Sales Enablement software perfect for Low Code or No Code or DIY Do It Yourself and for B2C

Below is my list of Sales Enablement software/tools perfect for “No Code” or “Low Code” or DIY (Do It Yourself) and for B2C (Business-to-consumer). My complete (mostly B2B) list is here.

Last updated 25-Apr-2023:

Adobe Systems: Adobe’s new Firefly generative tool (generate extraordinary new content). Adobe Digital Publishing Suite now part of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. Create content like you always did for print, but publish to a tablet instead. Need to make an emergency change to the app? Designers can push an update the same day. Sep-2018, Adobe Systems Inc. acquired software maker Marketo Inc. for $4.75bn. 19-Apr-2017, Marketo acquired ToutApp: $7M in revenue annually & competes with Velocify, Inc., Outreach, & SalesLoft. Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 8.30.29 am15-Sep-2022, Adobe to Acquire Figma: SAN JOSE, Calif. Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced it has entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire Figma, a leading web-first collaborative design platform, for approximately $20Bn in cash & stock. The combination of Adobe & Figma will usher in a new era of collaborative creativity. @airtable creation guide for essential pieces of content to drive deals, from start to close: ebook. Sales Collateral Management. Made Flexible & Effortless‎. Manage case studies, call decks, & more with the ease of using a spreadsheet. 350+ App Integrations. Spreadsheet Interface. Used by 30,000+ companies. Realtime Collaboration. Drag & Drop File Uploads. Gallery & Card Views. Easy As A Spreadsheet. $5M in revenue annually. Competes with Basecamp, hopTo, & Trello. San Francisco, CA

1558054273427Amplemarket @amplemarket The pandemic was a catalyst for remote sales motions. It’s not uncommon to see enterprise account executives close multi-million dollar deals without ever meeting the buyer in person. This highlights the importance of a sales stack easy to implement, learn & manage; individual reps need the tools necessary to hit their quota, & managers need to have visibility into what’s happening across their teams without being able to be physically next to their teams on a daily basis. Most sales teams need to stitch together a variety of point solutions to execute their sales motions. Amplemarket can replace a number of those across a few different categories. It was launched in 2019 by MIT alumnus who saw firsthand the challenges of scaling B2B sales in other companies & realized existing point solutions don’t address core problems. The excessive fragmentation of the present-day sales stack combined with recent advances in natural language processing (NLP) set up the opportunity for an all-in-one compound solution that can leverage the virtuous data cycles of having a central system of action. Sales teams have more SaaS subscriptions than they know what to do with, leading to friction & added operational complexity. They designed Amplemarket to rally different pieces of the B2B sales process around a single prospect versus a collection of siloed, disparate tools. Email deliverability is probably one of the most important problems that go-to-market teams have to deal with when doing B2B sales. Email deliverability is a complex multivariate problem & a lot of the things companies did 5 years ago to keep a healthy deliverability aren’t enough. Better Deliverability -> More Sales Conversations -> Increased Sales Pipeline -> More New Customers -> More Revenue! For B2B companies improving their top of the funnel, engaging with more prospects translates directly into more revenue at the bottom of the funnel. So, really, for sales teams: Deliverability = Revenue! San Francisco, CA, US

Asana @asana work management platform for teams. The work management software vendor launched its first offering aimed at a specific job role in 2019 with Asana for Marketing. The list of options for individual business units grew in 2020 with the addition of Asana Operations & Asana Sales. Asana for Operations lets users access Asana’s gallery of workflow templates or create their own custom versions to standardize processes such as vendor & employee onboarding & management. Asana for Operations & Asana for Sales and Account Management are two new end-to-end solutions for teams to manage their entire operations & sales workflows. The suite of capabilities is available on Asana’s Business & Enterprise offerings. Asana targets sales & ops teams with new integrations: Salesforce, Jira Cloud & Tableau integrations are designed to help the work management app appeal to specific business functions. San Francisco Bay Area, US

Atlassian Corporation Plc (Confluence Cloud, Trello, etc) @confluence Confluence is a team workspace where collaboration & knowledge meet. Create, collaborate, & organise all your work in one place. Many organisations use Confluence as their intranet & some even as the Sales Enablement portal. “Confluence Cloud: Get your files together: With the new Microsoft OneDrive for Business integration, embed Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint files in your Confluence pages so it can always be your single source of truth! By typing “/trello” on a Confluence page, you can embed a complete Trello board for easy access. Work together from anywhere with Confluence Mobile: Stay on top of the latest with your team & move work forward – straight from your device.” Sydney, NSW, Australia. Percept.AI (previous name Buddy AI?) AI company from Y Combinator’s summer 2017 batch. Used to offer an automated virtual agent support solution — a chatbot, basically — based on a proprietary AI engine for natural language understanding. Sunnyvale CA, USA. 28-Jan-2022, Atlassian announced it acquired Percept.AI & plans to integrate this virtual agent technology into Jira Service Management, its tool for helping IT teams provide better service to employees & customers.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 4.32.29 pmOrtto @OrttoHQ former Autopilot @autopilotapp visual marketing software for automating customer journeys. Make more money with marketing automation designed for the entire customer journey. Automate your marketing visually & create remarkable customer journeys. Integrate with @burstsms using the new webhook shape to instantly send an alert to your customers when a payment is overdue. Autopilot (formerly Bislr) was founded in 2012 by three brothers from Australia. AutopilotHQ Inc., Sydney, NSW, Australia. 30-Mar-2022, Autopilot rebrands as Ortto. The Australian SaaS success story, Autopilot, has unveiled a new name & logo as part of a major rebrand:

