Global list of Sales Enablement software vendors

See below for my list (airtable here) as of 14-Mar-2023:

  • Sales Enablement Platforms (SEP) SaaS software vendors/apps/tools, Sales Enablement solutions, Sales Engagement Platforms (SEP),
  • Sales Enablement Automation,
  • B2B marketing / sales content management systems (CMS),
  • B2B sales knowledge management (KM), Learning Management Systems (LMS) for sales,
  • Digital asset management (DAM), Sales Asset Management (SAM),
  • Digital Content Management for B2B sales (DCMS)
  • Buyer Enablement / Sales Readiness

When you shortlist vendors be sure to look into:

  • Integrating content from existing repositories or uploading copies [of what you have in your repositories] into the cloud? Aim for one single source of truth!
  • How does the solution integrate with the given CRM system?
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)? Security?
  • Are the rules for how the search feature weights results shared by all client companies or can each client customize?
  • Exit strategy for content & metadata when you change vendors? Export feature?
  • How does the solution support you to meet the challenges that come with doing business globally? Which languages are supported for the content & for the UI (user interface)?
  • Flexibility for customization / your influence on the roadmap / number of developers at the vendor? Be careful when you get a lot of influence on the roadmap as this might mean you are dealing with an agency / development shop & not a product company – you might be the only customer or the biggest customer & they might go under if they can’t find other customers.
  • Easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure / processes?
  • Does the solution help to manage how you show your complex portfolio of products, services, & solutions to your salespeople & channel partners? How quickly can that be updated for org changes? Is it the vendor making the changes or is there an editor/admin user interface?
  • Analytics & social features that allow usage metrics & feedback from sales to marketing (ratings/voting/comments) & uploading/sharing of content: Sales User Generated Content (UGC)?
  • Is there an intelligent way to maintain the ‘single source’ of content (or content blocks) being re-used a lot? Can documents be [auto-]generated to be highly customized for the specific sales situation / vertical / geo etc – yet look polished?
  • Is content intelligence as in BI (Business Intelligence) & analytics for the Content Lifecycle) available? Where in its life cycle is my content? What gets bad ratings? What needs to be retired? What isn’t being used? What’s missing? What’s used the most? What closes deals? @1sales_io CRM Software for sales orgs – ready in under 60 seconds. Bielefeld, NRW, Germany

2Viz 2VizCon Develop platform-independent enterprise apps in marketing, sales, communication, learning. Transform your sales strategy via sales enablement apps to sell more. Stage your brands, marketing messaging & content on an engaging mobile platform. Combine fragmented tech stacks to create integrated technology, one connected platform, one productive team. 2VizCon GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany & Kingston, London, UK

7taps @7tapshq micro-learning. Corporate learning tool for generation Slack. The growing workforce of Generation Z is digitally savvy; yet prone to distraction / has a shorter attention span. Other digital learning management systems (LMS) with a mountain of features – that overwhelm you & your staff – don’t produce the desired results. Engage Gen Z in a format they are accustomed to. A simple & short approach that can be grasped quickly & effectively. New Castle County, Delaware, US

accent Technologies @Accent_Tech improve sales execution & win rates with a scientific, big-data approach. Accent accelerator for sales & marketing teams: Empower sales teams with information, insight & technology. Deliver the right information at the right time, have more meaningful conversations, build credibility with buying teams & win more deals through precise, efficient execution. Content, coaching & insight at their fingertips. Provides tools to deliver & track information in a unique personalized way. $13.3M revenue annually. Competes with Seismic, StatusQuota, & CallidusCloud. Melbourne, FL, USA

Acelera Group improve & optimize sales enablement, management, account management & opportunity development / management processes. Primary focus: Sales Enablement (process improvement & optimization). Boston, MA, USA

Acquia @acquia cloud platform for building, delivering & optimizing digital experiences. Acquia Platform: Organisations can realize personalised, contextual & real-time customer engagement for the right person, at the right time, on the right device. These experiences can be deployed & managed at scale for 1-1000s of sites. Acquia Lift Content Hub: Aggregate, syndicate & discover content across a disparate network of sites & channels, no matter the content source. Empower your team to find content, so IT resources have more time to focus on higher priority issues. Break down content silos with powerful discovery tools to quickly find relevant content from other sites, departments, or technologies. Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 5.18.33 pmSeparate the content source from the site architecture or the code that powers the experience, giving you agility to design a great digital experience for customers. Boston, DC, Portland, & Reading, UK. Approx. $200M in revenue a year. 8-Sep-2021, Acquia acquired Widen Enterprises, Inc. @widen for an undisclosed amount. Acquia was acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

Acquire @acquire_io grow revenue, boost sales & improve support with comprehensive customer support tools. Knowledge base software that saves you time: Create, organize, & share your customer-facing help center resources using Acquire Knowledge Base. Ready to level up your knowledge base? Scale support & always have the right answers with Acquire Knowledge Base. Got knowledge lying all over the place? No worries. Import all your content into Acquire. Knowledge Base Toolkit. Knowledge is power: Acquire’s Knowledge Base software helps you streamline customer service & grow your help resources through powerful features. Knowledge Base & Chatbot: A power couple. Address repetitive questions with a chatbot that suggests relevant knowledge base articles to customers without needing a live support agent. San Francisco, CA

act-on Software @actonsoftware adaptive marketing platform to get the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. Emphasizes the importance of not only providing a sales team with the right content & tools & aligning those assets with the buying cycle, but aligning the right tools with the right sales person. $70.5M estimated revenue annually & competes with Hatchbuck, Percolate, & V Locators. (Percolate acquired by Seismic 5-Nov-2019) Portland, OR / Scottsdale, AZ, USA & Reading, UK & India

ActiveCampaign @ActiveCampaign customer experience automation platform helping businesses grow through meaningful engagement with their customers. Notify your team when leads take action: Tell your salespeople when their leads take action. If a lead browses specific pages or puts in a pricing request, send an automatic notification so that your salesperson can follow up directly. ActiveCampaign enables Sales teams in volume: 125 email templates available on the customer experience platform. Each template has been designed using HML & includes images & layout suitable for a wide range of B2B & B2C engagements. Templates also include codes to draw in data from the Active Campaign platform to enable the easy creation of targeted email campaigns. Email marketing is still the king of B2B marketing! The responsive templates slot into one of 500+ automation recipes that ActiveCampaign has on its platform. These enable the automation of the complete sales lifecycle for a customer. Templates are usable for any product & any brand within a portfolio. It is possible to switch colours, fonts, & images & update text. The responsive design ensures that every email sent is easily read, no matter what the device used. More than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device! 3-May-2022, ActiveCampaign acquired Postmark as it builds on rapid growth: Postmark & DMARC Digests, two products owned by Philly web dev mainstay Wildbit, were sold to Chicago-based ActiveCampaign, LLC. Chicago, IL, US

Adobe Systems Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (part of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile). Create content like you always did for print, but publish to a tablet instead. Need to make a change to the app? Designers can push an update the same day. Buying Figma in 2023. Sep-2018, Adobe Systems Inc acquired Marketo Inc. for $4.75bn. Apr-2017, Marketo acquired ToutApp: $7M in revenue annually & competes with Velocify, Inc., Outreach, & SalesLoft Workfront @workfront @AdobeWorkfront modern work management platform designed to connect people to work & accelerate organizational success across the enterprise. Lehi, UT, USA. 8-Dec-2020, Adobe announced that the acquisition of software company workfront has been completed. Workfront had more than 3000 enterprise customers & 1 million personal users. 15-Sep-2022, Adobe agreed to acquire Figma for approximately $20Bn. @nudgeai a social selling app that helps you grow the right relationships from your network of weak connections Toronto, ON, Canada. Out of business as of Jan-2020. NUDGE.AI ASSETS ACQUIRED LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AFTER COMPANY SHUT DOWN: San Fran, CA; Mar-2020, Nudge acquired by Affinity @Affinity [new Relationship Intelligence product for sales teams] expands to open Canadian office. Affinity relationship intelligence platform, announced the acquisition of Nudge, a revenue intelligence platform designed to build relationships & grow sales. Founded 2014 like Nudge, it offers a platform that (using AI) collects & analyzes data to build better network relationships. Similarly, Nudge had developed an AI-based revenue intelligence platform for sales teams, used to identify gaps in stakeholder relationships, with the goal of finding & increasing pipeline attrition.

Agnitio A/S @agnitiomcm digital engagement tech for life sciences. Empower sales teams, market access & medical affairs with tools to succeed. Agnitio Rainmaker software empowers customer-facing teams in life sciences to be successful in today’s digital & mobile world. Agnitio had recurring revenue (ARR) of $1.6m AUD. Oct-2020, Bigtincan Holdings Limited (See below) acquired Agnitio A/S, a Danish company that provides a leading solution for remote selling for life sciences customers creating Digital Sales Rooms for customer engagements. Copenhagen, Denmark @airtable creation guide for essential pieces of content to help you drive deals, from start to close: ebook. Sales Collateral Management. Made Flexible & Effortless‎. Manage case studies, call decks, & more with the ease of using a spreadsheet. 350+ App Integrations. Spreadsheet Interface. Realtime Collaboration. Drag&drop File Uploads. Gallery & Card Views. Easy as a spreadsheet. $65M in revenue annually. Competes with Basecamp, hopTo, & Trello. Formagrid, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Alexander Group @agirevenue give your sales force relevant content, training & tools: Enable sales success. Thorough reviews of CRM systems & usage to ensure support systems are in line with your revenue growth strategy. USA

Alinean (See Mediafly below) @AlineanROI Oct-2018, Mediafly announced the acquisition of Alinean Inc. recognizing B2B buyers have changed, have become more digitally savvy & sophisticated, & that to stay competitive, sellers need to change along with them. Buyers aren’t looking for sellers to present static, boring pitch decks with product information they’ve already found online. They look for sellers to bring additional value to sales conversations – to effectively communicate the impact their product / service will have on the buyer’s business in the context of what the buyer cares about. Winter Park, Orlando, FL

Allbound @allbound SaaS toolset for partner training, content marketing, collaboration, & customer success. Deliver content & training. Ready reps for the entire sales cycle. Training & learning tracks to up your reps’ game. Playbooks & pins to give reps specific content or see content they’ve assembled. Customer-facing tools help partners & their reps provide ongoing value, both pre- & post-sales. Empower channel partners to have the conversations they need to have. Collaboration spaces foster mutually-beneficial, profitable communication & prevent partners from spinning their wheels. Save valuable time with an organized, transparent thread of conversation. No time lost searching for emails, no hours wasted on calls with partners half in the dark. Align knowledge across the board & enable representatives from all sides of a deal to share & discuss information in a collaborative environment, archived for everybody’s future reference. Channel / Partner Enablement.Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 9.03.40 am $7.3M USD in annual revenue. Competes with Highspot, Seismic, & Brainshark. Phoenix, AZ & San Francisco, CA, USA. 26-Jul-2022: $43M Private Equity from Invictus Growth Partners Invictus Growth Management LLC @allegosoftware sales learning & readiness platform. Combines training, practice, coaching & knowledge sharing into one app. Use mobile, video, & peer collaboration to reinvent learning for the dynamic needs of sales teams. Speed & consumer app design match the pace of even the most hard-charging salespeople: Sales teams onboard faster, deliver the right messaging, rapidly adopt best practices, coach & practice frequently, & collaborate broadly with peers & home office. Sales pros across financial services, technology, life science & other industries use it to bring their A game to every customer conversation. With call coaching capability sales leaders & managers know if individuals or teams talk more than listen during customer calls, provide the right response when asked about price & timelines, articulate the right responses to objections etc. Automatically provides sales & services leaders visibility into live conversations from the field, combined with learning & readiness suite to act on insights for targeted coaching, training, & enablement initiatives. The sales learning & enablement platform has an integrated conversation intelligence product, transforming a company’s call coaching module into an end-to-end conversation intelligence capability: Sales teams can automatically capture calls & virtual meetings, leveraging AI to perform transcription across multiple languages, automate coaching, generate alerts, all with a deeper integration with CRMs & calendars. $40M estimated revenue annually & competes with MindTickle, CommercialTribe, & Brainshark. Needham, MA, US. Dec-2020: Allego, sales learning & enablement solution, announced its acquisition of Refract, UK-based sales engagement & multilingual conversation analytics. Refract brings to the merger capabilities in revenue intelligence—delivering AI-enhanced content & coaching recommendations from sales calls, demos & meetings—to improve sales outcomes & grow revenue.

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 8.56.04 pmAltify @altifyinc software that integrates with a business’s existing CRM system, to produce sustained & measurable results. It helps revenue teams visualize customers & their desired outcomes, unlocking revenue growth & building sales excellence. Used to compete with Sales Performance International, Richardson, & Miller Heiman Group. San Jose, CA. Oct-2019 [AUSTIN, Texas] Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD) cloud-based enterprise work management software, has acquired Altify, customer revenue optimization (CRO) cloud solution for sales & the extended revenue teams. It will be a core platform of Upland’s Sales Optimization solution suite. The acquisition adds approximately $24M in annualized revenues. (See Upland below)

AMACUS by innovative information Inc. Improving sales productivity by letting reps see the buyer impacts of sales efforts. Vancouver, Canada

Amity @GetAmity customer success software. Mitigate risk early. SmartPlaybooks enables your team to provide the right action at the right time. Improve Conversions: Understand what success looks like to your customers & how your product can help them get there. Drive Upsells: Understand your customer’s motivation for the upsell& be perfectly positioned to expand it. Toronto, ON, Canada

1558054273427Amplemarket @amplemarket COVID was a catalyst for remote sales motions. It’s not uncommon to see enterprise account executives close multi-million dollar deals without ever meeting the buyer in person. This highlights the importance of a sales stack easy to implement, learn & manage; individual reps need the tools necessary to hit their quota, & managers need to have visibility into what’s happening across their teams without being able to be physically next to their teams on a daily basis. Most sales teams need to stitch together a variety of point solutions to execute their sales motions. Amplemarket can replace a number of those across a few different categories. Launched in 2019 by MIT alumnus. Originating from Portugal, the 3 founders saw firsthand the challenges of scaling B2B sales in other companies & realized existing point solutions don’t address core problems. The excessive fragmentation of the present-day sales stack combined with recent advances in natural language processing (NLP) set up the opportunity for an all-in-one compound solution that can leverage the virtuous data cycles of having a central system of action. Sales teams have more SaaS subscriptions than they know what to do with, leading to friction & added operational complexity. They designed Amplemarket to rally different pieces of the B2B sales process around a single prospect versus a collection of siloed, disparate tools. Email deliverability is probably one of the most important problems that go-to-market teams have to deal with when doing B2B sales. Email deliverability is a complex multivariate problem & a lot of the things companies did 5 years ago to keep a healthy deliverability aren’t enough. Better Deliverability > More Sales Conversations > Increased Sales Pipeline > More New Customers > More Revenue! For B2B companies improving their top of the funnel, engaging with more prospects translates directly into more revenue at the bottom of the funnel. So, really, for sales teams: Deliverability = Revenue! San Francisco, California, USA

Apparound @apparound produce professional quotations, proposals & legal contracts via 1 click incl. specific terms, product data, media & other content. Share documents / digital brochures with customers via email & CRM integration. Configure, price & quote complex products with automatic compatibility check. Increase quotation size & shorten sales cycle. Get up to speed on new offerings & prices. Get access to latest price & promotion information. Push sales information across all sales agents in the field. Capture all product details & media in one single place: sales agents mobile devices. $6.5M in estimated revenue annually. Cascina (Pisa), Italy & Menlo Park, CA, US

App Data Room see Modus below @AppDataRoom Sep 2018, Modus rebranded & reorganized enterprise digital solutions. Minneapolis, MN

AppGlu mobile apps for sales teams. Arm reps with custom-branded mobile apps with product info, marketing collateral & sales presentations. Ensure reps have instant access to the most current marketing/sales materials, even when offline. More engaging, productive, & measurable meetings through in-app analytics. Ready-to-run enterprise mobile apps as a service. SF, CA former @AppGlu by ArcTouch @ArcTouch (See AppGlu, a spin-out of ArcTouch, a consulting company that builds mobile apps, seeks to topple enterprise software companies such as Kony & Antenna Software.

Appinium @Appinium content distribution & tracking solutions on Salesforce App Cloud. Leverage the power of video & reimagine learning. Built on Salesforce for Salesforce Customers. 100% native video app. Combines video & learning management to drive audience engagement, analytics, & outcomes. Modernized Sales: Leverage video to enable your sales teams & engage prospects throughout the buying process. Enabled partners: Empower partners with meaningful timely content to flatten the learning curve & drive success. Effective Employees: Amplify employee engagement with data-driven, personal, role-based learning. ViewTrac (View Trac) & LearnTrac (Learn Trac). San Francisco, CA

Apple iOS Business Chat ios/business-chat/ Business Chat: Connect with companies to ask questions, schedule appointments & make purchases straight from the Messages app. Some vendors currently support purchasing a product or service directly within the chat using Apple Pay, while others plan to add Apple Pay support.

Appnetic Mobile @AppneticMobile Non-coders can build custom mobile SALES ENABLEMENT apps. Go MOBILE, organize your marketing assets & SELL MORE. Washington DC or Herndon, Virginia, US

Asana @asana work management platform for teams. The work management software vendor launched its first offering aimed at a specific job role in 2019 with Asana for Marketing. Options for individual business units grew in 2020 with the addition of Asana Operations & Asana Sales. Asana for Operations lets users access Asana’s gallery of workflow templates or create their own custom versions to standardize processes such as vendor & employee onboarding & management. ‘Asana for Operations’ & ‘Asana for Sales & Account Management’ are two new end-to-end solutions for teams to manage their entire operations & sales workflows. The suite of capabilities is available on Asana’s Business & Enterprise offerings. Asana targets sales & ops teams with new integrations: Salesforce, Jira Cloud & Tableau integrations are designed to help the work management app appeal to specific business functions. San Francisco Bay Area, USA

ascentcloud @ascent_cloud solutions for sales & customer-facing teams that enhance their CRM & empower leaders to improve performance. Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 9.39.01 amBy combining multiple products, it provides an end-to-end suite to address the challenges that sales & customer-facing leaders face on a daily basis. Elevate your business with solutions crafted for the modern team. LevelEleven Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 1.31.09 pmPerformance Management System for leaders to motivate, engage, & coach their teams around the behaviors that drive results. Geopointe location enables Salesforce to help you geographically visualize your accounts, contacts, opportunities, & CRM data. Ascent Cloud LLC, Detroit, Michigan, US

Atlassian Corporation Plc (Confluence Cloud, Trello, etc) @confluence a team workspace where collaboration & knowledge meet. Create, collaborate, & organize all your work in one place. Many organizations use Confluence as their intranet & some even as the Sales Enablement portal. Confluence Cloud: Get your files together: With the new Microsoft OneDrive for Business integration, embed Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint files in your Confluence pages so it can always be your single source of truth! By typing “/trello” on a Confluence page, you can embed a complete Trello board for easy access. Work together from anywhere with Confluence Mobile: Stay on top of the latest with your team & move work forward – straight from your device. Sydney, NSW, Australia Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 10.22.04 amPercept.AI (previous name Buddy AI?) AI company from Y Combinator’s summer 2017 batch. Used to offer an automated virtual agent support solution — a chatbot, basically — based on a proprietary AI engine for natural language understanding. Sunnyvale CA, USA. 28-Jan-2022, Atlassian announced it acquired Percept.AI & plans to integrate this virtual agent technology into Jira Service Management, its tool for helping IT teams provide better service to employees & customers.

RAD AI RADAI.eth @Radintelai formerly AtomicReach / Atomic Reach: AI-powered content optimization platform, the technology audits, analyzes, & regenerates your content, starting with the optimization of evergreen content then bleeding into new content creation. Acquired by Rad Intelligence 8/01/2021. Rad Intelligence is RAD AI. Atomic Reach @Atomic_Reach content optimization platform built to help marketers create high-quality content. Helping marketers gain a better understanding of what makes their content, emails, & ads perform & how to perfect it; using AI. $1M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Kapost, NewsCred, & Uberflip. Toronto, ON, Canada

Atrium @atriumhq Modern Performance @modernperform Uses data & smart analytics to empower teams to make better-informed decisions. Sales management for the 21st century. Proactive, always-on insights for sales operations, managers, & leaders. Stop asking questions. Start getting answers. POTENTIAL ENERGY LABS INC. San Francisco, California, USA

https://attach.ioAttach acquired/powered by Cirrus Insight sales enablement platform (See Cirrus Insight) @attachio helps align sales & marketing teams with a centralized content hub. One place to distribute content to your team; Sales people know where to go to find the right content. Marketers know how content is used & can optimize it’s effectiveness through data to help the sales force sell. Know who reads your documents, where they spend time & who they share them with. Understand your prospects engagement & transform the way you sell forever. Align sales & marketing departments with a library of approved content & make sure everyone shares the latest version. Analyze the effectiveness across your team, optimize content & build winning sales decks. Had $1.2M in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with ClearSlide, Brainshark, & Seismic. Stockholm, Sweden 20-Nov-2017, Acquisition by Cirrus Insight

Attensa @Attensa hybrid information aggregating & delivery platform: gets the right information to the right people at the right time in a way that drives business results & better relationships. Focus attention on relevant information—without asking people to change their behavior for consuming it. Rather than piecing together information services, sources & alerts, aggregate your resources into a unified solution. Tools to filter & deliver relevant information to the people you support; saving them time & keeping them focused on information that matters to their work. $2.3M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Aspire Systems, Prodapt Solutions, & Persistent Systems. Portland, OR

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 1.22.23 pmattention by Benwick, Inc. Real-time, fully integrated voice assistant for sales. Win your deals with our real-time guidance & complete all your action items with one click. Supercharge your go-to-market. Replicate your top sellers & best practices across your entire team. USA

Attivio ServiceNow as of Oct-2019 unified information access platform: Active Intelligence Engine AIE ingests both structured & semi-structured data, Big Data & unstructured content from a wide variety of databases, document repositories, CMS & email systems, websites, social media & file servers. Boston, MA. ServiceNow acquires Attivio IP, core technology, & select R&D talent; expects to complete the acquisition by the end of Q4 2019

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 6.41.22 pmAurea (See Jive Software @jivesoftware) by Aurea, Inc. an ESW Capital Group Company. Aurea Software completed its $462M purchase of Jive 12-Jun-2017. Jive Software had $38M in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Workfront, Smartsheet, & Upland Software.

