Sales Enablement powered by ML Machine Learning & AI Artificial intelligence

After more than a decade of Sales Enablement vendors having to optimize their experiences for mobile, now almost every new vendor seems to have a Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) story to tell. (What’s next? Metaverse?)

Here’s my list of Sales Enablement tools powered by – or at least integrating – ML / AI (obviously most uses of the term Artificial Intelligence are talking about Machine Learning). Last updated 24-May-2023:

2Viz 2VizCon business productivity through AI-driven enterprise apps. Software for the development of platform independent enterprise apps in marketing, sales, communication, learning. Sales Enablement: Transform your sales strategy with impactful sales enablement applications to sell more. Marketing Enablement: Stage your brands, marketing messaging & content on an engaging mobile platform. Combine fragmented technology stacks to create one integrated technology, one connected platform, one productive team. 2VizCon GmbH, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany & Kingston, Greater London, UK

Ada Inc / Ada Support @adasupport now @ada_cx Chatbot platform that makes artificial intelligence accessible to non-technical support teams. It operates through both web & mobile machine learning engine that reduces support volume, empowers customers to find answers on their own, & automatically learns how to better serve customers in the future. $2M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Pandorabots, Dexter, & Passage AI. Toronto, ON, Canada. Ada Support Inc. @allegosoftware sales learning & readiness platform. Combines training, practice, coaching & knowledge sharing into one app. Use mobile, video, & peer collaboration to reinvent learning for the dynamic needs of sales teams. Speed & consumer app design match the pace of even the most hard-charging sales people: Sales teams onboard faster, deliver the right messaging, rapidly adopt best practices, coach & practice frequently, & collaborate broadly with peers & home office. Sales pros across financial services, technology, life science & other industries use it to bring their A game to every customer conversation. With call coaching capability sales leaders & managers know if individuals or teams talk more than listen during customer calls, provide the right response when asked about price & timelines, articulate the right responses to objections etc. Automatically provides sales & services leaders visibility into live conversations from the field, combined with learning & readiness suite to act on insights for targeted coaching, training, & enablement initiatives. The sales learning & enablement platform has an integrated Conversation Intelligence product, transforming a company’s Call Coaching module into an end-to-end Conversation Intelligence capability: Sales teams can automatically capture calls & virtual meetings, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform transcription across multiple languages, automate coaching, generate alerts, all with a deeper integration with CRMs & calendars, according to the vendor. $40M estimated revenue annually & competes with MindTickle, CommercialTribe, & Brainshark. Needham, MA, USA. NEEDHAM, Mass. 9-Dec-2020: Allego, sales learning & enablement solution, announced its acquisition of Refract, UK-based sales engagement & multilingual conversation analytics. Refract brings to the merger capabilities in revenue intelligence—delivering AI-enhanced content & coaching recommendations from sales calls, demos & meetings—to improve sales outcomes & grow revenue. Refract is Now Allego Conversation Intelligence

Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 12.14.39 pmAlphaSales @MichalLipka @Alphasalesai Digital notebook for sales meetings. Digital notebook with personal assistance for sales professionals. Sales meetings can be overwhelming, especially if you’re involved in complex or scientific sales. We’re developing a digital notebook with personal assistance aimed towards sales & business development professionals to help you conduct more efficient & effective meetings. London, England, UK

1558054273427Amplemarket @amplemarket The pandemic was a catalyst for remote sales motions. It’s not uncommon to see enterprise account executives close multi-million dollar deals without ever meeting the buyer in person. This highlights the importance of a sales stack easy to implement, learn & manage; individual reps need the tools necessary to hit their quota, & managers need to have visibility into what’s happening across their teams without being able to be physically next to their teams on a daily basis. Most sales teams need to stitch together a variety of point solutions to execute their sales motions. Amplemarket can replace a number of those across a few different categories. It was launched in 2019 by MIT alumnus. Originating from Portugal, the 3 founders saw firsthand the challenges of scaling B2B sales in other companies & realized existing point solutions don’t address core problems. The excessive fragmentation of the present-day sales stack combined with recent advances in natural language processing (NLP) set up the opportunity for an all-in-one compound solution that can leverage the virtuous data cycles of having a central system of action. Sales teams have more SaaS subscriptions than they know what to do with, leading to friction & added operational complexity. They designed Amplemarket to rally different pieces of the B2B sales process around a single prospect versus a collection of siloed, disparate tools. Email deliverability is probably one of the most important problems that go-to-market teams have to deal with when doing B2B sales. Email deliverability is a complex multivariate problem & a lot of the things companies did 5 years ago to keep a healthy deliverability aren’t enough. Better Deliverability -> More Sales Conversations -> Increased Sales Pipeline -> More New Customers -> More Revenue! For B2B companies improving their top of the funnel, engaging with more prospects translates directly into more revenue at the bottom of the funnel. So, really, for sales teams: Deliverability = Revenue! San Francisco, California, USA

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 4.01.18 pmApplicateAI Applicate @applicatetech @applicatet AI-based sales enablement & B2B platform. Sales teams empowered with AI will perform at a SPEED & SCALE impossible to match by human efforts. Applicate is a SaaS platform that offers a range of artificial intelligence products, including AI Sales Bot, AI Marketing Bot, AI HR Bot, Sales Team productivity application, modern retail execution application, & distributor application, among others. Sellina: Intelligent machine, powered by the Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 4.10.18 pmhuman-like neural network, & trained on 1000s of sales scenarios. Integrations: ERP / HRMS / CMS / SFA / LMS integration with any database. Applicate IT solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra & Bangalore & Delhi, Delhi, India Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 8.27.16 amIn early 2023 they pivoted & became SalesCode Salescode IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. built the Sellina, Channelkart, TEEM app as a Commercial app & solution. Guarantees Sales Uplift for CPG companies. RTM platform: Solutions include AI for SFA, AI-powered eB2B & Next-Gen SFA.

Screen Shot 2023-02-14 at 2.11.17 pmAptivio @AptivIO Accelerate your sales pipeline growth. All-in-one platform that unites every role of your revenue team. Networked Sales: Connect, persuade, & scale more sales with confidence. Stop wasting time prospecting, let Aptivio identify the best-fit accounts with the right network path to close & automate the whole process for scaling. Marketing solution: Target, personalize, & convert more effectively with AI. Effective marketing requires intelligent targeting. Our AI Signal Engine is changing traditional ABM. Marketing is now an active participant in the revenue pipeline, with the handoff to sales being AI validated. Aptivio seamlessly integrates into your existing Sales tech tools. Aptivio Inc. New York, NY, USA & Lisbon, Portugal

ASAPP @asapp making knowledge workers radically more productive. Powering effective & efficient customer experiences. AI customer service software that helps call center agents work more efficiently. Provides customer care & sales agents with a platform to know the right thing to say & the right action to take, in real-time. Its machine learning models are continuously learning & predicting from every customer interaction, effectively turning every agent into the best agent without the need for manual programming or extensive training. Generative AI for Contact Centers: Multiply agent productivity, operationalize real-time intelligence, & delight every customer. Trained only on your data, for your complex reality. Offices in Silicon Valley, Raleigh, London & Buenos Aires. Manhattan, NY

Attivio (See ServiceNow) @attivio cognitive search & insight platform company. Unified information access platform: Active Intelligence Engine (AIE). Ingests both structured & semi-structured data, Big Data & unstructured content, from a wide variety of databases, document repositories, content management systems, email systems, websites, social media & file servers. $11.9M in revenue. Boston, MA, USA acquires Attivio IP, core technology, & select R&D talent; expects to complete the acquisition by the end of Q4 2019. Announced Oct-2019. With the addition of the⁦ @attivio ⁩search engine ⁦@servicenow will move beyond keyword-based search to deliver conversational AI & search experiences at scale to customers.

Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 10.54.18 amAviso @avisoinc AI Compass that guides sales & go-to-market teams to close more deals, accelerate growth, & find their revenue True North. Helps sales organizations close more deals with AI-powered opportunity management & WinScores, opportunity insights & opportunity maps to take control of pipeline & deliver better, more predictable outcomes. AI-powered platform for sales helps close more deals. Accelerate remote selling with virtual AI collaboration: Digital WarRooms empower sales teams with collaboration spaces, bringing the best of tools like Slack, Zoom, & Chatter, helping revenue leaders get a birds’ eye view across all deals, & go-to-market teams grow pipeline & revenue faster. Enrich every conversation with rich AI insights into what works & what doesn’t: Conversational intelligence metrics are designed to help improve internal team alignment, with qualitative & quantitative insights to change specific sales behaviors. Meeting Effectiveness: SmartTranscription uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe minutes of your meeting into meaning efficiency metrics. Audio markers help highlight each speaker. Also helps identify each speaker’s talk-to-listen ratio and shows who’s dominating the conversation & who should speak up more in future calls. Helps sales teams go beyond effectiveness metrics by analyzing bias due to overconfidence or pessimism. The sentiment analysis feature provides visual indicators to show how your forecast call truly went & how your customers are actually feeling. With insights into meetings’ overall tone & positive, neutral, or negative sentiment, teams can better help each other & serve executives & customers’ needs. $12M in estimated revenue annually & competes with EverString, Lattice Engines, & Leadspace. Added more conversational intelligence & natural language processing (NLP) features: Conversational Intelligence: Emotion analysis reveal unspoken thoughts buyers have through identifying visual & tonal markers. Sentiment Analysis shows you which buyers are likely to say yes! Or stall. Knowing the true nature of every deal means a 98%+ forecast accuracy. Smart Transcripts gives you everything you need to know about any call. All your recordings & transcripts in one place – means faster collaboration. Redwood City, CA, USA. Aviso India, Hyderabad, India

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 12.39.07 pmBalto @balto_ai Real-Time Guidance platform – shows agents the best things to say, automatically scores 100% of calls, & alerts managers for coaching moments in real-time. Help Agents Say the Right Thing on Every Single Call: Balto shows agents the best things to say, automatically scores 100% of calls, & alerts managers for coaching moments in real-time. Getting Conversations Right: Start improving conversations when it matters most: in the moment. Get more sales & happier customers in just 45 days with Real-Time Guidance. Powered by AI, Balto listens to both sides of a conversation & visually prompts agents with the best things to say, live on every call. Scale “perfect” to thousands of agents with the push of a button & get immediate insight into what’s working & what’s not. Balto Software, Inc. St. Louis, MO, USA @basix_ai predictively target the best leads, automate everything, & uncover deep sales insights with the help of machine learning & AI. When reps perform 100 activities daily, & you factor time in between, it’s no wonder less time is spent selling & no time personalizing. It’s not just about activity but quality activity – What activities drive sales forward? Make more sales conversations happen: Turn your sales organization into a repeatable revenue machine. Massively increase your revenue per rep: What if your winning sales strategies were used by everyone all the time? Align your sales team to go after prospects with the highest potential. Whether you are a team of 2 or 100+, get on the same page, & start executing. Basix Concepts Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada

Bigtincan @bigtincan (ASX:BTH) helps sales & service teams increase win rates & customer satisfaction. The mobile AI-powered sales enablement automation platform’s user experience empowers reps to more effectively engage with customers & prospects & encourages team-wide adoption. Enhance sales productivity at every customer interaction. Bigtincan’s Genie can answer questions, help a sales rep find the right content for an upcoming call or meeting & improve overall sales productivity. Genie can also help deliver training, so it’s a learning assistant. Nov-2017, Bigtincan provider of mobile AI-powered sales enablement automation, acquired Contondo, provider of sales enablement automation tools for discovery & classification of available sales & service content enhancing measurement & improving ROI. Contondo’s data science team & core tech will be incorporated into the Bigtincan Hub Sales Enablement Automation Platform. June-2018, Bigtincan acquired learning vendor (micro-learning / training & enablement platform) Zunos: “Bigtincan will leverage Zunos’ expertise to shape its learning platform in the Bigtincan Hub, focusing on micro-learning strategies to ensure retention, gamification to boost engagement & partner enablement to ensure dissemination of content & knowledge across partner teams & organizations.” Sept-2018, Bigtincan acquired FatStax (creating end-to-end connections across CRM & sales enablement). Jul-2019, Bigtincan acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, USA based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m. Xinnovation, Inc “ @GoXinn acquired Sep-2019. Global sales & marketing headquartered in Boston + offices across EMEA, Australia & Asia. Waltham, Massachusetts, USA but listed on the Australian ASX. Jun-2021, Bigtincan acquired 100% of Switzerland-based tech company Vidinoti SA for roughly $770k in cash & shares. The Swiss acquisition specialises in augmented & virtual reality systems: Suite of tools to create, deploy & manage augmented reality content including V-Director, V-Player & the Vidinoti SDK. Aug-2021, Bigtincan acquired Brainshark, Inc. (Sales Readiness solutions for training, coaching & onboarding: Solutions for course authoring, course content creation, 1:1 video coaching with AI-scoring, & readiness scorecards to help customers train, coach, & assess the buyer-readiness of customer-facing teams incl. frontline sellers, field marketing, & support.)