box @box online file sharing & cloud content management service offering storage, custom branding, & administrative controls. Simplify how you work. Platform for secure content management, workflow, & collaboration. The all-new Box Relay is available. A way to automate processes in Box. For the first time, enterprises have a single content management platform to drive team collaboration & streamline processes across the extended enterprise. Productivity & workflow tools usually fall on the extreme ends of the “how work gets done” spectrum: they’re either designed for ad-hoc collaboration or for rigid processes. Yet in today’s agile business, teams need both — a way to collaborate in real time, while also automating the manual work that’s done every day. 4-Feb-2021: Box Inc acquires Amsterdam’s e-signature startup, SignRequest for €45.6M. 10-Jul-2018: Box acquired for an undisclosed amount. Competes with Accellion, Dropbox, & ShareFile. San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Brandcast now @brandcastapp No Code: code-free web content system. Create branded websites & content in a connected, design-driven system. Customizable. Engaging. Trackable. Discover the power of interactive sales collateral. Your prospects will love it & you can track their interactions from cold call to closing. Pitch decks, Sales proposals, Case studies, & Web brochures. Replacing static, slow-loading PDFs with interactive content is a new idea. Adding videos, demos, or showrooms to presentations livens up the pitch like nothing else. Going forward, you may have fewer live meetings where you can develop personal bonds with customers. That makes lively, engaging presentations more important than ever. Brandcast Salesforce Studio is an integration that allows a Salesforce user to automatically create a personalized website directly from a Salesforce Account or Opportunity record. The personalized website will pull content & data from Salesforce to create a personalized experience. All websites created from Salesforce can be updated in real-time & are automatically equipped with tracking metrics that allow a Salesforce user to see engagement activity directly from Salesforce. San Francisco, CA, USA.Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 2.07.20 pm 30-Aug-2022: BRANDCAST IS NOW TIME SITES We’ve joined iconic media brand TIME to deliver a more expansive platform for storytelling. The global media company TIME announced the acquisition of Brandcast, the leading no-code platform for creating and managing enterprise-grade websites.

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 3.03.35 pmBurst SMS @burstSMS global online messaging platform owned by “Known”. Easy-to-use online SMS platform with a focus on marketing, operations, & advanced SMS API solutions. Salesforce integration to send SMS from within Salesforce. Also Eloqua, Marketo, Oracle Responsys, Zoho CRM,, Autopilot, etc…

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 9.05.10 pmCacheflow @getcacheflow Sell more, Sell faster. With Flexible Payments. Simple, yet flexible deal close platform. Add a B2C-like checkout quality to your B2B deal close. Proposal to Cash: Automate & speed up every step of the proposal, close & payment process. Cacheflow’s modular platform can integrate with any part of your existing process to close deals faster & Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 9.07.16 pmdeliver a superior buyer experience. Create interactive winning proposals in minutes. Traditional configure, price, quote tools are complicated & confusing. Cacheflow makes the complex simple. An easy quote-building editor & templates speed up sales. Behind the scenes, our powerful configuration tools support complex product catalogs, pricing flexibility, & approved legal docs. Don’t wait to send the invoice to collect payment. Customers often delay payment until they receive their invoice, & even then it’s a challenge to collect payment on time. Cacheflow prompts your customers to pay directly in the checkout experience. Offer your customers one-time or recurring credit card or ACH payment, with flexible billing & payment plans & support of usage-based billing models. Once the payment has been captured, billing details are synced with your ERP and/or your subscription management solutions. Los Altos, CA, USA

Canva @canva Canva Launches ‘Magic’ AI Tools for its Design Software. Graphic design software solutions provider that helps users to design presentations, & more: Brand Kit, Make an infographic in minutes, not months, with Canva’s easy-to-use infographic creator. The platform combines a drag-and-drop design tool with a Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 7.36.26 pmstock library of photographs, illustrations, & imagery. Real-time collaboration: Design with your team or co-presenters via a link or email, then comment, edit, & collaborate in real-time. Pre-record to present confidently, every time: With Canva, you don’t need a live audience to deliver great presentations. Add audio, or pre-record yourself talking over a Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 7.34.11 pmpresentation, then share your video to be viewed anytime, anywhere. Download “Talking Presentations” as MP4 videos. It’s excellent for capturing audiences beyond a one-time event. Established in 2012. $500M in revenue projected in 2021. Competes with,, PicMonkey, Piktochart, & Adobe Systems. Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Checkbox @CheckboxAI No-code Workflow & Automation Platform. Legal, risk & compliance automation platform. Triage Automation! Let Checkbox show you how to boost efficiency & where business users can request & access various services via an automated process. Sydney, NSW

Close @close (also known as or Elastic) inside sales CRM for startups & SMBs. Close more deals. Supercharge your sales with a CRM for startups & SMBs. Get pipeline view, calling, lead management, email automation, & more. Palo Alto, California, United States & sales enablement toolkit

Conversr (powered by Burst SMS @burstsms; see above) The next generation of customer engagement: A conversation control hub that enables you to manage the conversations you have with your customers by combining the powers of human logic & artificial intelligence. Personalized Conversations: Send & receive SMS. Flow Editor: Rapidly design & build custom solutions from our platform, or select one of our turn-key solutions to help you get started quickly. Reporting: Get reporting on key campaign metrics, including campaign goals & objective reporting. With primary business beginning in Australia & New Zealand, Burst SMS is now expanding rapidly globally.