AutoBound @BoundAuto sales acceleration company making every sales rep a top performer. Paves the path to yes for sales by automatically crafting expert sales messaging for persona-based outreach. Fully composes emails, texts, delivery & more to deeply enriched personas, made from firmographic, behavioral & psychographic information. This gives sales teams an unparalleled ability to know exactly how to go about every interaction, turning prospects into customers. Who to contact, what to say, & when to say it. San Francisco, CA, USA

AutoKlose @autoklose Sales Engagement, Email Tracking, Outbound sales automation platform. Features automated lead gen, drip campaigns, calendar scheduling, & CRM integration. Toronto, Canada / USA. Owned & operated by ExchangeLeads Inc. doing business as AutoKlose. Plano, Texas 20-Oct-2020: VanillaSoft a sales engagement technology company acquired email automation & sales intelligence platform vendor AutoKlose.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 4.32.29 pmOrtto @OrttoHQ former Autopilot @autopilotapp visual marketing software for automating customer journeys. Make more money with marketing automation designed for the entire customer journey. Automate your marketing visually & create remarkable customer journeys. Integrate with @burstsms using the new webhook shape to instantly send an alert to your customers when a payment is overdue. Autopilot (formerly Bislr) was founded in 2012 by 3 brothers from Australia. AutopilotHQ Inc., Sydney, NSW, Australia. 30-Mar-2022, Autopilot rebrands as Ortto. The Australian SaaS success story, Autopilot, has unveiled a new name & logo as part of a major rebrand:

AvayaLive Engage conferencing in 3D environments for meetings, training, sales & support. Collaborative browsing & presenting marketing material in on-demand, web-based, immersive collaboration environments. I used to work on this at Nortel

Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 10.54.18 amAviso @avisoinc AI Compass that guides sales & go-to-market teams to close more deals, accelerate growth, & find their revenue True North. Helps sales organizations close more deals with AI-powered opportunity management & WinScores, opportunity insights & opportunity maps to take control of pipeline & deliver better, more predictable outcomes. AI-powered platform for sales helps close more deals. Accelerate remote selling with virtual AI collaboration: Digital WarRooms empower sales teams with collaboration spaces, bringing the best of tools like Slack, Zoom, & Chatter, helping revenue leaders get a birds’ eye view across all deals, & go-to-market teams grow pipeline & revenue faster. Enrich every conversation with rich AI insights into what works & what doesn’t: Conversational intelligence metrics are designed to help improve internal team alignment, with qualitative & quantitative insights to change specific sales behaviors. Meeting Effectiveness: SmartTranscription uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe minutes of your meeting into meaning efficiency metrics. Audio markers help highlight each speaker. Also helps identify each speaker’s talk-to-listen ratio and shows who’s dominating the conversation & who should speak up more in future calls. Helps sales teams go beyond effectiveness metrics by analyzing bias due to overconfidence or pessimism. The sentiment analysis feature provides visual indicators to show how your forecast call truly went & how your customers are actually feeling. With insights into meetings’ overall tone & positive, neutral, or negative sentiment, teams can better help each other & serve executives & customers’ needs. $12M in estimated revenue annually & competes with EverString, Lattice Engines, & Leadspace. Added more conversational intelligence & natural language processing (NLP) features: Conversational Intelligence: Emotion analysis reveal unspoken thoughts buyers have through identifying visual & tonal markers. Sentiment Analysis shows you which buyers are likely to say yes! Or stall. Knowing the true nature of every deal means a 98%+ forecast accuracy. Smart Transcripts gives you everything you need to know about any call. All your recordings & transcripts in one place – means faster collaboration. Redwood City, CA, USA. Aviso India, Hyderabad, India

Avitage @avitage sales enablement services support B2B sellers who need to improve their ability to execute a complex, solution or value sale. At one point claimed $11M in revenue annually. Wayland/Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Out of business as of 14-Sep-2022 after 27 years. See @salesvpi

Axiom Sales Kinetics @justaskaxiom (AXIOM SFD @AXIOMSFD acquired!) 18-Jun-2020, Axiom Sales Kinetics announced major rebrand, restructuring & new product offering after an asset only purchase of Dallas-based AXIOM SFD (Axiom Sales Force Development), Feb-2020. Their apps used to improve sales coaching & sales training; on demand in real time. Since 2013, they used to create native sales enablement apps for Dallas, Texas / Jacksonville, FL

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 12.39.07 pmBalto @balto_ai Real-Time Guidance platform – shows agents the best things to say, automatically scores 100% of calls, & alerts managers for coaching moments in real-time. Help Agents Say the Right Thing on Every Single Call: Balto shows agents the best things to say, automatically scores 100% of calls, & alerts managers for coaching moments in real-time. Getting Conversations Right: Start improving conversations when it matters most: in the moment. Get more sales & happier customers in just 45 days with Real-Time Guidance. Powered by AI, Balto listens to both sides of a conversation & visually prompts agents with the best things to say, live on every call. Scale “perfect” to thousands of agents with the push of a button & get immediate insight into what’s working & what’s not. Balto Software, Inc. St. Louis, MO, USA

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 2.03.38 pmBAM! @popart (by Pop Art; see below) Former domains & Now BAM! Your sales toolbox: A simple way to help you & your team sell just about anything. Powerful & easy-to-use digital asset management & publishing platform that can slash your costs & ramp-up time vs. old & inefficient processes. Pop Art makes $4.3M in revenue & competes with RAIN Agency Inc., The Nerdery, & Grady Britton. Portland, OR

Bantam live (acquired by Constant Contact in 2011)

Battlecard @battlecardHQ @parsegon @quickcardhq Quickcard was the main product Battlecard the brand/ecosystem name. Pivoted. Quickcard (YC W20, defunct) Sales Playbook Platform: Teams use Battlecard to organize their sales playbook, conquering the chaos of their daily revenue operations. Sales Collateral: Create tailored, shareable, & tracked sales collateral in 30sec after every discovery sales call. Just like you tailor a sales pitch on calls, tailor your follow-up collateral. Sales collateral is rarely something that should be one-size-fits-all for all prospects. Create tailored sales collateral. Gain Insights to what is Helpful. Get granular, event-driven analytics that help you improve your sales. Document-sharing platform designed for sales. A way to send sales materials: Personalize your sales decks & gain insights on readership in one place. Learn what is & isn’t working in your materials. Send, tailor, & analyze your sales collateral content. Highlight top features: Focus on the topics or features that the prospect specifically cares about based on discovery calls. Inject prospect’s variables: Name, industry, company size, or anything onto sales materials to provide a personal touch. Insert in the prospect’s logo, which 97% can be auto-fetched from just providing their domain name. San Francisco, CA, USA Domain redirecting to by Benwick, Inc, USA

Beehivr @beehivr empower sales forces with a platform to enhance client meetings, facilitate employee training, & gather valuable insights. Adaptable mobile sales app allows sales teams to transform traditional presentations & client meetings, into interactive experiences. Flexible flow of information & the possibility to adapt content, as the conversation unfolds. All sales collateral & client information in one app, allowing sales teams to save preparation time & focus on more value added tasks. New team members benefit from a rapid & easier onboarding process with access to all pertinent information, offered on an interactive & intuitive interface. Up-to-date content allows to upsell & cross-sell & ensure that brand message is delivered more consistently across the market. Montreal, Canada

BigMachines Inc Nov ’13: Oracle completed acquisition of BigMachines! Accelerate the conversion of sales opportunities into revenue by automating the sales order process with guided selling, dynamic pricing, & an easy-to-use workflow approval process, accessible anywhere, on any device. Flexible, scalable, enterprise-ready CPQ solution ideal for large companies looking to optimize complex selling processes

Bigtincan @bigtincan helps sales & service teams increase win rates & customer satisfaction. The mobile AI-powered sales enablement automation platform’s user experience empowers reps to more effectively engage with customers & prospects & encourages team-wide adoption. Enhance sales productivity at every customer interaction. 2017 Bigtincan, provider of mobile AI-powered sales enablement automation, acquired Contondo, provider of sales enablement automation tools for discovery & classification of available sales & service content enhancing measurement & improving ROI. Contondo’s data science team & core tech was incorporated into Bigtincan hub sales enablement automation platform. Jun-2018, Bigtincan acquired learning vendor (micro-learning / training & enablement platform) Zunos to leverage its expertise to shape its learning platform in the Bigtincan Hub, focusing on micro-learning strategies to ensure retention, gamification to boost engagement & partner enablement to ensure dissemination of content & knowledge across partner teams & organizations. Sep-2018, Bigtincan acquired FatStax (creating end-to-end connections across CRM & sales enablement). Jul-2019, Bigtincan acquired Portland, Oregon, USA based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m. Sep-2019 Bigtincan acquired Asdeq Labs Xinnovation, Inc (“XINN”) @GoXinn (see below) acquired Sep-2019. Bigtincan’s global sales & marketing are headquartered in Boston/Waltham, Massachusetts, US but with offices across EMEA, Australia & Asia it’s listed on the Australian ASX. Oct-2020, Bigtincan Holdings Limited entered into a binding purchase for Agnitio A/S @agnitiomcm a Danish company that provides a leading solution for remote selling for life sciences customers creating Digital Sales Rooms for customer engagements; Copenhagen, Denmark. PitchBuilder allows to create dynamic presentations both online & offline, combining pages from different approved materials to create customized pitches. This technology is helping users to be better prepared whilst using their own experience & skills to craft the material they need to use when they need it. The public API will allow customers to build their own integrations & content that connects to the Bigtincan core system. Gradcap provides an integration between Bigtincan content & Bigtincan Learning. ClearSlide acquired SlideRocket to let you create & edit presentations in the cloud with slide-by-slide analytics. Dec-2017, ClearSlide joined Corel Corporation. Dec-2020, @bigtincan announced that its wholly-owned US subsidiary, BTC Mobility, LLC entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement with Corel, Inc to pay AUD$22.6m for @ClearSlide, the sales engagement technology platform with hundreds of customers across three continents. The company has estimated annualised recurring revenue of USD$5.2M. The acquisition added 32 staff members. This sale of ClearSlide might mean Corel has exited the Sales Enablement market. Jan-2021, Bigtincan announced its US subsidiary, BTC Mobility, LLC entered into & completed a Stock Purchase Agreement with the shareholders of VoiceVibes & acquired VoiceVibes, Inc @voicevibes voice analytics & AI-powered coaching platform helps professionals make the best impression, every time they speak. Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Jun-2021, Bigtincan acquired 100% of Switzerland-based tech company Vidinoti SA @Vidinoti for roughly $770k in cash & shares. The Swiss acquisition specialises in augmented & virtual reality systems: Suite of tools to create, deploy & manage augmented reality content including V-Director, V-Player & the Vidinoti SDK. Aug-2021, Bigtincan acquired Brainshark, Inc. (Sales Readiness solutions for training, coaching & onboarding: Solutions for course authoring, course content creation, 1:1 video coaching with AI-scoring, & readiness scorecards to help customers train, coach, & assess the buyer-readiness of customer-facing teams incl. frontline sellers, field marketing, & support.) 2022, Bigtincan acquired TaskExchange Pty Ltd Task Exchange specialises in mobility solutions, collaboration, business workflow & integration. Established in 1995 Task Exchange has worked closely with partners like HCL & Bigtincan to improve productivity of our clients operating in a wide variety of businesses. Sydney, NSW, Australia. 2022, Bigtincan acquired StorySlab @StorySlab helps B2B field sales teams optimize live customer interactions everywhere they’re happening. Syracuse, NY, USA. 28-Dec-2022, Bigtincan acquired SalesDirector @SalesDirectorAI Revenue Intelligence & Data Platform for B2B Sales Irvine, CA, USA. Acquisition consideration of US$1.2m with US$800k cash component funded from cash reserves raised through the institutional placement conducted in December 2022. revenue in FY23 is not expected to be material.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 10.05.57 pmBINOX MSP @BinoxMSP Sales Enablement Tool for MSPs (Managed services providers). Manage your Sales Opportunities & your Financial Goals with BINOX MSP. Binox is a SaaS solution built by MSPs (Managed services providers) of data, insights, & integrations to help you identify, engage, quote & close more deals all within one platform. Improves your sales process by sourcing 95% Human verified leads that fit with your target market. While maintaining your PSA & CRM databases in sync. Unifies the software solutions you already use to create a cohesive workflow while revealing key trends about your organization’s activities directly to you. Binox LLC, Garden City, NY, USA

BirdzAI @P360_Solutions Optiks Solutions, Inc D\B\A P360 Solutions. Sales solution: 360-degree full-lifecycle suite for sales performance, from data management & lead resolution to data compliance. Updated sales enablement platform BirdzAI with AI to provide insights for sales forecasting, churn prediction, brand propensity analysis, next best action recommendations, & more. By adding AI capabilities it helps life sciences companies eliminate the guesswork often associated with sales operations. Piscataway Township, New Jersey, USA. WA, Australia. Maharashtra, India @Bit_docs smart document collaboration for teams. Your complete document ecosystem. Create, Manage, Track all from one platform. Collaboration tool that empowers sales teams to make marketing & sales materials while collaborating in a common workplace. Sales teams create, customize, collaborate & share sales proposals, sales decks, & client-facing material. Receive notifications whenever a client or prospect views your sales proposal. Get engagement metrics e.g. time spent on your smart document, how far they scrolled (scroll ratio) & how often they returned to documents you shared. This data is feedback on your proposal. Make changes to improve the sales collateral you & your team create. Add a lead capture form while sharing a document. For recipients to access the shared documents, they fill name, company, email &/or phone number. Salespeople can also password protect documents or add a document access expiration date. San Francisco, CA

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 7.59.36 pmBizzit @JustBizzit cumulative sales intel from Bizzit’s b2b ratings: Options for yourself, team, or company. Bizzit, Inc. also known as Bizzit, bizz, bizz-it, bizz it. Enterprise SaaS platform built for numerous verticals & industries. B2B Experience platform identifies data voids & fills them in a variety of ways; currently focused on sales intelligence data. Designed for approved sales individuals or B2B related teams. San Francisco, CA, USA

BizSphere suite of Sales Enablement software solutions for global enterprises with a complex portfolio [of products, services, & solutions] & large sales force / channel partners. The team responsible for the user interface & core concepts moved on to MING Labs (see below)

Bloomfire @bloomfire Knowledge Sharing Platform. Enables employees to quickly find the information they need to do their jobs. $11M in revenue annually. Competes with BraveNew, Intuition Publishing, & Hoopla Software. Austin, TX

box @box online file sharing & cloud content management service offering storage, custom branding, & administrative controls. Simplify how you work. Platform for secure content management, workflow, & collaboration. Box Relay: A way to automate processes in Box: Enterprises have a single content management platform to drive team collaboration & streamline processes across the extended enterprise. Productivity & workflow tools usually fall on the extreme ends of the ‘how work gets done’ spectrum: they’re either designed for ad-hoc collaboration or for rigid processes. Yet in today’s agile business, teams need both: A way to collaborate in real-time, while also automating the manual work that’s done every day. 4-Feb-2021: Box Inc acquires Amsterdam’s e-signature startup, SignRequest for €45.6M. 10-Jul-2018: Box acquired for an undisclosed amount. Competes with Accellion, Dropbox, & ShareFile. San Francisco Bay Area, USA @brainshark single platform for content creation, training (formal & just-in-time), & video coaching. Sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching & content authoring capabilities to achieve sales mastery. Helps reps learn & prepare wherever, whenever & however they work, so they’re always ready for any selling situation. Prepares sellers with the knowledge & skills they need, from the same systems & devices they use every day. SaaS sales enablement & readiness solutions. Applying AI to drive sales productivity. AI-based engine for improving sales coaching & practice. $50M in revenue annually. Competes with MindTickle, SAVO, & CallidusCloud. Waltham, MA. 23-Aug-2021, Bigtincan acquired Brainshark, Inc. (Sales Readiness solutions for training, coaching & onboarding: Solutions for course authoring, course content creation, 1:1 video coaching with AI-scoring, & readiness scorecards to help customers train, coach, & assess the buyer-readiness of customer-facing teams incl. frontline sellers, field marketing, & support)

Brandcast now @brandcastapp No Code: code-free web content system. Create branded websites & content in a connected, design-driven system. Customizable. Engaging. Trackable. Discover the power of interactive sales collateral. Your prospects will love it & you can track their interactions from cold call to closing. Pitch decks, Sales proposals, Case studies, & Web brochures. Replacing static, slow-loading PDFs with interactive content is a new idea. Adding videos, demos, or showrooms to presentations livens up the pitch like nothing else. Going forward, you may have fewer live meetings where you can develop personal bonds with customers. That makes lively, engaging presentations more important than ever. Brandcast Salesforce Studio is an integration that allows a Salesforce user to automatically create a personalized website directly from a Salesforce Account or Opportunity record. The personalized website will pull content & data from Salesforce to create a personalized experience. All websites created from Salesforce can be updated in real-time & are automatically equipped with tracking metrics that allow a Salesforce user to see engagement activity directly from Salesforce. San Francisco, CA, USA.Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 2.07.20 pm 30-Aug-2022: BRANDCAST IS NOW TIME SITES We’ve joined iconic media brand TIME to deliver a more expansive platform for storytelling. The global media company TIME announced the acquisition of Brandcast, the leading no-code platform for creating and managing enterprise-grade websites.

Brandfolder @Brandfolder DAM digital asset management platform. Easily store, share, & showcase what’s important to your brand. Denver, CO, USA. @smartsheet Smartsheet’s acquisition of the DAM Brandfolder for $155M is expected to close in Sep-2020. Smartsheet will continue to operate Brandfolder as a separate product. The acquisition adds 50 employees to Smartsheet’s workforce. @Smartsheet (NYSE: SMAR) enterprise platform for dynamic work. Flexible, no-code platform that empowers teams of any size to build the solution they need, & adapt as needs change. Seattle Area, USA. 16-Jan-2018, Smartsheet acquired Converse.AI

Brandobility brand content management between partners, offices, & teams. NAPC division. Helps US-based Bynder clients implement their brand portal solutions. Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 12.10.35 pmBynder @bynder digital asset management platform: Gives your brand the organization it needs, & your organization the brand it deserves. Role-based access from anywhere, anytime. The digital asset management solution helps you do more with your marketing assets. Bynder’s platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, & maximize the impact of marketing assets. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 12.49.22 pm3-Mar-2022, Bynder acquired content operations platform GatherContent @gathercontent London, UK. Launched in 2012 to bridge the gap that separated quality content from hard-working marketing teams. Through a centralized content operations hub, GatherContent strips away the ambiguity & chaos that often comes with creating content for campaigns, websites, & other channels. A user-friendly UI gives stakeholders the tools they need for managing, editing, reviewing, & approving content – all in one place. By uniting GatherContent & Bynder DAM, Bynder offers a centralized platform for content teams to collaborate on creating structured content. By combining text & digital assets, approving it with simple workflows, & enabling the distribution of the approved content to whichever channels need it, we’re empowering marketers with the tools they need to provide superior customer experiences. 

Brand Wings @BrandWingsTCMA sales enablement platform / portal for sales teams. SaaS-based marketing automation platform provider with a goal to simplify brand marketing & enable sales teams. Empower & equip your direct & channel sales teams to successfully engage with customers & opportunities. Email Campaign Builder: design & edit an email campaign by building a template that automatically loads the brand’s correct logo & other digital assets. The admin can customize the email content & maintain multiple versions of the campaign. Sales teams can access the template & send their email campaigns to their contacts. The template contains merge tags that automatically personalize the content using brand guidelines. Brand asset management in one central location for all brand marketing content such as presentations, case studies, documents, images, & videos. Sales teams can locate, download, or distribute the assets they need when they need them. One-to-one asset personalization allows brands to define templates (PDF, PowerPoint, or Word) that can be customized or co-branded according to the business rules defined. Sales teams are empowered to easily create on-brand, personalized content for their customers & leads. Brand Wings Analytics provides real-time business intelligence into sales operations & marketing effectiveness. Easy-to-understand dashboards provide dynamic targets & KPI’s. West Chicago, Illinois, USA

1553698133065Bricks @Bricks_AI industrialize your sales: Sales & Marketing teams create business documents in a flash, Anywhere. Sales Enablement platform helping Sales, Marketing, & Data teams personalize their assets incl. RFPs, contracts, & business proposals. For Sales, Pre-Sales, Marketing & IT/Data teams! Collaborate more efficiently with easy sharing of content. End the information chaos! Salespeople create documents on a daily basis “in their own way”. Marketing struggles to uphold the brand image, & pre-sales to ensure the use of the most up-to-date arguments. Bricks provides a solution to those problems, thanks to a division of information & rights. Ensure compliance with your brand image & expertise: Your charter elements, arguments & personalization data come together harmoniously to create your documents & presentations. Always up to date, they support the success of your business initiatives. Gain commercial efficiency: Responses to calls for tenders, commercial presentations, contracts… Your sales teams can assemble personalized & harmonized documents in a flash to fully concentrate on their sales. STARTER: Essentials & DIY for small & autonomous teams (Format pptx, Collections: contacts, companies logos, Video training). ENTERPRISE: Customized pack, premium features for medium & big teams (Formats pptx, docx, xlsx etc; Personalized collections & set-up). Station F, Paris, France

Bridge @GetBridge all-in-one learning & performance management platform by @Instructure make your workforce smarter faster with a modern, mobile learning & talent management suite. Bridge Salesforce integration to enable active learning, boost sales performance, & track linked achievements. Bridge is an employee-focused sales training & coaching solution taking a holistic approach to boost a sales organization’s effectiveness, driving increased revenues & reducing time to productivity. Companies use it to scale learning across their sales organizations. Instructure, Inc also known as Bridge bought out by Thoma Bravo for $2Bn on 4-Dec-2019. Salt Lake City, UT, US

Bridge Metrics extend the value of your marketing assets by enabling your channel & partner sales & marketing teams to customize, distribute & track content on the fly. Texas, US

Bsharp @bsharpcorp Bsharp Sales Enablers Private Limited, Bangalore mobile sales enablement tools accelerate sales through continuous training, effective sales conversations & more productive sales reps: Inform, train, assess, equip, hear from & motivate the sales team. Mobile platform & services methodology to help you build a formidable team. Continuously train thousands of sales personnel across geos; Keep them informed of important decisions at the corporate office; Send product collateral, brochures, videos for customer use; Get info like sales, inventory, merchandising, customer meetings for analytics. Marlborough, MA, US & Bangalore, India

Burst SMS (by Known @burstSMS global online messaging platform. SMS/MMS browser-based platform & APIs with a focus on marketing, operations, & advanced automations & API solutions. Building new communication features to enhance customer experiences. Salesforce integration to send SMS from within Salesforce. Also Eloqua, Marketo, Oracle Responsys, Zoho CRM, Autopilot, ActiveCampaign,, etc…

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 6.45.00 pmBuyerDeck @BuyerDeck ensure your sales reps are loaded with the latest content available. Sales Enablement Tools for Marketing & Sales Teams. Brings all stakeholders & content together in one shared space providing a faster, easier & more pleasing experience for your buyer. Say goodbye to links & attachments in long email threads. See every Buyer engagement: Track everything down to the Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 8.52.52 am amount of seconds spent on a single page. Figure out your next move based on your customers last. $10.3M in estimated revenue annually & competes with YesPath, Octiv, & PointDrive. London, England, UK; Riga; New York & SF, USA. March 2021: Rebranding to Shodeck Effortless discovery & delivery of the right content at the right time. Share Better. Sell Better. Give your prospects a personalised buying experience & track their engagement with advanced analytics whenever you send them content.

