Another market landscape – the content part of the Sales Ops space

Sydney Australia

Obviously the Sales Enablement space is a very crowded one (with my own table and list on this blog counting 186 vendors). When I re-posted the Sales Enablement section from the Marketing Technology landscape, someone literally felt like it hurt their eyes…

eyes hurt
…and on March 23, 2016 William Wagner (@WilliamWagner3) called it out as…

Impossible to read. Sales Enablement on the Marketing Technology Landscape March 2016 #salesenablement

impossible to read

Therefore, it was good to see a more reduced approach to a market landscape map by Scale Venture Partners.

Here what they call the “Content” part of the “Sales Ops” space, but for me it is the part of Sales Enablement that my blog is all about:

Sales Ops content

Here the entire landscape – Courtesy of Scale Venture Partners:


I hope this additional 3rd party view helps to identify which of the crazy high number of vendors matter; aside from my geographic classification, which obviously means less and less in a connected world and global economy. My Australian list just got extended to also include MING Labs @minglabs as they’re opening a Sydney Australia office.


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