Workplace Collaboration Market Map and Sales Enablement vendors by revenue

Workplace Collaboration Market Map by Merci Victoria Grace

Merci identified 8 categories of workplace collaboration startups: Messaging, voice & video, calendar & meetings, documentation, project management, design, search & context, & low code / no code & internal tools:

Workplace Collaboration Market Map by Merci Victoria Grace

A number of the companies shown above are listed on this blog of mine here for their use cases in Sales Enablement: Asana, Notion, Airtable, Pitch, Canva, Guru, Chorus, etc… Slack might be on the next updated market map… and I’m a big user of Zapier myself.

Notion said 8-Sep-2021 it acquired, an Indian startup that builds connectivity & integrations with 200+ services, as the workplace productivity startup looks to accelerate its product expansion to become more compelling for tens of millions of individuals & businesses that are increasingly moving to digital collaborative tools. The San Francisco-headquartered startup, last valued at $2Bn in private markets, said the acquisition of the Hyderabad-headquartered Automate will help Notion understand the know-how of — & leverage — the 200 integrations the Indian startup has developed to give users and enterprises alike the ability to bring their workflows into Notion.

For my own market overview for Sales Enablement I created the chart below (777 line items from this Airtable).

Just like Merci who notes in her blog post “workplace collaboration is largely dominated by Microsoft and Google’s respective productivity suites.” I have also added Google on this chart & my lists as Google Cloud Platform (G Suite / Drive / Docs / Sheets / Slides / Keep / Forms / Sites / / Bard, Google’s experimental conversational AI service powered by LaMDA).


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