Bynder (see Brandobility)

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 9.05.10 pmCacheflow @getcacheflow Sell more, Sell faster. With Flexible Payments. Simple, yet flexible deal close platform. Add a B2C-like checkout quality to your B2B deal close. Proposal to Cash: Automate & speed up every step of the proposal, close & payment process. Cacheflow’s modular platform can integrate with any part of your existing process to close deals faster & Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 9.07.16 pmdeliver a superior buyer experience. Create interactive winning proposals in minutes. Traditional configure, price, quote tools are complicated & confusing. Cacheflow makes the complex simple. An easy quote-building editor & templates speed up sales. Behind the scenes, our powerful configuration tools support complex product catalogs, pricing flexibility, & approved legal docs. Don’t wait to send the invoice to collect payment. Customers often delay payment until they receive their invoice, & even then it’s a challenge to collect payment on time. Cacheflow prompts your customers to pay directly in the checkout experience. Offer your customers one-time or recurring credit card or ACH payment, with flexible billing & payment plans & support of usage-based billing models. Once the payment has been captured, billing details are synced with your ERP and/or your subscription management solutions. Los Altos, CA, USA

Callidus acquired by SAP 29-Jan-2018 for $2.4Bn (Callidus Software had purchased iCentera besides that company CallidusCloud also had CPQ tools, marketing automation & more: Ensure your sales reps & external partners have the knowledge, motivation & tools to sell more, faster & spend less doing it. The ‘Lead To Money’ suite includes enablement, eLearning, sales coaching, sales incentive compensation, CPQ, CLM, pipeline & forecast intelligence, territory & quota, customer feedback to action. Dublin, CA, US

Canidium @canidium (Consulting) sales performance, incentive compensation, & sales operations optimization consultancy. Whether it’s strategic, technical, or managed services, we’ll align your sales organization’s goals with your corporate objectives, ensure you realize the highest ROI, & build deeper, stronger customer relationships to grow & retain your business. Fort Collins, CO, USA; Great Missenden Buckinghamshire, UK ; Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica

Canto @canto digital sales enablement: Digital asset management empowers sales teams by improving efficiency & creating new business opportunities. A DAM system makes your media files available where you need them, any time. Sales reps never need to worry if they’re carrying all the relevant documents & presentations when meeting clients – important sales collateral is accessible from mobile device, laptop/tablet with fast, metadata-driven search & preview capabilities. Content is always up-to-date & ready to use. Social DAM features make digital collaboration easier & faster than ever. Build .ppt decks from pre-approved slides that are guaranteed to have the latest version. With Cumulus & DAM you can do that & more. Germany & San Francisco, US

Canva @canva graphic design & video editing software solutions provider that helps users to design presentations, & more: Brand Kit, Make an infographic in minutes, not months, with Canva’s easy-to-use infographic creator. The platform combines a drag-and-drop design tool with a Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 7.36.26 pmstock library of photographs, illustrations, & imagery. Real-time collaboration: Design with your team or co-presenters via a link or email, then comment, edit, & collaborate in real-time. Pre-record to present confidently, every time: With Canva, you don’t need a live audience to deliver great presentations. Add audio, or pre-record yourself talking over a Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 7.34.11 pmpresentation, then share your video to be viewed anytime, anywhere. Download “Talking Presentations” as MP4 videos. It’s excellent for capturing audiences beyond a one-time event. Established in 2012. $500M in revenue projected in 2021. Competes with,, PicMonkey, Piktochart, & Adobe Systems. Sydney, NSW, Australia.

CatalystXL @CatalystXL pivoted/rebranded to Cardware: a flippin’ brilliant way to communicate & share content more easily on any device. Create, Curate, Integrate, Manage + Deliver in real-time to any connected device. Think of all the ways your company shares information. Cardware is the dynamic, digital way to provide omni-channel content across any device. The CatalystXL mobile app puts knowledge in everyone’s hands, making a smarter, more involved, & more deeply connected team. Working remotely is becoming the new normal. It’s more important than ever that you help your remote sales team succeed. Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 3.20.17 pmConsider sharing content with a sales enablement mobile app. Cardware: Organizations don’t need more tech & complexity – they need knowledge, & specific answers quickly. CatalystXL’s digital-flashcard platform simplifies & socializes knowledge transfer, making the right data, content & people easily accessible at the right time. Detroit, MI, USA

cegeka @cegeka Swiftslide make your sales easier, better & more efficient. Delivers up-to-date content straight from your marketing department to sales when & where they need it. Improves communication between these two key departments & optimizes the sales process to prospects. (see Game Plan

Chatlets @Chatletsai enabling personalized micro conversions through conversational interfaces. Not your average sales bot: Curate content. Personalize experiences. Convert more leads. Builds dynamic conversations with relevant content to move B2B prospects through the sales funnel faster. Mountain View, CA

Chatter (see below)

Chemistry @usechemistry enterprise web & tablet tech built to align Sales & Marketing through 3 of the most critical components: Digital asset management, integrated data collection, & customized sales tools. Used to compete with SETVI, SKURA, & Distribion. Kansas City, MO, US (site offline since Feb-2020)

Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 11.53.53 amClickDimensions @ClickDimensions solution for SMBs: Unifies your sales & marketing efforts & gives you more control over every lead. 2-Nov-2022, New Sales Engagement platform: Created the new Sales Engagement platform to unify sales and marketing teams by improving communication, efficiency and customer loyalty; builds on their flagship solution, Marketing Automation, which helps marketers optimise campaigns, automate follow-ups with leads, & support the transition of leads from marketing to sales. Sales Engagement then helps salespeople with next steps, e.g. automating outreach to leads & redirecting leads to marketing if they’re not ready to purchase. ClickDimensions LLC, Atlanta, GA, USA @chorus_ai helps capture & share your sales team’s best talk tracks to create more quota-crushing A​ players. Conversational intelligence platform that helps businesses to capture, store & analyze their sales meetings. Conversation cloud. AI-driven conversation intelligence for sales teams. $7.4M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Aviso,, & Clari. AffectLayer, Inc. is a privately-held company that develops Chorus, a conversation intelligence tool, for sales teams. AffectLayer, Inc. founded 2015. San Francisco, California, USA & Tel Aviv, Israel 13-Jul-2021: ZoomInfo @ZoomInfo announced it intends to acquire conversational sales intelligence tool for $575M. Sales intelligence, Chorus’s market, is a hot space that uses AI to “listen” to sales conversations to help improve interactions between salespeople & customers.

Ciara GmbH @getciara all-in-one conversation assistant: Brings all your skills together, focuses on work so you can focus on results, & levels up your game. Virtual assistant for inside sales reps / inside sales teams. Provides interactive guides, proven playbooks, & smart objection handling, helping them to structure their phone conversations & increase their success & productivity. With the best questions & best answers during your sales calls Ciara makes you an inside sales rockstar – right away. Outside sales is still around, but compared to inside sales it is trending down. Ciara will be able to understand a conversation in full & will provide real-time sales enablement skills to inside sales reps. Sales professionals spend just 34% of their time selling. They spend the rest of their time with data entry, quote generation, & other tasks. And these tasks keep them away from customers. The Ciara platform is being driven by the success of AI & real-time communications currently used by virtual assistants. With the playbook in place, reps can answer customer questions on competition, pricing, & new product capabilities quickly. The more you use it, the better it gets by using deep learning from daily interactions. Inside sales is growing because of the way consumers & businesses now interact with technology. When someone wants to buy a product or service, the first thing they do is search for it online. By the time they have made the decision to buy, they have all the information they need. In most cases, they make the first contact. Whether it is through email, chat or a phone call, this contact is made to an inside sales rep. How the rep responds will dictate if the customer is going to move forward with the purchase. This highlights the importance of proper training & having the right tools in place. Founded Date: 2019. Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 1.44.41 pmMunich, Germany. Ciara joins forces with Unique! 11-Apr-2022, Unique acquired Ciara for an undisclosed amount. Together we’re real-time conversation & sales intelligence. UNIQUE Unique AG, Zürich, Switzerland. Unique platform: Reinvents sales for the era of remote working & beyond. The more time you invest in sales conversations, the more deals you can win. Summarizing a sales pitch, updating CRM, onboarding new employees, coaching existing employees – all of this is time-consuming. But essential at the same time. Imagine these tasks being done for you automatically. That’s exactly what Unique does & much more! Unique’s AI-driven sales platform records & analyses sales conversations delivering real-time insights & coaching to sales teams helping them win more deals. Helps salespeople & customers understand each other better & build deeper, more meaningful relationships. Meeting Agenda & Real-Time Coaching: Structure your calls & stay consistent during on- & offline client conversations with an AI-driven meeting agenda. See what topics you covered, & what to mention next thanks to real-time coaching insights. Venture-backed B2B SaaS sales intelligence platform, transforming sales by empowering both sales teams & customers. Unique leverages the power of AI to augment sales teams with real-time coaching and insights to close more deals & build better customer partnerships; & to give customers a better, more transparent, informed buying experience.

Cincom Systems @cincom CPQ, ERP & enterprise software: TeamSync gives CPQSync Partners & Resellers to tools to succeed. TeamSync Portal: Access, collateral, support & other resources online. Training & Certification: How to sell, implement & use CPQSync. Sales leads: We’ll put you in front of potential customers. Microsoft Azure usage: Drive Azure usage through CPQSync. Cincom Systems software: Simplify & improve business operations & customer communications. Selling complex products & services: Cincom CPQ helps your sales team get highly complex quotes out in seconds — across all your sales channels. Sell more, faster. Cincom Eloquence: Customer communications management (CCM) solution. Design, deploy, deliver & manage documents seamlessly — creating a better customer experience. Main competitors are Oracle, SAP & PROS. Cincinnati, OH, USA

CircleHD @circlehdteam enterprise video & podcasting: Record, share, & get more mileage from your enterprise videos without compromising security. Sales Training & Enablement Platform: In many sales organizations, onboarding & training salespeople is an ad hoc, labor-intensive effort, with no ability to gauge success. With CircleHD’s platform, you can create & curate videos to teach your team how to use CRM; how to advance deals through opportunity stages; & much more; store existing training material in the same place, such as your sales slide decks, qualification & competitor cheat sheets; & create lessons, & use analytics to see how well your team is learning these materials. Leaderboard gamifies engagement. San Mateo, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 1.13.37 pmCirrus Insight sales enablement platform (cirrus insight attachment-tracking) acquired & powers @cirrusinsight automatically keeps Salesforce CRM up to date for sales teams from Gmail, Outlook, & Mobile. A plugin for Gmail & Outlook for salespeople: Founded in 2011, Cirrus Insight sales enablement platform for Gmail & Outlook offers an all-in-one sales productivity platform with world-class Salesforce integration. $16.6M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Outreach, SalesLoft, & Yesware. Attachment Tracking: Know what happens to your attachments after you hit send. Cirrus Insight developed by Laguna Hills, CA-based “Cirruspath” / Irvine, California & East Coast Office Knoxville, TN, US

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.17.12 pmClearbit @clearbit marketing data engine for all of your customer interactions. Data to power your business. Understand customers, identify future prospects, & personalize every single marketing & sales interaction. See the full picture from the get-go, so you’re prepared to reach the right people, make great first impressions, & nurture relationships throughout their lifecycle. Prospector: Discover your ideal accounts & leads with complete contact info. Enrichment: Turn any email or domain into a full person or company profile. Business intelligence to help companies find more information of customers in order to increase sales & reduce fraud. $2M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Datanyze, Pipl, & Infogroup. San Francisco, CA, USA. APIHub, Inc. 

ClearSlide @clearslide Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications & insights to improve business results. Collaborate with sales to develop high-impact collateral: Mix & match content on the fly. Provide sales teams with updated marketing content. Distribute & refresh collateral to multiple teams. Control what content your sales team is using, editing, & sharing. Organize content so it’s easy to find for specific use cases by adding tags. Analytics: Gain visibility into what content your sales team uses. Learn which collateral is effective with prospects & customers. See how long people viewed presentations: slide-by-slide analytics. Dec-2017 ClearSlide joined Corel Corporation. See Corel below. ClearSlide used to have $23M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Showpad, Brainshark, Tilkee, DocSend & Seismic. San Francisco Bay Area, CA, & NYC, NY. ClearSlide acquired SlideRocket to let you create & edit presentations in the cloud with slide-by-slide analytics. Dec-2020, @bigtincan announced that its wholly-owned US subsidiary, BTC Mobility, LLC entered into a binding Stock Purchase Agreement with Corel, Inc where Bigtincan agreed to pay $22.6M for @ClearSlide, the sales engagement technology platform with hundreds of customers across three continents. The company has estimated annualised recurring revenue of $5.2M. The acquisition added 32 staff members to Bigtincan’s books. This sale of ClearSlide might mean Corel has exited the Sales Enablement market.

ClientPoint @ClientPoint higher close rates, shorter sales cycles, bigger deals & lightning fast proposal creation with a sales optimization solution: Allows your sales team to create powerful engaging custom proposals quickly & efficiently by ensuring that they’re working with the latest & most accurate proposal content & assets. Create your proposals, templates, price quotes & eBrochures in one centralized library repository & pull/push information directly into your proposals or eBrochures from your CRM. Carlsbad, CA, USA. ClientPoint Inc. Also known as Paperless Proposal

Close @close (also known as or Elastic) inside sales CRM for startups & SMBs. Close more deals. Supercharge your sales with one of the best CRM for startups & SMBs. Get pipeline view, calling, lead management, email automation, & more. Palo Alto, California, United States & sales enablement toolkit

CloudApp @cloudapp video & media sharing platform for organizations, enabling anyone to quickly create, upload & manage visual content. Video collaboration for improved customer experience & productivity. Millions of users & dozens of integrations. $4M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Techsmith, Screencastify, & Box. San Francisco, California, USA

Collected Don’t just store your files. Use them. Find old proposals, notes, reports, & more, as you work. For sales & marketing proposals, legal briefs, etc. Easily connect Collected to your cloud-stored content. Pittsburgh, PA

Combionic collaboration software connects people, processes, & information in context & across applications. Enabling salespeople & partner organizations with a slide library. Drag&drop slides to a plug-in right within PowerPoint to have all the context/tags captured automatically & the slides are already uploaded/available in the cloud-based slide library, great for accessing & generating on the fly from tablets. Germany & Switzerland @Command_app Digital Briefcase. Mobile customer engagement app platform for sales & marketing. Overland Park, KS @CommercialTribe enterprise SaaS platform for onboarding, developing, & coaching sales teams to improve sales effectiveness & achieve revenue goals. Video-based practice solution: Enables sales training to stick – helping sales reps hit the number. Using video & associated content, reps can view & share peer best practices, practice by recording themselves, submit their scenario for manager & peer feedback, & refine until they have it right. Reps actually teach & learn from one another. $3.7M in estimated revenue annually & competes with MindTickle, Brainshark, & Paradiso Solutions (LMS). Denver, Colorado, US

Compelligence Nov-2018: Relaunched company name, brand & website: CompeteiQ @competeiq competitive intelligence platform built for sales: Win intelligently, intelligent sales battle cards, integrated win/loss workflow, track news, website changes & trends, Salesforce AppExchange certified. Sales teams consistently want customized CI data specific to their deal & CI analysts constantly make custom sheets & slides. Often competitive content is located in different places in the company & difficult for sales teams to locate quickly. Executives want up-to-date information on industry threats & trends. There’re few effective means for collecting competitive information from multiple parts of the company. Pismo Beach, CA

Compendian CollaboRate: Capturing & capitalizing on assets & tribal knowledge organizations have. Delivering knowledge & assets to the people who need them, right when they need them. USA

complexica-logoComplexica @Complexica_AI AI-based enterprise software applications that improve the effectiveness of sales & marketing activities. Optimize your sales, marketing & supply chain with Complexica’s decision cloud powered by Larry, the digital analyst. Adelaide, Australia

Connective @Connective technology platform for secure & contextualized business interactions. Electronic Signature / eSignatures / Digital Signature. Identity Hub / Digital Identity. Smart Documents / Document Generation. Antwerpen, Belgium. 11-Nov-2021: Connective acquired by Nitro “Nitro Software, Inc.” Stock Symbol ASX:NTO. Australian-based document productivity software firm Nitro Software wants to conquer the global eSign market, starting with the AU$110M acquisition of Connective a European eSign company. 22-Oct-2015 Nitro had acquired doxIQ.

CONQUER @conquer__io (Former Dialsource) Helping enterprise sales & service teams conquer their day with the first end-to-end Revenue Engagement solution for Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics 365. Grow pipeline, win revenue & strengthen customer relationships. The clock is ticking to get a sneak peek into the future of revenue engagement, before your competition. Customers expect it. Your teams need it. We call it Revenue Engagement. Communication, connected across every channel: Voice, Email, Text, Social. As a native application, Conquer empowers sales & service teams to reach out at any point of the customer journey without leaving CRM. Engage through channels where customers are communicating & making decisions, whether that is voice, email, SMS, or any other channel in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365. Unlike sales engagement & contact center point solutions that only integrate with CRM – creating silos of data, duplicate processes, complex read-write rules, & fractured reporting: Enables your team to deliver, capture, & manage every customer interaction all from a single pane. Sacramento, CA

Conga (See Octiv formerly known as TinderBox) @congaHQ end-to-end, AI-powered digital document transformation. Conga Suite: Simplify user experiences & increase productivity. Suite of solutions creates more efficient organizations by simplifying & automating data, documents, contracts & reporting. Conga acquired Octiv, formerly known as TinderBox, 7-Mar-2018. Conga competes with SpringCM, & Determine, Inc. Broomfield, CO. 7-May-2020 Conga @CongaHQ was acquired by Apttus which had been acquired by Thoma Bravo 4-Sep-2018.

Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 5.17.25 pmConnectLeader @ConnectLeader 20-Apr-2021, ConnectLeader Rebrands to Koncert @koncert_com Koncert’s Sales Engagement Platform delivers revenue & increases B2B sales productivity by up to 800%. Intelligent Sales Engagement Platform / Sales Acceleration Platform: Revenue growth & sales productivity. $20.3M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Outreach, Nexsales Corp., & aMarketForce. Salem, NH, USA

Connectmedica LLC @connectmedica helps companies boost business performance with the digital platform Highp Empowering sales people. Omni-channel platform for life-sciences. If you are looking to increase sales, you need to choose the most effective strategy to provide the customer with best-in-class service based on personal insight gained through the salesforce’s relationships. Transforming companies into digitally integrated & empowered organizations with the use of our omnichannel platform: Customer database management, opt-ins & insights; Customer video comms. DBE complete next-generation marketing & sales enablement knowledge transfer solution. DBE: Fast & cost-effective rapid content creation tool, distribution framework & customer focus content live presentation tool. The key features of DBE are video commentary & a multi-path meeting scenario. With non-linear presentations your salesforce is finally enabled to have a more successful sales conversation. DBE decision-based education is a Connectmedica invented, innovative tool which redefines the way that educational meetings are being handled. What’s the basis of its originality? DBE is a system that allows learning based on real-time decision-making. Warszawa/Warsaw, Poland 

CONSENSUS (formerly DemoChimp) @goconsensus Intelligent Demo Automation. Enable Buyers. Accelerate Sales. Discover & engage stakeholders across the buying group with personalized video demos. Experience interactive demo automation for yourself. DemoChimp rebrands as CONSENSUS Product demo automation software. Breaks down demo content & adjusts the duration, order, depth, focus etc based on a quick survey that weights what’s more important in the given demo. Highly customized demos with Demolytics (analytics on your demos). CONSENSUS makes it possible for sales & marketing professionals to create interactive customized demo videos that give each buyer an overview of a product’s value proposition. $405K in estimated revenue annually & competes with Highspot, Optymyze, & Outreach. American Fork, UT, USA.

Demo automation solutions provider Consensus launched a redesigned version of its interactive demo video platform. The platform is catered to B2B pre-sales teams, helping them save time & ensure consistent demo walkthroughs. […] the new redesign offers a conversational style demo. […] “guides the customer with ease, puts more control in their hands while promoting the visibility of the sales executive throughout the process.” Consensus raised $15M in Series B funding [in Jan-2022] to further develop the platform. Clients were able to reduce sales cycles by 29% by using the product. Client’s at the time also reported a 44% increase in close rates.

Content Camel all your sales content, in one place. No more insane drive folders. Search, find, share, & track content from one place to enable sellers. Content Discovery & Sales Enablement: Organize your content database according to the nuances of your sales cycle & organization. Content Camel – with intelligent search & sales-aligned funnel identification – makes sure the right content is found & offered at the right time to better connect content marketing teams to sales teams & beyond. Today, most marketing teams struggle to catalog & effectively deploy all the awesome content they are developing while sales often complains the right content isn’t being created. Portland, Oregon, USA & Toronto, ON, Canada

Content Raven (See Raven360 below)

ContexTip @contextip the right insights at the right time with the right context. In large globally spread sales teams, where many divisions often sell into the same accounts, the potential to cross-sell often is unrealized as information is trapped in silos. Digs through data in Salesforce & recommends people across divisions to reach out for help with a deal. A recommendation engine gives a view of your account & helps with timely, relevant & optimal date to help the deal move further & faster to closure. The power of critical info at your finger tips just when you need it. By Lister technologies, India. @contextip stopped tweeting 2017. Website offline as of 29-Mar-2022

Conversica @MyConversica Intelligent Virtual Assistants for business. Automate email conversations with all your leads to qualify them for sales. AI software for marketing & sales, fosters real conversations to discover your most qualified sales opportunities. AI-powered sales assistant; uses human-like, two-way email conversations to automatically engage & qualify leads, freeing up Sales to close more business. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) for business incl. an AI-powered system that automatically carries on conversations. $44.6M estimated revenue annually & competes with Saleswhale,, & Drift. Foster City, CA

Convo @convo provides in-context work collaboration. Real-time company message board. Share ideas, documents, videos or anything, without things getting lost in the endless reply chains of email. Clear, crisp collaboration! In-context = No clutter! Automated acknowledgements: Need to send something out to all employees, but you also need to know exactly who has seen it (and, of course, who hasn’t) / who really got the memo? Convo makes it easy: Write your post like any other, but check the “Recipients must acknowledge to view”. When it pops up in your colleagues’ timeline, it will be blurred with a prompt asking them to acknowledge the post. Once they acknowledge it, the post is de-blurred. $4M in revenue annually & competes with Slack, Zinc, & HipChat. San Francisco

Corel Corporation Dec-2017 Corel Corporation, Canadian office & design software company, announced it acquired ClearSlide, sales engagement platform (See ClearSlide). Ottawa, Canada. ClearSlide acquired SlideRocket to let you create & edit presentations in the cloud with slide-by-slide analytics. Dec-2020, @bigtincan announced wholly owned US subsidiary, BTC Mobility, LLC entered into a binding stock purchase agreement with Corel, Inc where Bigtincan agreed to pay $22.6M for @ClearSlide, the sales engagement technology platform with hundreds of customers across three continents. The company has estimated annualised recurring revenue of $5.2M. The acquisition added 32 staff members to Bigtincan’s books. This sale of ClearSlide meant Corel exited the Sales Enablement market.

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 9.16.03 pmCorporate Visions marketing & sales messaging, tools & training company, Jun-2014 it acquired Launch International, communications company specializing in marketing & sales enablement content Larkspur, CA, USA. 19-Aug-2021, Sentinel Capital Partners, private-equity firm sold Corporate Visions Inc. @corpv a sales & marketing enablement company in the US, to The Riverside Company. Terms Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 8.11.22 pmweren’t disclosed. Former DSG Consulting @JustAddDSG the combination of DSG & Corporate Visions can turn your growth plays into big commercial outcomes. Corporate visions acquired dsg to expand revenue growth services: 18-Apr-2022, Consulting & training companies Corporate Visions & DSG are coming together to provide an expanded set of Revenue Growth Services to improve B2B commercial execution.

