Top market players and geographic regions in Sales Enablement

Still trying to predict the impact of COVID-19 on the b2b Sales Enablement software space (Google searches for the term seem flat) I spoke with one of the industry veterans:

“I recall the consolidation and reduction of SaaS at different points in time, but recall one of our best years was the downturn of 2007/08 where companies moved from on premise to SaaS simply because their IT simply couldn’t build new systems and they felt SaaS was a better, fast and cheaper option. Also, as in today, when buyers are forced to tighten budgets which is happening overnight now they will need sales advisors to advance their purchases. B2B enablement services are sticky once a company gets beyond it being a marketing content warehouse and they build in enablement use cases like onboarding and product launch support. The content and taxonomy that exists in an intelligent center remains key and can’t be replaced with simple file storage including a Sharepoint deployment. […]”

My Airtable has reached 765 line items I’m tracking for the Sales Enablement market.

Fit my narrow of definition of Sales Enablement content related software 186 My airtable
Acquired 115 My airtable
Out of Business 77 My list / blog post
Total line items I’m tracking 765 My airtable


The market players with the most acquisitions.

Here are the countries with their respective number of Sales Enablement companies based there or with significant office presence there:

USA 365 My list
Canada 51 My list
Australia 41 My list
UK 34 My list
Germany 22 My list
India 23 My list
Sweden 8 My list
Netherlands 8 My list
Switzerland 7 My list
Denmark 7 My list
NZ 4 My list
Israel 6 My list
Japan 5 Book
France 5 My list
Belgium 5 My list
Poland 4 My list
Finland 3 My list

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