BirdzAI @P360_Solutions Optiks Solutions, Inc D\B\A P360 Solutions. Sales solution: 360 degree full-lifecycle suite for sales performance, from data management & lead resolution to data compliance. Updated the sales enablement platform, BirdzAI, with artificial intelligence that provides insights for sales forecasting, churn prediction, brand propensity analysis, next best action recommendations, & more. By adding artificial intelligence capabilities it helps life sciences companies eliminate the guesswork often associated with sales operations. Piscataway Township, New Jersey, USA. Cockburn Central WA, Australia. Eksar, Borivali, Maharashtra, India @Bit_docs smart document collaboration for teams! Your complete document ecosystem. Create, manage, track all from one simple-to-use platform. Collaboration tool that empowers sales teams to make marketing & sales materials while collaborating in a common workplace. Sales teams create, customize, collaborate & share sales proposals, sales decks, & client-facing material. Receive notifications whenever a client or prospect views your sales proposal. Get engagement metrics e.g. how much time they spent on your smart document, how far they scrolled (scroll ratio) & how often they returned to the documents you shared. This data is extremely useful as you can instantly receive feedback on your proposal & make changes to improve the sales collateral you & your team create. Add a lead capture form while sharing a document. In order for your recipients to access the shared documents, they are required to fill out their name, company, email &/or phone number. Salespeople can also password protect their documents or even add an expiration date after which, the documents can’t be accessed. San Francisco, CA (See Bigtincan) @brainshark a single platform for content creation, training (formal & just-in-time), & video coaching… Sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching & content authoring capabilities to achieve sales mastery. Helps reps learn & prepare wherever, whenever, & however they work – so they’re always ready for any selling situation. The sales enablement software prepares sellers with the knowledge & skills they need, from the same systems & devices they use every day. SaaS-based sales enablement & readiness solutions. Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to drive sales productivity. Machine analysis solution: AI-based engine for improving sales coaching & practice. Applies sentiment & other analyses to practice videos that salespeople create before meetings. Their machine analysis engine, brings sales enablement AI to Salesforce to aid in sales rep training. The sales enablement tool uses machine learning to score & analyze sales-pitch practice videos created for reps. Algorithms screen for product coverage, key topics, speaking rate & emotions exhibited. By automating this analysis, sales teams can get faster feedback on videos to improve sales coaching. AUD $100M in revenue annually & competes with MindTickle, SAVO, & CallidusCloud. Waltham MA, USA. Aug-2021, Bigtincan acquired Brainshark, Inc. (Sales Readiness solutions for training, coaching & onboarding: Solutions for course authoring, course content creation, 1:1 video coaching with AI-scoring, & readiness scorecards to help customers train, coach, & assess the buyer-readiness of customer-facing teams incl. frontline sellers, field marketing, & support.)

Chatlets @Chatletsai platform enabling personalized micro conversions through conversational interfaces. Not your average sales bot: Curate content. Personalize experiences. Convert more leads. Builds dynamic conversations with relevant content to move B2B prospects through the sales funnel faster. Mountain View, CA, US

ChipBrain @realChipBrain emotionally intelligent AI for sales professionals. An artificial emotional intelligence company. Builds AI to recognize emotional markers in conversations that reveal key turning points, whether they happen over text, voice, or video. Integrated ChipBrain with Zoom! What if you knew what prospects & customers were feeling? What if your team could read the emotional & conversational cues of the client like a book? Effective communicators close more deals. Our emotionally intelligent AI assistant supports sales professionals by providing real-time feedback on the emotional response of the client to their messaging, pinpointing key turning points in the conversation when they were particularly effective or ineffective. Over time the adaptive intelligence platform delivers tailored recommendations specific to the client, the company, & the representative. We believe that artificial intelligence can teach people to be more emotionally intelligent, more persuasive, & ultimately more effective in conversation & negotiation. We imagine a world in which our AI can help any human in any company – in any market – sell anything. We believe that most conversations will take place virtually via voice & video calls within 5yrs, & we’re on the cusp of this massive transition. The company that wins in this future is the one that gives people the tools to be more present, connected to their audience, empathetic, & persuasive even through the disconnect of telecommuting. ChipBrain, Inc. @chorus_ai helps capture & share your sales team’s best talk tracks to create more quota-crushing A​ players. Conversational intelligence platform that helps businesses to capture, store & analyze their sales meetings. Conversation cloud. AI driven conversation intelligence for sales teams. $7.4M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Aviso,, & Clari. AffectLayer, Inc. is a privately-held company that develops Chorus, a conversation intelligence tool, for sales teams. AffectLayer, Inc. founded 2015. San Francisco, California, USA & Tel Aviv, Israel 13-Jul-2021: ZoomInfo @ZoomInfo announced it intends to acquire conversational sales intelligence tool for $575M. Sales intelligence, Chorus’s market, is a hot space that uses AI to “listen” to sales conversations to help improve interactions between salespeople & customers. ZoomInfo is mostly known for providing information about customers, so the acquisition expands the acquiring company’s platform in a significant way.

Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 9.29.02 pmColibri @colibri_ai helping sales teams reach their full potential with generative AI & real-time conversation intelligence. A range of sales enablement tools that utilize generative AI – LLM Large Language Models adapted specifically for the enterprise market. Colibri’s real-time speech recognition & conversation intelligence platform lets organizations capture, analyze, & extract valuable data from all types of conversations: phone calls & video meetings, internal & external. Machine learning & Generative AI for transcribing calls in real-time, automatically generating meeting summaries, tracking usage of specific words & phrases, & analyzing key call metrics such as talk ratio & sentiment. Also provides just-in-time assistance & coaching to sales & customer service representatives during a meeting. Colibri for Sales helps sales teams reach their full potential by providing new & better ways to take meeting notes, update CRM, analyze team performance, & continuously coach sales reps. Colibri AI Notetaker for individuals & businesses of all sizes. The app records online meetings, transcribes them in real-time, & generates concise searchable meeting notes that can be easily shared with teammates. Palo Alto, California, USA., Inc. (d.b.a.

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 10.20.49 amComturaAI @comtura_ai Comtura is an AI revenue platform that extracts buying signals from sales meetings & conversations & syncs them to your CRM in a few clicks. Unlock Revenue From Your Conversations: Understand what works in your sales process based on what your customers say. Comtura provides a detailed analysis of your Conversational Intelligence, giving you actionable insights to drive critical metrics. No more data silos & generic feedback. Start increasing your revenue today. For Sales Leaders & Sales Enablement, validate & improve your sales coaching by capturing top performance from your team’s sales calls. Use this AI-driven data to scale the perfect sales messaging across your team. Take what your top reps say & make it actionable. London, GB

Conversr (powered by Burst SMS @burstsms & owned by Known) @conversr The next generation of customer engagement: A conversation control hub that enables you to manage the conversations you have with your customers by combining the powers of human logic & artificial intelligence. Personalized Conversations: Send & receive SMS. Flow Editor: Rapidly design & build custom solutions from our platform, or select one of our turn-key solutions to help you get started quickly. Reporting: Get reporting on key campaign metrics, including campaign goals & objective reporting. With primary business beginning in Australia & New Zealand, Burst SMS is now expanding rapidly globally. With staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver & Manila, the company has grown rapidly. AU, HK, NZ, PH, SG, UK, US

Ciara GmbH @getciara all-in-one conversation assistant who brings all your skills together, focuses on work so you can focus on results, & levels up your game. Virtual assistant for inside sales reps / inside sales teams. Provides interactive guides, proven playbooks, & smart objection handling, helping them to structure their phone conversations & increase their success & productivity. With the best questions & best answers during your sales calls Ciara makes you an inside sales rockstar – right away. Outside sales is still around, but compared to inside sales it is trending down. Ciara will be able to understand a conversation in full & will provide real-time sales enablement skills to inside sales reps. Sales professionals spend just 34% of their time selling. They spend the rest of their time with data entry, quote generation, & other tasks. And these tasks keep them away from customers. The Ciara platform is being driven by the success of AI & real-time communications currently used by virtual assistants. With the playbook in place, reps can answer customer questions on competition, pricing, & new product capabilities quickly. The more you use it, the better it gets by using deep learning from daily interactions. Inside sales is growing because of the way consumers & businesses now interact with technology. When someone wants to buy a product or service, the first thing they do is search for it online. By the time they have made the decision to buy, they have all the information they need. In most cases, they make the first contact. Whether it is through email, chat or a phone call, this contact is made to an inside sales rep. How the rep responds will dictate if the customer is going to move forward with the purchase. This highlights the importance of proper training & having the right tools in place. Founded Date: 2019. Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 1.44.41 pmMunich, Germany. Ciara joins forces with Unique! 11-Apr-2022, Unique acquired Ciara for an undisclosed amount. Together we are on the fast track to become the global leader in real-time conversation & sales intelligence. UNIQUE Unique AG, Zürich, Switzerland. Unique platform: Reinvents sales for the era of remote working & beyond. The more time you invest in sales conversations, the more deals you can win. Summarizing a sales pitch, updating CRM, onboarding new employees, coaching existing employees – all of this is time-consuming. But essential at the same time. Imagine these tasks being done for you automatically. That’s exactly what Unique does & much more! Unique’s AI-driven sales platform records & analyses sales conversations delivering real-time insights & coaching to sales teams helping them win more deals. Helps salespeople & customers understand each other better & build deeper, more meaningful relationships. Meeting Agenda & Real-Time Coaching: Structure your calls & stay consistent during on- & offline client conversations with an AI-driven meeting agenda. See what topics you covered, & what to mention next thanks to real-time coaching insights. Venture-backed B2B SaaS sales intelligence platform, transforming sales by empowering both sales teams & customers. Unique leverages the power of AI to augment sales teams with real-time coaching and insights to close more deals & build better customer partnerships; & to give customers a better, more transparent, informed buying experience.

Complexica @Complexica_AI specializing in AI-based enterprise software applications that improve the effectiveness of sales & marketing activities. Optimise your Sales, Marketing & Supply Chain with Complexica’s Decision Cloud Powered by Larry, the Digital Analyst. Adelaide, South Australia. Australia

Conga (See Octiv, formerly TinderBox) @CongaHQ end-to-end, AI-powered digital document transformation. The Conga Suite helps to simplify user experiences & increase productivity. Conga acquired Octiv, formerly known as TinderBox. Announced Date: 7-Mar-2018. Broomfield, CO. On 7-May-2020 Conga @CongaHQ was acquired by Apttus which had been acquired by Thoma Bravo on 4-Sep-2018.

Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 1.08.06 amConversica @MyConversica automate email conversations with all your leads to qualify them for Sales. AI software for marketing & sales, fosters real conversations to discover your most qualified sales opportunities. AI-powered sales assistant; uses human-like, two-way email conversations to automatically engage & qualify leads, freeing up sales to close more business. Conversica, Inc. [conversational artificial intelligence (AI) for business] announced 30-Oct-2018 it secured a $31M Series C funding round bringing the total invested capital to $87M. Investment proceeds will be used to fund global sales & marketing expansion, as well as to continue development of Conversica’s technology incl. an AI-powered system that automatically carries on conversations. Foster City, CA, USA

Costello @andCostello see SalesLoft. Acquired by SalesLoft 5-Nov-2019. AI-powered sales co-pilot software shows your team what questions close deals & helps them keep deals on-track. We live in an era of hyper-competition. In response, sales teams increased the volume of prospecting calls & emails to an all-time high. The result is that buyers no longer give second chances on sales calls. Costello is AI-powered sales co-pilot software that helps sales professionals consistently have great conversations with buyers & keep deals on-track. It identifies the questions that determine whether or not you will close deals & then helps your reps beat the competition by guiding them through the critical moments in sales calls that determine whether you win or lose. $3M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Pattern, Clari, & SalesHood. Indianapolis, IN, USA. 22-Dec-2021, Salesloft acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 8.43.57 pmCoveo @coveo combines “unified search”, analytics & Machine Learning (ML) to deliver relevant information & recommendations across every business interaction. Transforms businesses by improving customer engagement & up-skilling employees by providing the best information, every time, everywhere. AI-powered Search for every Salesforce community & app. Immediate access to all the content, wherever it resides. Québec, Canada. 15-Oct-2021: Coveo, a Relevance Platform & applied AI company that transforms digital experiences with AI-powered search, recommendations, & personalization, announced the acquisition of Qubit @Qubit AI-powered personalization technology for merchandising teams, based in London, UK, further accelerating Coveo’s geographic expansion into the UK & European markets. New Relevance Generative Answering capability, powered by the Coveo AI platform & LLMs, solves the key challenges of applying GPT within the enterprise. MONTREAL & SAN FRANCISCO – 16-Mar-2023, Coveo (TSX:CVO), an AI platform that makes every digital experience relevant, 1:1 personalized & profitable, announced Coveo Relevance Generative Answering. This new Generative AI question answering capability combines Large Language Models (LLMs) on top of the leading secure unified indexing capabilities of Coveo’s AI platform. This makes generative answering using LLMs applicable within enterprises, where security, privacy, real-time sources of truth, relevance & factuality are all key imperatives.