CorsPro @CorsPro Cors Productivity Solutions provides proposal automation software for sales operations. One of the best ways to prevent errors in your sales proposals is to leverage the power of the Microsoft technology for a seamless sales process. CorsPro SalesDoc Architect helps automate your ability to get proposals out quicker. CorsPro Enables Sales Teams to: Automate the proposal generating process; Turn common sales tasks into a checklist process; Eliminate the number of keystrokes in building a quote/solution; Provide turn-key, polished proposals & scopes of work; Dramatically streamline the quoting process. Cors Productivity Solutions Inc. Reston, VA

Costello @andCostello See SalesLoft (acquired it 5-Nov-2019) AI-powered sales co-pilot software shows your team what questions close deals & helps them keep deals on-track. In an era of hyper-competition, sales teams increased the volume of prospecting calls & emails to an all-time high. As a result buyers no longer give second chances on sales calls. Costello A.I. powered sales co-pilot helps sales professionals consistently have great conversations with buyers & keep deals on-track. It identifies the questions that determine whether or not you will close deals & then helps your reps beat the competition by guiding them through the critical moments in sales calls that determine whether you win or lose. $3M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Pattern, Clari, & SalesHood. Indianapolis, IN

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 9.41.49 amcount5, LLC. pivoted in 2010 & no longer a sales enablement tool. Over 95% of clients & end users are not in sales: q.MINDshare (“q”): Micro-learning platform. Eliminates the forgetting curve associated with training. Sales people never read the sea of email from their boss & dozens of other resources within the company. Cuts thru the clutter to drive employee/sales alignment: Cloud platform on mobile & tablets to get the attention of staff, spoon feed high priority content, then report back if it was received & understood. Prioritize, schedule & deliver content based on business importance using a notification system. Control who gets content & the days/times it gets delivered. Knowledge Retention: Automate proven scientific methods for training reinforcement to drive faster adoption & ROI. Engage users with high priority communications & tasks, then track views, feedback & understanding. Coaching Module: Collaborative interface where managers support employees while they execute specific activities & goals. Atlanta, US

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 8.43.57 pmCoveo @coveo combines unified search, analytics & Machine Learning (ML) to deliver relevant information & recommendations across every business interaction. Transforms businesses by improving customer engagement & up-skilling employees by providing the best information, every time, everywhere. AI-powered Search for every Salesforce community & app. Immediate access to all the content, wherever it resides. Québec, Canada. 15-Oct-2021: Coveo, a Relevance Platform & applied AI company that transforms digital experiences with AI-powered search, recommendations, & personalization, announced the acquisition of Qubit @Qubit AI-powered personalization technology for merchandising teams, based in London, UK, further accelerating Coveo’s geographic expansion into the UK & European markets.

Crayon @Crayon market intelligence company helping businesses track, analyze, & act on everything outside their four walls. Keep Sales Battle cards up-to-date seamlessly by integrating them with Crayon’s continuous feed of software-driven CI (competitive intelligence). Get alerts when new intel is ready to review, always staying in sync with market movements. Access battlecards wherever your sales team spends their time – available by desktop, mobile, or directly from within Salesforce CRM. Boston, MA, USA

Creative Cafe turned into B2B Sales Content MICRO-AGENCY, AUSTIN, Texas

crescendo by Sependa, Inc. SALES ENABLEMENT & PRESENTATION APP: Customizable mobile sales tool that uses content on your Google Drive, Sharepoint, Box, Salesforce or OneDrive. Custom branded presentation app for your content. It keeps your files up-to-date in real-time as you modify resources in your cloud storage solution. Working online & offline with powerful added features, it turns into your platform mobile sales app, helping you to plan, present & organize. Sales enablement features: Interact directly with your cloud CRM. Annotating of PDFs, sharing files, advanced text search functions, text indexing & more. [Sependa is an enterprise mobile app developer building intelligent tools for the sales professional.] Oakland, CA, USA

CustomShow @CustomShow (a Zoomifier company) presentation software to build custom branded presentations that look better than your typical PPT presentation while still incorporating important metrics & reporting needed for sales teams to track engagement. Create customized & branded presentations while equipping teams with access to a slide library in a fully cloud-based environment. Incorporates analytics, the ability to conduct web meetings, integration with, all while customizing to your own brand standard. $6.2M in estimated revenue annually & competes with ClearSlide, iPresent, & Prezi. 1-Apr-2019, Zoomifier Corporation completed the acquisition of the presentation software assets of CustomShow Inc. New York, NY

CXera @CXeraLLC from first contact to customer success. digital customer experience (CX) microsites. How we do business in today’s digital sales & service economy has changed for virtually every organization. To get it right, you need a digital approach that supports customers from first contact to their success & with a digital approach you can enable sales & services success while also improving the customer’s experience at every point in their journey. CXera produces digital micro-sites that we call Experiences in minutes in order to deliver & track great customer experiences, every time. Not a platform & won’t take weeks or months to deploy. Our cloud-based application is engineered to make the digital age of selling & buying easy—with no technical expertise required. This is made possible by integrating with many popular cloud-based solutions & using Experience templates that are fully customizable through our Experience creation wizard. In minutes, design, populate & launch Experiences to your staff & customers to make a difference starting today. Ready-made Experience templates make it easy to create Experiences in minutes. AI-driven CXassistant makes recommendations &, if permitted, takes action to optimize Experiences. CXera offers built-in integrations with your company’s website & popular services. Sales Enablement + Customer Enablement = Revenue Enablement! Expanding the scope of sales enablement to include customer-facing roles as well as the customer. Why enable customer-facing roles & the customer directly? Research from Gartner supports the need: The sales enablement market has broadened beyond sellers to include the enablement of people in revenue-generating roles such as customer success, presales & marketing. An individual sales rep may often receive only 5% of a prospect’s direct time. 60% of frontline sales enablement companies are predicted to shift to enabling additional customer-facing roles over the next three years. By 2025, 25% of organizations will create a formal cross-functional counsel to align customer-facing teams that will provide recommendations, governance & oversight across the entire revenue process. Remove silos, become customer-centric, and eliminate the fluff. Do not wait to drive the latest evolution of enablement. Onboarding the first product purchased by the customer is only the beginning. CXera LLC. Edina, MN, US

d!NK @dINK_sales sales library on tablets enables customer-facing staff to adapt interactions with customers / prospects to what interests them. Makes sales more effective; better qualification, condensed sales process. SalesMatik, d!nk’s sales enablement suite, is now available in Microsoft AppSource. Vosselaar, Antwerpen, Belgium

Daisee AI applications for business. AI-driven speech analytics that drives compliance in conversations with your customers. Increased revenue: Identify cross-sell & up-sell opportunities, predict sales success, increase customer satisfaction, identify new commercial opportunities from conversational data. Compliance remediation, individual agent & team training, brand experience improvement, key metrics improvement (AHT, FCR), Customer satisfaction improvement, Customer buying predictors, Agent & customer churn predictors. Bridging the gap between technical AI & commercial application for businesses worldwide. Lisa is an enterprise-ready speech analytics solution built with the future in mind delivering ROI to business from day one. Platform agnostic working with the appropriate telephony provider for each client. St. Leonards, Sydney, NSW, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia & Palo Alto, CA, US

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 6.33.06 pmDashworks @DashworksAI unlock your company’s collective knowledge. A unified hub for all your people, tools, & knowledge. Dashworks allows teams to instantly search anything across all their cloud & web applications. Fast-growing teams can find answers they need when they need them. Rethink knowledge management from the ground up. Company know-how is scattered across hundreds of apps. Finding information inside the company takes ages. No way to discover & stay updated with what other teams are working on. Documentation that’s impossible to keep organized. No single source of truth for internal knowledge. Documentation that’s stale, duplicate, or without owners. Automate knowledge management: Connect all your applications like Slack, Google Drive, & Salesforce to Dashworks within seconds & instantly create an intelligent source of truth for your entire company. Empower everyone with the information they need: Transform how your team finds, discovers, & learns from your company’s knowledge, & accelerate their onboarding. Break organizational silos: Align all functions in your company on a single view of your customers, projects, playbooks, teams, policies, & everything else. Dashworks Technologies, Inc. Formerly known as Luminaire, Redwood City, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 6.10.11 pmData Dwell @data_dwell enables sales & marketing teams to close deals faster by using intelligent content matching & measuring content ROI. The best content, analytics & prospect tracking, native in Salesforce. Increase sales conversion by dynamically matching relevant content to any prospect attributes. Generate relevant conversations, track detailed content consumption & notify sales of interactions in order to focus sales efforts – all in Salesforce. London, UK

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 8.56.44 pmDatabook @trydatabook enterprise customer intelligence platform built to increase GTM productivity at scale. Helps sales leaders empower teams for maximum performance, productivity, & pipeline. Automated sales presentations: Personalized deliverables, fast & easy. Databook’s automated sales modules help you create custom, data-driven content in record time. Databook’s solutions for a variety of automated sales deliverables are time-savers that kick productivity into overdrive. One-click downloads, customized for everything from first calls to executive briefings, ensure consistent points of view are shared with influential buyers. At the same time, higher sales productivity means more Account Execs meet quota & pipeline remains consistent. Sales teams at Salesforce, Microsoft, Databricks, & many other of the biggest, fastest-growing software companies in the world leverage Databook to sell their largest deals & consistently beat quotas. Sales reps transform into strategic sellers, identifying lucrative opportunities & driving pipeline at the executive-buyer level. Databook is a Series B, hyper-growth startup, backed by the most successful SaaS investors, such as Bessemer, & has recently raised a $50m round to fuel accelerated expansion. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA with a distributed team across the globe. Databook Labs, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, USA. 16-Feb-2022, Databook valuation hits $550M for its sales prospect intelligence software. Databook competitors include Brew, Crayon, & Klue.

dealhub @dealhubio former Valooto sales engagement Platform that delivers a personalized buying experience at every step of sales & prospecting funnels. Enables sales reps & buyers to meet, engage & collaborate online on relevant, personalized & dynamic content, while gaining real-time insights on buyer engagement & disposition. dealhub.ioCPQ / CLM / E-signature – Sales Engagement Platform. Featuring native integrations with Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Operates natively on Salesforce & other leading cloud-based CRMs. Offering: Predictive sales playbooks, interactive content sharing & engagement, real-time engagement analytics, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Document Generation, Contract Management & redlining, E-signature. raised a total of $4.5M in funding over 2 rounds. Main Office: Los Altos, CA. Other office: Israel

DecisionLink @decisionlink Build Pipeline, ROI Analysis, Business Case Development & Market Analysis with Value Cloud, Enterprise Class Value Selling Automation Tool. Addressing the entire Buyer Journey & Customer Lifecycle, it is an integrated application delivering Repository & foundation for enterprise selling, Get smart about accounts in minutes, Understand your value in minutes, Value Propositions – to quantify, articulate & defend your value, & close deals, Defend your customer base, & sell them more. $3.1M in estimated revenue annually & competes with QuickPivot, Keap, & Pegasystems. Used to compete with Alinean, VisualizeROI, & ion interactive. Atlanta, GA

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 1.18.03 pm19-Apr-2021, DANVERS, Mass., US, DemandScience @DemandScience (Buyer Intelligence Platform / B2B Sales Enablement & Market Intelligence Solutions) completed the acquisition of Leadiro @leadiro B2B sales enablement, sales intelligence & data enrichment platform with 60M+ verified records. Demand Science achieved 50% CAGR since 2014, & is on track to exceed $100M in revenue in 2021. UK-based Leadiro experienced more than 100% year-over-year revenue & EBITDA growth in 2020. Q1 was a record revenue quarter with approximately 150% year-over-year revenue growth. Demand Science is a global buyer intelligence platform that accelerates demand generation for the world’s largest software, technology & B2B companies. It delivers data & prioritized buyer insights that align sales & marketing professionals with more qualified audiences through its PureB2B, Klarity, Internal Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 1.36.09 pmResults, Leadiro, Tidings, & BIOMES brands. 3-Feb-2022 started to redirect to 20-Jul-2021: Airborne App Airborneapp @Airborneapp_io sales engagement & enablement software platform (Toronto, ON, Canada) acquired by Demand Science. 8-Feb-2021, global buyer intelligence platform @DemandScience acquired Tidings @TidingsCo on-demand automated newsletter creation SaaS platform, to expand its sales enablement ( which used to be & intelligence solution suite.

DemoChimp see CONSENSUS

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 10.06.43 amDemodesk @demodesk customer meeting platform for sales & success teams / revenue teams. Provides real-time sales coaching, increase sales efficiency, & engage customers at scale. 100% online. Win more deals, faster: Intelligent customer meeting platform that helps increase sales velocity & drive more revenue. Automates non-selling tasks & enables sellers in real-time. Drive revenue, cut down on ramp time, increase quota attainment, & boost sales productivity. Integrates with CRM, calendar, & the rest of your sales stack to help you automate manual tasks & scale your process. Playbooks & Battlecards: Your real-time sales assistant. Automatically load the perfect playbook into every meeting: Slides, web apps, talk tracks & battle cards on the spot. Automatically load the perfect slides, websites & speaker notes into every customer meeting. Handle objections in real-time: Easily navigate sales objections & answer critical questions with battle cards. Instantly have all the content & guidance you need available during every customer call. Personalize pitches: Automatically customize every pitch with dynamic tokens – personalize content & recall the right data into all your meetings. Ensure that everyone can quickly access the most up-to-date sales content. Always know your team has a unified sales narrative with team playbooks. The right content at the right time: Manage & sync your sales collateral with the tools you use to automate meeting prep & to start every meeting with all the right content. Demodesk GmbH, Munich, Germany. Demodesk Inc, San Francisco, CA, USA. London, UK

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.01.30 pmGondola (rebranded) @GondolaAi boosts deal momentum by enabling productive sales conversations. Before the rebranding it used to be: Demoflow @thedemoflow demo platform that helps you wow prospects & sell more, faster. Demo platform that enables to streamline prep, presentation, follow-up, & documentation across a sales organization. The company’s integrated CRM documentation & live URL management that allows the user to conduct seamless product demos every single time. Founded 2019. Denver, CO, US Swivel Demos Inc., dba Demoflow, a Delaware corporation (“Demoflow”)

Design Center @DesignCenterInc (agency) built an iOS & WINDOWS application for BASF performance materials as a high-performance app to empower their sales representatives to deftly navigate between relevant markets, value propositions, products & content. Widgets for on-the-spot problem resolution, rich business intelligence specific to the customer, real-time data & special private sections which facilitate sales planning & sales management. 26-Feb-2019, Design Center announced a client project for a mobile sales app for spec reps & sales reps. The sales enablement platform supports a more strategic sales process, is flexible enough to be useful throughout the sales reps’ day. Supports everything from servicing a sample request to delivering a ‘lunch & learn’ to sharing the latest online configuration tools with a client. Developed for a client that sells through a distributed network of sales & spec reps. Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

DialSource (See Conquer above) @DialSource helps customer-facing teams have better conversations. DialSource CTI for Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics optimizes the time & energy you spend on calls with prospects & customers because that’s where the real work of sales & service gets done. Now Sacramento, CA

Digideck @thedigideck powered by @sportsdigita Sportsdigita a sales enablement technology company that pivoted from an agency to a SaaS model: cloud-based presentation platform Digideck. Enables sales & marketing teams to design & create customized presentations. By shortening sales cycles, driving revenue growth, delivering cohesive integrations & offering real-time back-end analytics, the Digideck aims to become an all-in-one selling solution for sales & marketing teams. Now powering video conferencing & in-app chat for our clients’ all in one location: Digideck platform with strategic integrations, powerful analytics, & immersive, media-rich experiences. Minneapolis | Atlanta | New York | LA

Digital Sales Room @DigitalSalesRom achieve more wins from your sales proposals. Creates a space which is shared with your prospects & includes all information they need to make the decision to buy. High levels of competition mean the demands on sales leaders & enablement teams to make sales proposals stand out from the crowd are increasing. Digital Sales Room helps you achieve this – quality delivery of comprehensive & relevant content position your bid head & shoulders above the rest. Leeds, UK

Digizuite @DigizuiteDAM take control of your content with digital asset management. Enterprise digital asset management software: Search, manage, & distribute your brand assets from one centralized source. DAM for Sitecore @damforsitecore: Digizuite DAM for Sitecore module makes Sitecore even more powerful. Digital asset management seamlessly integrated with Sitecore. Built by @DigizuiteDAM Manage digital files & customer experience from one place. The Digizuite DAM for Sitecore module gives you a single source for all digital files. Upload, manage, search & share files on multiple channels from within Sitecore. Denmark

Direxxis Marketing dmEDGE Distributed Marketing Portal In March 2015 Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. acquired Direxxis LLC, a provider of cloud-based marketing solutions & services, to expand its suite of solutions for wealth & asset managers. Financial advisors are moving from a mass marketing approach to data-driven strategies in which timely content can be tailored & distributed through both traditional & emerging channels.

Distribion @Distribion gives corporate marketing & sales agents a way to manage, execute & analyze personalized marketing campaigns. Sales enablement: Suite of tools to increase sales efficiency & effectiveness: Sales Kit Generator (brochure builder), presentation generation & education module to assemble, customize & distribute personalized content. Marketing asset management: Storing, accessing & easily locating all content, imagery, videos & files for use in multi-channel campaigns. Content management features for optimization & distribution of content, alleviating one of the most significant pain points for many orgs. $1.1M in revenue annually & competes with Pica9, Inc., SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC, & Zift Solutions. Dallas, Texas

1617113759797Docebo @docebo E-Learning. Create, manage, deliver, & measure the impact of learning for external & internal audiences with Docebo’s AI-powered Learning Suite. Docebo’s multi-product learning suite helps enterprises around the world tackle any learning challenge. Create & manage content, deliver training, & understand the business impact of learning experiences. Tackle learning challenges & create a successful learning culture. Docebo Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Athens GA, USA. Biassono (MB), Italy. Docebo UK Limited, London, UK

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 7.19.36 pmdocsales @doc_sales automate proposal & contract buildouts. Allows you to generate proposals & contracts through your CRM of choice with zero clicks – and zero effort. DocSales’ Zero Click allows them to send sales documents automatically, by dragging the CRM opportunity card from one phase to another one. Sends proposals & quotes automatically to customers, based on preconfigured templates & information the sales representative added to their CRM, which is imported automatically to DocSales. As soon as the customer receives the document, they can e-sign it online. Sales Documents, Inc. Sao Paulo, Brazil

DocSend @DocSend Providing analytics & control for documents you send. Know more. Work smarter. Move faster. Goodbye email attachments. Hello revenue. Makes salespeople more effective by enabling them to track, control, send, & present sales materials with real-time document analytics. Analytics allow to understand how your documents are being viewed, right down to the time spent on each page. Know what content is working & what’s not. Maintain control even after you send. Send documents on your terms. Create multiple links per document & control them individually. Limit or turn off access at any time. Rest easy knowing your content is secure. $10M in revenue annually & competes with KnowledgeTree, ClearSlide, & Showpad. 10-Mar-2021, Dropbox announced it plans to acquire DocSend for $165 million. The company helps customers share & track documents by sending a secure link instead of an attachment. San Francisco, USA.

DocShare @docshareio Track document opening & performance with easy to share weblinks. Document tracking app by @saleshandy send, track, control, engage & present sales collateral with actionable document analytics. CENTRALIZED SALES COLLATERAL: Manage all your sales documents at one place. Organize your files by teams, company or private. India

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 10.11.27 pmDocurated (offline as of 15-Nov-2020) @docurated sales enablement & sales asset management platform. Powered content recommendations with AI & predictive analytics. Faster deck creation, Access the newest & most relevant content, Assemble new pitches in minutes, Pitch better & more often, Seamless integration with existing file storage, Automatic indexing & visualization of content, Mobile & desktop access. NYC, NY, USA. Their inception was in 2012; now part of Quark Software, Inc. Denver, CO. 6-Dec-2017, Quark Software announced it acquired Docurated.

DocuSign completed its acquisition of SpringCM (See SpringCM below)

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 10.13.10 pmDokmee @dokmeesoftware Provides Capture (Document Capture Software) & ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software available in cloud, web, & mobile based solutions. Office Gemini, LLC, Houston, TX, USA.

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 8.56.34 amDOOLY @DoolyHQ close deals faster with sales enablement software that adapts to what your customers say. The time you felt flat-footed on a sales call because a prospect brought something up that you hadn’t anticipated yeah, that wasn’t fun & we felt your pain. Dooly’s real-time playbook engine keeps your conversations as sharp & on-point as the buyer you talk to, matching their every move with sales tools that answer even their toughest questions. Update Salesforce 10x faster. Automate your CRM busywork so you can focus on selling. Sell more with less admin work slowing you down. Ramp your sales reps faster at scale: Empower all of your sellers quickly to be confident on day 1. Feed relevant talking points & tools to your teams live during their sales calls based on the flow of the conversation. Your buyer doesn’t wait. Dooly surfaces the gaps in your sales process giving you essential insight into where your playbook needs improvement. Stop with the guesswork. Know what talk tracks & content perform best allowing you to continually optimize your enablement strategy. Quantifying the results of your enablement efforts isn’t easy. $4.5M in revenue annually & competes with Chorus,, & Conversable. Dooly Research Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada

doxIQ @doxiqteam document analytics startup acquired by Nitro in October-2015 (Nitro Software, Inc. @NitroHQ Nitro PDF: Create, Convert & Edit PDF Files. Nitro Productivity Suite, provides integrated PDF productivity, eSignature & business intelligence BI tools to customers through a horizontal, SaaS & desktop-based software suite. Nitro is headquartered in San Francisco & has offices in Dublin, London & Melbourne, VIC, Australia. FY19 total revenue of USD $35.7M). doxIQ: “Bring marketing documents to life & into the browser. PDFs are dead!” doxIQ provided actionable data while reducing friction in generating qualified leads. “While easy for anyone to use, we fully embrace the new generation of technically savvy growth hackers who need developer-friendly API access to their data.” doxIQ aimed to be the document standard for a connected world. The technology converts MS Office & PDF documents into visually identical web assets that collect data on view activity & boost engagement with interactive content & simple sharing. Initially, they focused on helping B2B marketers improve ROI on their white papers, research reports & other marketing collateral. Palo Alto, California, US

Draup Platform @draup_sales machine learning startup incubated @Zinnov Sales Enablement: Empowers sales teams with comprehensive account & stakeholder intelligence to enable micro-targeting. Analyzing millions of data points to help sales teams understand finer details about prospects, such as buying preferences, technology choices, outsourcing deals, buying centers, strategic & investment priorities etc, while also obtaining a deep understanding of the key decision makers among your prospects. Equip you with sales intelligence & help you answer pressing sales questions such as leads to prioritize, Right stakeholders to target, & How to approach the targeted opportunity. Cloud hosted web application with data rich insights & visualizations to help you know the most important information about your prospects. US-India-China-Singapore. Santa Clara, California, US; India

Drawloop Technologies acquired by Nintex, Jul-2015, Drawloop DocGen for Salesforce by Nintex @Nintex Generate precise & accurate documents for sophisticated business functions like sales proposals, contracts or work orders. Manage, automate & optimize your business processes. Your enterprise can generate documents wherever your employees may be—at a site, on the road, in the field, in the air. Drawloop DocGen for Salesforce is available as a FedRAMP SaaS compliant cloud service through Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud. Government agencies can digitize, automate, & standardize all of their document generation processes by adding Drawloop DocGen to their Salesforce deployment. Drawloop Technologies had $4.4M in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Proposable, Seismic, & Quote Roller. Bellevue, WA, USA

Drift @Drift connect sales teams with future customers now. Provides a buying experience for potential customers, generate more qualified leads, & accelerate the sales cycle. A conversation-driven marketing & sales platform. With its quickly evolving set of tools & playbooks, Drift unlocks the insights buried in conversations to accelerate business success. Customers use Drift to provide a modern buying experience for potential customers. Boston, MA, USA, Inc. acquired Giant Otter Technologies, Sep-2019. Giant Otter offered a way to create conversational AI directly from existing call recordings or chat transcripts. Somerville, MA, US

Dropbox @Dropbox (acquired HelloSign) Dropbox for Business helps companies seamlessly collaborate with secure file sharing, access from anywhere, & robust admin controls. San Francisco, CA, US. Acquired HelloSign @HelloSign Simplifying work for the businesses of tomorrow: We are HelloSign, HelloFax & HelloWorks. San Francisco, CA 10-Mar-2021, Dropbox announced it plans to acquire DocSend for $165M. DocSend @DocSend helps customers share & track documents by sending a secure link instead of an attachment.

Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 8.11.22 pmDSG Consulting @JustAddDSG the combination of DSG & Corporate Visions can turn your growth plays into big commercial outcomes. Corporate visions acquired dsg to expand revenue growth services: 18-Apr-2022, Consulting & training companies Corporate Visions & DSG are coming together to provide an expanded set of Revenue Growth Services to improve B2B commercial execution. (See below) Our passion & focus is enabling every sales channel to implement your company’s vision & strategy. Playbook-based solutions that enable every salesperson, sales manager & channel partner to implement your growth strategy through content, tools, & training. Little Rock, AR, USA

DTI @Dxforminc enables leaders, tech teams & sales forces. Digital transformation & sales transformation. Better enable sellers & frontline managers, & transform your sales force to generate & win more opportunities. Sales enablement services: Sales readiness diagnostics, buyer persona development, sales playbook development, sales enablement advisory / support services. Now: Fast Lane Digital sales transformation & enablement services based on a learning system & designed & developed to provide solutions for effectively competing in a marketplace where integration to digital technologies is now the norm. Raleigh, NC

EarthIntegrate See Pageflex marketing technology with a platform called Pando: Relationship Marketing Platform providing sales enablement, marketing automation & content management, all while maintaining crucial approval workflows & compliance requirements. Virtual content + marketing technology = a productive sales force. Localized marketing made possible for national brands by integrating their content, assets & data sources to create 24/7 highly personalized marketing support. Houston, TX Pageflex acquired EarthIntegrate Apr-2015.

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 11.58.47 pmEdCast @EdCast AI-powered knowledge cloud for personalized learning & sales enablement. Deliver content your learners need, when they need it & where they want it. Aggregates your learning content incl. from your LMS, intranet, external providers, your subject matter experts & your team’s preferred resources on the web. The most valuable content you have is the tacit knowledge in the minds of your experts: Release it & build your own libraries of expert content. Machine Learning curation engine: Ensures that only high-quality, most relevant, & contextual content is presented to your team. AI-based targeting engine learns about your team & makes continuous learning recommendations directly to where they’re working – incl. Slack & Salesforce. A real-time view of flow of expertise & knowledge across your teams. Helping you identify your most acknowledged, best connected, & influential team members. Mountain View, CA, USA. 16-May-2022, SANTA MONICA, Calif., Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., a cloud-based talent management software provider backed by Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. (together with its affiliates, “Clearlake”), announced it has completed its acquisition of EdCast. Cornerstone and EdCast are united in a vision to create an open platform for people development, growth, and mobility, powered by AI, machine learning, and people data. The platform will enable organizations of all sizes to create a scalable learning infrastructure, extend the impact of talent technology investments, and deliver personalized growth for employees that spans learning, skill development, content, and career mobility. Together, Cornerstone and EdCast will help organizations around the world improve productivity across their businesses.

Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud ( High Velocity Sales. Give inside sales reps an outsized advantage. Give your reps everything they need to succeed now & tomorrow.

elandas @elandasnow sales & marketing solutions: Deliver customized, regulatory-compliant sales materials into the hands of your sales force within days. Adapt to rapidly changing trends with tools that give you flexibility & control. Coordinate efforts of disparate & cross-functional business units for more efficiency – allowing you to sell more sooner. Sales reps will: Learn about access changes that provide growth opportunities in a given territory sooner. Create relevant & compliant materials for digital presentation or print to get to the point quickly. Enjoy more realistic sales goals set by management. Get the control needed to hit the ground running & be ahead of the game. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (Pivoted to help market access teams in bio-pharma)

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 8.16.03 pmemlen @emlen_io rethinking how content is distributed & experienced. Enables sales & marketing teams to use B2B content as sales assets & create content experiences. Content management, distribution & intelligence in a single tool. Content hub: Central content management. Whitepapers, blog posts, articles, case studies, videos – all Content Pieces in a central content Hub – 24/7. Search with Meta Tags. Content Intelligence: Always the right content. Content creation aided by AI technology. Smart suggestions for each target audience based on meta data. Berlin / Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany

Enable5 former VONICAL full-service agency that spun out its enablement software as a service under the name ENABLE5 (HQ Ottawa, Canada; also Japan, Ireland, London UK, San Fran USA)

Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 10.56.15 amEnable Us @EnableUsInfo formerly Referenceable & formerly All-in-one buyer-centric enablement platform – web or mobile application: Organize, Share & Analyze everything your buyers & sellers need to close deals quickly using Digital Sales Rooms. Make it easy for your buyers to say yes. One link manages it all Marketing content + sales content + customer voice in one link. The B2B sales process is difficult & time-consuming. Managing content creation & distribution, Zoom meetings, & Q&A between 2-20 buyers & influencers is hard. Enable streamlines this entire process, allowing you to manage it from one unified digital sales. Save sellers time with one source of truth. Sellers spend up to 25hrs finding content… every month. Content sprawl is real, making managing & finding the right content a daily time suck. One place has everything sellers & buyers need to close deals quickly. Give your champions everything they need to sell your deal internally: Too often we make it hard for our champions to help us close our deals. Dozens of emails, meetings, phone calls, & documents make it difficult for your champion to coordinate with their evaluation team. Monitor prospect engagement in real-time: Enable tracks all sales room activity, alerting sales in real-time so they know exactly how to navigate the sale. Insights highlight content engagement & effectiveness across all digital sales rooms, to help sales find what’s engaging buyers the most & to help marketers create more of what works. Maximize your customer’s voice: The more successful you are at generating leads, the greater the strain on your customer references. Enable captures customer reference videos & testimonials so you can distribute via your digital sales rooms without having to coordinate multiple calls for each deal. Enable Inc., San Francisco, CA

Enablix @enablix sales enablement platform for marketing. Know when buyers engage with your shared content: Share content with your buyers & learn when they engage with your content. Provide your buyers with a value-driven content experience. Fast access to the right content can increase a rep’s efficiency many folds. Reps can find the right content, in less time, focusing on the more important task of selling. Present in USA, Canada, & India. Virginia, USA

engage former workface Sales Enablement Chat Tool. Helps close more sales by enabling your sales people to instantly meet today’s web-based customers with extraordinarily personal, multi-channel, real-time video, audio & text chat. Everything you need to create, manage & track enterprise-level chat 2.0. Incl. file & video storage & mobile apps. Not just chat or web conferencing. It’s live sales enablement. Rebranded to engage Minneapolis, MN

ENHATCH enterprise tech helping sales & marketing teams conquer complex sales through a mobile SaaS platform. Functionality geared towards field sales & marketing teams for presenting custom pitches, accessing relevant content, & collaborating with others. Enhance sales productivity & effectiveness while providing seamless access to backend CRM systems. CLS will be available for download on the AppExchange & can bi-directionally synch with Salesforce. Stopped selling a digital content management for sales solution DCMS. Now an end-to-end solution that powers the design & delivery of standard & patient-specific implants from pre-operative planning to the surgical theatre. NYC, US

EveryoneSocial @EveryoneSocial employee advocacy platform that keeps employees informed, creating, & sharing; wherever they’re working. Social selling made simple. 1000s of salespeople use EveryoneSocial to drive more, & bigger deals faster. Sales enablement is about giving your salespeople the information, content, & tools they need to sell more effectively: to increase pipeline, win rates, & deal sizes. Pipeline (More conversations, more movement: Sales success starts with building pipeline, & there is no channel that offers greater access to a larger group of prospects than social.), Win Rates (Close more, stronger deals: We’re far more likely to close a deal the closer we’re to the people on the buyer’s side. Social affords your team the opportunity to make connections across an org & foster those relationships no matter where they are in the world.), Deal Size (Across industries, EveryoneSocial customers have shown direct correlation between social selling & increased deal sizes, in some cases 42%.), Integration (From CRMs to data pools, EveryoneSocial provides all the integrations you’ll need to craft a comprehensive view of performance & results: Integrated with Salesforce). Gravit, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

Screen Shot 2022-12-22 at 2.26.23 pmExecVision @ExecVision_io conversation intelligence software built for coaching. Washington, DC, USA. 27-Apr-2022, Mediafly @Mediafly is acquiring ExecVision. Mediafly, a sales enablement & revenue intelligence platform provider, has acquired ExecVision, a conversation intelligence (CI) provider. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

FatStax (See Bigtincan above) @FatStaxApp customer engagement platform: Every meeting matters. Turbocharge sales meetings with our digital sales tools. Catalog app that helps sales reps embrace the iPad. Midwest HQ located in Indianapolis, Indiana with offices in San Diego, California & Detroit, Michigan. September 25, 2018, Bigtincan announced the acquisition of FatStax (creating end-to-end connections across CRM & sales enablement).

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 8.20.56 pmFrnd @frnd_ai Intelligent Sales Enablement Platform: A smart email plugin for salespeople to share contextual content with buyers in one click & close deals faster. Equip your sales team with the most relevant content always! When your sales team gets into a conversation with the buyer via email or Linkedin, show them contextual content via a smart browser plugin to share & close that deal faster. Founded: 21-Mar-2022. Frnd Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA

20 Miles Inc. @20MilesSoftware (pivoted from fileboard 20 Miles sales platform enables consistent outbound prospecting at scale, leading to more meetings & opportunities. Create workflows that automatically reach prospects across multiple channels. Get more meetings & opportunities while spending less time prospecting. San Francisco, California, USA. @Fileboard Centralize your Sales Collateral: Enterprise-grade file management. One source for your marketing collateral with deep engagement insights! Marketing Automation only tells you what content generates most leads or traffic, not what content is most used & contributed most to won deals. Once connected with your CRM, a marketing manager can see for every single piece of content how much it has contributed to opportunities that are lost & won. Engagement scores for each asset help to understand what type of content resonates with prospects & where more or similar content is required. Know how & where to focus your content creation efforts on. iOS app enables you to sell anywhere. Connect your live presentation to a Salesforce account, opportunity, contact or lead. $1M in revenue annually & competes with Sertifi, FunnelFire, & Reactful. San Francisco, CA, USA also has offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 6.48.44 pmFilo @meetfilo collaborative platform for virtual events, meetings & teams. Provides flexible virtual spaces for collaborative teams, meetings & events. Flexible platform for virtual events, meetings & teams. Built on the video conferencing platform Zoom. Integrates directly with Zoom so you can scale your virtual event, meeting or team to any size while still delivering the best quality audio & video experience. Brings teams together with virtual spaces for many sales gatherings. The sales process has changed in the virtual & hybrid world. With Filo Virtual Sales Hub, you do more than Zoom. You drive business. Give your team the space they need to succeed. Filo Software, Inc., a High Alpha company @highalpha: Venture studio that creates & invests in B2B SaaS companies. Indianapolis, IN, USA & Remote @firefliesai AI voice assistant for meetings. Record, transcribe & search across voice conversations. Your AI assistant notetaker. Automatically record, search, & collaborate across your meetings. Fireflies for Sales: Sales Reps, Customer Success, Customer Support, Marketing, Sales Leaders. Automate CRM data entry. Clone top performers. Onboard new reps faster. Collect customer feedback & requests. Nail the messaging for marketing. Ensure quality assurance & compliance. San Francisco, CA, USA

fision @fisiononline Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement Cloud Platform. Minneapolis, MN, USA. Fision Corp OTCMKTS: FSSN

1eF7Cd-i_400x400Flipdeck @FlipdeckHQ by Presentek Software. Saas (cloud) software for helping individual users or teams access & send links to frequently shared information content. Organize info on cards & share. A unique visual container for info & links you want to quickly share from mobile devices. For sales, marketing & customer service pros. Save time by delivering information via centrally set content feeds. Team members can be confident they always have the latest information, because new content cards show up in their feeds automatically. The most effective information is in the hands of your salespeople & ready to share with customers. Founded Apr-2015. Los Gatos, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 9.16.33 pmFlockjay @flockjay equip your team with the best sales enablement tools. Sales enablement platform for sales teams everywhere. Gives your team the tools, content, & strategies they need. Purpose-built platform to create upward mobility for the sales rep of today. Empowers sales leaders to develop teams that share best practices & win together, even when everyone is remote. Learn & earn with best practices from peers & experts. Take control of your career with a platform designed for your professional growth. Upskill quicker: Don’t wait until your next review to see how you’re doing. Let Flockjay guide you to your next learning opportunity & watch your skill set grow. Don’t go at it alone: A community of Sales professionals at your back, to help you at each step of the way. Helps Sales Leaders unlock the potential of their entire sales team by capturing, organizing, & sharing best practices. Invest in your team members’ growth using internal & externally created content that propels your team members into their next role. Motivate your team with a virtual sales floor. Regardless of where your reps sit, bring them all together via a virtual sales floor to enable collaboration & team growth. Getting everyone on a remote team on the same page can be difficult at best. Connect your team & enable a collaborative peer-to-peer learning environment. Walnut, CA, US

Foleon @GetFoleon (Foleon B.V. formerly Instant Magazine) replaces your PDFs with web publications that are mobile-friendly & measurable. Online creative platform for quickly producing sales & marketing collateral that’s visually immersive, measurable, & proven to keep readers engaged. It empowers organizations to replace all their PDFs & printed communication assets with responsive, media-rich web publications. Empowers business teams to create engaging & intelligent content experiences at scale. $5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Readz, SnapApp, & Ceros. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Formstack @formstack Automatically generate sales documents. Easily design beautiful sales documents to help close deals quickly by adding Formstack Documents to your tech stack. From presentation automation & sales quotes to personalized welcome letters & proposals, make your team more efficient by eliminating manual document creation. Most recent acquisition was InsureSign 10-Jul-2019. $13.9M in estimated revenue annually & competes with JotForm, FormAssembly, & Typeform. Fishers, Indiana, USA

fullfeel @fullfeelio show & sell. Engage your prospects online by delivering an immersive experience with a personal touch. A single integrated platform that lets businesses create, share, manage, & analyze their digital selling experiences to close more deals, faster. Pleasanton, California, USA

FunnelAmplified @FunnelAmplified Social Selling & Engagement Platform for Sales Teams. Helps your sales team build relationships & create conversations. We amplify what you’re already doing, with the tools you’re already using. Amplifying Resources, Reach & Results: Leveraging Your Existing Tools & Marketing Content to Improve Sales Performance. ContentHubs & BuyerHubs create relationships, micro-funnels, & tracking specific to a sales rep’s known & unknown prospects. Give brand-approved content to your employees for sharing on their social media, their social connections discover & follow your brand. Peachtree Corners / Alpharetta, GA, USA

FusionGrove @fusiongrove account-based orchestration platform to help B2B sales & marketing leaders transform revenue success. Segment & target accounts with augmented data intelligence, optimize content in coordinated plays & orchestrate customer interactions at scale. Enables sales teams & channel partners to engage accounts & expand customer relationships. Our data-driven solution gives your business an edge in selling across the entire portfolio & accelerating time to revenue. Helps B2B companies improve campaign results & partner engagement. Sydney, NSW, Australia & UK

Game Plan iPad app; connects to, DropBox, SharePoint, Amazon S3. MOBILIZE YOUR SALES & MARKETING TEAMS: Game Plan is a mobile sales enablement solution that bridges the content gap between sales & marketing. Having access to the right content, on the right device, at the right time allows teams to run at their full potential. Founded in 2008, boutique-size ChaiOne is a design-led digital transformation agency. Houston & Austin, TX.

GetAccept @getaccept AI-based eSignature & document tracking platform. Harness video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking & e-signature to simplify the life of your sales team. High Performer Sales Enablement Software. Send, Track & E-Sign your Documents. Reach the full potential of your sales process. Intelligent automation, personalized recipient engagement, & digital signature. Create & send documents that stand out against your competition. An electronic signature & document tracking platform, but for the closing stages of your sales cycle. Combine document tracking with eSigning & use machine learning to predict the next action needed to get the document signed. Enterprise features include video-introduction, automated live-chat, connected calls, & deal-based display re-marketing. $5M in revenue annually. Competes with RightSignature, PandaDoc, & DocuSign. San Francisco, CA, USA based, but founding team comes from Sweden. Some staff in Australia

Genwi @Genwi put the power of information in the hands of sales teams. We make it easy for sales reps to find, share & track content interactions via mobile. Had $1.4M in revenue annually & used to compete with Highspot, Seismic, & Bigtincan. Joined twitter May 2008. Acquired by Persistent Systems Apr 1, 2016 from Pune, India. San Jose, CA

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 4.37.11 pmGnowbe @gnowbe performance enablement platform with rapid authoring. Sales Enablement: Equip your global salespeople to the fullest. Mobile micro-learning reduces organizational costs for employees & trainers. Once a course has been developed & loaded into the system, if & when there’s a need, you can add & delete content & use it to train new employees without additional costs. Coach teams effectively at scale: Be it a team of five or five thousand worldwide, you can deploy real-time training to all your salespeople with just a tap. Behavior change that drives sales: Performance learning: Using Gnowbe Enterprise proprietary drip-feed messaging, managers can send instant notifications with actionable items, engaging salespeople with just a tap. Managers can send nuggets of information to help maximize data retention. No more salesperson saying “Let me get back to you on that”. Closing is so much easier. Sales learn together. Teamwork & collaboration to increase win rates. By providing a space where your sales teams can come together to share their collective ideas & experiences, we not only improve team dynamics but also help rookie sales reps learn from the best in your organization. With that knowledge & information, the very next lead becomes a customer. Use customized battlecard templates for your sales force.⁣ Equip & update your sales team with structured content that is accessible on-the-fly⁣. Gnowbe Group Ltd. Singapore

Gong @Gong_io conversation intelligence platform for sales. Drive higher quota attainment across your team by recording, transcribing, & analyzing their conversations. Record: Automatically records every sales call or demo that happens across your sales floor. Transcribe: Each sales call is transcribed from speech to text, turning every conversation into data. Analyzes everything your star reps do differently during their sales conversations, helping you bridge the gap. $180M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Seismic, Highspot, & San Mateo, CA. Vayo (acquired by Gong 1-Sep-2020) enables SaaS companies to grow their business by turning cross-organizational customer data into actionable insights; Tel Aviv, Israel. Gong was founded in 2015. Since it was established, the company has raised $334M. The company holds a team of 350 employees split between offices in the U.S. & Israel, with the latter becoming the brand new home for the incoming Vayo team. On 16-Apr-2018, acquired ONDiGO (Sales-automation platform powered by deep-data) to extend its Conversation Intelligence Platform. 3-Jun-2021, Enterprise sales enablement platform (Vayo, ONDiGO) raised $250M Series E funding valuing it $7.25Bn. More than 3x its previous valuation $2.2Bn [Raised $584M in total & seems to have $180M USD in annual revenue as per 2021]. 46% of b2b sales reps list lead quantity & quality as their top challenge. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 60% of b2b sales orgs will transition from experience- & intuition-based selling to data-driven selling, merging their sales process, sales applications, sales data, & sales analytics into a single operational practice.

Google @Google Google Cloud Platform (G Suite / Drive / Docs / Sheets / Slides / Keep / Forms / Sites / Programmable Search Engine ) Alphabet Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA

Groove @groove_co Sales Engagement Platform for Revenue Teams: Drive revenue, productivity, & customer satisfaction with a native Salesforce integration. Groove’s Flow dashboard lets you create multi-step, multi-channel campaigns that can be personalized using any field, variable, or attribute. Teams use workspaces to collaborate on accounts & share top-performing strategies, campaigns, & content. Leads can be automatically imported into flows, while analytics identify which flows are working by revealing engagement at the account & individual levels. San Francisco, USA

Guru @guru_hq Chrome web extension. Sits on top of pretty much anything you do on your computer, & intelligently surfaces the relevant information right when you need it. Experts such as product or marketing, can create cards with all the latest, verified information about a certain product release, marketing initiative, competitive landscape, etc & that information will be surfaced to sales teams or support teams at the moment they need it. Also integrates with other web services, such as Salesforce or LinkedIn. $17M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Kaleo Software, BraveNew, & Shelf. Guru Technologies, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Handbook App Infoteria Corporation, TOKYO & CUPERTINO, CA, USA

HeyBuddy @HeyBuddySuite (Formerly SalesBuddy or SalesBuddy Pro) Align, engage & connect teams, customers & existing systems on one easy platform that plays nice with it all. Helps companies deliver compelling, brand consistent sales presentations while in the field. Can be downloaded & set up in minutes & features a flexible & easy-to-maintain architecture. Customize the look & feel to suit your brand, or use one of our pre-built, easy-to-install themes. Organize your sales materials in your current CRM, sync the app to an iPad or tablet, & your reps are ready to sell. HeyBuddy Studio, Reading, PA, USA

Highspot @highspot sales engagement platform providing visibility & insight across the sales cycle. End-to-end platform that closes the loop between marketing, sales & the customer providing real-time alerts & predictive analytics on all your business content. Increase seller effectiveness, improve sales management visibility to best practices, & deliver insights to marketing to produce content that drives engagement & revenue. Optimize how your marketing & sales teams use content to effectively engage customers & drive revenue. In September 2019, the company introduced its SmartPage technology, giving go-to-market teams guidance alongside content so they can have effective customer conversations. Seattle, WA, USA. 5-May-2020, announced the launch of its Austria, Germany & Switzerland (DACH) operations, headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 9.47.06 amHighspot acquired Nova AI on 21-Sep-2022. @Highspot acquired Nova AI @novadotai for an undisclosed amount. Nova puts the power of AI to work for you, enabling a more continuous & more productive sales process. Nova helps sellers focus their time where it will have the greatest impact, by identifying next best actions across the entire pipeline. No more dropped balls, no funnel leakage. Nova Labs, Inc., San Francisco, California, United States. Also known as Nova Labs, Nova, Nova AI

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 10.25.35 pmHippo Video @thehippovideo Communicate Effectively with REAL Videos. Draw your prospect’s attention by featuring their first name, last name, company name, & more by adding merge fields. Get your message across effectively by adding text & images to your video. Lyceum Technologies Inc., Newark, Delaware, USA

Honey @sharehoney a simple & beautiful modern intranet. We believe in loving your job & the tools you use at work. Gives your employees a simple, central location to find all of the company information & resources they need. You can get Honey up & running in <24hrs. New York

hubPitch @hubpitch_corp sales follow-up software for content sharing & communication with customers. Boost customer engagement by providing multiple pieces of content in your sales pitch. Bundle Sales App: Engage customers with more relevant material + ability to share internally. Increase deal sizes & shorten your sales cycle when customers know exactly what your product offers. Upload every important document or video into one sales presentation, then collaborate to close deals faster. Create a custom sales pitch with a video & document combo. Eliminate excess product demos & unnecessary meetings. Receive more insight to who your buyers are & what is most important to them. Seattle, WA

