Must read Sales Enablement tweets

In case you don’t follow me on twitter @SalesEnablement the following retweets might be of interest to you:

Emely Abbey ‏ @EarlyStageNQE

Companies with Mature Sales Enablement Programs Witnessing 15+ Percent Annual Growth Rates

Paola Norambuena ‏ @panoram

Only 25% of companies actively listen to, and respond to, what consumers say about them. @jeffmancini


An #Interview With @AprilDunford, #Blogger …

Scott Santucci ‏ @scottsantucci

Q&A with Tamara Schenk @tamaraschenk, VP of #SalesEnablement, T-Systems. #Forrester #Blogs


ReTooling #Sales Enablement Tools: Make the Selling Simpler via CRM Magazine

dgriesman ‏ @dgriesman

always fun 2 discover: RT @stevekeifer: Shadow marketing: rogue content creation by sales teams outside of corp/product marketing


“By 2017, a #CMO will spend more on #IT than the #CIO”; says #Gartner Group. #marketing #enterprise #technology


From Sales Enablement Forum: 86% of B2B buyers report sourcing information independent of interactions with vendor sales


Daniel West, Informatica: “18 months ago, sales enablement was nice to have, now it is recognized as a must have.”


#IDC Directions: Sales enablement is marketing’s job # 1.


Sales enablement in 2012: Buying cycle now 19 months for big-ticket IT purchases, expanded by 2 months in 2011.

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