Curata @curata Content Marketing Software Solution. Our platforms are powered by machine learning, natural language processing, & AI. Content Curation Software (CCS): Fuel Your Content Marketing Engine. Discover the best content with our self-learning engine. Easily organize & contextualize with just a few clicks. Publish & promote your content anytime & anywhere. Boston, MA, USA

CuriousThingAI @CuriousThingAI Curious Thing: Conversational AI for digital experiences / conversations. The platform has you covered from startups to enterprises. A conversational AI engine, powered by natural language processing (NLP), knowledge graph, & deep transfer learning. Imagine what you could do with an AI that makes calls just like us… Transform the way you engage with your customers using voice-based conversational AI. Our platform goes far beyond the limitations of a basic voice AI assistant. We can make outgoing warm calls & have real-time. Customer re-engagement: Offer inactive customers special deals, ask for feedback & much more. conversations with your customers. Customer surveys: Improve by getting feedback about your products & services. Wellness check-ins: Check-in before & after surgery, monitor medication use & more. Payment reminders: Send upcoming payment reminders & follow up on defaulted bills. Introduce new products: Keep customers informed of your new products & services. Shopping cart nudges: Remind customers about abandoned carts & give extra incentive to buy. Sydney, NSW, Australia

CXera @CXeraLLC from first contact to customer success. digital customer experience (CX) microsites. How we do business in today’s digital sales & service economy has changed for virtually every organization. To get it right, you need a digital approach that supports customers from first contact to their success & with a digital approach you can enable sales & services success while also improving the customer’s experience at every point in their journey. CXera produces digital micro-sites that we call Experiences in minutes in order to deliver & track great customer experiences, every time. Not a platform & won’t take weeks or months to deploy. Our cloud-based application is engineered to make the digital age of selling & buying easy—with no technical expertise required. This is made possible by integrating with many popular cloud-based solutions & using Experience templates that are fully customizable through our Experience creation wizard. In minutes, design, populate & launch Experiences to your staff & customers to make a difference starting today. Ready-made Experience templates make it easy to create Experiences in minutes. AI-driven CXassistant makes recommendations &, if permitted, takes action to optimize Experiences. CXera offers built-in integrations with your company’s website & popular services. Sales Enablement + Customer Enablement = Revenue Enablement! Expanding the scope of sales enablement to include customer facing roles as well as the customer. Why enable customer facing roles & the customer directly? Research from Gartner supports the need: The sales enablement market has broadened beyond sellers to include the enablement of people in revenue-generating roles such as customer success, presales & marketing. An individual sales rep may often receive only 5% of a prospect’s direct time. 60% of frontline sales enablement companies are predicted to shift to enabling additional customer-facing roles over the next three years. By 2025, 25% of organizations will create a formal cross-functional counsel to align customer-facing teams that will provide recommendations, governance & oversight across the entire revenue process. Remove silos, become customer centric, and eliminate the fluff. Do not wait to drive the latest evolution of enablement. Onboarding the first product purchased by the customer is only the beginning. CXera LLC. Edina, MN, US

Daisee artificial intelligence software company that builds cutting edge AI applications for business. Lisa: AI-driven speech analytics that drives compliance in every conversation with your customers. Increased Revenue: Identify cross-sell & up-sell opportunities, Predict sales success, Increase customer satisfaction, Identify new commercial opportunities from conversational data. Compliance remediation, Individual agent & team training, Brand experience improvement, Key metrics improvement (AHT, FCR), Customer satisfaction improvement, Customer buying predictors, Agent & customer churn predictors. Bridging the gap between technical AI & commercial application for businesses worldwide. Lisa is an enterprise-ready speech analytics solution built with the future in mind delivering ROI to business from day one. Platform agnostic working with the appropriate telephony provider for each client. St Leonards, Sydney, NSW, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia & Palo Alto, CA, US

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 7.00.24 amDatalead AI @DataleadAI Enrich your business & reach to new heights! Helps sales teams to find new clients & get their foot in the door. Instantly fetch qualified leads: A data-driven approach to lead generation that will revolutionize the way you do business, with billions of leads at your fingertips, hidden gems on targets, and suitable and meaningful insights on each one. We combine unique methods to provide you with the most updated details, contact details, working history, and social circles of your leads. Founded 2020. Datalead AI, Inc., Tel Aviv, Israel

Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 1.35.41 pmDemoleap @Demoleap Experience the power of Real-Time Guided Selling & drive your team to success. Teams learn, coach, & measure with a single platform. Demoleap began with the idea that sales discovery & demo processes should be a much better experience for the seller & the customer. TEAMS: Convert sales enablement into action faster! Empower team members to deliver high-performing demos. Expertly present & discuss products across your team. Some sellers rock. Some struggle. Demoleap closes the gap. A Real-time AI sales assistant that guides your teams during calls to run perfect qualification, discovery, & live sales demos. Navigate confidently through conversation pivots: Get the help you need no matter which direction the customer pulls you. Have all you need for a successful meeting: Run the entire meeting from discovery & slides to product demo all in one place. Analyze what works & what doesn’t: Gain visibility with step-by-step analytics & share actionable insights with your team to follow in real-time. Easy to Integrate: Works seamlessly with your application, CRM, Conferencing tools, & Slides software, without a single line of code (#NoCode). Demoleap, Inc. & DemoLeap Limited. Park Dalkey, Ireland

1617113759797Docebo @docebo e-Learning. Create, manage, deliver, & measure the impact of learning for external & internal audiences with Docebo’s AI-powered Learning Suite. Docebo’s multi-product learning suite helps enterprises around the world tackle any learning challenge. Create & manage content, deliver training, & understand the business impact of learning experiences. Tackle learning challenges & create a successful learning culture. Docebo Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Athens GA, USA. Biassono (MB), Italy. Docebo UK Limited, London, UK

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 10.11.27 pmDocurated @docurated sales enablement & sales asset management platform powers content recommendations with AI & predictive analytics. Faster deck creation, Access the newest & most relevant content, Assemble new pitches in minutes, Pitch better & more often, Seamless integration with existing file storage, Automatic indexing & visualization of content, Mobile & desktop access. NYC, NY, USA. Their inception was in 2012. Inc. Denver, CO. Dec-2017 Quark acquired Docurated.

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 8.56.34 amDOOLY @DoolyHQ close deals faster with sales enablement software that adapts to what your customers say. The time you felt flat-footed on a sales call because a prospect brought something up that you hadn’t anticipated yeah, that wasn’t fun & we felt your pain. Dooly’s realtime playbook engine keeps your conversations as sharp & on-point as the buyer you talk to, matching their every move with sales tools that answer even their toughest questions. Update Salesforce 10x faster. Automate your CRM busywork so you can focus on selling. Sell more with less admin work slowing you down. Ramp your sales reps faster at scale: Empower all of your sellers quickly to be confident on day 1. Feed relevant talking points and tools to your teams live during their sales calls based on the flow of the conversation. Your buyer doesn’t wait. Dooly surfaces the gaps in your sales process giving you essential insight into where your playbook needs improvement. Stop with the guesswork. Know what talk tracks & content perform best allowing you to continually optimize your enablement strategy. Quantifying the results of your enablement efforts isn’t easy. $4.5M in revenue annually & competes with Chorus,, & Conversable. Dooly Research Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 7.11.31 amDraup Platform @draup_sales Machine Learning startup incubated at @Zinnov Powering Sales Enablement: Empowers sales teams with comprehensive account & stakeholder intelligence to enable micro-targeting. Analyzing millions of data points to help sales teams understand finer details about their prospects, such as buying preferences, technology choices, outsourcing deals, buying centers, strategic & investment priorities etc., while also obtaining a deep understanding of the key decision makers among your prospects. Equip you with sales intelligence & help you answer pressing sales questions such as leads to prioritize, Right stakeholders to target, & How to approach the targeted opportunity. Cloud hosted web application with data rich insights & visualizations to help you know the most important information about your prospects. AI – Powered Sales Intelligence Empower sales teams with industry, account & stakeholder intelligence & enable them to micro-target prospects. US-India-China-Singapore. Santa Clara, California, US; India

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 10.04.43 amDrift @Drift, Inc. CUSTOM CHATBOTS, PROACTIVE MESSAGING, AUTOMATED BOOKING, LIVE CHAT, EMAIL FALLBACK, SAVED REPLIES, LIVE VIEW, DATA ENRICHMENT, CUSTOM BRANDING. Connect your sales teams with your future customers now. Provides a buying experience for potential customers, generate more qualified leads, & accelerate the sales cycle. Conversation-driven marketing & sales platform. With its evolving set of tools & playbooks, Drift unlocks the insights buried in conversations to accelerate business success. Acquired Giant Otter Technologies, 3-Sep-2019. Giant Otter offered a way to create conversational AI directly from existing call recordings or chat transcripts. Massachusetts, USA. 1-Sep-2021, Drift acquired by Vista Equity Partners. Sep-2018 Drift acquired Siftrock for an undisclosed amount. Apr-2015 Drift acquired Fetchnotes for an undisclosed amount.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 8.13.55 amDubber Notes virtual notetaker joining Zoom meetings to post meeting notes. Notiv is now Notes by Dubber: Meet smarter, not harder. “Notes by Dubber” helps teams to be more focused & productive in calls & meetings. Our AI Notetaker automatically generates transcripts, action items & rich summaries, so you & your team can concentrate on the task at hand. Dubber @dubberapp Unified Call Recording & Voice AI. Cloud-based SaaS for Call Recording & Speech Intelligence.

EdCast @EdCast AI-powered knowledge cloud for personalized learning & sales enablement. Deliver the content your learners need, when they need it, & where they want it. Aggregates your learning content including from your LMS, intranet, external providers, your subject matter experts, & your team’s preferred resources on the web. The most valuable content you have is the ‘tacit’ knowledge in the minds of your experts: Release it & build your own libraries of expert content. Machine Learning curation engine: Ensures that only high quality, most relevant, & contextual content is presented to your team. AI based targeting engine learns about your team & makes continuous learning recommendations directly to where they’re working – incl. Slack & Salesforce. A real time view of flow of expertise & knowledge across your teams. Helping you identify your most acknowledged, best connected, & influential team members. Mountain View, CA

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 8.17.58 pmeggheads @eggheads_ai conversational microlearning (micro-learning) eLearning: Do your employees always know the latest news from your company? Are their skills up-to-date? In these times many businesses struggle to keep employees current & updated. Make it easy & fun for your team to soak up new business knowledge with chat-based learning nuggets. Let your internal news & trainings feel like WhatsApp. Provide an experience like Duolingo with your content. Create short, mobile & interactive chat conversations to train employees & keep them updated. Sign up now & get new ideas for your trainings, internal communications & more. Eggheads GmbH. Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Einstein (’s Einstein AI) learns from all your data to deliver predictions & recommendations based on your unique business processes. Coach sales reps with “Sales Cloud Einstein”. Assist service agents with “Service Cloud Einstein”. Guide marketers with “Marketing Cloud Einstein”: Create more predictive marketing journeys. Deliver the right content, to the right audience, on the right channel, at the exact right time with AI right where you work.