Hubspot @HubSpot inbound marketing & sales platform. Sales enablement is the technology, processes, & content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity. Sales Content Optimization: Contrary to common assumptions, marketers are not the only people producing content. In fact, in many companies, Sales produces more content than Marketing. Every minute a sale rep spends creating content is a minute they are not selling. The fact that salespeople take time to produce personalized content shows how important it is in the final stages of a buyer’s journey. Organize Sales Content: The first step in a sales enablement content strategy is a full content audit. NYSE: HUBS Competes with Act-On Software, Marketo, & Pardot. Cambridge, MA, US. Kemvi AI-powered growth automation for B2B sales & marketing teams. Applying artificial intelligence & machine learning to help sales teams. Launched DeepGraph, a product that analyzes public data so that salespeople can identify the best time (say, after a job change or the publication of an article) to reach out to potential customers. It also proactively reaches out to verify leads. Acquired by HubSpot. Announced Date: 25-Jul-2017. Had $3M in revenue annually & used to compete with, feedly, & Kapost. San Francisco, California, USA

iCentera Callidus Software Inc. purchased iCentera 6-Jul-2011. SAP the German enterprise software giant acquired CallidusCloud for $2.4Bn on 29-Jan-2018.

iDialogue Sales Enablement @dlog by Pacific Apps, Inc. a global technology company with its headquarters located in the heart of Silicon Valley & offices in Asia Pacific. iDialogue – Extend CRM with virtual rooms for collaborating with customers. Digital Experience Management. Enhance Salesforce with Sales-driven content management, document generation, quoting automation, & personalized customer “rooms”. Send your customers more than a quote. Invite them to interactive experiences using scripts. New in iDialogue Sales Accelerator for One-click access to switching Quote rooms, refresh, or delete room. San Francisco, CA

iFOLIO @ifolioedge Connect Engage & Convert: Digital sales enablement platform. Break through the noise on mobile with portfolios. Digital platform for sales & marketing. Creative team innovating the web with portfolio storytelling & text messaging. Transform your Presentations; Ignite your Proposals; Coach your team with iFOLIO Leaderboard; Take action with real-time Sales Intelligence; Measure effectiveness with patent-pending Analytics. Atlanta, GA, USA

Illumineto @IlluminetoSpark Cloud hosted, mobile-ready SaaS application. Helps B2B sales professionals find, package & deliver information most relevant to a prospect’s specific buying need. (Sales reps spend more than 30% of their time looking for content. 50% of the time they never find what they need.) Search personal, corporate & shared content sources. Integrates with personal & corporate cloud storage, video & CRMs. Hours of unnecessary effort are eliminated from the reps’ day, resulting in more sales wins. Subject matter experts share knowledge through their Spark pages & content. Maryland, US

Immediately Track from your phone & computer when your emails get opened, get reminders to follow up with leads, offer suitable meeting times, & use email templates for sales pitches. Closing deals is no longer a 9-to-5 job. You’re always selling/closing. If you don’t, your competition will. Having perfectly-timed actionable information, & the right tools to take action, is the winning formula. San Francisco

Impartner (formerly known as TreeHouse Interactive) @ImpartnerPRM acquired in 2015 by Kennet Partners. [SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management & Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) solutions, Impartner PRM will acquire the Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) business from partner automation solutions provider TIE Kinetix @TIEKinetix. Acquisition includes TIE Kinetix’s suite of Brand Control & Demand Generation technologies. Impartner will provide a channel management platform to help companies accelerate the performance of their channel. Sale expected to close Q2 2020] $18.8M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Channeltivity, Allbound, & Zift Solutions. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Indegene Omnipresence Indegene Acquires Skura! Life Sciences Customer Engagement (See Skura)

Infinite Possibilities Instructor-led & Digital Sales Enablement Platform. Our mission is to help Sales Teams be more productive through Enablement & Sales tools. The platform will enable salespeople to learn world-class sales skills & provide tangible metrics to measure sales effectiveness. Developed by SIB Infotech. Kondivita, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra

inkonit Used to blog about Sales Enablement. Now @SuperBSolutions Superior Business Solutions operates the website. Save time & money on PPE, print & promotional products with our supply chain management & process improvement solutions. USA (No software)

Screen Shot 2022-10-02 at 1.21.40 pmInQuira Oracle CPQ Cloud former BigMachines Inc + InQuira (Oracle purchased InQuira). Oracle Netsuite configure, price, & quote (CPQ) = Netsuite CPQ for sales teams. Oracle Knowledge Management: Provide customer service organizations with consistent, accurate, & searchable knowledge content through digital, agent-assisted, & self-service channels. The solution offers customers & agents natural language processing search, analytics about the content being used, & authoring & publishing tools so service organizations can help customers find solutions to their problems more quickly. NetSuite CPQ enables sales teams to quickly configure, price & quote (CPQ) complex products & services with complete accuracy & reliability—directly in NetSuite. The ability to create 3D product visualizations & automate the generation of sales proposals helps to further enhance & accelerate the sales process. The configure, price & quote software works seamlessly with NetSuite ERP, CRM & eCommerce solutions using NetSuite pricing, inventory & profitability data & connected workflows that automate the transition from sales to delivery, generating bill of materials (BOM), routings & work orders. Oracle Way Austin, Texas, USA XANT, Inc. Playbooks Mobile

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 8.35.18 pm5-Oct-2021: Aurea Software Revives InsideSales Brand, Retires XANT. Aurea acquired XANT summer 2021 & will make InsideSales a pillar in its commerce solutions portfolio. The name change to XANT took place in November 2019. “InsideSales is a storied name in enterprise software,” said Aurea CEO Scott Brighton in a statement. “Over the course of 15 years—from 2004 to 2019—it became one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. We’re excited to honor that track record of success, innovation, and commitment to improving how B2B enterprises sell to each other by restoring the classic brand name immediately.”

2-Aug-2021Aurea calls itself a “business software library” because it offers one subscription that covers dozens of business software products. They added sales engagement tool XANT, which recently changed its name from Inside Sales & will now change it back. Other familiar brands on the shelf at Aurea include Jive, Infer, FirstRain, Artemis, Interleaf, & CloudFix.

InsightSquared @insightsquared provider of revenue intelligence solutions, acquired Olono @OlonoAI (See below) on 3-Oct-2019. Together, InsightSquared & Olono offer an end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform, connecting your sales & marketing data with Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 12.50.33 amhistorical & real-time activity & engagement data to boost sales execution & grow revenue. InsightSquared alone had estimated $9M USD in annual revenue & Olono estimated $5.1M USD. 17-DEC-2021, Mediafly is acquiring InsightSquared to provide revenue teams with 360-degree deal intelligence & prescriptive next steps.

InsitePortfolio @InsiteSoftware Dec-2015, Insite Software acquired Storyworks1 former Storyworks OnDemand. Mar-2017, Storyworks1 rebranded as InsitePortfolio. Insite Software Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 12.44.58 amacquired Sales Enablement & Digital Content Delivery Provider Storyworks1. Minneapolis, US. 16-Dec-2019, Insite Software was acquired by Episerver @episerver (global software company with offices in Nashua, NH, USA & Stockholm, Sweden; offering web content management, digital commerce, & digital marketing). Optimizely @Optimizely acquired Insite Sep-2020, Episerver [Acquired by Insight Partners] acquired Optimizely In Bid To Drive ‘Experimentation’.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 9.08.35 pmInsideView 4-May-2021, Demandbase, announced the acquisition of both InsideView (sales & marketing intelligence) & DemandMatrix (a provider of technographic data & intelligence). Demandbase signed a definitive agreement to acquire InsideView & DemandMatrix & launched the Demandbase Data Cloud & Sales Intelligence Cloud. Together, these companies create a B2B data & intelligence solution, moving Demandbase to a full B2B go-to-market suite.

iPresent @iPresentapp sales engagement platform. Same message, same content, same branding across multiple platforms & devices. Run iPresent on all the major mobile platforms. Run a tablet Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 12.50.33 amalongside a phone on one user license. 5-Sep-2019, Mediafly acquired iPresent Ltd. Hampshire, UK; Sunnyvale, California, US

iQuoteXpress @iQuoteXpress (IQX) web-based CPQ (Configure Price Quote Software) solution that helps sales reduce proposal times by 50-70%. The sales enablement tools you need to streamline & improve your quoting & sales process: Automated proposals, dynamic cataloging, reporting, & flexible integration with your existing systems. Ensure a consistent look & feel for every quote you put in a customer’s hands. Sales enablement requires analytics, & we’ll deploy the back-end tracking tools to give you complete oversight, & help ensure no proposal or business opportunity goes missing. Studio City, California, USA

ItaQuod @ItaQuod Close business now! Sales teams are more efficient, consistent & predictable. Close business tomorrow! The rest of the organization has direct access to clear, concise information required to evolve messaging, solutions & partnerships for future success. The right data, in the right place. Easily captured, collaborated on & consumed. RADNOR, PA, US

Jiminny @JiminnyInc platform for all your customer conversations. Use Automation & AI to help your team grow & develop. If you’re already using Slack to share new sales wins, product feedback, pipeline updates & sales content, then you should be using Jiminny. Transcribe, search & save time with Voice AI: Transcribes your calls instantly after the meetings are finished. Search specific moments in the call to spend time coaching where it matters. New York, New York, USA

Jive @jivesoftware by Aurea, Inc. an ESW Capital Group Company. Aurea Software completed its $462M purchase of Jive, 12-Jun-2017. Jive Software has $38M estimated revenue annually. Competes with Workfront, Smartsheet, & Upland Software. Provider of communication & collaboration solutions for business. We empower people & organizations to work better together. Though based in California, Jive’s largest site is in Portland, its onetime headquarters. Once employed upward of 200 people in Portland, but after a 2016 layoff & an exodus following the company’s sale, its workforce has fallen considerably. Jive Software used to have $203.5M in revenue annually & competed with Get Satisfaction, Slack, & Workfront. Jive: The Intelligence-driven intranet: Our innovative platform transforms your organization – driving productivity, improving collaboration & modernizing search.

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 8.42.39 pmJoomag @Joomag Create & deliver high-impact content, get comprehensive analytics, boost sales. Content performance platform. Create & distribute engaging content & measure its performance & ROI. Generate more leads & magnify your reach by distributing your content across all devices. Interactive elements like photo galleries, videos, & feedback plugins/forms throughout your content. Create custom lead gen forms, have them appear as popups, acquire leads right from your publication, & leverage the CRM to manage them all. Distribution: Deliver your publication on all major platforms & devices including web, mobile browsers, social media, & your very own iOS & Android apps. Analytics: Learn how readers are interacting with your content from detailed metrics such as page views, average view durations, links, & more. See how many of your emails were opened, how recipients are engaging with them, & how many times the offline PDF version of your publication is downloaded. Put your content in front of the right people with easily shareable links. Request a custom Android or iOS app & we’ll build it for distribution on the App Store or Google Play. Deliver your content to your entire email list with a simple button click. Joomag, Inc., San Jose, CA, US

Jostle wants to put a fresh face on intranet software. Aims to make it easier for companies to publish news stories & announcements, host online discussions & share other relevant information like team directories. Features a Yammer-like chat tool. Integrates with the likes of Active Directory & other directory services to make onboarding easy. It also supports most popular single sign-on solutions & offers Google Apps integration, too, with support for Google Docs, Gmail, Google Contacts & Drive. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Journey Sales JourneyDXP @JourneySales smart rooms digitally engage customers with sales teams across the customer lifecycle, allowing them to easily collaborate – all in B2B sales solution designed for you & your customer. Smart Rooms are private digital collaboration spaces where a sales team & a customer team can work together, engage key decision-makers, invite colleagues, quickly reach consensus etc. Say goodbye to repeat conversations, endless emailing & unproductive phone calls & say hello to everyone on the same page. Once had $5.8M in revenue annually. Competes with Abtech Holdings. Journey Sales is now JourneyDXP. Although we started by targeting sales, our customers Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 2.01.15 pmbegan to apply Smart Rooms to a variety of use cases that cross sales, marketing, & account management. A great customer experience is essential to modern sales success. By changing our name from Journey Sales to JourneyDXP, we’re underscoring the larger value of our products & services as components of a comprehensive digital experience platform designed to offer enterprise-wide benefits for teams. JourneyDXP continues to add new innovations to our Smart Rooms solution enabling client-facing end-users to improve engagement with prospects, clients, & fellow team members. Add to these innovations an expanded line of strategic coaching services to help B2B organizations embrace virtual selling & other digital-first business strategies, & JourneyDXP is changing the landscape of digital customer engagement, & unifying sales, marketing, success, account management, & channel partner teams in their efforts to build profitable pipelines & remain competitive in their space. Empower your team with a best-in-class digital sales solution to engage smarter & win more. Philadelphia, PA, USA & Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India

Kahoot! @GetKahoot helping unlock the magic of learning. Kahoot! for business: Enterprise: Create a learning culture that all employees want to be part of. Deliver engaging training & e-learning at scale. Make internal presentations & events engaging. Enable collaboration across an organization. Onboard your entire organization easily & securely. Deliver engaging training & e-learning at scale: Build a content library. Create game-based learning programs with colleagues in a shared team space. All team space members can search & reuse questions or kahoots made by others. Enable company-wide collaboration: Collaborate on content in a shared team space. Save time by reusing content: either entire kahoots or individual questions. Oslo, Austin, London

Kapost founded 2009 & acquired in 2019. Content marketing software platform. Enables marketers as publishers by helping them generate content ideas, manage the content production process, & develop traffic-generating links to their content. Manage every aspect of your B2B content lifecycle – from ideation to distribution – & optimize every single asset. Streamlines your distribution process, enabling you to publish to an internal library & across channels. Simplifies content discovery & tracks internal usage of current content among teams. Manage your entire content lifecycle, collaborate & produce Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 8.56.04 pmmore efficiently, & measure the impact of every single asset through the entire buyer journey. Had $15M in revenue annually & competed with NewsCred, Uberflip, & WebDAM. May 28, 2019, Upland Software (See below) acquired Kapost for approx. 3x revenue ($45M in cash) + $5M cash holdback. Boulder, CO

Kbee @tryKbee Knowledge Base Software. Kbee lets anyone create a searchable & branded knowledge base straight from Google Docs. Turn your content into a fast, searchable space for you, your team, or your customers. Create instantly: Turn your existing Google Drive folders & files into a professional knowledge base. Find answers quickly: Full-text search across all of your content. Match your brand: Customize your domain, logo, color schemes, & layout. Horatio, Inc. San Francisco, CA, USA

Kenexa now IBM Smarter Workforce Mobile Learning Solution: Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Social Business Software

KiCube apps to drag & drop your marketing content to build an interactive story for devices used by your sales force. Austin, TX

KickPost connect to your departments / partners on KickPost, a way to deliver, organize, & receive up-to-date info in one place. Organizes the clutter & connects you together, all in one place, making it simple to distribute & receive information from all your connections. Organize your co-workers to better manage & share information with specific parts of your team. Partner engagement. Scottsdale, Arizona

Kiite AI for Sales Enablement @kiiteHQ The future of work is being built today. Supercharge your workforce with Kiite, the world’s first Intelligent Sales Coach. Streamline Sales Enablement: Let’s face it, there’s too much company knowledge & it’s impossible to train reps on everything. Knowledge is scattered among applications & websites, making it difficult for sales reps to access & leverage to sell more. Dec-2017, raised undisclosed amount / Seed from Xfund. Waterloo, Ontario

KLYCK @klyckio Corp former Whut Inc (used to be part of the SKURA Sales Enablement solution Sales enablement app built for manufacturing solution sellers. Improve the way you publish, present, share, & analyze content! Founded on the belief that solution sellers need the right tools to create memorable sales conversations. Mission: Help sales & marketing teams around the world improve the way they publish, present, analyze, & deliver content. Make every conversation count: Redefining the way companies manage, present, share & analyze content by providing teams with the skills, & tools to make every conversation count. KLYCK is redefining the way companies manage, present, share & analyze content by providing teams with the knowledge, skills, processes & tools to make every interaction count. Less Searching, More Selling: Easily publish content, update existing collateral & organize your content library. Measure the impact of your content with detailed & customizable analytics to understand how your workforce & prospects are engaging. Toronto, ON, Canada

KnoBis @knobis_kb KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM: Somewhere along the way, Knowledge Base got really hard to use. Simple, intuitive & requires no training. By Bellurbis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India

KnowledgeTree (KnowledgeTree was acquired by SAVO Group; announced Jun 12, 2017. Then on May 8, 2018, it was announced that Seismic acquires SAVO Group) Right content, right time, right in – Sales teams sell more when they use effective presentations, data sheets, & case studies. Makes sales enablement easy by surfacing the best content for any sales process – instantly in

Kompyte @kompyte helps product, marketing & sales teams collect, organize & act on CI (competitive intelligence) to differentiate, provide unique value & earn market share. COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE FOR SALES ENABLEMENT: Differentiate & win more deals. Improve sales effectiveness with up-to-date intelligence on competitor pricing, products & promotions. $1M in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with Rival IQ, TrackMaven, & L2. Now saying they don’t compete with RivalIQ or Track Maven anymore, but their main competitors are Klue & Crayon. Intellikom, Inc., doing business as Kompyte. San Francisco, CA, USA & Barcelona, Spain. 1-Mar-2022: Semrush SEMrush Inc an online visibility management SaaS platform, announced plans to acquire competitive intelligence automation & sales enablement platform Kompyte. Based out of Austin, Kompyte is an Al-driven solution designed to simplify the tracking, compilation & analysis of competitor insights for sales, marketing, product development & executive teams. Its platform delivers timely, strategic insights derived through the consistent monitoring of competitors’ holistic online presence. This enables better messaging, positioning, product development, & revenue capture for both small teams & large enterprises.

Kony Kony enterprise apps: Reach your employees on any channel – phones, tablets, desktops, & more – to deliver a consistent experience that drives enterprise-wide adoption. Enable sales teams to engage with customers in a personalized & informed way – anytime, anywhere. Help field & plant workers quickly execute & close work orders with intuitive workflows & access to pertinent information. 10-Sep-2019, Geneva-based Temenos’ announced the acquisition of Austin, Texas-based digital application provider Kony in a deal totalling $580M. 25-Sep-2019, Temenos (SIX: TEMN), GENEVA Switzerland banking software company, announced the acquisition of Kony Inc @kony the US digital banking SaaS company has closed.

Kuvana @TeamKuvana See buying signals instantly: Alerts for opens, videos, PDFs, links, web pages & CRM. Key prospect interaction is captured, & followup actions made easy. Marketing Asset Analytics. Asset Libraries: Easily insert marketing collateral into your sales emails & see the stats as they roll in. Atlanta, GA. Swiftpage @Swiftpage has one purpose — to fuel small business growth. Swiftpage had $7.5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with HubSpot, Apto, & Keap. Denver, Colorado, USA. Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 10.37.33 am12-Dec-2018, Swiftpage acquisition of Kuvana, Inc who are the makers of InboxGuru (100% Native Marketing Automation for Infor CRM). Swiftpage @Swiftpage now @ActCRM has one purpose — to fuel small business growth. Denver, Colorado. Swiftpage has continued it’s growth strategy with it’s recent acquisition of Kuvana, Inc who are the makers of InboxGuru. The Sage Group is a multinational enterprise software company. Sage owned and developed the Act! CRM product line from 2001-2013. In 2004, Sage rebranded the product to ACT! by Sage & 6 years later, to Sage ACT!. In 2013, Sage sold the Act! product line to Swiftpage & the name returned to just “Act!”. For the first time in Act!’s history, it was marketed as “Act!” (not “ACT!”). Swiftpage is now Act!. Follow us at @ActCRM ! Scottsdale, AZ, USA

KYKLO Sales Operations Management – Helping Automation & Electrical Distributors Digitize. Shopify for B2B distributors in the electromechanical industry. New York City, New York, USA & Bang Rak, Krung Thep, Thailand

Landslide Technologies Inc resource library for easy sharing, retrieval & managing: j2 Global, Inc. acquired it. See or 7-Oct-2021, J2 Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: JCOM) completed the separation of its Consensus business into an independent, public company to J2 Global, Inc. shareholders. The new company, named Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc., is a Nasdaq-listed company trading under the ticker symbol CCSI. In conjunction with this announcement, J2 Global, Inc. changed its name to Ziff Davis, Inc. & now trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol ZD. offline as of 5-Nov-2021. The new Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc stands for interoperable digital cloud technology & moved from simple digital documents to advanced healthcare standards & secure data transport & Natural Language Processing (NLP) & AI to convert unstructured documents to meaningful structured data. Their interoperability suite of solutions offer a unified digital environment that optimizes workflows, provides real-time event notifications, on-demand patient query, direct secure messaging, universal APIs, electronic signature & eFax.

Launch International a Corporate Visions company. See Corporate Visions (June 2014 the marketing & sales messaging, tools & training company, acquired Launch International a communications company specializing in marketing & sales enablement content). 19-Aug-2021, Sentinel Capital Partners, private equity firm that invests in lower mid market companies, sold Corporate Visions Inc. @corpv a sales & marketing enablement company in the US, to The Riverside Company. The terms were not disclosed.

Leadstalk small vendor/agency focused on Mauritius

LeanData @LeanData enterprise revenue ops platform / solution [family of applications] breaks down the barriers between sales & marketing operations to improve the buyer experience, drive greater revenue & fuel growth. We don’t create, change or transform data. Rather we underpin the entire go-to-market process by connecting trustworthy data to the right people, in the right places & at the right time. Also an intuitive Routing application, ensuring the right data gets to the right people for action. Analytics (Attribution application) provide marketers with clear visibility into which investments are bearing fruit & which need to be redirected to continuously improve selling motions. Open APIs & a variety of out-of-the-box integrations, extend the matching & routing products beyond CRM to popular sales & marketing apps. Integration partnerships incl. BombBomb, Drift, Outreach & SalesLoft. $3.9M in revenue annually & competes with Ringlead, CRMfusion, & Velocify, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA, USA

LearnCore @LearnCore (See Showpad below) Sales training & coaching platform built with enablement in mind. Empower your sales teams. Increase Rep Productivity: Make sure the entire sales team is always up to speed & communicating consistently. Messaging, Demos, Objection Handling, Onboard Reps Faster. Deliver just-in-time learning to the right people at the right time. Chicago, IL 5-Jun-2018, Showpad (around since 2011) acquired LearnCore (provider of sales training & coaching software) to deliver an integrated Sales Enablement platform: Sales content, engagement, training & coaching. LearnCore & Showpad’s combined platform will leverage data analytics & artificial intelligence to optimize investment in content, deliver relevant content recommendations for sales, & improve the skills of sales teams through personalized training & coaching at scale. Showpad expanded its operations with new offices in Amsterdam, Munich, & Chicago. The combined company will have 350 employees globally.

