Sales Enablement SaaS market has $10Bn USD in annual revenue 2023

17k LinkedIn users have Sales Enablement in their current job title on LinkedIn as of 8-Nov-2022:

Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 9.13.42 pm

Addition to my overview with 765 line items for market players in Sales Enablement and related industries:

AccessBell @access_bell Founded in March 2020 you could call Access Bell inspired by COVID. Customized video conferencing for enterprise workflows. Customized, self-serve, fully-managed video conferencing for your workflows & apps. Expand your Zoom experience with features incl. real-time collaboration, personal notes, & agendas that sync with tools you already know & love. Take personal & collaborative notes & assign action items during the meeting. Organize your meetings with an agenda to indicate the progress of the meeting. Integrate seamlessly with Slack, Drive, Email, & other productivity tools. Track user engagement & better understand your meeting participation. Palo Alto, CA, USA. 7-Jun-2021, “AccessBell, a VC-backed silicon valley startup founded by Stanford MBAs, sold its video conferencing software solution to Tata Medical & Diagnostics for an undisclosed amount. What started as a trial converged into a solution which is being used to provide teleconferencing services to deliver healthcare services.”

A recent spike in Google search traffic for the term Sales Enablement seems to be a trend worldwide, but cannot be observed in the USA.

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 2.18.02 pm


For my Sales Enablement SaaS market overview chart I have the annual revenue at $10Bn USD in 2023:


Tellwise @tellwise Sep-2020, acquired by ZoomInfo (ZoomInfo Technologies Inc NASDAQ: ZI) to join its family of go-to-market solutions, as “Engage” TellWise (formerly Discuzz): Customer communication focused on seller productivity, pipeline insights, & a greater customer experience. All in one integrated solution. Combines phone, text, email, & presentations into a single platform accessible from your CRM. Live activity feed which watches what customers do with your content.

16-Oct-2020, ZoomInfo acquired @Clickagy provider of artificial intelligence-powered buyer intent data. Atlanta, GA, USA

13-Nov-2019, ZoomInfo, powered by @DiscoverOrg, acquired Redmond, Washington-based AI startup Komiko. Komiko’s technology will be incorporated into @ZoomInfo’s InboxAI tool.

9-Oct-2020, Twilio (owns SendGrid is set to acquire cloud customer data startup Segment for $3.2Bn. The acquisition comes almost two years to the date after Twilio announced it would acquire API provider SendGrid for $2Bn in stock.

Bigtincan @bigtincan helps sales & service teams increase win rates & customer satisfaction. The mobile AI-powered sales enablement automation platform’s user experience empowers reps to more effectively engage with customers & prospects & encourages team-wide adoption. Global sales & marketing headquartered in Boston + offices across EMEA, Australia & Asia. Waltham, Massachusetts, USA but listed on the Australian ASX. Early October 2020, Bigtincan Holdings Limited entered into a binding purchase of Agnitio A/S @agnitiomcm a Danish company that provides a leading solution for remote selling for life sciences customers creating Digital Sales Rooms for customer engagements. Copenhagen, Denmark

Emarsys @emarsys 1-Oct-2020: SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) acquired retail marketing automation & personalisation platform, Emarsys, for an undisclosed sum, a deal designed to build out its customer experience offering. Emarsys provides a cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement platform with functionality for personalising customer interactions across email, mobile, social, SMS & the Web at scale. Austria.

Scrimmage @wescrimmage mobile learning platforms & sales enablement software to help reinforce training, improve speed to competency, & enhance sales productivity. Minneapolis, MN, USA based mobile learning company Scrimmage has been acquired by Canadian software company ACTO @acto the companies announced 11-SEP-2020. “Disrupting Education & Enablement For The Life Sciences” / Omni-channel Education ecosystem for education in healthcare & life sciences. ACTO Technologies Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada

My complete overview with over 765 line items has dates to sort by the latest edits.

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