-side users often sharing one-directional, static sales decks that failed to garner responses / feedback. Through an effort to understand how their buy-side users engage with sales material in the marketplace, the company developed tools to track interactions with their own sales decks to their users. “In our effort to solve a problem in the media RFP space, we discovered a problem in the sales space. When we thought we were solving a problem for our users, we ended up solving a problem for salespeople in general. Sometimes great products come out of internal tools that can be applied externally […].” The DeckLinks platform is capable of showing sales reps how buyers specifically interact with sales materials, even when no direct response is provided. Allows sales teams to start more conversations with relevant follow-ups, access actionable insights to improve their efforts, & close more deals by personalizing client experiences. Goes beyond traditional document sharing platforms by creating a custom, fully-trackable microsite that houses each deck. Features include company profiles, industry-specific modules, & other widgets. TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA

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