Lessonly @lessonly simple, trackable training software teams use to learn & practice like never before. Helps customer service & sales teams do better work. Sales enablement training software: With Lessonly, companies & managers quickly transform knowledge into shareable lessons & resources, engage employees through interactive feedback loops, accelerate rep & team performance, & measure the impact of better learning across their organizations. Lessonly had $6.7M in revenue annuallyLessonly competes with Mindflash, LearnCore (See above & see Showpad below), & TrainCaster LMS. Indianapolis, IN, USA. 19-Aug-2021, sales enablement & marketing orchestration platform Seismic acquired Lessonly, a provider of sales training, coaching, & enablement solutions. With this acquisition, the company will provide sellers the access to marketing & sales content as well as coaching plans, learning programs, & practice scenarios in one location. In addition to the acquisition, the company has also closed a $170M Series G funding bringing the company’s valuation to $3B. Obie acquired by Lessonly 29-Jul-2021

LevelJump @LevelJumpS built on the Salesforce platform. Correlate your enablement efforts to real CRM metrics & milestones. Improve your onboarding process, maintain ongoing sales training, & drive revenue. Launch prescriptive & interactive programs that include videos, calls, articles, & coaching materials to continuously onboard & train your sales force in an engaging way. A modern enablement experience with onboarding, on-going training, new product launches, pre-event, & pre-campaign programs your teams can complete on the go. Practice with video-first coaching rooms assigned to your managers & teams for role play, pitches, & objection handling. Align sales & marketing message consistency by reviewing pitches, providing scores & feedback, & certifying your reps. Centralize training videos & coaching content in a library directly in Salesforce, & categorize by themes, win stories, or use cases. Accelerate deals: Recommended content based on stage, products, competitors, or any custom fields on leads, contacts, accounts, & opportunities in Salesforce. Save reps time by linking additional resources to videos, from your CMS, to PDFs, & any other tools. Ramp reps faster by publishing training videos & coaching collateral to help them at any stage of the sales cycle. Toronto, ON, Canada. Acquired by Salesforce 22-Sep-2021

LIA LIA was a mobile platform for the distribution of real-time content between marketing & sales teams at Global 2000 companies. Acquiring Organization: Showpad (SaaS platform for sales & marketing success) Announced Date: Mar 16, 2016 (See Showpad below) mobile app that pushes correct sales materials to each rep & then sends analytics back to management to help sales & marketing be more effective together. Old brand: Digital Asset Manager

LinkedIn (Microsoft) (See PointDrive) PointDrive acquired by LinkedIn. Announced Date: Jul 26, 2016 May 3, 2012: LinkedIn acquired professional content sharing platform SlideShare for $119 million. Dec 8, 2016, after getting final European Commission approvals, Microsoft & LinkedIn announced that Microsoft’s $26.2bn acquisition of LinkedIn, the social networking site, officially closed. scribd @Scribd Scribd Inc. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare @SlideShare business on 24-Sep-2020.

Lionboard Analytics Saas-based analytics platform & benchmarking solution for sales enablement. Helping sales enablement leaders prove their financial value & elevate their conversation with the executive team, to help them transition from a tactical pursuer of random acts of enablement to become an influential voice in the formulation & execution of their company’s go-to-sale strategy. Connects the dots between sales enablement & a company’s financial performance. Presents that information in a simple, fitbit-like dashboard showing the value of the sales enablement team. Hence, it’s not adding to the number of sales rep facing tools. Palatine, Greater Chicago Area, Illinois, US

Litmos (See SAP) SAP Litmos @litmos: Learning Management System (LMS) powers training for today’s intelligent enterprise. LMS, Commerce platform, & content-rich course catalog that make it easy to manage the entire learning program from system implementation & integration to ongoing administration. Empowers organizations to align corporate training with the company’s most important strategic goals. Offers a SaaS-based learning management system that enables trainers to merge media-rich content with seamless online delivery. Dublin, California, USA

LiveHive @LiveHive allows channel managers to gain live insight into partner selling activities. iOS app / single destination to get the most current business documents, campaigns & product materials & then analyzes who is using what & which materials are most helpful to channel partners. San Jose, CA, US (Last tweet was 5-May-2017 & website is down)

LogicBay @LogicBay cloud-based partner relationship management (PRM) solutions for small emerging to global enterprises. Also offers consulting, training, & certification solutions. Accelerate revenue with LogicBay’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Solution. $4.1M in revenue annually. Competes with Channeltivity, Relayware, & ChannelAdvisor. Founded in 1980. LogicBay was acquired by KLI Learning Corporation on 1-Feb-2004. Based in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 5.45.31 pmLoom @loom work communication tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable video. Say it with video! Get your message across, no matter where you work. Sending a Loom is more efficient than typing long emails or meetings / conversations that don’t need to happen in real-time. You talk up to 6x faster than you type. Capture you screen, record their front-facing camera, & narrate video all at once with no switching apps or upload required. Whether it’s training new teammates or replying to a customer inquiry, Loom enhances the way people communicate at work by allowing them to send the next best thing to being there. Why Sales teams use Loom: Improve outreach. Accelerate sales cycles. Optimize performance. Streamline onboarding. San Francisco, CA, US. Legal name Opentest, Inc

Loop @helloloop Helping sales teams onboard sales reps more effectively. Loop helps sales teams generate more revenue through more effective onboarding. Brooklyn, New York, USA

Loopio @loopioinc Proposal & RFP Management Software: simplifies the process of developing proposals & responding to RFPs. Automation engine to populate your RFP with the best answers from your Loopio Library. Produce brand compliant proposals in seconds: Don’t spend countless hours formatting documents. Leave it to Loopio to export your content into a beautiful, custom branded proposal. $20M in revenue annually. Competes with RFPIO Inc., RFP365, & Proposal Software. Toronto, Canada

Lurniture (See LevelJump above) Accelerate your sales by delivering the right sales training at the right time – right within Salesforce. Develop your team’s selling skills faster, Increase deal sizes & close rates, Clone your top performers, Track the ROI of your training efforts. Built 100% native on Toronto, ON, Canada. Acquired by Salesforce 22-Sep-2021

MadKudu @madkudu predicts the value of every lead in the funnel, helping marketing leaders assess their marketing programs & adjust spend. Give them a forward-looking view of their pipeline & ability to articulate their value with a metric everybody understands & trusts: expected revenue. Helps B2B marketers take full advantage of their valuable data to empower their go-to-market strategy. Automatically prioritize your best leads & accounts based on fit & intent, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks & you aren’t leaving revenue on the table. Connect Data From Everywhere: How a lead engages with your product is just as important as the website, your emails, or sales conversations. MadKudu ingests data from ALL sources. By measuring & talking the language of the rest of the company – revenue – you’ll prevent questions about the impact of your marketing team, saving energy for more productive conversations. MadKudu Inc., Mountain View, CA

MarcomCentral acquired by Ricoh Company 9-Dec-2014, @MarcomCentral an online, on-demand marketing Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 12.19.25 pmassets management (MAM) solution. Become a marketing rockstar with MarcomCentral’s marketing asset management software. Manages & customizes marketing content across your entire organization. $10M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Pageflex Inc., SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC, & Elateral. Solana Beach, California, US

Marketo (acquired ToutApp) See Adobe Systems. Marketo has $308.5M in revenue annually & competes with Act-On Software, Pardot, & HubSpot. Sep 20, 2018: Marketo acquired by Adobe Systems (for $4.8B)

Matik @Matik_io automates the generation of repetitive data-driven presentations, so reps can spend more time selling & less time on tedious tasks. Generate personalized customer presentations in minutes, not hours! Automatically generate native Google Slide or PowerPoint presentations with customized data inputs. Automatically extract data from your CRM, BI dashboards, or any database to infuse data driven insights into your templates. San Francisco, CA

Mediafly @mediafly offers sales & marketing a selling experience that values the buyer & drives business growth. Ensures sales teams, partners, & customers have immediate & secure access to the latest sales & marketing materials, online or offline. AI-powered content usage analytics let you know what is working, what is not, & your content’s contribution to revenue. Chicago, IL. Oct-2018, acquisition of Alinean Inc. (See above). B2B buyers changed / became more digitally savvy & sophisticated. To stay competitive, sellers need to change along with them. Buyers aren’t looking for sellers to present static, boring pitch decks with product information they’ve already found online. They’re looking for sellers to bring additional value to sales conversations – to effectively communicate the impact their product or service will have on the buyer’s business in the context of what the buyer cares about.) $18.4M in revenue annually & competes with Showpad, Brainshark, & ClearSlide. On the SAP App Center as “Mediafly for SAP Sales Cloud”. Sell more effectively by giving customers a more personalized, interactive & data-driven experience. Gives your team a single, mobile-ready repository for distributing, managing & accessing all your current marketing content, in all formats – documents, presentations, audio, videos, PDFs. The right content is far faster & easier to find & use, saving time & administrative headaches. After content is shared, it is automatically tracked, so managers know what’s working. Content can be moved from any existing system into Mediafly. Once incorporated, users can work with the Mediafly App right within SAP Sales Cloud. Recommends content based on the stage of sales cycle, applying metrics drawn from how your materials perform against closed sales. Recommended content helps sales reps use the right content at the right time, in the moment during sales presentations. It can also be used for internal coaching & developing sales best practices, & by marketers/managers to plan future content pieces that can most effectively support sales. Sep-2019, Mediafly acquired iPresent Ltd. Mediafly Content Hub announced July 2020: A solution providing marketers the ability to manage public-facing website sales content, customer-facing sales content & internal-only sales content all in one place, allowing teams to share relevant, engaging & personalized content throughout every stage of the buying process. Content Hub & the suite of sales enablement & content management solutions positions Mediafly as a sales enablement technology provider to support the entire buyer journey in one platform, enabling a consistent, personalized & engaging sales content experience from a buyer’s first interaction with a brand through to conversion & post-sale. The typical B2B buyer is already 57% through the purchase process before reaching out to sales. This makes the content that buyers self-discover online a critical component of the sales process. To win attention / new customers, companies must offer a consistent, premium, end-to-end sales content experience that guides a buyer from education to purchase. This flow is typically obstructed by sales & marketing content housed in disparate, non-communicative systems that fail to leverage the collective insights that guide buyers toward confident purchase decisions. Oct-2020, Mediafly provider of sales enablement technology, content management & advisory services that create interactive, value-based selling experiences, acquired Presentify a global visual communication solution based in the UK. Nov-2020, Mediafly launched Jumpstart Presentations to help brands accelerate their digital sales transformation & move beyond the traditional pitch presentation. Dec-2020, Mediafly introduced Shadow Content Finder, a feature that helps organizations identify & track the performance of seller-generated content (vs. marketing-approved content) to understand what resonates with customers & improve future content strategy. Increases visibility into seller-generated content that moves deals forward during sales interactions. The feature extracts content performance insights that marketers may not otherwise be aware of. 17-DEC-2021, Mediafly is acquiring InsightSquared to provide revenue teams with 360-degree deal intelligence & prescriptive next steps. Screen Shot 2022-12-22 at 2.26.23 pmExecVision @ExecVision_io conversation intelligence software built for coaching. Washington, DC, USA. 27-Apr-2022, Mediafly @Mediafly is acquiring ExecVision. Mediafly, a sales enablement & revenue intelligence platform provider, has acquired ExecVision, a conversation intelligence (CI) provider. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 18-Oct-2022, Mediafly revenue enablement platform acquired Aptology @APTOLOGY1 talent intelligence platform specializing in assessing & predicting sales rep performance. Aptology is Mediafly’s sixth acquisition & the latest addition to the company’s modular Revenue360 platform, which includes sales enablement, content management, coaching, value selling & revenue intelligence.

Membrain @membrain_com Used to be known as Upstream business solutions? SALES ENABLEMENT CRM FOR TEAMS COMMITTED TO GROWTH. Sales Improvement Software that helps B2B companies execute their sales strategy & achieve consistent performance in complex sales. Allows you to integrate educational information, collateral & guides in the right context – your sales process. This helps all your sales people to increase their skills from hire date through every deal they work. Provide training material to reinforce new knowledge; Ensure that everyone uses the same sales language; Provide deal-level coaching to increase win-rates. CONTENT IN CONTEXT: Provide sales collateral from the right context (sales process); Use in-process sales guidance to get new hires up to speed; Model the behaviors of top performers & share best-practices. ENGAGE: See when your customers engage with your content. $2M in revenue annually & competes with Revegy, Altify, & AXIOM Sales Force Development. Stockholm, Sweden

Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 8.37.10 pmMeta @meta (Metaverse, Workplace by Facebook, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc) Workplace – marketed as Workplace from Facebook & formerly Workplace by Facebook: An online collaborative software tool developed by Meta Platforms. Menlo Park, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 9.29.39 amMicrosoft @microsoft getting into the metaverse & its corporate version of the metaverse via Microsoft Teams & rolling out updates to Xbox consoles: Collectively known as Mesh: Combines the mixed-reality capabilities of Microsoft Mesh, people in different locations join collaborative & shared holographic experiences, with productivity tools of Microsoft Teams, where people can join virtual meetings, send chats, collaborate on shared documents etc. Microsoft has Loop as a Notion clone for Office:

“The Fluid Framework is coming to life as Microsoft Loop, a new Microsoft 365 application that takes collaboration beyond the traditional document”

Microsoft makes SharePoint, Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure the cloud computing service, owns Yammer / Skype / LinkedIn (PointDrivePointDrive acquired by LinkedIn 26-Jul-2016 / LinkedIn Learning. 3-May-2012, LinkedIn acquired professional content sharing platform SlideShare for $119M. 8-Dec-2016, Microsoft & LinkedIn announced that Microsoft’s $26.2bn acquisition of LinkedIn, the social networking site, officially closed. 11-Aug-2020, LinkedIn sold the presentation-sharing service scribd @Scribd Scribd Inc. began operating the SlideShare @SlideShare business on 24-Sep-2020.

Miller Heiman @MHGroupEMEA Empowering your sales service team to be ready to win more! Strategy Ready: BE READY to enable your sales & service strategy with consulting & research services. Consulting services that serve your business performance. London, UK. LOS ANGELES, 30-Sep-2019, Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY) acquired three companies from TwentyEighty, Inc. in the leadership development area: Miller Heiman Group, AchieveForum, & Strategy Execution.

Mindmatrix Sales Enablement software for manufacturing: Marketing for the manufacturing industry means you have to nurture great b2b relationships while simultaneously supporting geographically dispersed distribution-channels. As a manufacturer, success depends on how well your brand is marketed & sold by your distributors. Give salespeople their own personalized portal that will arm them with the tools they need to engage prospects, leads & customers. $11M estimated revenue annually & competes with Zift Solutions, Impartner, & SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC. Pittsburgh, PA

1639670725673MindTickle Inc. @mindtickle sales enablement & readiness platform. Expanded Sales Readiness Platform with Ideal Rep Profiles, Sales Content Management. Gives you the power to ramp up new reps faster, coach them effectively, keep them up-to-date & create a culture of sales excellence. 360 degree Sales Readiness Solution (Accelerate time-to-productivity of new sales reps). Onboarding. Ongoing. Coaching. Anytime Anywhere: Native Mobile app & responsive design built on HTML5 delivers a rich user experience with high usability. Reporting Pull reports, slice & dice data + analyze performance of sales teams by location, department, product line or any custom parameter. Machine learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable administrators & managers to assess rep performance effectively, coach individuals & teams, & prescribe targeted remediation. New capabilities included machine-assisted evaluations such as automatic transcription of virtual role-plays, keyword identification, & machine-assisted seller performance monitoring with quantitative & qualitative scoring. New micro-learning & content creation capabilities with advanced support for webcam & screen capture. This capability assists creators in quickly developing & distributing relevant & timely content to teams. Has $50M in revenue annually. Competes with SalesHood, Rehearsal, & Cornerstone OnDemand. San Francisco, CA

MindTouch @MindTouch knowledge management solution: Improves support agent productivity, increases case deflection, & fuels self-service support. Cloud software that provides self-service customer experiences that create product experts & improves marketing, sales & support. SaaS solution for customer success / engagement management helping companies create smarter customers to accelerate the sales cycle & drive product adoption. Knowledge management: Capture, organize, & deliver content to internal & external channels. MindTouch for Salesforce: AI powered knowledge management inside of Service Cloud & Community Cloud. $10M in estimated revenue annually & competes with eGain Corporation, Gainsight, & FireScope. San Diego, CA.Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 9.01.39 pm NICE @NICELtd NICE Ltd snapped up privately held ContentEngine in Jul-2021, which came soon after its Apr-2021 acquisition of MindTouch to expand its CXone offering. “Our recent acquisitions of ContactEngine and MindTouch, plus our native Enlighten AI and data lake investments, puts NICE CXone in the unique position to cover 100% of customer need events through the addition of proactive outbound, intelligent self-service, and self-learning AI to make better bots faster,” said Chris Bauserman, NICE CXone vice president of marketing.

minerics allows companies to embrace their full innovation potential by automating the management of ideas with natural language processing & machine learning. Thanks to instant feedback on ideas, we help making every employee an innovator. Bring your sales content to the next level: Our solutions helps you to better engage with your leads & to get the most out of your sales content. Without doing anything. Thanks to our sales automation algorithm you are always a step ahead. Stuttgart, Germany

MING Labs user experience design company: Design & development for mobile responsive websites or mobile apps. The team was behind the user interface of BizSphere (see above) & Combionic‘s slide library (see above). Berlin, Munich, Singapore & Shanghai based.

miro @miroHQ used to be known as Realtime Board (RealtimeBoard). 6-Mar-2019, they have a new name & brand identity: Miro, online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work better together. Offers a collaborative whiteboard platform that is designed to allow distributed teams to work effectively together. Support includes running presentations / slides, brainstorming sessions & workshops to planning projects & designing new products & services. San Francisco, Bay Area, USA

unnamedMixmax @Mixmax a Sales Engagement Platform for Gmail. Eliminates busywork & enable real engagement. Make your AEs & CSMs more productive, directly from Gmail. Made for teams on the front lines. Built for AEs, SDRs, & CSMs. Close pipeline faster with Mixmax: Crush your quota; land more replies, meetings, & deals from your inbox. Monitor real-time email opens, clicks & engagement from Gmail. Know exactly who opens your email. Know exactly what’s working. Per recipient email & attachment tracking. Track opens, clicks, downloads, & RSVPs by person & message. Receive real-time notifications when people are taking action on your email. Monitor lead engagement without leaving your inbox. Book more meetings. Personalize every message: Use data from your CRM & LinkedIn. Increase reply rates with highly-personalized messages & campaigns. Ensure no one slips through the cracks with smart reminders, engagement alerts, & automated follow-up to unresponsive leads. Sync activity to Salesforce: Create or edit records in your CRM from Gmail. Automatically synchronize your emails & call notes to Salesforce CRM. View, edit, & create Salesforce records without leaving Gmail. Connect the dots between Salesforce & Gmail. San Francisco, CA, USA

MobileForce Software  (Former name fonemine?) See Sales Velocity below

mobilelocker @mobile_locker Mobile Locker sales enablement solution for businesses: Harness the power of your content through an easy-to-use app that maximizes marketing efforts, increases customer engagement, & drives sales effectiveness. Have all of the content that you need at the click of a button. NO MORE SEARCHING! Hudson, OH, USA. Vorenus Ventures Vorenus Ventures LLC. Doylestown PA, Bucks, US

MobilePaks MobilePaks became @veeloinc See Veelo below; Veelo was acquired by @Bigtincan. Sales Enablement Platform that uses machine learning & brain science to help you onboard, train, enable & optimize your sales team. Content management tools guide marketers to develop & deliver content in a way sellers learn, retain & use it. Automatically suggests reference materials, short training bursts & customer facing collateral in context – when & where sellers need it. Measurement & analytics provide indicators of sales effectiveness & content ROI. Stand-alone web apps. Can integrate with partner portals & CRM systems eg Salesforce, Oracle CRM & Microsoft Dynamics. Started by VIA, Inc. a communications & custom eLearning company. Did business as MobilePaks LLC an Oregon corporation Jul-2019, Bigtincan (See above) acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, US based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m.

Modus @modusengagement (used to be known for their product App Data Room @AppDataRoom) Sep 19, 2018, Modus rebranded its company. Platform to build, brand & manage a professional mobile sales app. Add your logo, colors & messaging to customize App Data Room for your company. Upload presentations, PDFs, videos, images & more to ensure that your reps always have the right materials in their hands. Download your app on any number of mobile devices. Present content on your app then send via followup. Leads can be automatically pushed to your CRM or Marketing Automation tools. Sales enablement platform used by sales & marketing professionals to conduct critical customer conversations to engage buyers. Simplified digital sales enablement platform to help organizations empower sales teams, optimize buyer interactions & boost marketing ROI by digitally transforming their sales & marketing. Modus Communicate (formerly App Data Room) ensures sales teams, distributors, & dealers always have access to the right sales materials, at the right time via an easy-to-use, fully brandable mobile application with AI-assisted content management. $4.2M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Seismic, ClearSlide, & Brainshark. Minneapolis, MN

Moxtra @PoweredByMoxtra Create compelling sales pitches with audio & visuals to sell more, faster. Bind together & customize all relevant sales material to craft the perfect pitch. Share it with your prospects & get instant realtime feedback on your proposal. Engage leads with interactive vocal & graphic annotations. Easily coordinate with support staff while out in the field. Close more sales & entice repeat-business by keeping it all together. One-stop digital business applications where your clients & your organization can engage on demand. Your team can interact with your clients & close business within the app. $12M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Viber, WhatsApp, & Skype. Cupertino, CA, US

Mutual Mobile @mutualmobile Create rich user experiences that re-invent how businesses engage the world through mobile. Custom software solutions. Increase the demonstrable value of mobile. Austin, TX & Hyderabad, Telangana, India

myDocket @myDocketApp You email a ton of collateral to your customers. How do you know they actually read it? Austin, TX

Napp @Napp_dk acquired by Templafy (See Templafy) 18-May-2020. Enabling sales & marketing teams to solve the needs of the ever demanding buyer. Ensure the right sales material is always available at all meetings. Control content in one centralized platform, & push updates instantly to all sales teams. SaaS software company helping B2B sales & marketing organizations succeed by empowering their sales teams with a better sales support tool that help them close more deals & have better conversations in meetings. Founded in Copenhagen, & venture funded in 2017, it empowers thousands of sales reps. Sales enablement platform that gives the sales team a tool to help before, during & after client meetings, & provide clients with a better buying experience. Copenhagen, Denmark

Nektar @AiNektar building the future of Sales: AI-driven collaboration engine for modern GTM Teams. Helping sales people sell more. With the power of AI & human collaboration, use Nektar playbooks to coach & ramp your fast growing sales teams & new hires easily. Customise, implement & track the sales plays to fit your sales process. Your rules, your plays with AI at its core & a dash of human expertise! Selling as a team leads to 45% better closures compared to flying solo. A collaborative tool for all things Sales. Integrated with communication channels & CRM for faster collaborations, single window of deal execution for the whole organization with the ability to create, view, edit & assign tasks to cross functional teams. Sell remotely as a team from anywhere to anyone. Central Region, Singapore

[Nolinio @nolinio platform that enables to distribute content & tools within attractive, customizable, mobile apps. Put an end to bulky, out-dated 3-ring binders, catalogs & brochures & enable your team to easily find, use & share the information they need at the moment they are talking to customers or making decisions. Most recent social media posts were 2016 & their CTO left that year. Company seems on maintenance mode instead of growing as they seem to only upkeep Clipper Magazine’s mobile sales enablement solution [for their national sales force of 500 reps] & Berk-Tek Industries Sales Enablement solution for 130 direct & distributor sales representatives. Lancaster, PA, US]

Notion @NotionHQ all-in-one workspace – for notes, tasks, wikis, & databases. Note-taking & collaboration application for your notes, tasks, wikis, & databases. $11M in estimated revenue annually. Competes with Quip, Airtable, & Simplenote. San Francisco, CA, USA. Notion said 8-Sep-2021 it acquired, an Indian startup that builds connectivity & integrations with 200+ services, as the workplace productivity startup looks to accelerate its product expansion to become more compelling for tens of millions of individuals & businesses that are increasingly moving to digital collaborative tools. The San Francisco-headquartered startup, last valued at $2Bn in private markets, said the acquisition of the Hyderabad-headquartered Automate will help Notion understand the know-how of — & leverage — the 200 integrations the Indian startup has developed to give users & enterprises alike the ability to bring their workflows into Notion.