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 8.16.03 pmemlen @emlen_io rethinking the way content is distributed & experienced. Enables Sales & Marketing teams to use B2B content as Sales Assets & create Content Experiences. Content Management, Distribution & Intelligence in a single tool. Content Hub: Central content management. Whitepapers, blog posts, articles, case studies, videos – all Content Pieces in a central content Hub – 24/7. Search with Meta Tags. Content Intelligence: Always the right Content. Content creation aided by AI technology. Smart suggestions for each target audience based on metadata. Berlin / Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 8.15.47 amEmplay Inc. @emplay_inc conversation automation training engine that helps to improve sales via analytics, advisory, & automation solutions. Sales reps only spend 36% of their time selling. AI-powered sales bots can free up time & help prospect smarter. Digital sales enablement bot: Comprehensive digital sales learning, coaching, enablement, & execution bot. Revenue, customer, & employee success with conversational learning. Leverages the power of data science & conversation science to help drive revenue, customer, & employee success. Sales GPS: AI-based tool that diagnoses root causes of performance, helps develop comprehensive performance strategies, & provides personalized step-by-step guidance to help sales reps meet their quotas. Onboarding: Ramp your new hires in weeks by providing them with 1:1 guided support in the first 30 days. Training & enablement: Train & enable your employees using engaging conversational experience & let our bots research, fetch info, recommend actions, draft emails, set up calendars etc. Performance Coaching: Help coach new, ambitious & underperforming employees using proven coaching models, advanced analytics & expert knowledge processing. Dublin, California, USA

ExecVision @ExecVision_io Conversation Intelligence software built for coaching. Washington, DC

Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 12.38.23 amFalkon AI @falkon_ai revenue analytics & acceleration. Measure & improve what really matters. Win more. Together. Intelligence platform for the entire Go To Market (GTM) team: marketing, sales, & account management. Sales analytics platform that uses AI to attempt to show where successful product sales are occuring in an organization. Falkon was started in 2020 as an augmented analytics company to improve business operations through analysis & automation. It raised $20M & is building integrations with workflow partners, support product research & expanding from 20 to 30 employees. The platform tries to unify a company’s go-to-market data (eg product usage metrics, CRM customer relationship management & sales enablement data & web traffic), de-duplicating the info & generating data-driven recommendations for sales & marketing teams – specifically sales development representatives, account executives & account managers. Uncover stuck sales pipelines & find new opportunities! Connect business intelligence tools to the platform to do reporting on customer accounts, contacts & channel data! Insights are delivered via Slack, email & embedded apps in services from Salesforce & other vendors; Falkon can automate workflows like enrollment in marketing campaigns & Salesforce task creation. Seattle, WA, USA @firefliesai AI voice assistant for meetings. Record, transcribe & search across your voice conversations. AI assistant notetaker. Automatically record, search, & collaborate across meetings. Fireflies for sales: Sales reps, customer success, customer support, marketing, sales leaders. Automate CRM data entry. Clone top performers. Onboard new reps faster. Collect customer feedback & requests. Nail the messaging for marketing. Ensure quality assurance & compliance. San Francisco, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-10-02 at 10.40.14 pmFlashCloud Intelligence @FlashCloudIntel Sales Intelligence & Engagement at One Stop. FlashCloud Sales Intelligence consolidates incredibly useful data streams & utilizes AI-powered functionality to provide a leap forward in innovation, & a one-stop solution for sales engagement & intelligence. Sales intelligence is more important than ever in the digital sphere & the continued fragmentation of markets that have opened the floodgates for competition. The all-in-one solution that FlashCloud is providing is the answer to this new landscape & is giving marketers & businesses the ability to corner their markets with meaningful connections, predictive analytics, & optimization of the sales process. Increase outcome-driven touchpoints: Make massive & effective touchpoints with every prospect using AI-based engagement solutions. Interact with prospects at scale & convert them into buyers efficiently & effectively. FlashCloud Intelligence Group. Singapore

FlamingoAI @FlamingoAI Machine Learning Cognitive Virtual Assistants & FAQ & Knowledge Retrieval technologies (ASX:FGO). Conversational AI Platform for Enterprise: Cognitive Virtual Assistants for Employees & Customers. Empower your employees & customers to find your compliant, up-to-date information, fast! Improve operational efficiency & customer response times. Increase accuracy in information provision & compliance. Offers true unsupervised machine learning & Ai capabilities. A Conversational Ai Product for your sales journeys, from inquiry to Quote to Application & Purchase. The Virtual Sales Assistant guides your customers or employees through the sales journey from inquiry, quotation & application to purchase. The Virtual Sales Assistant can be used in fully automated or HAVA (Human Assisted Virtual Assistant) modes, where operators can join the conversation in real-time & provide assistance. The platform is fast to deploy & easy to manage without technical expertise. It is highly configurable, auditable & secure, easily integrating with existing technologies. (Previous name Cre8tek? 6-Jun-2016 Cre8tek acquired Flamingo AI for an undisclosed amount) link New York, NY, USA & Sydney, NSW, Australia

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 10.13.44 amFocia Digital content management made easy. Predict the popularity of your content. We predict what works – before you post it. Enables you to post the best content, providing cutting-edge tools all-in-one platform. Content creation: All the tools needed to create. Scheduler: Optimise your post scheduling. Performance prediction: Predict engagement with accuracy. Predict engagement: Predict the engagement of your posts. Analysis: Compare against competitors. Brand tracker: Compare performance against competitors. Built on powerful machine learning tech. Our predictive models are built using reinforcement learning techniques that outperform humans. Our models at your fingertips. The Focia API can be integrated with existing systems with ease (coming soon). By Three Thirty Labs, Inc. New Zealand / Australia

Freshworks Inc. @FreshworksInc (Freshchat, Freshdesk, Freshmarketer, & Freshsales) looks to automate workflows by integrating AI with CRM for sales & marketing teams. The feature is designed to help sales teams land customers faster by integrating CRM tools. Freshworks will use AI to create a more efficient workflow integrated into the Freshsales product. The features will enable sales teams to improve customer response times & productivity. Smart Reply is an AI-powered response tool that offers intelligent recommendations based on customers’ buying behavior. AI-based features help sales staff determine hot & cold leads & increase conversion rates. Conversational AI can help businesses reduce labor costs by up to $80B, according to Gartner. San Mateo, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 8.20.56 pmFrnd @frnd_ai Intelligent Sales Enablement Platform: A smart email plugin for salespeople to share contextual content with buyers in one click & close deals faster. Equip your sales team with the most relevant content always! When your sales team gets into a conversation with the buyer via email or Linkedin, show them contextual content via a smart browser plugin to share & close that deal faster. Founded Date: 21-Mar-2022. Frnd Inc., San Francisco, California, USA

GetAccept @getaccept AI-based eSignature & document tracking platform. Harness video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking & e-signature to simplify the life of your sales team. High Performer Sales Enablement Software. Send, Track & E-Sign your Documents. Reach the full potential of your sales process. Intelligent automation, personalized recipient engagement, & digital signature. Create & send documents that stand out against your competition. An electronic signature & document tracking platform, but for the closing stages of your sales cycle. Combine document tracking with eSigning & use machine learning to predict the next action needed to get the document signed. Enterprise features include video-introduction, automated live-chat, connected calls, & deal-based display re-marketing. $5M in revenue annually. Competes with RightSignature, PandaDoc, & DocuSign. San Francisco, CA, USA-based, but founding team comes from Sweden. Some staff in Australia.

Gong @Gong_io conversation intelligence platform for sales. Drive higher quota attainment across your team by recording, transcribing, & analyzing their conversations. Record: Automatically records every sales call or demo that happens across your sales floor. Transcribe: Each sales call is transcribed from speech to text, turning every conversation into data. Analyzes everything your star reps do differently during their sales conversations, helping you bridge the gap. $30M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Seismic, Highspot, & San Mateo, CA. Vayo (acquired by Gong 1-Sep-2020) enables SaaS companies to grow their business by turning cross-organizational customer data into actionable insights; Tel Aviv, Israel. Gong was founded in 2015. Since it was established, the company has raised $334M. The company holds a team of 350 employees split between offices in the U.S. & Israel, with the latter becoming the brand new home for the incoming Vayo team. 16-Apr-2018, acquired ONDiGO (Sales-automation platform powered by deep-data) to extend its Conversation Intelligence Platform. 3-Jun-2021, Enterprise sales enablement platform (Vayo, ONDiGO) raised $250M Series E funding valuing it $7.25Bn. More than 3x its previous valuation $2.2Bn [Raised $584M in total & seems to have $180M USD in annual revenue as per 2021]. 46% of b2b sales reps list lead quantity & quality as their top challenge. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 60% of b2b sales orgs will transition from experience- & intuition-based selling to data-driven selling, merging their sales process, sales applications, sales data, & sales analytics into a single operational practice.

Grapevine6 @Grapevine_6 Relevant content to build your personal brand at digital selling. Enterprise social & digital sales engagement platform. Personalized content that allows your sales force to start valuable conversations & build relationships with the right buyers. Get your sales team working smarter & faster with AI. It analyzes the interests & posts on their personal digital profile then picks the best content on the web based on that profile. Your sales people choose which of the selected articles to share. Grapevine6 automatically schedules the content to post on their social accounts & digital channels or they can share it one-to-one. Toronto, ON, Canada. 1-Dec-2020, US-based Seismic (Nu:Pitch became Seismic) acquired Grapevine6 (a social & digital sales engagement platform / a way to engage with buyers on social media). As a result of the acquisition, Seismic launched a new integrated offering called Seismic LiveSocial, a social engagement solution for sales & client-facing teams. It leverages the AI engine built by Grapevine6 to help sellers become advisors by authentically engaging with their prospects & clients across the social media landscape. Sales teams can share timely & compliant content from 11k+ third-party publishers across 6 different languages, targeting the right buyers across multiple social platforms. Additionally, brand leaders can measure the ROI of their social engagement strategy.

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 9.50.39 amGryphon AI @GryphonNetworks Gryphon Networks is now – The Gryphon ONE platform delivers actionable insights to drive sales effectiveness helping clients grow revenue faster. Arm your teams with real-time intelligence: Based on voice tech/AI & call recording, arms your teams with real-time conversation intelligence & AI-powered guided coaching to maximize every conversation. With tools to make your sales machine data-driven, helps you accelerate pipeline, advance deals & close more revenue faster. Accelerate onboarding & training for remote & in-office teams with Amplify, Gryphon’s learning management system (LMS). Gryphon Networks Corp. Boston, MA, USA

Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 12.00.21 pmGTM Buddy @GTMBuddy Founded 2020. GTM Buddy is a Hyderabad, Telangana-based tech startup. Sellers simply can’t know everything, but with a little boost from GTM Buddy’s contextual AI, they don’t need to. Stop Searching! Start Selling! Say goodbye to sales enablement tools that make you search for content. And say hello to GTM Buddy, the only platform that delivers valuable content without context switching or manual searching. Funding Round 14-Sep-2021, GTM Buddy raised $2M Seed. GTM Buddy, Inc. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 8.30.22 pmHighspot @highspot sales engagement platform providing visibility & insight across the sales cycle. Sales enablement platform that empowers companies to make every customer conversation count. End-to-end platform that closes the loop between marketing, sales & the customer providing real-time alerts & predictive analytics on all your business content. Increase seller effectiveness, improve sales management visibility to best practices, & deliver insights to marketing to produce content that drives engagement & revenue. Optimize how your marketing & sales teams use content to effectively engage customers & drive revenue. Content Genomics analyzes numerous signals for each piece of content, such as text, color, size, aspect ratio, & graphics. It applies Machine Learning (ML) to determine a genetic code for the content, identifying slides & pages that are related even though they are in separate documents & have been modified. This information is then used to provide an accurate analysis of all the content used by the sales team, measuring usage & performance across the sales cycle. Content Genomics powers many features, including advanced analytics, semantic search, intelligent recommendations & content scoring. Seattle, WA, USA. Source: Made its first acquisition ever & lost its status as one of the last Sales Enablement companies that did not acquire other products / teams, when it acquired Nova AI on 21-Sep-2022. @Highspot acquired Nova AI @novadotai for an undisclosed amount. Nova puts the power of AI to work for you, enabling a more continuous & more productive sales process. Nova helps sellers focus their time where it will have the greatest impact, by identifying next best actions across the entire pipeline. No more dropped balls, no funnel leakage. Nova Labs, Inc., San Francisco, California, United States. Also known as Nova Labs, Nova, Nova AI

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 10.21.35 amIntrohive @introhive relationship intelligence platform for CRM that drives user adoption & proactively delivers insights about clients & prospects. Insights: Build business with insightful relationship mapping – where & when you need it. Productivity: Accelerate sales cycles & arm your team with data-driven strategies to liberate them to do what they do best – deliver results. With Productivity Intelligence, custom-built AI models leverage your company’s historical data to quickly navigate future opportunities & accelerate sales cycles, arming your team with data-driven strategy & liberating their ability to deliver. Deal Coach: Arm your sales teams with next best actions to expedite deal velocity & improve the likelihood of success. Ensure your team is working smarter by maintaining focus & accomplishing more, with less effort. Enable sales people with a clear path to navigate complex sales. Shorten the sales cycles and increase win rates with AI-guided ‘next best action’. Decrease ramp time by equipping every seller with AI-identified next steps on deals. Predictive Deal Scoring: Equip your sellers with AI-backed predictions surrounding the likelihood that an opportunity will be won and increase the accuracy of deal forecasting. Introhive Services, Inc., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Jiminny @JiminnyInc a platform for all your customer conversations. Use Automation & AI to help your team grow & develop. “If you’re already using Slack to share new sales wins, product feedback, pipeline updates & sales content, then you should probably be using Jiminny.” Transcribe, search & save time with Voice AI: Transcribes your calls instantly after the meetings are finished. Search specific moments in the call to spend time coaching where it matters. New York, NY, USA