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 10.47.21 amCooby @JoinCooby unlock the power of conversations. Making WhatsApp your sales weapon. Bring visibility into customer conversations from your teams’ regular WhatsApp numbers with analytics, customer tracking & intelligence. Modernize your WhatsApp inbox with tabs, notes, reminders, social profile, calendar integration, etc. Cooby, Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 10.39.34 amDecktopus @decktopus create presentations, sales sheets, portfolios & many more with the auto-adjusted layouts in an extremely short time. Don’t waste time formatting. Focus on your content. Out of the ordinary presentation tool: Create not only presentations but also proposals, bio links ( your bio: Create a link connecting your audience to all your content! Seems to be aiming to become the linktree of b2b), sales funnels, forms & microsites. Prepare to embed forms, videos, websites & links to your slides. A fast & engaging business proposal & presentation creation tool for “No Code” creators & busy professionals. Palo Alto, CA, USA

Dropbox @Dropbox (acquired HelloSign) Dropbox for Business helps companies seamlessly collaborate with secure file sharing, access from anywhere, & robust admin controls. Acquired HelloSign @HelloSign Simplifying work for the businesses of tomorrow: HelloSign, HelloFax & HelloWorks. San Francisco, CA, US

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 2.35.38 pmFlockjay @flockjay equip your team with the best sales enablement tools. Sales enablement platform for sales teams everywhere. It’ll give your team the tools, content, & strategies they need. Purpose-built platform to create upward mobility for the sales rep of today. Empowers sales leaders to develop teams that share best practices & win together, even when everyone is remote. Learn & earn with best practices from peers & experts. Take control of your career with a platform designed for your professional growth. Upskill quicker: Don’t wait until your next review to see how you are doing. Let Flockjay guide you to your next learning opportunity & watch your skill set grow. Don’t go at it alone: A community of sales professionals at your back, to help you at each step of the way. Helps sales leaders unlock the potential of their entire sales team by capturing, organizing, & sharing best practices. Invest in your team members’ growth using internal & externally created content that propels your team members into their next role. Motivate your team with a virtual sales floor. Regardless of where your reps sit, bring them all together via a virtual sales floor to enable collaboration & team growth. Getting everyone on a remote team on the same page can be difficult at best. Connect your team & enable a collaborative peer-to-peer learning environment. Walnut, CA, US

Gather @GATHERcustomers Convert visitors to subscribers, to customers, to ambassadors. Combines Exit Intent email lead popups, customer-to-customer referral automation, and coupon distribution to boost your email list.” Create a lead referral campaign by incentivising your existing customers to refer their friends to your list. Sydney, NSW, Australia & New Zealand. Built by @elbahnasy (

Google: GCP Google Cloud Platform (G Suite / Drive / Docs / Sheets / Slides / Keep / Forms / Sites / Alphabet Inc., Mountain View, California, USA

hatchbuck @hatchbuck all-in-one sales, CRM, & marketing automation software to help your business capture more leads & close more sales. Formerly known as Systematic Revenue, Inc. Changed its name to Hatchbuck in May 2013. Acquired by Benchmark Email 10-Sep-2019. St. Louis, MO, USA

Hubspot @HubSpot inbound marketing & sales platform. Sales enablement is the technology, processes, & content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity. Sales Content Optimization: Contrary to common assumptions, marketers are not the only people producing content. In fact, in many companies, sales produces more content than marketing. Every minute a sale rep spends creating content is a minute they aren’t selling. The fact that salespeople take time to produce personalized content shows how important it is in the final stages of a buyer’s journey. Organize sales content: The first step in a sales enablement content strategy is a full content audit. NYSE: HUBS. Competes with Act-On Software, Marketo, & Pardot. Cambridge, MA

Internal @Internal_io “Internal tools? You’ve got other things to build. Free up valuable engineering time to move your business forward with no-code internal tools.” No-code software that instantly connects the company’s data in useful, actionable ways while controlling access and protecting customer privacy. No-code customizations: Internal makes it easy for anyone to create custom internal tools. No SQL or Javascript knowledge required. From customer onboarding and customer service to data processing and on-demand operations, Internal helps teams do their jobs better. Legal Name “Console Corp”. San Francisco, California, USA stereosense GmbH (also known as brandquiz) @involvemeapp Make “no code” interactive content in minutes. Set up funnels with 2 minute landing pages, surveys & accept payments online. User engagement platform that helps businesses create personalized customer interactions. Engage Your Users With Interactive Content: Create personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey. Acquire & keep customers involved. is reimagining customer experience by allowing e-commerce shops & digital marketers to easily create personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey, so they can better acquire & keep customers involved. Vienna, Wien, Austria

Kbee @tryKbee Knowledge Base Software. Kbee lets anyone create a searchable & branded knowledge base straight from Google Docs. Turn your content into a fast, searchable space for you, your team, or your customers. Create instantly: Turn your existing Google Drive folders & files into a professional knowledge base. Find answers quickly: Full-text search across all of your content. Match your brand: Customize your domain, logo, color schemes, & layout. Horatio, Inc. San Francisco, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 5.45.31 pmLoom @loom work communication tool that helps get your message across through instantly shareable video. Say it with video! Get your message across, no matter where you work. Sending a Loom is more efficient than typing long emails / spending your day in meetings having conversations that don’t need to happen in real time. You talk up to 6x faster than you type. Capture your screen, record the front-facing camera, & narrate video all at once with no switching apps or upload required. Whether it’s training new teammates or replying to a customer inquiry, Loom enhances the way people communicate at work by allowing them to send the next best thing to being there. Why sales teams use Loom: Improve outreach, accelerate sales cycles, optimize performance. Streamline onboarding. San Francisco, CA, US. Legal name Opentest, Inc.

Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 8.37.10 pmMeta @meta (Metaverse, Workplace by Facebook, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc) Workplace – marketed as Workplace from Facebook & formerly Workplace by Facebook: Online collaborative software tool developed by Meta Platforms. Menlo Park, California, USA

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 9.29.39 amMicrosoft @microsoft getting into the metaverse & its corporate version of the metaverse via Microsoft Teams & rolling out updates to Xbox consoles: Collectively known as Mesh: Combines the mixed-reality capabilities of Microsoft Mesh, people in different locations join collaborative & shared holographic experiences, with productivity tools of Microsoft Teams, where people can join virtual meetings, send chats, collaborate on shared documents etc. Microsoft has Loop as a Notion clone for Office:

“The Fluid Framework is coming to life as Microsoft Loop, a new Microsoft 365 application that takes collaboration beyond the traditional document”

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 9.56.53 amMicrosoft makes SharePoint, Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure the cloud computing service, owns Yammer / Skype / LinkedIn (PointDrive) PointDrive acquired by LinkedIn 26-Jul-2016 / LinkedIn Learning. 3-May-2012, LinkedIn acquired professional content sharing platform SlideShare for $119M. 8-Dec-2016, Microsoft & LinkedIn announced that Microsoft’s $26.2bn acquisition of LinkedIn, the social networking site, officially closed. 11-Aug-2020, LinkedIn sold the presentation-sharing service scribd @Scribd Scribd Inc. began operating the SlideShare @SlideShare business on 24-Sep-2020.

Microsoft Office Delve: Cloud-based service powered by Office Graph, which helps users find & discover pertinent information across integrated Microsoft products by pulling user content from Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint 2016 & Yammer. Greg Poirier of Cloudkettle says:

By @TheCoolestCool here:

A simple Google search for “Excel Template” will show you the thousands of applications that spreadsheets offer us. And a quick visit to the Excel templates found on the Office 360 website will show you the plethora of templates and examples that are being turned into companies.

miro @miroHQ used to be known as Realtime Board (RealtimeBoard). 6-Mar-2019, they have a new name & brand identity: Miro, online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work better together. Offers a collaborative whiteboard platform that is designed to allow distributed teams to work effectively together. Support includes running presentations / slides, brainstorming sessions & workshops to planning projects & designing new products & services. San Francisco, Bay Area, USA

Notion @NotionHQ all-in-one workspace – for notes, tasks, wikis, & databases. Note-taking & collaboration application for your notes, tasks, wikis, & databases. $11M in estimated revenue annually. Competes with Quip, Airtable, & Simplenote. San Francisco, CA, USA. Notion said 8-Sep-2021 it acquired, an Indian startup that builds connectivity & integrations with 200+ services, as the workplace productivity startup looks to accelerate its product expansion to become more compelling for tens of millions of individuals & businesses that are increasingly moving to digital collaborative tools. The San Francisco-headquartered startup, last valued at $2Bn in private markets, said the acquisition of the Hyderabad-headquartered Automate will help Notion understand the know-how of — & leverage — the 200 integrations the Indian startup has developed to give users and enterprises alike the ability to bring their workflows into Notion.

Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 3.34.16 pm

OscilloSoft @oscillosoft IT Consulting firm providing services across many platforms for SMB to enterprise clients. Specializes in CLOUD solutions like Zoho. Find out how you can use OscilloSoft’s BurstSMS extension with your @zohocrm to engage more with your clients! Sydney, NSW, Australia

OneMob @OneMob Personal, trackable & company branded video & voice messages tracked in Salesforce. Create a webpage of content, incl. videos, documents, website links & URLs, buttons, YouTube, & Social Media. Brand pages to match company branding. Real time chat directly with viewers. Upload any document: Import from Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Evernote$1M in revenue annually & competes with BombBomb, JangoMail, & A2Stream Inc. San Francisco

Pegasystems @pega strategic applications for sales, marketing, service & operations that drive business agility for Global 2000 enterprises. Sales Content Management: Share, discuss, & work together on content for any sales situation. Intelligently guide B2B or B2C sales professionals & automate the sales process with Pega Sales & Onboarding. Cambridge, Mass., USA

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 9.24.43 @officialpbuster PhantomBuster opens a new era of Lead Generation. Automations & data extraction to help you grow faster. Sales people & Marketers shouldn’t need to code to be the best at their job. Phantom Buster is their toolbox to extract the data they need, automate actions & get the job done better & faster.

Pitch @Pitch Pitch Software GmbH. Open platform for presentations & content collaboration. Improve the way presentations are crafted & knowledge is shared. Presentation tool & platform for students, teachers, creatives, managers, startups & teams everywhere. “With Slack & Front transforming business communication, Airtable & Coda disrupting Excel, & Sketch & Framer on a mission to break Photoshop’s monopoly, we saw innovation & thoughtful design resetting expectations & reimagining the user experience of complex business software. Yet, even with this shift, presentation tools have not kept pace with technology; we believe there needs to be something new, different & substantially better.” Software startup founded Jan-2018. Now $22.7M funding: Index Ventures, BlueYard, Slack Fund, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, Framer CEO Koen Bok, Elastic Co-Founder Simon Willnauer, Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel, Wunderlist-backer Frank Thelen & Metalab Founder Andrew Wilkinson. Their founding team created Wunderlist. $1M in revenue annually & competes with Prezi, Powtoon, & Slidebean. Berlin, Germany

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 11.39.15 amPitchloop Manage The Loop: The pitch flows from Sales Marketing headquarters to salesperson who tweaks & practices at will. Data flows back to headquarters informing management of progress & guiding interaction. Pitchloop analyzes your verbal delivery in real-time, pin-pointing opportunities for honing your accuracy, prosody & pacing. Express the ideas of the pitch in your own words & get AI generated feedback on your personal version. Listen to your recordings for further reflection. Analyze your data to improve. Practice feedback is summarized as actionable insights. Managers can facilitate effective coaching by listening to any recording. Team leaders can drill down to details or zoom out to see & compare the progress of the whole team. Menlo Park, CA, USA. Pitchloop is a subsidiary of Shanenli LTD

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 2.07.29 pmPitch Pocket helps businesses talk to more people more often, by utilizing easily shared & trackable video content via mobile. Gives your sales team (on the floor in retail for example) quick access to vital content. Most importantly, it allows them to share it in a trackable way, so you always know exactly who is engaging with your content, & when. Increase Uptake of Promotions. Utilise Digital Business Cards. Stay Top of Mind With Key Accounts. Showcase Your Products. Sydney: Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia

