Guru Chrome web extension for Internal Knowledge Sharing

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1-Sep-2015, (@jordanrcrook) over at Techcrunch wrote a post on Guru (which I will be adding to my list and public table/sheet of Sales Enablement solutions):

“[…] disseminating important information to the folks that need it (when they need it) can become a huge hurdle.

Guru […] aims to solve that problem. […] a Chrome web extension that sits on top of pretty much anything you do on your computer, and intelligently surfaces the relevant information […] right when you need it. […] Experts in certain areas, such as product or marketing, can create cards with all the latest, verified information about a certain product release, marketing initiative, competitive landscape, etc. and that information will be surfaced to sales teams or support teams at the moment they need it.

[…] also integrates with other web services, such as Salesforce or LinkedIn.
[…] imagine that you’re a salesperson […] and you’re on the phone with a potential lead. Guru will know, as you hit the Salesforce page and start entering in the industry, company name, etc., what to surface to you to land the sale, such as competitive landscape for that company, market research, case studies, […]”

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This reminds me of the Context-Based Enterprise Solution, which the Germany & Switzerland based company Combionic has developed as not a Chrome web extension, but as plug-ins for Microsoft Office applications. They are aiming to:

Support humans with the relevant information or documents and relevant options for action in the context of dedicated situations at user’s workplaces


Jordan Crook’s post continues:

“If a Guru card sits too long without being updated, Guru will automatically surface that card to the expert who created it and ask if anything needs to be changed. […] the idea is that sharing between the internal development team/leadership and consumer-facing teams (like sales, support, etc.) becomes more and more difficult as a company scales. By implementing Guru, information is not only captured and updated, but easily spread to the people who need it at the moment they need it. Guru is initially free, and bumps to the starter edition ($7/month/user) when you get to a certain amount of content, with more expensive tiers for more mature companies, topping at $15/month/user.”

In the comments Jamie Wang wrote:

“[…] It almost immediately replaced our ‘playbooks’ and google drive docs where we have found that knowledge goes to die. Guru holds the right people accountable to verify important information and protocols and keeps it up to date. It is a super lightweight tool that significantly helps entire teams or companies organize and access critical information. The added features around hyperlinks, usage analytics, tags, and sharing gives it the functionality we’ve come to expect from more robust, modern products.”

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