Kemvi AI-powered growth automation for B2B sales & marketing teams. Applying artificial intelligence & machine learning to help sales teams. Launched DeepGraph, a product that analyzes public data so that salespeople can identify the best time (say, after a job change or the publication of an article) to reach out to potential customers. It also proactively reaches out to verify leads. Acquired by HubSpot. Announced Date: 25-Jul-2017. Had $3M in revenue annually & used to compete with, feedly, & Kapost. San Francisco, California, USA

Kiite AI for Sales Enablement @kiiteHQ “The future of work is being built today. Supercharge your workforce with Kiite, the world’s first Intelligent Sales Coach. Streamline Sales Enablement: Let’s face it, there’s too much company knowledge & it’s impossible to train reps on everything. Knowledge is scattered among applications & websites, making it difficult for sales reps to access & leverage to sell more.” 27-Dec-2017, raised undisclosed amount / Seed from Xfund. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Kompyte @kompyte helps product, marketing & sales teams collect, organize & act on CI (competitive intelligence) to differentiate, provide unique value & earn market share. COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE FOR SALES ENABLEMENT: Differentiate & win more deals. Improve sales effectiveness with up-to-date intelligence on competitor pricing, products & promotions. $1M in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Rival IQ, TrackMaven, & L2. Now saying they don’t compete with RivalIQ or Track Maven anymore, but their main competitors are Klue & Crayon. Intellikom, Inc., doing business as Kompyte. San Francisco, CA, USA & Barcelona, Spain. 1-Mar-2022: Semrush SEMrush Inc an online visibility management SaaS platform, announced plans to acquire competitive intelligence automation & sales enablement platform Kompyte. Based out of Austin, Kompyte is an Al-driven solution designed to simplify the tracking, compilation & analysis of competitor insights for sales, marketing, product development & executive teams. Its platform delivers timely, strategic insights derived through the consistent monitoring of competitors’ holistic online presence. This enables better messaging, positioning, product development, & revenue capture for both small teams & large enterprises.

Mediafly @mediafly offers sales & marketing a selling experience that values the buyer & drives business growth. Ensures sales teams, partners, & customers have immediate & secure access to the latest sales & marketing materials, online or offline. AI-powered content usage analytics let you know what is working, what is not, & your content’s contribution to revenue. Chicago, IL (25-Oct-2018, acquisition of Alinean Inc. (See above). B2B buyers changed / became more digitally savvy & sophisticated. To stay competitive, sellers need to change along with them. Buyers aren’t looking for sellers to present static, boring pitch decks with product information they’ve already found online. They’re looking for sellers to bring additional value to sales conversations – to effectively communicate the impact their product or service will have on the buyer’s business in the context of what the buyer cares about.) $18.4M in revenue annually & competes with Showpad, Brainshark, & ClearSlide. On the SAP App Center as “Mediafly for SAP Sales Cloud”. Sell more effectively by giving customers a more personalized, interactive & data-driven experience. Gives your team a single, mobile-ready repository for distributing, managing & accessing all your current marketing content, in all formats – documents, presentations, audio, videos, PDFs. The right content is far faster & easier to find & use, saving time & administrative headaches. After content is shared, it is automatically tracked, so managers know what’s working. Content can be moved from any existing system into Mediafly. Once incorporated, users can work with the Mediafly App right within SAP Sales Cloud. Recommends content based on the stage of sales cycle, applying metrics drawn from how your materials perform against closed sales. Recommended content helps sales reps use the right content at the right time, in the moment during sales presentations. It can also be used for internal coaching & developing sales best practices, & by marketers/ managers to plan future content pieces that can most effectively support sales. 5-Sep-2019, Mediafly acquired iPresent Ltd. Mediafly Content Hub announced July 2020: A solution providing marketers the ability to manage public-facing website sales content, customer-facing sales content & internal-only sales content all in one place, allowing teams to share relevant, engaging & personalized content throughout every stage of the buying process. Content Hub & the suite of sales enablement & content management solutions positions Mediafly as a sales enablement technology provider to support the entire buyer journey in one platform, enabling a consistent, personalized & engaging sales content experience from a buyer’s first interaction with a brand through to conversion & post-sale. The typical B2B buyer is already 57% through the purchase process before reaching out to sales. This makes the content that buyers self-discover online a critical component of the sales process. To win attention / new customers, companies must offer a consistent, premium, end-to-end sales content experience that guides a buyer from education to purchase. This flow is typically obstructed by sales & marketing content housed in disparate, non-communicative systems that fail to leverage the collective insights that guide buyers toward confident purchase decisions. CHICAGO, 28-Oct-2020, Mediafly @mediafly a provider of sales enablement technology, content management & advisory services that create interactive, value-based selling experiences, announced it acquired Presentify a global visual communication solution based in the UK. 21-Nov-2020, Mediafly launched Jumpstart Presentations, a new offering to help brands accelerate their digital sales transformation & move beyond the traditional pitch presentation. 17-DEC-2021, Mediafly is acquiring InsightSquared to provide revenue teams with 360-degree deal intelligence & prescriptive next steps.

Microsoft @Microsoft 12-Oct-2022, Microsoft previews new ‘Designer’ tool which enables AI art generation for Marketing Campaigns. Microsoft Designer / Microsoft Office / Teams / SharePoint / Dynamics / Azure / Delve / Xbox / Mesh / Loop / Yammer / Skype / LinkedIn (PointDrive) LinkedIn Learning / Viva Sales seller’s companion to CRM working in productivity apps like Outlook & Teams w. integrations to Dynamics 365 Sales & Salesforce CRM

1639670725673MindTickle Inc. @mindtickle sales enablement & readiness platform. Expanded Sales Readiness Platform with Ideal Rep Profiles, Sales Content Management. Gives you the power to ramp up new reps faster, coach them effectively, keep them up-to-date & create a culture of sales excellence. 360 degree Sales Readiness Solution (Accelerate time-to-productivity of new sales reps). Onboarding. Ongoing. Coaching. Anytime Anywhere: Native Mobile app & responsive design built on HTML5 delivers a rich user experience with high usability. Reporting Pull reports, slice & dice data + analyze performance of sales teams by location, department, product line or any custom parameter. Machine learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable administrators & managers to assess rep performance effectively, coach individuals & teams, & prescribe targeted remediation. New capabilities included machine-assisted evaluations such as automatic transcription of virtual role-plays, keyword identification, & machine-assisted seller performance monitoring with quantitative & qualitative scoring. New micro-learning & content creation capabilities with advanced support for webcam & screen capture. This capability assists creators in quickly developing & distributing relevant & timely content to teams. Has $50M in revenue annually. Competes with SalesHood, Rehearsal, & Cornerstone OnDemand. San Francisco, CA

minerics allows companies to embrace their full innovation potential by automating the management of ideas with NLP & ML. Thanks to instant feedback on ideas, making every employee an innovator. Bring your sales content to the next level: Better engage with your leads & to get the most out of your sales content. Without doing anything. Thanks to our sales automation algorithm you are always a step ahead. Stuttgart, Germany (Seems to be a zombie company in 2022)

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 3.10.45 pmModigie Allows companies to connect with their targets faster & with greater efficiency by integrating validated mobile contact information into their engagement process. Modigie, at its core, is a real-time information enrichment & validation engine that uses proprietary algorithms & AI to identify, validate and disseminate many different types of mobile contact information. Eg: validated mobile phone number, best time to call, number checker & line status. We also can provide other helpful information needed to facialite outreach including social media links & employer validation. Modigie’s product suite appeals broadly to high-growth, middle market & enterprise firms by delivering extraordinary value at the top of the funnel & all throughout the value chain. Modigie, Inc. Tiburon, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 1.42.06 pmModus @modusengagement (used to be known for their product App Data Room @AppDataRoom) 19-Sep-2018, Modus rebranded its company Sales enablement platform used by 70k sales & marketing professionals to conduct critical customer conversations to engage buyers. Simplified digital sales enablement platform to help organizations empower sales teams, optimize buyer interactions & boost marketing ROI by digitally transforming their sales & marketing. Ensures sales teams, distributors, & dealers always have access to the right sales materials, at the right time via an easy-to-use, fully brandable mobile application with AI-assisted content management. Minneapolis, MN

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 8.15.57 amMoxo @PoweredByMoxo modernize your client interaction workflows with your OneStop Client Interaction Hub. 11-Jul-2022, Client interaction workflow solution Moxo teamed up with Kasisto @kasistoinc the creators of financial services digital experience platform KAI, to provide digital assistant capabilities within Moxo’s OneStop Client Interaction Hub. The integration between Moxo & Kasisto means financial institutions (FIs) can streamline their client interactions across segments & uses cases. KAI will handle the initial product & Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 8.17.07 amservice inquiries with intelligent digital assistants, & will escalate conversations requiring high-touch human interaction to the bank or FI via Moxo. Kasisto’s digital assistants, powered by the KAI conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform, are the first digital banking assistants to be integrated within Moxo. The combined services provide an end-to-end client interaction solution for financial services. Embedded within Moxo’s Live Chat module & connected to the financial services ecosystem, KAI will handle the first level of client questions that don’t need to be answered by a human. When more complex questions can’t be answered by KAI, the digital banking assistant will escalate the conversation to a live service representative within Moxo’s Live Chat Module in real-time. Cupertino, CA, USA

Napp @Napp_dk acquired by Templafy @templafy See May-2020. Napp: enabling sales & marketing teams to solve the needs of the ever demanding buyer. Ensure the right sales material is always available at all meetings. Control content in one centralized platform, & push updates instantly to all sales teams. SaaS software company helping B2B sales & marketing organizations succeed by empowering their sales teams with a better sales support tool that help them close more deals & have better conversations in meetings. Founded in Copenhagen, & venture funded in 2017, it empowers thousands of sales reps. Sales enablement platform that gives the sales team a tool to help before, during & after client meetings, & provide clients with a better buying experience. The small IT company has received a million Dollar grant from the Innovation Fund’s Innobooster program to staff up & work on artificial intelligence features. Copenhagen, Denmark

Nektar @AiNektar building the future of Sales: AI-driven collaboration engine for modern GTM Teams. Helping sales people sell more. With the power of AI & human collaboration, use Nektar playbooks to coach & ramp your fast growing sales teams & new hires easily. Customise, implement & track the sales plays to fit your sales process. Your rules, your plays with AI at its core & a dash of human expertise! Selling as a team leads to 45% better closures compared to flying solo. A collaborative tool for all things Sales. Integrated with communication channels & CRM for faster collaborations, single window of deal execution for the whole organization with the ability to create, view, edit & assign tasks to cross functional teams. Sell remotely as a team from anywhere to anyone. Central Region, Singapore

Nudge Software @nudgeai a social selling app that helps you grow the right relationships from your network of weak connections Toronto, ON, Canada. NUDGE.AI ASSETS ACQUIRED LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AFTER COMPANY SHUT DOWN: SAN FRANCISCO, CA; 11-Mar-2020, Nudge has been acquired by Affinity Affinity’s new Relationship Intelligence product for sales teams due out later 2020; Affinity expands to open Canadian office. Affinity relationship intelligence platform, announced the acquisition of Nudge, a revenue intelligence platform designed to build relationships & grow sales. Affinity (founded in 2014 just like Nudge) offers a platform that (using AI) collects & analyzes data to build better network relationships. Similarly, Nudge had developed an AI-based revenue intelligence platform for sales teams, used to identify gaps in stakeholder relationships, with the goal of finding & increasing pipeline attrition.

Obie Tasytt Inc. operating as @AskObie a fast way to find knowledge at work. Connect existing knowledge tools in seconds or document knowledge with Obie to create a single source of truth for your team. Integrated with the tools your team already uses like Slack, Confluence, Jira, Google Drive, Dropbox, & much more, so setup is a breeze. Reduce the time knowledge workers spend looking for information by more than 30%. Automatically detects company knowledge gaps to enable better product development & support. San Francisco, CA, USA. Obie acquired by Lessonly 29-Jul-2021. Lessonly is part of Seismic.

Olono previous name @nexd_ai @OlonoAI sales orchestration. Intelligent next best actions that improve win rates & quota attainment. Real-time guided selling for B2B sales organizations. SaaS-based solution: Leverages the sales & marketing application investments organizations have already made, capturing all sales activity from any source—then delivers Intelligent Next Best Actions that increase engagement & improve win rates for AE’s & AM’s. Austin, Texas, US. 3-Oct-2019 InsightSquared @insightsquared provider of revenue intelligence solutions, acquired Olono. Together, InsightSquared & Olono offer an end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform, connecting your sales & marketing data with historical & real-time activity & engagement data to boost sales execution & grow revenue. InsightSquared alone had estimated $9M USD in annual revenue & Olono estimated $5.1M USD. 17-DEC-2021, Mediafly is acquiring InsightSquared to provide revenue teams with 360-degree deal intelligence & prescriptive next steps.

Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 9.22.53 pmOne AI @OneAILabs APIs that make your app understand language. Summarize conversations, categorize articles, & more. One AI’s solution empowers CRM companies & their customers to add capabilities seamlessly & quickly like topics & action items extraction, follow-up reminders, summarizing conversations, & detecting customer sentiment & emotion, enhancing both the operational & analytical aspects. One AI Inc., Tel Aviv, IL

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 11.58.47 @otter_ai voice-first team collaboration app for meetings & conversations. Otter Voice Meeting Notes: Future of work! Everything hybrid teams need for productive, collaborative meetings. empowering you with real-time, accurate notes; stored in one central, secure, & searchable place so you & your team can be more engaged, collaborative, & productive. Adding new features to its AI assistant that transcribes meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, & Google Meet. The startup’s AI will be able to automatically generate meeting summaries, highlighting the most important parts. The beta feature creates bullet-point summaries of what was said during a meeting. Users can click on the bullets to read the transcript or re-listen to the section. Another new feature is a newsfeed-like view that pulls together a user’s transcriptions + calendar information directly into Otter to display meetings & more. Meeting Gems is a panel for users to assign items, highlight segments from notes, & create to-do entries. The new tools are for enterprise customers & make Otter more of a collaborative hub for working. The speech-to-text platform can transcribe in real-time. Competitors incl. Microsoft 365 & tools from Cisco, Scribie, Verbit, etc., Inc., is a company registered in Delaware with its registered address located in Mountain View, CA, USA

Outreach @outreach_io Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) accelerates revenue growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. Manages all customer interactions across email, voice & social, & leverages machine learning (ML) to guide reps to take the right actions. Knowledge AI Assistant (Kaia) is designed to provide secure sales enablement intelligence, advanced task automation & organization and management capabilities for web conference integration that enables users to conduct meetings & track important data from sales conversations to cater the right follow-up: Call-recording & speech-to-text transcription capabilities; Content cards provide information on a requested topic; People cards summarize known information on clients; & Meeting summaries. Also designed to highlight critical action items for sales reps to complete, bookmark important information and ensure the privacy of its users by storing all data & recordings in Outreach’s servers. Estimated $200M in revenue annually & competes with Litmos, SalesLoft, & Rehearsal. Seattle, San Francisco, USA

Penny AI @getpennyapp organize & build a direct sales business. Vancouver-based SaaS startup Penny AI raised a $27M USD all-equity Series B round led by Boston VC firm PSG. This brings Penny’s total funding to $32.5M USD. Founded in 2017, it provides data-driven direct sales solutions & describes itself as a virtual assistant to sales consultants by providing contact management, prospecting, & communication tools in a single platform. It’s developing a learning platform designed to up-skill sellers & plans to offer actionable insights & data visualization tools & wants to close the gap between customer discovery & instant transactions across different social media channels by tracking sales data & attribution into one dashboard. Penny AI Technologies Inc. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 10.22.04 amPercept.AI (previous name Buddy AI?) AI company from Y Combinator’s summer 2017 batch. Used to offer an automated virtual agent support solution — a chatbot, basically — based on a proprietary AI engine for natural language understanding. Sunnyvale CA, USA. 28-Jan-2022, Atlassian announced it acquired Percept.AI & plans to integrate this virtual agent technology into Jira Service Management, its tool for helping IT teams provide better service to employees & customers.

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 8.05.57 pmPlaybook AI @playbookai guides sales professionals in B2B businesses to contact the right prospect, at the right time by using artificial intelligence. Accelerate Growth in SaaS – Using AI-first Account Based Sales Acceleration Platform: Playbook AI provides task-by-task prescriptions to inside sales teams, which increase effectiveness, efficiency & velocity of winning deals. Training Creator: Are you new recruits taking a long time to ramp up? Get them boiler room ready in a few days. Create micro training videos personalized to each task to teach new recruits how to interact with a prospect. AI-first omni-channel inside sales acceleration technology, which prescribes activities to B2B sales teams that increase conversion & velocity. Bengaluru, India

Pobuca @siebenGR (“Transforming CRM to AI bots. Pobuca CRM suite of PobucaConnect, PobucaSales & PobucaLoyalty for brands & retailers”) Sales, marketing & productivity software that helps brands & retailers grow in the fast-paced digital economy. Pobuca Sales is a mobile field-sales automation solution for sales representatives & merchandising auditors that enables you to achieve more sales per day, automate merchandising tasks & be more productive. $5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Insightly, Spiro.AI, & SugarCRM. Athens, Greece & London, UK

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 10.09.32 amProlifiq former domain / branding: @PROLIFIQAPPS Prolifiq ACE sales enablement app, native on Salesforce / native Salesforce revenue optimization solution. Focus on closing deals – not tracking down content to share. Help sales & marketing teams consistently serve up the best customer experience by allowing teams to access the best content, where & when they need it. Completely native Salesforce digital content management app. Marketing content is consumed & shared by Sales teams via Playlists and / or Salesforce Sales Paths – all within the native Salesforce interface. Jul-2020, updated Ace digital content management app’s Ace Content Adviser with a relevant content feature that recommends content wherever users are working in Salesforce Sales Cloud or Salesforce Service Cloud, such as accounts, plans, contacts, industries & opportunities. Ace Engage was also enhanced to associate & report activity, such as email sends, clicks & views, with contact records. Account-based selling apps are available in the Powered by Lightning collection on the AppExchange. $7.1M in revenue annually & competes with Aurea Software, Ivy Mobility, Inc., & Synergistix. PROLIFIQ Software Inc. Beaverton, OR, USA

Qurious (Founder @Sabrina_Atienza) Real-Time Voice AI to drive Sales. AI helps you to create a superstar sales team!

Qymatix Solutions @Qymatix Cloud technology that combines data models for machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), & HTML5 data visualisation for ERP & CRM systems. Maximise customer lifetime value with predictive sales analytics from Qymatix AI. Helping B2B companies transform sales data into insights that support profitable growth. The AI-based Qymatix Predictive Sales Software provides analytics for cross-selling, churn risk & pricing in traditional & digital channels. CROSS-SELLING: Use ML & AI to predict B2B cross-sell & up-sell. Predictive sales analytics software enables sales managers in B2B to perform cross-selling, churn prevention & pricing analytics in one click. Karlsruhe, Germany

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 10.50.04 amRAD AI RADAI.eth @Radintelai formerly AtomicReach / Atomic Reach: AI-powered content optimization platform, the technology audits, analyzes, & regenerates your content, starting with the optimization of evergreen content then bleeding into new content creation. The company was acquired by Rad Intelligence, as of 8/01/2021. Rad Intelligence is RAD AI. Atomic Reach @Atomic_Reach content optimization platform built to help marketers create high-quality content. Helping marketers gain a better understanding of what makes their content, emails, & ads perform & how to perfect it; using AI. $1M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Kapost, NewsCred, & Uberflip. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 6.30.13 pmRefract @refract_ai Shine a light to reveal what aligns with success in your business. Profile coachable insight on every rep on every call, to improve performance & revenue. Turn sales starters into stars, faster. AI insights from every conversation: What do your top performers do in sales conversations that makes them successful? Every company is different, each conversation unique. AI determines what creates successful outcomes for you & delivers personalized coachable insight for every rep. Reduce ramp time for new hires with improved coaching & personalized feedback. Refract empowers reps to learn from their peers, explore a best practice playbook & track their progress, all in one place. Integrates with an ever-growing range of CRMs, call dialers, call recording systems, & video conferencing platforms. No need to jump between tabs & services, harness the power of Refract within the products your reps rely on, with one-click integrations. North East, England. NEEDHAM, Mass. 9-Dec-2020: Allego @AllegoSoftware sales learning & enablement solution, announced its acquisition of Refract, UK-based sales engagement & multilingual conversation analytics. Refract brings to the merger capabilities in revenue intelligence—delivering AI-enhanced content & coaching recommendations from sales calls, demos & meetings—to improve sales outcomes & grow revenue. Refract is Now Allego Conversation Intelligence

Regalix @regalix @nytro_ai Nytro Platform (PITCH INTELLIGENCE FOR SALES ONBOARDING & READINESS) solutions for Revenue Enablement, Revenue Operations & thought leadership. Create, organize & measure interactive content so you can more effectively coach & train your sales teams to close deals quicker.Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.09.24 am Nytro Trainer app: Remote coaching capabilities including role-based virtual onboarding (ability to onboard sales reps remotely & at scale, enabling them with the right sales readiness content so they can start selling to buyers across the various stages of the funnel), AI-Powered Training (Sales leaders can create customized quiz + assessment journeys, powered by artificial intelligence that recommends guided selling paths that prepare SDRs, BDRs, AEs & Field Reps with selling capabilities), Pitch Master (practice, perfect & record demos & pitches for quick evaluation, powered by AI, that provides insights into which reps are ready to sell & which require more practice to master the perfect pitch), Continuous-Coaching (create PinBoards which inform reps on the latest & greatest sales tips, plays, industry news & best practices, keeping them on top of their game to constantly improve their sales skills in an ever-changing market). Palo Alto, California, United States (Old branding was Many offices in India. Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 12.11.17 pmMarketStar QOZ Business, LLC, a Utah limited liability company / AEBE Limited, an Irish company limited by shares with company number 467373, trading as MarketStar @marketstar Outsourced sales & revenue solutions firm MarketStar acquired revenue operations firm Regalix & its subsidiaries, including, for an undisclosed sum, 2-May-2023. The acquisition will help MarketStar expand its service offerings, especially with the addition of’s intelligent sales onboarding & revenue enablement platform. Following the acquisition, will continue to function as an independent subsidiary of MarketStar. Dublin, Ireland – Ogden, UT

Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 5.00.11 pmRegie AI @regieai AI Content Platform for Modern GTM (Go to Market) Teams. All-in-one content creation & management system. All your content. In one place. Create. Integrate. Analyze. Optimize. Store. Share. Blogs, Social Posts & more. Content creation is slow, manual & expensive. Use Regie to write original, SEO-optimized content in 80% less time with the only AI copywriter designed for marketers & sellers. Sales Sequences: The days of manually writing sequences are over. GTM teams can easily create custom sales sequences in minutes using AI & best practices. That’s sequence writing made simple. Content Management System (CMS): The resources you need, at the moment you need them. Use the content you already know & love to maximize impact & execute consistently throughout your revenue team. “No need for expensive software like Seismic, Showpad or Highspot”. Generate original, optimized-for-search-engines content or create custom sales sequences. The platform also offers blog- & social-media-post-authoring tools for personalizing messages, & Chrome extension that analyzes the quality of emails & optionally rewrites the text. A way for companies to communicate with their customers via channels like email, social media, text, podcasts, online advertising & more. Because companies have so many platforms & mediums at their disposal to speak with customers, it can be a challenge for content marketers to produce continuously compelling content to reach their customers. The way content is getting generated has fundamentally changed. Marketers & copywriters working in the enterprise increasingly need to produce &d manage content & content workflows at scale. Regie uses GPT-3 to power its service. Custom language systems built by Regie reflect brands & their messaging, designed to be integrated with existing sale platforms like Outreach, HubSpot, & Salesloft. Competes with Jasper, Phrasee, Copysmith & — all of which tap AI to generate bespoke marketing copy. Regie caters to go-to-market teams in the enterprise while combining text, images & workflows.