Pobuca @siebenGR Transforming CRM to AI bots. Pobuca CRM suite of PobucaConnect, PobucaSales & PobucaLoyalty for brands & retailers. Sales, marketing & productivity software that helps brands & retailers grow in the fast-paced digital economy. Pobuca Sales is a mobile field-sales automation solution for sales representatives & merchandising auditors that enables you to achieve more sales per day, automate merchandising tasks & be more productive. $5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Insightly, Spiro.AI, & SugarCRM. Athens, Greece & London, UK

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 3.08.56 pmPod @PodWorkspace Supercharge your enterprise sales team with Pod’s intelligent hub. Less time wasted on guessing, more on doing. The Smart Workspace for Sales Teams. Remove the noise. Close more deals. You shouldn’t waste time digging through all your sales tools. Focus on what matters & hit your quota every month with the only all-in-one productivity workspace, built for you. Pod is the all-in-one workspace for B2B sales teams. Work 10x faster every day. Seamlessly collaborate on deals, quickly update your CRM, and intuitively track your task, notes, & more. Pod Chrome Extension: You probably jump between 15 different tools daily, wasting time updating your Salesforce or looking for information your need. You shouldn’t have to work in Excel, OneNote, or Trello. It’s time for a productivity tool built for sellers. Pod is a smart productivity workspace for account executives. It’s your new command center. Pod Technologies, Inc. San Francisco, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 9.28.28 amPostBeyond @postbeyond cloud-based employee engagement & advocacy platform that enables employees & partners to post approved brand content to their personal networks in an efficient, consistent, & measurable way. $9M in revenue? PostBeyond Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada. 8-Dec-2021 Influitive Inc @influitive (also Toronto, ON, Canada) acquired PostBeyond for an undisclosed amount.

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.03.53 amFormer Practice Ignition now @ignitionapp eliminate debtors & fully automate client onboarding. Proposal to paid – in one place! Eliminate the friction by sending your clients a single smart proposal they can read, sign, & make a payment on in one sitting. That’s more closed deals for you and less back & forth for everyone. Create intelligent proposals that trigger workflows, automate your back office & increase conversions. No more word docs, email trails, or data duplication. Software that facilitates proposals, payments, insights, scope management, & integrations. Competes with Jetpack Workflow, Capium Ltd, & Canopy. Sydney, NSW, Australia

Process Street @processstreet document, track, automate & optimize customer-centric processes. Help sales & customer success teams drive revenue & reduce churn. “The home for your team’s recurring tasks. Create, track & optimize business process workflows.” SaaS platform that lets non-technical teams create powerful, API driven workflows. They don’t seem to compete with Zapier, but integrate with your Zapier account. San Francisco, USA, but many roots in Sydney, Australia

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.41.05 amQuestmate @QuestmateApp No Code. Making work simple, rewarding & consistent. Define a specific reward/incentive to be paid out / accessed right at the end of the workflow / job / task. In that sense almost a NoCode Smart Contract. Engaging Workflows. For teams of any type, size & mission. Team onboarding, training, tasks, etc. The simplicity of to-do lists 9G7dlbJj_400x400with straightforward guidance & powerful integrations of external systems & applications. Enabling you to build empowering workflows that connect the what to the how. Also perfect for Customer Onboarding, Staff Onboarding & Surveys. Register for BETA access. Avalon Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia. (Full disclosure: I’m an angel investor)

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.54.07 am

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.54.22 am

Qwilr @Qwilr Pitch with confidence & win more work. Quickly create beautiful & intuitive proposals, sales & marketing documents. Whether you’re creating internally or sharing externally, Qwilr allows you to build document processes that are fast & easy-to-adopt. Set up your brand once, and it’ll update everywhere. Ensure consistency across all of your documents by setting up your colours, fonts & templates so your team is always on brand. Streamline your sales process: Remove the hassle for clients, & start working & earning faster. Integrate with CRMs, accounting tools & more. Integrate with other tools you love: Integrate Qwilr with the CRM, accounting, live chat & analytics tools. Understand your clients better: Track & analyze how your sales & marketing material is browsed. Be notified when your document is first viewed, see how many times it was viewed & what sections your customer actually cared about. Analytics features. Competes with PandaDoc, Bidsketch, & Proposable. Sydney, NSW

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 5.56.13 pmSaleo @getSaleo Sales Demo Personalization: Software sales is hard enough – don’t let generic demos or bad data interfere with winning deals. Create incredible, personalized demos at scale for your team. Build the perfect demo that tells the right story across any vertical, pain point, or user case. Replicate success across all go-to-market teams with ease (Sales, Solutions Consultants, & Product Marketing). Atlanta, GA, USA. Saleo, Inc.

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 8.44.28 amSmartCue @getSmartCue Personalized Product Demos. Create personalized demos for EVERY prospect. Deliver tailored demos to help you win more deals! SmartCue enables teams to create personalized, contextual product demo libraries for their prospect demos. Visual & textual cues show up in real-time from your library when you are demoing to your prospects. Launched a Chrome Extension. Only supports web apps as of now. Mobile & CRM integrations are coming soon. SmartCue Inc. Denver, CO, USA

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 9.41.23 amSalesforge @franksondors Salesforge – The only sales execution platform you’ll ever need. All-in-one sales execution platform for B2B Sales. Get 30%–60% more demos while lowering cost by 20%-40% Forging a unified sales engine to replace point solutions, powered with AI: Consolidate your sales stack. Reduce cost per rep. Drive more revenue. V. Frank Sondors is the founder of in Germany

Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 12.16.49 pmSalesmachine (Drucker) @usesalesmachine Revolutionizing sales demos with AI technology! Salesmachine is a sales demo editor powered by OpenAI GPT. “Because Salespeople are Rockstars: Salesmachine empowers anybody to create within minutes the most exciting & informative product demos the market has ever seen. Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 9.28.27 amShare winning demos with your clients. Know more, show the product and miracles will happen.” Drucker allows your sales team to share interactive demos with clients.

