More recent Sales Enablement market overviews and ownership changes

The sales enablement market never gets boring (My public table to download has over 186 relevant vendors & 756 line items) and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) activity is heating up.


[Edit] July 25, 2019, Bigtincan acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, USA based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m.

After Sant and Kadient had already merged into Qvidian, Qvidian is now owned by Upland Software.

On Jul 6, 2011, Callidus Software acquired iCentera (on-demand sales enablement software to increase sales revenue through marketing, sales, and customer messaging vehicles). On Jan 29, 2018, CallidusCloud was acquired by SAP. Price $2.4B. Callidus itself had been “quite acquisitive, acquiring 14 companies dating back to 2010 including 4 in 2017 alone, according to data on Crunchbase.”

On Nov 30, 2017 we learned Bigtincan acquired Contondo. “Contondo’s data science team and core technology will be incorporated into the Bigtincan Hub Sales Enablement Automation Platform.” [Edit] September 25, 2018Bigtincan announced the acquisition of Customer Engagement Platform FatStax @FatStaxApp creating end-to-end connections across CRM & sales enablement. [Edit] June 18, 2018, Bigtincan @bigtincan announced the acquisition of learning vendor (micro-learning / training and enablement platform) Zunos @GetZunos:

“As part of the integration, Bigtincan will leverage Zunos’ expertise to shape its comprehensive learning platform in the Bigtincan Hub, focusing on micro-learning strategies to ensure retention, gamification to boost engagement and partner enablement to ensure holistic dissemination of content and knowledge across partner teams and organizations.”

ClearSlide acquired SlideRocket to let you create & edit presentations in the cloud with slide-by-slide analytics. 12-Dec-2017 ClearSlide joined Corel Corporation.

Another example is Octiv – formerly known as TinderBox. Now, as of 7-Mar-2018 Octiv has been acquired by Conga @congaHQ. 7-May-2020 Conga @CongaHQ was acquired by Apttus which had been acquired by Thoma Bravo on Sep 4, 2018.

Update: KnowledgeTree was acquired by SAVO Group; announced Jun 12, 2017. Then on 8-May-2018, it was announced that Seismic acquires SAVO Group.

I always love it when you reach out on twitter to help me update my Sales Enablement market lists (see all lists at the bottom of this post).


I’m looking forward to the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2018) which should be released April 23, 2018 by Scott Brinker.

Until then I’ll check out the vendors mentioned in the top left corner of the CBinsights Sales Tech Market Map.

Investors have poured over $6B into these startups offering sales tech solutions across CRM, sales enablement, communication, analytics, and more. In 2016, deals and dollars invested into sales tech startups reached all-time highs of over $5B invested across 425 deals.

CBinsights defines sales tech to include companies developing tech-enabled solutions that directly serve sales teams or improve upon the sales process, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. They also include companies that improve upon customer experience, engagement, communication, and booking processes for companies across various industries.

Sales Tech Market Map

Gartner Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales

The market for digital content management for sales (DCMS) is maturing rapidly, and becoming a heavily contested marketplace. With an ever expanding roster of potential vendors, how should IT, sales, and marketing teams evaluate solutions?

Gartner’s new Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales provides in-depth insight on content management solutions (CMS) for sales enablement teams.

  • Digital content management for sales (DCMS) vendors have expanded the breadth and depth of their offerings in the past year, with many adding API-based platform capabilities.
  • DCMS technology is broadly applicable to all B2B industries and sales use cases, as well as long-cycle B2C sales use cases.
  • Content recommendations based on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms are a core capability for this market.
(Gartner [Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales], [Tad Travis, Todd Berkowitz, Guneet Bharaj, Melissa A. Hilbert], [Publication date 17 November 2017])

One event in this market which I missed initially (but have updated in the lists below): Quark Software @QuarkNews took over Docurated Inc. @docurated

Denver, CO, Dec. 06, 2017 – Quark Software announced today it has acquired Docurated, the creators of enterprise sales enablement solutions.

Docurated’s inception was in 2012.

Quark will integrate Docurated with Quark’s content automation platform to enable sales teams to easily identify and deliver meaningful content to customer prospects.

PointDrive @Point_Drive Chicago; Announced Date: Jul 26, 2016: Acquired by LinkedIn (acquired by Microsoft).

Apr 19, 2017: ToutApp was acquired by Marketo. $7M in revenue annually & competes with Velocify, Inc., Outreach, & SalesLoft.

My frequently updated lists tracking the market:

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