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 8.59.22 amRightBound @rightbound_io sales development re-imagined. AI based research & autonomous prospecting. Multi-channel outreach. Self-optimizing engagement flows. Designed to automate manual b2b sales processes. Data collection & outreach on behalf of sales reps, involving them when prospects express interest. Founded 2019, it gathers insights on development efforts & makes recommendations to update sales playbooks. Learns customer profiles by analyzing sources incl. a target company’s general information as well as employees’ email addresses, phone numbers & past roles. Orchestrates initial outreach on behalf of sales teams with emails, surveys, follow-ups, gift cards, social outreach & targeted ads. Connected to data sources providing visibility into relevant company & persona data, prospect behavior, & sales activity, it constantly sources relevant prospects, segmenting & adding them to the sales funnel & CRMs once verified & enriched with details. Customizes the communication track of each prospect, factoring in channel, content, timing, & frequency to set the path most likely to engage them. Helps sales development teams & reps do their jobs more efficiently & effectively, & not getting bogged down in preliminary research on prospects. Part of a growing number of startups incl. Atrium, Gong, Dooly, & Orum that apply AI/ML to sales processes like enablement, outreach & analysis. RightBound Inc., Kirkland, WA, USA

RocketDocs @rocket_docs B2B SaaS company who wants to make your job easier completing proposals, RFPs, RFIs, & more. Our platform is a single source of truth for your content needs. Integrated sales enablement platform that helps clients of all sizes & industries succeed by moving at the speed of sales, with the power of productivity. RocketDocs 2.0: Collaborative Response Management Platform that helps businesses by securely centralizing a single content library across all sales & proposal management teams. Our platform of solutions makes it easier than ever to create & respond to RFPs, RFIs, & questionnaires, as well as assemble & configure proposals, contracts, & sales collateral. RapidDocs, our mobile sales engine lets you pull content & create whatever document you need — whenever & wherever you need it. Smart Response Technology: Machine-learning & AI technology searches your content library & instantly pulls up-to-date answers for quicker response time. Rebranded from Baltimore, Maryland, USA

SalesChoice @SalesChoice_inc a lot more on the CRM system side of the definition of Sales Enablement than I would normally go. AI for B2B sales analytics that is proven on the largest dataset in the world. Salesforce ISV-certified. AI SaaS-based predictive & prescriptive analytics company that increases the performance of b2b sales. Co-Founder Cindy Gordon is also the founder of Helix Commerce. Toronto, ON, Canada

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 6.51.59 @SalesKenAI Conversational Intelligence for sales teams to sell better. Gives you insights into the last mile of customer-salesperson interactions. See how your sales team communicates with customers on calls, presentations & webinars and get insights into what they are doing right, & where they need help. Also lets you help your sales team improve with customized learning content to help them up their game & win! iStar Skill Development Pvt Limited. Lewes, Delaware, USA & Bengaluru Area, India

SalesLoft @SalesLoft sales engagement platform. Transform the way sellers engage with their customers by delivering a better selling experience. Finally experience true marketing & sales alignment on a single platform. With improved visibility & easy collaboration on templates, sales plays, & lead routing, SalesLoft puts marketing & sales on the same page. Expanded Machine Learning (ML) capabilities enable sales professionals to take personalization to the next level. Eg: Seniority model automatically recognizes a person’s position in the organization & place them into the ideal persona-based cadence. Hot Leads injects Artificial Intelligence (AI) into workflows where it counts, prioritizing engaged contacts, so users can focus their efforts connecting with the right people at the right time. $23M in revenue annually & competes with Outreach, Velocify, Inc., & 2k+ customers, including Square, MuleSoft, WeWork, & Dell, use the company’s sales engagement platform to engage in more relevant, authentic & sincere ways. (Acquired Costello on November 5, 2019.) Headquartered in Atlanta, they have additional locations in San Francisco, New York City & Guadalajara, Mexico. Atlanta, GA, USA. 22-Dec-2021, Salesloft acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 12.16.49 pmSalesmachine (Drucker) @usesalesmachine Revolutionizing sales demos with AI technology! Salesmachine is a sales demo editor powered by OpenAI GPT. “Because Salespeople are Rockstars: Salesmachine empowers anybody to create within minutes the most exciting & informative product demos the market has ever seen. Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 9.28.27 amShare winning demos with your clients. Know more, show the product and miracles will happen.” Drucker allows your sales team to share interactive demos with clients.

“My new startup Salesmachine. I’m the CTO & Co-Founder of Salesmachine. More soon.” Built with Webflow, Bubble & Figma. Started sometime just before 25-Nov-2022. Palo Alto, CA, USA. German founder.

SalesProQuo @SalesProQuo Sales intelligence platform designed for – & built by – the sales community. SPEND LESS TIME RESEARCHING & MORE TIME SELLING: Combines AI with crowdsourced data to provide the information you need to start selling faster. Close more deals fast by using ML to transform data into actionable intelligence. Tap into the hidden power of the sales community to unlock the knowledge of other salespeople. Venice, LA

SAM (Sales Accelerator Matrix) SAM.Coach @samcoachai powered by AI. Intuitive platform with human-like intelligence calibrated for improving sales forecast accuracy & generating more sales. Helps salespeople increase ROI on their selling time. Enables BDMs, AMs, Pre-sales consultants effectively capture & validate critical customer information, which ultimately underpins the accuracy of sales forecast. By leveraging a common & objective platform, SAM also helps sales managers reduce time & increase effectiveness when providing accounts review, win/loss analysis & coaching. The startup has 3 objectives, 1. increase ROI on salespeople’s selling time (& sales managers’ time on accounts review, win/loss analysis & coaching); 2. improve sales forecast accuracy, & 3. eliminate the need to manually enter information into CRMs. Sydney, Australia

ScopeAI @ScopeAI automatically extracts actionable insights from customer service conversations using NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). San Francisco, CA, USA. Also known as Quiki. Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 9.26.12 pm31-Aug-2021, Observe.AI acquired ScopeAI (to advance omni-channel ambitions) for an undisclosed amount. Observe.AI @observeai also known as Z21 Labs. Ushering in the next generation of contact center teams with an Intelligent Workforce Platform that helps teams improve CX & agent performance. Transforms customer experiences & improves agent performance by helping top brands analyze 100% of interactions, extract actionable sentiment & interaction insights, & streamline workflows. With Observe.AI, businesses transcribe every interaction with high accuracy & coach agents while gaining full visibility into their customer service operations. Observe.AI brings the power of agent assistance, automatic speech recognition, & Natural Language Processing (NLP) to modern contact centers & their frontline teams. San Francisco, California, US. Z21 Labs, Inc.

Scopify AI @Scopify_ai Google your next customer! No more email, phone number, job titles, firmographic data based spray & pray. Scopify’s AI gives you Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline (BANT Intel) on leads & prepares outreach scripts which get you more qualified meetings. Platform that gives you the intelligence that pre-qualifies your leads for you. Decision Maker engagement with on demand personalized sales outreach scripts. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Scratchpad @scratchpad_ai Update Salesforce faster with Scratchpad. Designed specifically for AEs to reduce clicks, tab switching, & admin work. THE REVENUE TEAM WORKSPACE: Improve your sales performance. Workspace built for sales; with account executives in mind, which means speed. Combines sales notes, spreadsheets, tasks, Kanban boards, search, collaboration, & sales process adherence in one simple & intuitive workspace; connected to Salesforce to eliminate all those tabs & double work. End scattered sales data: Eliminate the spread of high-value sales data across sheets, docs, & apps. Consolidates valuable sales data in a workspace that syncs instantly with Salesforce. No more reps copying & pasting from random apps & no more missing sales data. Scratchpad, Inc. California, USA

Second Nature @SecondNatureAI COACH, TRAIN & CERTIFY YOUR SALES TEAMS FASTER & BETTER: The platform your sales team needs to adapt quickly & keep winning. Scale up your sales coaching with Second Nature’s sales coaching software. It provides a “virtual pitch partner” that uses conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, score them, & help them improve on their own, so they can ace every sales call. Create consistency, standardization & track improvement. Roll out new offerings & messages faster. Increase revenue per rep. SecondNature AI INC, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel

ServiceNow acquired Attivio IP, core technology, & select R&D talent; announced October 2019. With the addition of the⁦ @attivio ⁩search engine ⁦@servicenow moved beyond keyword-based search to deliver conversational AI & search experiences at scale to customers. cloud-based platform & solutions deliver digital workflows that help people do their best work. Santa Clara, CA, USA. ServiceNow, Inc. acquired Attivio, Loom Systems, Passage AI, Sweagle, Montrêal Canada based Element AI @element_ai 1-Dec-2020.

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 8.25.40 pmSetSail @SetSailCo Get complete & actionable sales signals from across all your systems — automatically & in real-time. AI-powered platform that combines data & behavioral science to drive more revenue per sales rep. Uses AI to identify the buying signals needed to close a deal. The platform then converts these signals into recommendations for sales reps, providing micro-rewards for following the best path of action & building good selling habits. SetSail Technologies, Inc. San Mateo, California, United States

Shamaym @shamaym_it platform for continuous improvement that creates a culture of high performance in organizations. AI-powered collaborative Win/Loss analysis: Mainly collaborative real-time learning solutions, but also automates the process of a win/loss analysis on its sales team platform. Sales teams often conduct a win/loss analysis after deals are closed, ostensibly to share information with other sales team members about what worked, what needs to be improved, & how the information learned should be applied to future deals. When a salesperson now changes the status of an opportunity (eg in Salesforce), Shamaym automatically generates a deal analysis report, & prompts the salesperson to add their insights & create a win/loss debrief. These takeaways are shared with team members, empowering them to tap into the lessons learned in relevant situations & increase their success rate in future deals. Automating the win/loss analysis process ensures it gets done every time & gives the team the tools they need to be successful for the next deal. Also makes sure salespeople have the information of what works & doesn’t work in the sales process, improving closing rates by continuously updating the team in real-time. Eliminating missed opportunities to close deals: The sales team platform efficiently integrates learning from past experiences into the day-to-day work process of its customers. The automated win/loss analysis adds immediate feedback & creates valuable opportunities to learn at the moment of need. It will improve an important sales process & the opportunities to close deals successfully. Powered by AI, the platform integrates with Salesforce & other CRM systems to deliver real-time sales guidance, increase visibility for managers, & foster strong team collaboration. Shamaym, Inc. Boston, MA, US; Tel-Aviv, Israel

Showpad (around since 2011) acquired LearnCore (provider of sales training & coaching software) to deliver an integrated Sales Enablement platform: Sales content, engagement, training & coaching. LearnCore & Showpad’s combined platform will leverage data analytics & artificial intelligence to optimize investment in content, deliver relevant content recommendations for sales, & improve the skills of sales teams through personalized training & coaching at scale. Nov. 14, 2018, Showpad sales enablement platform for sellers, acquired meeting intelligence software Voicefox to help with seller productivity, buyer engagement/experience. By recording, transcribing & analyzing business conversations, it gives sales managers the ability to understand & validate what’s happening in the field. Armed with this intelligence, sales managers can more effectively & scalably coach their teams. Chicago, IL, US

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 11.08.57 amSlintel @Slintel_Inc go-to-market intelligence that helps businesses discover & connect with high-intent buyers. Enabling companies to prospect better & scale faster by providing lead intelligence & sales enablement support. Helps companies boost conversion rates by getting in front of the right prospects at the right time, using the right medium & with the right content. Competes with Infer, Leadspace, & Lattice Engines. San Francisco, CA, USA. Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 8.53.30 am5-Oct-2021, 6sense @6senseInc (6sense Insights, Inc.) acquired Slintel for an undisclosed amount. The software firm 6sense, uses AI to improve sales & marketing for businesses. It reached a $5.2bn valuation following a recent $200M late-stage funding round. The San Francisco-based startup was last valued at $2.1B in March 2022 after its $125M Series D round.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.40.43 amSmartWinnr @smartwinnr Gamified platform to improve sales & training through better retention. Compliance onboarding, Sales Development, Sales Knowledge, Learning. Sales Acceleration Platform: Drive knowledge through AI-driven quizzes & feeds. Enhance performance by data-driven coaching. Boost performance by gamifying Sales KPIs. San Francisco, CA / Walnut, California & Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India. MobillionLabs, Inc.

Stackchat @StackchatApp AI-driven chatbot platform. AI/Chat Assistant. Sydney, New South Wales

Streamz @Streamzai AI-based mobile sales readiness platform that empowers companies to build & maintain a highly prepared, engaged, & differentiated sales team. Enable, train & empower your sales talent everywhere. Get your team sales ready- Faster & Easier. Accelerate your business with our world-class mobile-driven sales enablement & readiness platform. Leverage our AI-enabled continuous measurement technology. Set yourself apart from your competition now. GROW YOUR SALES REVENUE WITH PROVEN DATA DRIVEN AI-ENABLED APPROACHES. Track, measure & improve sales knowledge & skills continuously with mobile-first sales enablement technology. Correlate with various sales metrics, & address key learning gaps. Create effective sales readiness programs that can drive improvements individually & at enterprise level. Achieve your sales goals through smarter actions. TeamStreamz Pte Ltd. Singapore, India

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 10.44.12 amSuperlayer @superlayerco equips sales teams with the best weapons to help them succeed. Incl. pipeline management, conversation intelligence, team coaching & productivity tools (note-taking, summaries,…). All on top of your CRM & existing apps. We make sales teams more successful with software. Founded 2021. $1.3M pre-seed funds to perfect its AI-driven sales workflow platform that enables deal pipelines to be qualified & deciphered in seconds. Round co-led by Triple Point Ventures & Concept Ventures, with further investments by Notion Capital, Accel Starters, Exor Seeds, & several angel investors. The Superlayer platform gives sales teams & their managers a holistic digital companion to bolster performance. Incl. a centralised dashboard with KPIs & an overview of future customer interactions. Sales accounts can be quickly annotated using conversational intelligence, & the platform also offers AI-driven scenario forecasts. Superlayer plugs directly into the client’s existing CRM software suite. London, United Kingdom

https://squirro.comSquirro @squirro Squirro AG also known as Nektoon AG. Do more with data! Boost your client engagement & service levels with the Squirro Insights Engine, combining human intelligence & powerful AI. Delivers real-time context intelligence by combining structured & unstructured data. Harvest content that matters: Revolutionize the way you gather/store/use content that matters. AI-platform – a self-learning system keeping you in the know & recommending what’s next. Extracts & delivers the right insights to you at precisely the right time, automatically. We call it “Augmented Intelligence” because machines augment human intelligence enabling us to make better decisions. Doing more with your data is critical. Forrester calls it the ‘Insights Economy’. Because smart business is about connecting the dots, you develop a deeper understanding of customers, partners, & markets, spot trends & predict anomalies in all of your data – automatically. $6.7M in estimated revenue annually. Competes with Sinequa, Attivio, & Expert System. Zurich, Switzerland

Tact @tact_ai sales experience platform. Turns a salesperson’s connected device into an AI-powered smart assistant. Works through voice, SMS & offline mobile app. Right there when you need it, automating data entry, delivering insights, & turning admin time into more selling. A single pane of glass to augment daily seller productivity, drive business collaboration, & provide key sales insights across teams. Connects Sales organizations to the data they need across CRM, email, calendar, LinkedIn, Zendesk & beyond, through natural text, touch, & voice conversational experiences. 27-Jan-2020: The AI platform caught the attention of their 5th Fortune 500 organization: Honeywell invested into the human-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) company via Honeywell Ventures & is planning to fully deploy the assistant to their sales teams. Previous investors include Salesforce Ventures, M12 Ventures, Accel Partners, & Upfront Ventures. Redwood City, California, USA (Former name tactile?)