“My new startup Salesmachine. I’m the CTO & Co-Founder of Salesmachine. More soon.” Built with Webflow, Bubble & Figma. Started sometime just before 25-Nov-2022. Palo Alto, CA, USA. German founder.

Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 12.33.32 pmSalesRiver all-in-one sales platform for distributed teams. Acquire, route, sell, manage. Capture in-market consumers wherever, whenever & however you need them – your own sources or ours. INTELLIGENT ROUTING: Eliminate manual processes. Deliver each prospect to the right person every time – with lightning-fast automations. SALES ENABLEMENT: Bring a powerful suite of tools to your salespeople. Efficiently sell every type of lead with built-in compliance. SALES MANAGEMENT: Transparency combined with layered controls provides you with a customizable, all-in-one platform that maximizes results. Leadrilla Inc (doing business as SalesRiver) Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Seidat @SeidatApp cloud-based slide deck platform that enables creating interactive slide decks for any occasion & easily sharing them with your team & customers. Gives you the opportunity to manage all your slide decks on one platform. Keeping your material up-to-date & according to your brand for all your team members has never been this easy. Presentation platform for teams. Create, edit, present & share interactive presentations within the same app. Sell more efficiently with navigable pitch decks, save time with updates by using Smart slide, keep your brand consistent in all slide decks with brand & team management. KEEP YOUR TEAM’S PITCH DECKS UP TO DATE: Any changes made within a team are visible to all. You no longer have to worry about everyone having the most recent presentation materials. Seidat’s cloud does that for you. Team collaboration is easy when everyone always gets the latest materials automatically. Presentation platform for teams. Create, edit, present & share interactive presentations within the same app. $99.4K in estimated revenue annually. Helsinki, Finland

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 5.48.26 pmSizle @sizle_io all-in-one document collaboration & analysis toolkit used in 150+ countries. No matter what you’re sharing, ensure the right files are sent to the right people at the right time. Seeing how much time prospects spend on each slide of a presentation a helps us optimize all of our sales & marketing collateral. […] find the concept of using a presentation together with a lead capture workflow genius, I use Sizle when I need to send a document to a new prospect. Sizle Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Australia

Slack @slackhq enterprise software platform that allows teams & businesses of all sizes to communicate effectively. Hub for your sales management process: From research to pitch decks to contracts, Slack is where sales happens. Sales teams use Slack for: COMMUNICATION, AUTOMATION, TEAM-BUILDING, HANDOFFS. SF, CA, USA. Slack acquired by Salesforce 1-Dec-2020. Combining @SlackHQ with @Salesforce Customer360 “will be transformative, creating the operating system for the new way to work. Together, we’ll enable companies to grow and succeed in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.” Slack shareholders will receive an enterprise value of approx. $27.7Bn based on the closing price of Salesforce’s common stock on 30-Nov-2020.

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 3.03.03 pmSnackwyze @snackwyze Interactive click-through demo automation platform for product-led teams. Create interactive product experiences from screen recordings in seconds. Great for SaaS walkthroughs, product tours, software demos, how-to guides & more! SUPER SIMPLE SELF-SERVICE DEMO AUTOMATION: Scale Presales Simply. Snackwyze is for Presales teams who want to keep it simple. Record your screen & see interactive clickthrough demos come to life in seconds. Enable buyers with interactive, self-service experiences you can create simply with a drag&drop code free editor. Discover additional key stakeholders organically, understand their preferences better & close deals in record time. CONSISTENT BUYER ENABLEMENT: Are you reinforcing your prospect’s trust throughout their buying journey? Snackwyze for product & growth marketing: Show, don’t tell! Avoid Pre-mature demo meetings, guide your prospects to “Aha” moments instantly, connect prospects to the right sales experts when ready. California, USA @tray integrate your entire stack with this general automation platform. Empower your workforce with automated processes & integrate your cloud stack to work in real time. Automate your organization without taxing development resources. Turn your team into citizen automators. Marketing: Improve marketing efficiency and scale growth like never before. Lead list uploads, Personalized email, Lead scoring & routing, Data enrichment, Happy customer detection. Sales: Stream buying signals & sales updates directly to sales reps. RFP Process, Alerting, Approval process, Sales Enablement, Swag automation., inc. San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US

Uberflip @uberflip helps marketers create, manage, & optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey – without relying on IT. Use Uberflip to power your: Company Blog, Resource Center, Content Library, Sales Enablement. Streamline content management, accelerate lead generation, & fuel marketing automation. Toronto, Canada

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 9.12.34 pmVideo Marketing Center VMC video distribution platform with integrated functionality that drives revenue, engagement & collects extensive customer insights. Platform that makes it easy for companies & organizations to communicate & deliver a consistent, branded message via multiple videos, make it easy for them to increase their customer reach, make their distributors & channel partners successful, gather great insight data with our micro-training, surveys & polling features & overall analytics that we capture. Make It Easy for Distributors, Channel Partners & Marketers To Sell More of Your Products! Deliver a consistent branded message, increase your customer reach, enable external selling partners, improve engagement & gather customer insights seamlessly in one platform. Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. VMC Global LLC

VidUp @vidup_ai Video Creation in under 60 seconds! Video editing made easy! Focus on creating a powerful message, not on tedious video editing! Transforming the way people tell stories: All in one platform – subtitle, voiceover, teleprompter, stock image, & stock footage all for free. Choose VidUp’s Pro or Enterprise for exclusive tools. Transform any scripts into a video with the help of AI: Why bother editing videos when VidUp can do the hard work? With Vidup, all you need to do is upload your script & VidUp generate videos that aligns with your scripts. Sydney, NSW, Australia

Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 8.46.48 pmVisme @VismeApp your all-in-one platform for creating presentations, documents, data visualizations, videos & other branded content. Collaborative design platform, empowering anyone to create professional presentations, data visualizations, videos & more. Visme’s newest app integration – Salesforce: With Visme & Salesforce, users can manage & streamline the creation process of their sales content & deliverables by instantly populating dynamic fields in the materials with Salesforce data, & applying account personalizations – improving efficiency & accuracy across sales teams. The two platforms seamlessly work in tandem to create personalized, engaging, design-forward materials that look like they came out of a graphics department. Your team can gain insights into how audiences are viewing content after it’s sent, removing the guesswork on what’s compelling to your viewers, & optimizing your follow-up strategy. Sales Enablement Materials: Design product comparisons, case studies, printables, direct mail content & more to help sell your products & services to prospective clients. Washington D.C., USA

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.07.00 pmVocal @vocal_inc Camily @CamilyHQ simple user-generated video platform. Let your customers, employees, & community power your video content. Capture user-generated HD videos from customers – & turn them into beautiful videos to publish & share anywhere. USER-GENERATED VIDEO TESTIMONIAL SOFTWARE: Video testimonial software, 100% free. With just a few clicks, capture user-generated video testimonials from customers & turn them into beautiful videos to publish & share anywhere – no coding required! Lets your customers power your video marketing. Forget expensive, complicated & lengthy testimonial video production. Collect video submissions & produce production-grade testimonial videos with HD video testimonial software. Los Angeles, California, USA

WebinarNinja @WebinarNinja Not just a webinar platform. A complete marketing, training and sales system. “All in the cloud. Your attendees can join your webinar with any web browser, on desktop or any mobile device. There is no need for them to download or install any software. It couldn’t it be faster or easier for them to attend your webinars.” Sydney

Weld pivoted to interactive content in minutes – Create visual, animated, interactive content on your website. “No Code”: BE CREATIVE WITHOUT CODE. Allows you to create visual, animated, interactive content on your existing website. No need for developers or agencies. Be more flexible, work faster, save money. Stockholm, Sweden / Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark

Wistia @wistia video hosting built for business. Share internal or private videos: Selectively set permissions so you can securely share internal videos & collaborate with your team. Collect feedback on your videos: Share videos & analytics with the rest of your team (or clients), & collect their feedback with time-coded comments. Cambridge, MA

Zoho @Zoho suite of business, collaboration, & productivity applications. 30+ online applications from CRM to mail, office suite, project management, invoicing, email marketing, social media management, & more. Sales & Marketing: Give your sales team the perfect set of apps to help close more business deals in less time. Email & collaboration: Empower your workforce with apps to collaborate & transform the way they work. Custom solutions: Simplify complex business processes with apps that will make your team’s work easier. Founded 1996. Founder Sridhar Vembu. Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.; $310M (estimated revenue). Development headquarters in Chennai, India. HQ Pleasanton, California, US

List of New Zealand based Sales Enablement companies

Get the Kiwi Marketing Technology Landscape from MartechTribe

My own list of New Zealand based Sales Enablement / Channel Enablement companies, last updated 4-May-2023:

Brandkit @BrandkitHQ Beautifully simple brand & image management. DAM. Find, manage & distribute your brand content, at scale. NZ

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 10.13.44 amFocia @focia_io Digital content management made easy. Predict the popularity of your content. We predict what works – before you post it. Enables you to post the best content, providing cutting-edge tools all-in-one platform. Content creation: All the tools needed to create. Scheduler: Optimise your post scheduling. Performance prediction: Predict engagement with accuracy. Predict engagement: Predict the engagement of your posts. Analysis: Compare against competitors. Brand tracker: Compare performance against competitors. Built on powerful machine learning tech. Our predictive models are built using reinforcement learning techniques that outperform humans. Our models at your fingertips. The Focia API can be integrated with existing systems with ease (coming soon). By Three Thirty Labs, Inc. New Zealand / Australia

Gather @GATHERcustomers Convert visitors to subscribers, to customers, to ambassadors. The only tool that combines Exit Intent email lead popups, customer-to-customer referral automation, and coupon distribution to boost your email list. Create a lead referral campaign by incentivising your existing customers to refer their friends to your list. Sydney, NSW, Australia & New Zealand. Built by @elbahnasy (

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 1.14.54 pmPreviewMe One video tool for your whole team. AMS Verified. Video comms tool for Sales & Marketing teams. Bring your email signature to life with video! PreviewMe makes onboarding a simple & more personal experience. “Preview Me” enables thousands of businesses worldwide to create & share videos to supercharge outreach efforts & stand out from the competition. “PreviewMe Business”: Amplify your sales capabilities. Personalise your cold outreach with a video introduction; Onboard employees, pitch to clients & promote jobs; Bring your email signature to life with personalised video; Request & receive video job applications. With more human connections earlier in the sales cycle that drive click-throughs, demos & conversions are through the roof. Previews are easily shareable with GIF thumbnails within emails & can increase CTR by 96% with the inclusion of video. Auckland, NZ

Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 6.16.55 pmQotient (Now SalesAction as of the end of 2021?) SalesAction Inc. Start Selling More: Drive sales, convert more, & increase sales productivity & outreach with a comprehensive suite of sales tools. Formerly known as Qotient @Qotient founded 2013. Transform Channel Sales Engagement: Whether it’s a cross-selling campaign, new product launch, or driving lead generation, achieve the next level in Channel growth through partners, as they sell to new & existing customers, with a digital platform built specifically to address the challenges of selling in the Channel. CHANNEL SALES INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE. Helps businesses have the right face-to-face sales conversation with their customers. Cloud-based sales acceleration platform accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. Delivers a library of sales conversations including insights, sales questions, & supporting marketing collateral into the hands of the sales team. Sales teams then use these conversations to assist them in converting sales calls into opportunities. San Francisco, California, US & Auckland, New Zealand. Qotient Group Limited / QOTIENT INC

