People tracking the Sales Enablement market

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Given the growing interest in Sales Enablement, I’ve been adding to my chart for the annual Sales Enablement market revenue:


The chart shows a part of the market (Took out Enhatch), but the market is obviously bigger; if you have changes/additions, contact me @SalesEnablement

My Sales Enablement vendor death watch has been growing and the total number of vendors I have as active is down to 186 (Table to export) now.

Here one of the tools that help me catch vendors going out of business:

I’ve been tracking the number of LinkedIn users with Sales Enablement in their current job title.

Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 9.13.42 pm

Above my own graph tracking this.

I enjoyed “What is Next in the Sales Enablement Industry?” by Myk Pono @myxys (Entrepreneur | Marketing & Product Growth | Co-author of Mastering Product Experience in SaaS)

His visual of the Competitive Forces in Sales Enablement Marketplace is great.

I also just discovered Nicolas de Kouchkovsky @nicolask3

(Advisor/Consultant/Fractional CMO. Helping B2B Software companies grow. All things customer engagement/facing technologies.)

His sales tech landscape saw a surge.

Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 9.27.43 am

I like how he broke this big market into categories.

He created a blueprint:


Originally published at Sales Hacker.

Also published on Medium. His blog.

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