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 8.56.04 pmUpland Software @UplandSoftware (cloud-based enterprise work management software) announced 17-Nov-2017 it acquired Qvidian Corporation (provider of cloud-based RFP & Sales Proposal automation software) Sant & Kadient had merged into Qvidian 10-Jan-2022, Upland Software @UplandSoftware announced it acquired Objectif Lune Inc. @objlune enterprise software for document composition & business communication automation. Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 9.13.44 am24-Feb-2022, acquired Boston-based search company BAInsight / BA Insight / BA-Insight Inc. @BAinsight for $33.4M in cash.

With Upland’s new AI Knowledge Assistant, which utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, knowledge workers can streamline the creation of knowledge by simply requesting content related to their topic at hand & receiving a real-time response with full article content, summarization, & identification of key words. BA Insight was recognized by KMWorld’s 2023 list of 100 companies that matter in knowledge management.

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 9.39.26 amUpscale AI @Upscale_ai data-driven sales engagement platform; automates multichannel sales outreach & lets your sales team focus on what really matters – closing deals. Oftentimes, sales development representatives (SDRs) end up spending extensive time doing repetitive tasks that don’t really add value to the revenue pipeline. Incorporated in 2020, Upscale aims to replace guesswork & repetitive tasks with data-driven decision making. The startup competes with the likes of the US-based unicorns & Salesloft, which provide more holistic & in-depth solutions, along with Indian companies such as the Sequoia-backed Outplay. Upscale AI, Inc. from Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) – the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state & the center of India’s high-tech industry, India.

UpsideLMS @Upside_LMS AI-powered Learning Management System & Off-the-shelf Online Content Library (Plethora). AI powered LMS, mobile-ready, SaaS Learning Management System for eLearning, Classroom Training, Virtual Training, Gamification, Social Learning & Mobile Learning. Deliver training programs to your Sales teams anytime, anywhere & on any device. Pune, India. UpsideLMS HR Tech Pvt. Ltd.

o6WIAMsG_400x400Verticalls @verticalls_eco AI video conferencing platform for sales teams that can transform meetings into data & delivers insights at scale. Increase the performance of your sales representative remotely: Analyzes all the interactions during the virtual meetings & allows you to follow the activity of your teams even when working remotely. All in one remote selling platform for sales teams in order for managers to know what’s happening during remote meetings, growth the performance & optimize the time of their teams. Goomeo SAS, France

Vervoe @VervoeHQ sales hires made through Vervoe are converting sales at a rate nearly twice as high as the benchmark. Hire on performance, not background, with Vervoe’s instantly autogradable skills assessments. Uses machine learning to create tailored skills assessments that are instantly auto-gradable. Vervoe Pty Ltd. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

VidUp @vidup_ai Video Creation in under 60 seconds! Video editing made easy! Focus on creating a powerful message, not on tedious video editing! Transforming the way people tell stories: All in one platform – subtitle, voiceover, teleprompter, stock image, & stock footage all for free. Choose VidUp’s Pro or Enterprise for exclusive tools. Transform any scripts into a video with the help of AI: Why bother editing videos when VidUp can do the hard work? With Vidup, all you need to do is upload your script & VidUp generates videos that align with your scripts. Sydney, NSW, Australia

Vidyard @vidyard video solution to help you close even the toughest of deals more quickly & easily. Tools & data you need to maximize audience engagement, convert prospects through the sales funnel, & measure the true impact of video. Access all your video content from mobile or desktop; Hand-pick the ones that are perfect for the specific lead; Create a custom video playlist; Record a friendly, personalized video greeting if you wish; Create & send an email using well-designed layouts; Track who is watching what to gain insights on leads & close them more quickly & easily. Acquired Switch Merge 7-Oct-2015. Vidyard AI Script Generator Using Vidyard Video Messages in your sales cycle helps get more responses & close more deals…but knowing exactly what to say in a video can be tricky. Let Vidyard’s AI Script Generator write your sales video scripts for you! Just enter a prompt describing the topics you want to cover, & our new OpenAI-powered feature will automatically populate your speaker notes inside Vidyard’s video creation tool. Not quite happy with your script? Adjust your prompt to get a whole new one for your sales video. Buildscale, Inc d/b/a Vidyard, Kitchener/Waterloo, ON, Canada

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 12.10.42 pm

Vivun @Vivun_Inc AI-powered platform for presales, unleashing their strategic potential & creating a seamless interlock between sales & product. Vivun keeps product & sales teams aligned, improving product-market fit – while unlocking the strategic potential of presales, ultimately leading to sales acceleration. Vivun provides a SaaS platform called Hero that automates the management of pre-sales processes. Applications optimized for pre-sales teams that are made up of engineers who often have more insights into which deals are likely to close than other members of the sales team. Pre-sales processes are especially critical in IT sales involving software & increasingly complex IT infrastructure platforms. The platform applies AI & other data science techniques. The expert system is invoked via a natural language processing (NLP) engine Vivun developed. Insights from pre-sales can be balanced against less technically oriented members of the sales team who often tend to be overly optimistic about the prospects of closing a deal. By leveraging market intelligence from the team having the most forward looking conversations with potential buyers, you can grow faster while leaving competitors in the dust. Oakland, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 10.10.07 pmWalnut @Walnutinc reinvent your sales experience! Create tailor-made & insightful sales demos with Walnut High voltage sign. Zero code needed. Create more than interactive product demos: Offer sales experiences that convert. Customize your product demos. Duplicate. Use it again. Scale your demo creation. Collect valuable data on demo usage. Optimize your team performance. Increase sales demo conversion. Capture your product or software screens in a few clicks, straight from your browser. Customize every aspect of your product demos for your prospects – without coding: logos, numbers, text, features & more. Guide your prospect with annotations to make sure they make the most out of your product demo. Send a link of your sales demo to your champion & help them spread the word to management. Learn where your prospects click & how your demos perform to optimize your conversion rate. Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 4.32.27 pmWalnut Ace, leverages integrations with OpenAI, Slack, & Gmail to help sales teams work faster, respond quicker, & deliver more. Walnut Ace allows sellers to share interactive demos without ever leaving Gmail. Now, when sales reps are writing follow-up emails, scheduling demo calls, enabling champions, or even doing cold outreach, they can quickly pick the demo they want to share directly from their Gmail message & add it to their email with an automated note. OpenAI helps with writing the email template, in a personalized way. The process takes seconds, allowing the rep to quickly move on to other pressing tasks. Walnut Tech Inc. NYC-SF-TLV, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

kpvmNnfe_400x400Winn AI @Winn_sales a real-time AI assistant that helps sales teams save time on busywork & Win more deals. AI-powered assistant designed to help sales teams automatically track, capture, & update CRM entries. Winn.AI monitors sales calls and records key data, in theory reducing the need for salespeople to note-take themselves. Links with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, & Google Meet. In addition to updating CRM records in real-time, the platform also proactively provides information about topics discussed by customers. Winn.AI Labs Ltd. Tel Aviv, Israel

Woveon @Woveon conversational technology that absorbs & analyzes billions of conversations, giving you unrivalled business intelligence to win. Intelligent customer Service. Organise all of your customer channels into one. Put the smarts into your customer service. Using AI / ML, Woveon helps businesses make smarter decisions about customer service 24/7. Identifies valuable customers, prioritises conversations & integrates with multiple systems. Helps companies use conversation to automatically fix their customer experience. Learns how to best reply to customers using easily searchable historical conversation data. Philadelphia, PA, US & Sydney, NSW, Australia

XANT, Inc. @XANT_AI Playbooks Mobile by XANT (previously & once again known as PLAYBOOKS: The Intelligent Sales Engagement solution that improves the productivity, visibility and effectiveness of teams in a way CRM & AI alone cannot. Complete sales enablement solution available on mobile devices. Guides reps to focus on the accounts, people & opportunities that will actually generate revenue. Playbooks does this by prioritizing a reps daily tasks & enables AI driven engagement. Modern engagement powered by Buyer Intelligence. PROVO, UTAH, US

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 8.35.18 pm5-Oct-2021: Aurea Software revives InsideSales Brand, Retires XANT. Aurea acquired XANT summer 2021 & will make InsideSales a pillar in its commerce solutions portfolio. The name change to XANT took place in November 2019. “InsideSales is a storied name in enterprise software,” said Aurea CEO Scott Brighton in a statement. “Over the course of 15 years—from 2004 to 2019—it became one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. We’re excited to honor that track record of success, innovation, and commitment to improving how B2B enterprises sell to each other by restoring the classic brand name immediately.”

2-Aug-2021: Aurea calls itself a “business software library” because it offers one subscription that covers dozens of business software products. They added sales engagement tool XANT, which recently changed its name from Inside Sales and will now change it back. Other familiar brands on the shelf at Aurea include Jive, Infer, FirstRain, Artemis, Interleaf, and CloudFix.

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 1.52.02 pmxiQ personalized account based-marketing (ABM), content marketing. Curated insights empowering B2B teams to sell smarter & faster. Combines AI with human intelligence to equip sales & marketing teams with curated insights to personalize customer engagement, generate better quality leads & win more deals. Filters information from millions of sources into relevant, beautifully packaged & highly shareable content to make customer engagement faster, smarter & easier than ever before. Silicon Valley / Redwood City, California, United States

Zensight used artificial intelligence to help sales professionals deliver relevant sales messaging & collateral to accelerate sales. 8-Dec-2017, Seismic (Also see Grapevine6) acquired Zensight for an undisclosed amount. Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 8.37.21 pmZoominfo Technologies, Inc. @zoominfo go-to-market intelligence platform for sales & marketing teams. The cloud-based platform provides information on the organizations & professionals they target. This 360-degree view enables sellers & marketers to shorten sales cycles & increase win rates by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, to hit their number. 4-Feb-2019, DiscoverOrg acquired Zoom Information, Inc.: DiscoverOrg & ZoomInfo merged brands to launch a B2B data platform to power go-to-market success: ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg. Vancouver, WA, USA. Sep-2020, ZoomInfo Technologies acquired TellWise (see above) to rebrand it as “Engage” 13-Jul-2021: ZoomInfo announced it intends to acquire conversational sales intelligence tool for $575M. Sales intelligence, Chorus’s market, is a hot space that uses AI to “listen” to sales conversations to help improve interactions between salespeople & customers. ZoomInfo is mostly known for providing information about customers, so the acquisition expands the acquiring company’s platform in a significant way. 5-Nov-2020, Zoominfo acquires EverString @EverString to expand its breadth of Company & Contact Data. 16-Oct-2020, ZoomInfo acquired @Clickagy provider of artificial intelligence-powered buyer intent data. Atlanta, GA, USA

28 thoughts on “Sales Enablement powered by ML Machine Learning & AI Artificial intelligence”

  1. Paul – great breakout of A.i. tools.
    Some of these will be on display at the upcoming May 2018 AA-ISP Ai show.
    CRM Refresh – is an Ai automation to validate and fix your stale contacts right from within your crm, sales enablement and marketing automation tools. It boosts productivity by eliminating wasted contact attempts and research time.

    By partnering with 1,200+ email service providers our Ai can predict the likelihood your contacts will open, respond or complain about your campaigns.

    Get your own free account and have it scan your contacts.


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