Showcase Workshop (Showcase Software Limited) @showcaseworks Has customers all over the world. The Showcase Presentation app is free & available for iOS, Android, Windows 8 & web browser viewing option so you can present the same information across your tablets, smartphones & computers. Turn your files into a mobile toolkit with a custom-designed interface to match your style-guide. Field-based teams can share any approved file, right from their tablet & see when it was downloaded. Real-time information on the usage of the app by field-based teams. Wellington, New Zealand

Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 8.29.34 pmTotara @totaralearning open source learning technologies company. Totara TXP = Talent Experience Platform. Totara Learn is a flexible, open learning management system (LMS) that gives organizations the freedom to learn. Deliver training & performance appraisals anywhere, anytime. Improve engagement, ensure compliance & achieve breakthrough results across your organization & extended enterprise. Open-source learning platform: Fully customizable, enabling you to make it your own. Integrate & extend to suit your timescale & business needs. Take full control of your content, performance management, learning management, platform configuration & reporting. 11-Jun-2020, Five V Capital acquired Totara Learning Solutions. Wellington, New Zealand

How to count the global sales enablement platform market size

So far my own market size of the global Sales Enablement platform market or Sales Enablement Software market had always been far below the other sources you can find online; as I had excluded the revenue of the 800-pound gorillas such as Microsoft & Salesforce where Sales Enablement is more of a byproduct or additional use case.

After some feedback – as pictured – I’m starting to count some of the revenue of 800-pound gorillas and get to an annual market size of $10Bn USD for 2023.


(The first ones are not in order of revenue! $10Bn includes many non-listed. I track more than 777 vendors or products!)

View my full table here (export/download yourself)

[Edit August 2020] Brandfolder @Brandfolder DAM digital asset management platform. Easily store, share, & showcase what’s important to your brand. Denver, CO, USA. @smartsheet Smartsheet’s acquisition of the DAM Brandfolder for $155M is expected to close in September 2020. Smartsheet will continue to operate Brandfolder as a separate product. The acquisition adds 50 employees to Smartsheet’s workforce. Greater Seattle Area, West Coast, Western US

[Edit] July 25, 2019, Bigtincan acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, USA based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m.

[Edit] 5-Sep-2019, Mediafly acquired iPresent Ltd.

[Edit] 30-Sep-2019 Xinnovation, Inc. (“XINN”) @GoXinn acquisition by Bigtincan

[Edit] 7-Oct-2019 Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD) acquired Altify @altifyinc

[Edit] In October 2019 @servicenow acquired @attivio 

[Edit] Nov 4, 2019: Costello acquired by SalesLoft

[Edit] Nov 5, 2019: Percolate @percolate Percolate Industries, Inc. acquired by Seismic 

Sales Enablement software vendors are buying reoccurring revenue by acquiring competitors and complimentary companies

Based on my own research I estimate that the Sales Enablement software market will be (in 2023) worth $10Bn USD in annual revenue.


Vendors (many of them took on a lot of VC funding) are buying reoccurring revenue by acquiring competitors and complementary companies.

  • Edit: 17-DEC-2021, Mediafly is acquiring InsightSquared to provide revenue teams with 360-degree deal intelligence & prescriptive next steps.
  • Edit: Trapit was acquired by ScribbleLive in May 2017. (Rock Content has acquired ScribbleLive on Dec 10, 2019. Rock Content: SaaS, Marketplace. Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
  • Edit: 28-May-2019 Upland Software acquired Kapost
  • Edit: 25-Jul-2019, Bigtincan acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, USA-based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m.
  • Edit: 5-Sep-2019, @Mediafly acquired iPresent Ltd @iPresentapp
  • Edit: 5-Sep-2019 Bigtincan acquired Asdeq Labs
  • Edit: 30-Sep-2019 Xinnovation, Inc. (“XINN”) @GoXinn acquisition by Bigtincan
  • Edit: 7-Oct-2019 Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD) acquired Altify @altifyinc
  • Edit: In October 2019 @servicenow acquired @attivio
  • Edit: 4-Nov-2019 Costello was acquired by SalesLoft
  • Edit: 5-Nov-2019: Percolate @percolate Percolate Industries, Inc. acquired by Seismic

After many large B2B companies made new decisions for investment in Sales Enablement teams/functions/tools/software/platforms, the market is not growing very fast anymore.

Now, the vendors have to buy each other to see strong growth in revenue.

I’m always surprised when I see a Series B or C funding round in this space as I do not believe that it will deliver VC-type returns (10x) for those coming in after the seed or series A stage. That happens in ‘winner-take-all markets’, but I do not believe Sales Enablement is one.

May 28, 2019Upland Software acquired Kapost (Had $19M in funding) for approx. 3x revenue ($45M in cash) + $5M cash holdback payable in 12 months.

My Sales Enablement market deathwatch of companies that were acquired & shut down or went out of business has been growing a lot since 2017. You can also download my entire table of companies I’m tracking:

Expect to read comments like this one more often:

“We had been using SAVO for our sales assets/content mgmt. tool.  However, now that they’ve been bought by Seismic, we’re in the process of migrating over.  We have over XXXX pieces of content to manage across multiple verticals, so we needed a way to consolidate multiple XXX into one system.  We’ve developed a very thorough governance process […]”

There is growth in this market, but it is mostly in the number of LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their job title.

I track the number of LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their current job title. 5-Feb-2020, LinkedIn had 10,540 users like that globally & on 1-Sep-2022 it was 15k.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11.02.24 am

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