Nowigence @Nowigence AI Platform Delivering The Personalized Sales Intelligence You Need To Close Deals Faster. Work Even While You Sleep – Be Prepared. Automatically extracts & synthesizes sales intelligence. Pluaris™, Solomon™, & Artemis™ by Nowigenc. For sales: Achieve Sales Quotas, Identify New Sales Opportunities, Get Live AI Generated Briefings, Reduce Employee Turnover, Know Current Industry Dynamics. Top-Down Transparency, Expert Knowledge Sharing, View Entire Data Landscape, Institutional Memory Hub, Reduce Onboarding Time. Charlotte, NC; Albany, NY; Noida, U.P. India

[n-tara used to be & used to have but last tweeted about Sales Enablement in 2010. Seemed to have stopped working on Sales Enablement projects. Now digital transformation agency: We work with multichannel businesses who want to increase revenue, decrease waste, & accelerate innovation.]

Nu:Pitch became Seismic (See Seismic)

Octiv @octivinc formerly known as TinderBox (Octiv acquired by Conga @congaHQ Broomfield, CO; 7-Mar-2018, Conga (Intelligent Document Automation) announced it acquired Octiv, provider of web-based document solutions.) Streamlines creation, collaboration & delivery of mobile-responsive, online documents. Less paper, more time. Helps Sales reduce time spent creating proposals, presentations, quotes, SOWs & other common documents. Proposals: Engage prospects & customers with compelling proposals. Create standardized docs using data & systems you already have, & send them instantly online. Presentations: Give presentations that engage prospects. Create personalized documents using existing data & present from anywhere, from any device. Quotes: Generate accurate, personalized quotes in just minutes. Track engagement & effectiveness throughout the sales cycle. SOWs: Draft statements of work & collaborate with prospects. Edit & redline in real time, removing the friction of offline negotiations. Indianapolis, IN, USA. May 7, 2020 Conga @CongaHQ was acquired by Apttus which had been acquired by Thoma Bravo on 4-Sep-2018. The company will be known as Conga.

Olono (previous name @nexd_ai) @OlonoAI sales orchestration. Intelligent next best actions that improve win rates & quota attainment. Real-time guided selling for B2B sales organizations. SaaS-based solution: Leverages the sales & marketing application investments organizations have already made, capturing all sales activity from any source—then delivers Intelligent Next Best Actions that increase engagement & improve win rates for AE’s & AM’s. Austin, Texas, US. 3-Oct-2019InsightSquared @insightsquared, provider of revenue intelligence solutions, acquired Olono. Together, InsightSquared & Olono offered an end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform, connecting your sales & marketing data with historical & realtime activity & engagement data to boost sales execution & grow revenue. 17-DEC-2021, Mediafly is acquiring InsightSquared to provide revenue teams with 360-degree deal intelligence & prescriptive next steps. InsightSquared had estimated $9M in annual revenue & Olono estimated $5.1M

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 10.30.40 pmOmedym @Omedym helping your buyers buy – with Digital Buyer Enablement. It’s time to Digitize the Demo. Helping software companies accelerate their sales. ENGAGE – INSIGHT – ACTIONS: Omedym; “My Demo” spelled backwards because it “flips the switch” on the software demo experience by making it digital, searchable with suggested topics making it more convenient & engaging for prospective customers. Digitizes the demo experience by indexing every word in video demos making them 100% searchable. This digital demo experience increases buyer engagement by drawing your prospects in as they search & explore the demo topics that matter the most to them. Sales sees the prospect’s complete digital footprint giving them the insights they need to target the selling motion. They know every stakeholder engaged in the sale & the demo content they’ve viewed. This enables sales to take actions that shortens the sales cycle & expand the selling opportunity with guided product experiences. Liberty, South Carolina / Atlanta, GA, USA

OMI @OMI4U (Customer Communication Management) partner for emerging mid-size companies that embrace crm, marketing automation & Sales enablement platforms. OMI’s solution (366 Degrees marketing automation software for small & mid-sized business to simplify campaigning & email marketing. Turn prospects into leads, leads into customers & customers into fans with an outreach sales engagement platform) also in-depth knowledge of Salesforce partner solutions, Pardot, Vidyard-Salesforce integration. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM: OMI Statement2web: Digital Transformation Platform. Accelerate service manages enrollment & online execution of digital communications associated with transactional communications such as statements, notices, letters, loan services, contracts & bills. SaaS solution digital customer engagement platform in conjunction with leading PSP’s (print service providers) delivers a turnkey offering to manage electronic enrollment, SSO (single sign-on), & marketing capabilities to target online & offline messaging delivered through the platform. CONTENT MANAGEMENT & PERSONALIZATION: Manage content across a vast array of communication channels incl. portal, notices, email, social, documents, & video from the platform. Personalize each communication with variables from third party data sources to make each communication relevant to your clients. Track interactions & engagement to determine next best messaging to your audience. Atlanta, GA

Omni-Share cloud-based CMS Sales Enablement & Marketing business tools: Empowers heads of sales & marketing teams to create, manage & distribute innovative presentations & content live to employee’s desktop, tablet & mobile no matter where they are located. A brand of Clarity International, UK

OneMob @OneMob Personal, trackable & company branded video & voice messages tracked in Salesforce. Create a webpage of content, incl. videos, documents, website links & URLs, buttons, YouTube, & social. Brand pages to match company branding. Real time chat directly with viewers. Upload any document: Import from Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Evernote. $1M in revenue annually & competes with BombBomb, JangoMail, & A2Stream Inc. San Francisco

OneWindow @OneWindowApp takes your standard Office365 deployment & makes it specific to your industry & organization while removing cost & complexity you would find with custom on-premise solutions. Corporate social intranet meets the modern digital workplace: Collaborate, communicate & engage. Brings together the components of the Microsoft Office 365 platform into one single digital window. CONNECTS PEOPLE TO: People, Community, Projects, What’s Happening, Easiest Document Upload, & Social. Bethesda, MD & Woburn, MA

OnMessage @onmessage MessagingInfusion App & Cloud-based solution provides customer-facing employees with instant access to the messaging they need – when they need it. Through a semantic-based search it provides sales professionals & employees with the relevant messaging they need to be successful in sales or customer–specific situations. With a search (i.e. How does a CIO in the retail industry benefit from our disaster recovery solutions?), it aggregates & delivers search-specific messaging content & tools. OnMessage is the B2B consultancy executives trust to develop messaging & communication strategies that deliver the highest return on investment & generate valuable capital to fuel future growth. Plano, TX, USA

Ontuitive @Ontuitive Recommends resources relevant to the selected products, market segment, competitors, sales process stage, etc. Pushes contextually relevant resources directly within the record without the need to access a separate portal or search. Ontuitive’s solution is a application which is installed & fully integrated with your instance of Netherlands / UK / US (Seems dead since Jul-2019; 25-Oct-2017, Stage Fund acquired Ontuitive for an undisclosed amount)

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 11.25.28 amopentext @OpenText Open Text Corporation: Enterprise Information Management (EIM). We unlock the Information Advantage to deliver insight. Acquired Documentum: In 2017, OpenText acquired Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum, LEAP, and InfoArchive. In 1996, the product originally called Livelink became an OpenText flagship product. Livelink also known as Livelink ECM – Enterprise Server, Livelink Enterprise Server, Livelink Server. Livelink is now known as Content Server. Open Text Corporation, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

OptifiNow @optifinow cloud-based SaaS sales enablement & automation software platform. Designed to specifically address the growing needs of the sales force. A single integrated platform that includes sales process automation, affiliate management, content management, marketing collateral resource management, etc. See what collateral the sales team is actually using. Track leads from acquisition to converted customer. Immediately route leads to the appropriate sales team. A common platform to store & activate marketing content. Deliver sales ready leads to sales teams. Deep analytics to drive insights into how customers interact with sales collateral, & how to further optimize it. Measure conversion, response & engagement. Understand content effectiveness & engagement to inform strategy. Avoid spending time maintaining & supporting separate, non-integrated communication applications. Control brand standards through content management systems. Seal Beach, CA, USA

Outreach @outreach_io Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) accelerates revenue growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. Manages all customer interactions across email, voice & social, & leverages machine learning (ML) to guide reps to take the right actions. Knowledge AI Assistant (Kaia) is designed to provide secure sales enablement intelligence, advanced task automation & organization & management capabilities for web conference integration that enables users to conduct meetings & track important data from sales conversations to cater the right follow-up: Call-recording & speech-to-text transcription capabilities; Content cards provide information on a requested topic; People cards summarize known information on clients; & Meeting summaries. Also designed to highlight critical action items for sales reps to complete, bookmark important information & ensure the privacy of its users by storing all data & recordings in Outreach’s servers. Estimated $200M in revenue annually & competes with Litmos, SalesLoft, & Rehearsal. Seattle, San Francisco, USA

Oxygen @Oxygenexp helps people be successful at work by modernizing workplace education & sales enablement that transform customer-facing & sales teams. The Oxygen Enablement App, reduces information overload for customer-facing teams & makes finding what they need, when they need it, easy. Provides companies with a customized role-based enablement solution, ensuring that employees receive content that is specifically for the work they are expected to complete. Allows employees to ramp up faster & continue to receive curated content when they need it. The Enablement App helps companies utilize their existing content management, learning management, or sales management systems, while delivering a modern user experience for employees. Also provides managers with a dashboard that allows them to track employee performance. Dashboard data helps create the insights needed to keep iterating & curating the content necessary for success. Seattle, Boston & D.C., USA

Pageflex @PageflexInc tailor-fitted Distributed Marketing Platform helps enterprises conduct better local marketing. If an enterprise has 50+ distributed end users – such as sales reps, field marketers, affiliates, partners, or franchisees – distributed marketing is critical to driving brand activation at a local level. Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform empowers field teams to customize, create, & circulate marketing campaigns that drive results, all while upholding your brand’s integrity. Manage, track, & assess every piece of marketing material that’s communicated to customers, ensuring full visibility into your brand’s presence. Marlborough, MA (Acquired EarthIntegrate to form one of the largest localized marketing vendors, Apr 30, 2015)

PandaDoc @pandadoc a document automation software as a service with built-in electronic signatures, workflow management & document builder. Estimated annual revenue $52M USD. San Francisco, California, USA

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 4.16.47 pmPaperflite @paperflite Sales content management software (CMS). Sales Engagement Platform to help sales reps close deals faster. Connects marketing content with sales conversations to enable sales reps deliver hyper-personalized conversations. Offers a range of analytics on content effectiveness so Reps can easily access the best fit content to craft a personalized dialogue. See what sells & use that to make contextual conversations with your buyers. Publish & distribute sales materials to users across geographies through customized streams. Reduce content overdose by allowing reps to subscribe to streams of choice that air relevant content. They can follow best rated collaterals their peers use to close sales deals. India & New York & Delaware, USA

PathFactory @pathfactory LookBookHQ is now PathFactory! The Content Insight & Activation Platform uncovering a new class of data for B2B marketers. “Accelerate buyer education on every channel & understand the impact of content on the buying process!” Understand how content moves your prospects through the buyer’s journey, & the impact it has on pipeline & revenue. The path to better marketing decisions begins with better insight into content engagement. THE PATH TO ALWAYS-ON CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES. Content Activation: Your buyers live in a world of Netflix, Spotify, & Amazon. They expect to get the information they need, when they need it, on-demand. Put your buyers on the path to purchase by delivering personalized content experiences at scale. PathFactory Inc. Remove friction from the B2B buyer’s journey STOP MARKETING. START ENABLING YOUR BUYERS. Today’s consumerized B2B buyers self-educate more than ever, spending 67% of their journeys researching independently. But buyers are experiencing a frustrating amount of friction along their path to purchase. PathFactory fixes that by enabling buyers. $10.5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Uberflip, Contently, & Kapost. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pegasystems @pega strategic applications for sales, marketing, service & operations that drive business agility for Global 2000 enterprises. Sales Content Management: Share, discuss, & work together on content for any sales situation. Intelligently guide B2B or B2C sales professionals & automate the sales process with Pega Sales & Onboarding. NASDAQ:PEGA Cambridge, Mass., USA

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 2.34.38 pmPepperi @PepperiHQ mobile sales suite for brands & wholesalers. Our solutions transition companies into mobile sales, enabling them to increase B2B revenues, while shortening the order-to-cash cycle, & elevating brand image. The Pepperi SaaS platform combines catalog order taking, mobile CRM, merchandising, order management & B2B e-commerce into mobile apps that are simple & fun to use. NYC, USA. Pepperi Ltd, 14 Hacharoshet Street, Raanana, Israel

Percolate @percolate Percolate Industries, Inc. acquired by Seismic (See below) 5-Nov-2019. Orchestration Hub that lets marketers control all aspects of the marketing lifecycle. Offers solutions to introduce visibility into the marketing process, improve coordination of work, & effectively build marketing campaigns & content. Create a coordinated customer experience, reduce production costs, & understand marketing impact. $27.8M in estimated revenue annually & used to compete with StoryChief, ScribbleLive, & Kapost.

PerfectPitch24 Access Mobility, Inc. is the owner of Indianapolis, IN, US. Arm your sales team with a native iPad app / equivalent HTML5 web version. Email documents fast, easy & hassle free. Display your sales materials in one place.

Perperitus Sales solution @Perperitus UK based

Persistent Systems announced Apr 1, 2016 that it acquired Genwi @Genwi put the power of information in the hands of sales teams. We make it easy for sales reps to find, share & track content interactions via mobile. Had $1.4M in revenue annually & used to compete with Highspot, Seismic, & Bigtincan. Had joined twitter May 2008. San Jose, CA. Persistent Systems is from Pune, India

Pipedrive @pipedrive Sales CRM. CRM platform developed from the salesperson’s point-of-view. 5-Mar-2020, Pipedrive announced it acquired Mailigen, provider of an email marketing automation solution. Their first acquisition will make it easier for Pipedrive customers to access software that generates leads & nurtures customers. Mailigen @mailigen email marketing automation platform & agency servicing small to medium size companies around the world. Email marketing for Pipedrive users: Get ready to engage your customers & make entirely new ones. Mailigen in Riga, Riga, Latvia (Pipedrive estimated annual revenue $46.5M, based in New York, New York, US) August 2020 saw the launch of Sales Docs (in beta): Send trackable quotes, proposals, & contracts from your CRM. See when files are opened & make updates in real-time. Follow up at the right moment & close deals faster. Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data: Send quotes faster with less manual copy-pasting & fewer errors. Create document templates that automatically pull products from your catalog or information from any Pipedrive field. By sending trackable documents, you get notified whenever they’re opened. Follow up at the right time to lock in sales quickly. Find docs easily: Store quotes, proposals & contracts where you can quickly locate them. Track them against deals in Pipedrive or your chosen storage drive to evaluate their effectiveness & make improvements. Web Visitors: Discover organizations from your website traffic that so far remained hidden, anonymous or unconverted. Track companies that visit your website, how they found out about you & your website, what they engaged with & how long they stayed. Use these insights to optimize your site’s content & tailor your outreach to new leads or existing customers, anticipating their needs before you even make contact. Web Visitors will automatically rank organizations based on their web activity. However, you can also use custom filters to segment your visitors by properties such as URL visited & organization location to help your sales team target their most ideal leads.

Pipeliner CRM @PipelinerCRM a look at the sales pipeline & how it drives CRM. Sales process to close more deals. Sales enablement is supplying salespeople with the right tools, assets & guidance to support their interaction with prospects & customers at each stage of the selling/buying process to drive better sales results. Pipeliner CRM: Sales enablement tool. Suggested or mandatory actions embedded within each stage of the sales process. Sales stage-specific marketing collateral & other assets available in each stage of the process. Instant insights from smart data analysis. Automated workflows triggered by buyer actions. Targeted workflows triggered by salesperson. Sales-specific email automation. AI-generated insights & guidance for salesperson. Visual relationship mapping to illustrate hierarchies, buying influence, & networking. Mobile CRM for selling on the go. Collateral at point of greatest impact: Sales stage-specific marketing collateral & other assets available in each stage of the process. Embed the right document or piece of collateral into the correct stage of the sales process. Ensures that the right information is shared at the right time. Can be used in combination with stage-specific Automated eMails & Workflows. Los Angeles, CA

Pitch @Pitch Pitch Software GmbH. Open platform for presentations & content collaboration. Improve the way presentations are crafted & knowledge is shared. Presentation tool & platform for students, teachers, creatives, managers, startups & teams everywhere. With Slack & Front transforming business communication, Airtable & Coda disrupting Excel, & Sketch & Framer on a mission to break Photoshop’s monopoly, we saw innovation & thoughtful design resetting expectations & reimagining the user experience of complex business software. Yet, even with this shift, presentation tools have not kept pace with technology; we believe there needs to be something new, different & substantially better. Software startup founded Jan-2018. Funding: Index Ventures, BlueYard, Slack Fund, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, Framer CEO Koen Bok, Elastic Co-Founder Simon Willnauer, Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel, Wunderlist-backer Frank Thelen & Metalab Founder Andrew Wilkinson. Their founding team created Wunderlist. $1M in revenue annually & competes with Prezi, Powtoon, & Slidebean. Berlin, Germany

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 8.11.36 pmPITCHER @pitcherdotcom end-to-end mobile sales enablement platform that empowers your employees to fully engage your customers & prospects: Streamlines customer interactions & tracks reactions to marketing collateral, effectively closing the marketing feedback loop. Give your team the latest data, collateral, & key messaging anytime, anywhere—even offline. Out-of-the-box mobile modules will transform your sales process. Connecting to a number of CRM & ERP systems, & making this data available in the field, gives your sales teams the capability to be mobile & real-time – with the information that matters most. Access your essential Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics & Oracle OnDemand data from anywhere, on any device. Pitcher AG, around since 2010. Zurich, Switzerland; Barcelona, Catalonia, ES; Istanbul, TR; Newton, MA, US

Playboox Playmaker Solution @playbooks provides software & services that enable sales teams to optimize & standardize their sales processes, messaging & tools. San Francisco, CA

PocketWorks Mobile Ltd, UK Enterprise iPad & smartphones solutions in Leeds, UK

PointDrive @Point_Drive package up, personalize, & track the materials you share throughout the closing process. A smarter way to deliver sales content. A sales-oriented application that improves the way you share content with customers. As fast as sending email, but streamlines information in a sophisticated, easy-to-absorb format. Import your LinkedIn profile, logo & contact information. Arrange links, maps, documents, & videos—plus any files from Dropbox or a shared drive. Add a narrative that walks the customer through it all, just like you’d do in person. Now you possess a cohesive, branded presentation that’s on target to boost sales. Chicago PointDrive acquired by LinkedIn. Announced Date: Jul 26, 2016

PointForward @PointForwardHQ certify new reps & launch messaging at scale. San Francisco, CA (By The Brevet Group; See The Brevet Group below)

Point of Reference @PtofRef give reps access to essential reference information in a familiar interface. As ReferenceEdge is a native Salesforce app it’s accessible from within Salesforce mobile solutions. Ensuring reference functionality is in the right place, at the right time yields higher usage & adoption. Prevent Reference Overuse: Keep track of how customers are being used, how often & for what so you don’t wear out your welcome. Set limits on the number of times in a given time period an account or contact can be used for reference activities. Reference Content | Manage & Share: Customer videos, case studies, press releases & quotes are easily tagged, activated / deactivated & shared. Extensive meta-tagging makes sure content is consistently found & used, which is the only way to realize a return on content investment. You define the tags (for search). Denver, CO, USA

Pop Art @PopArt custom software company specializing in mobile apps, digital asset management & sales tools. Sales Enablement Tools: Custom mobile applications to modernize your sales process & close more deals. Their sales enablement tools are mobile apps, custom-built each time to fit the exact needs of your business. Improve your company’s ability to close sales. Engagement & Conversions: Analytics to understand the strengths & weaknesses of your sales process. Continually improve your customer engagement & conversion rates. Onboarding: Decrease time to full productivity for new hires by having all up-to-date training collateral available in one place. Training: Educate, develop, & equip your sales team with up-to-date, standardized training collateral. Asset distribution: Sales & marketing assets always up-to-date & easily accessible via mobile apps. Sales Communications: Capture customer details, preferences, & contact information in the app or integrate with an existing CRM. Manage customer relationships & easily send assets & communications. BAM! (see above) by Pop Art. BAM! Your sales toolbox — a simple way to help you & your team sell just about anything. Powerful & easy-to-use digital asset management & publishing platform that can slash your costs & ramp-up time versus old & inefficient processes. Pop Art makes $4.3M in revenue & competes with RAIN Agency Inc., The Nerdery, & Grady Britton. Portland, OR Portland, OR

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 9.28.28 amPostBeyond @postbeyond cloud-based employee engagement & advocacy platform that enables employees & partners to post approved brand content to their personal networks in an efficient, consistent, & measurable way. $9M in revenue? PostBeyond Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada. 8-Dec-2021 Influitive Inc @influitive (also Toronto, ON, Canada) acquired PostBeyond for an undisclosed amount.

Postwire looks like Pinterest for Sales Enablement. Share videos, photos, links, & documents in a visual way. Aims to be the hub of all business content & with a mission to change the b2b sales process. Freemium business model. Lexington, MA, USA. Sococo @sococo & Postwire “Blast Off Together”: merger

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.03.53 amIgnition (former name Practice Ignition) former URL @ignitionapp eliminate debtors & fully automate client onboarding. Proposal to paid in one place! Eliminate the friction by sending your clients a single smart proposal they can read, sign, & make a payment on in one sitting. That’s more closed deals for you & less back & forth for everyone. Create intelligent proposals that trigger workflows, automate your back office & increase conversions. No more word docs, email trails, or data duplication. Software that facilitates proposals, payments, insights, scope management, & integrations. Competes with Jetpack Workflow, Capium Ltd, & Canopy. Sydney, NSW, Australia

prelay @prelayHQ supercharge your sales & support teams. Deal collaboration all in one place. A collaborative operating system built for complex sales & up-sell cycles. The product supercharges organizations to provide technical expertise to all stakeholders (Sales, Support, & buyers) at scale. Sales, Support, Solutions Engineers & buyers leverage Prelay. Deal support works in parallel with sales/support & buyers for complete alignment. Prelay Incorporated. San Francisco, California, USA

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 7.31.24 pmPreSkale @preskale The control center to empower & scale your presales. Control-centre for presales teams. Presales are outgrowing clunky CRMs. It’s time to transform. Workspace for presales consultants to hang out & get things done. Empowers Presales teams to deliver an exceptional product evaluation experience. With a purpose-built workspace, your teams can effortlessly streamline all account-related activities, utilize data-driven decisions, & optimize the sales cycle to maximize revenue attainment. PreSkale is on a mission to empower pre-sales engineers around the world. PreSkale Inc. San Mateo, CA, USA

Presentek (See Flipdeck above) Los Gatos, CA, USA

PresentiGO @presentigo presentation platform designed for sales teams, combining next-gen visual presentations on tablets with in-field sales reps management. $2.2M in revenue & competes with Showpad, Brainshark, & ClearSlide. San Francisco & Czech Republic

Pressly @pressly sales enablement platform for engaging content that drives measurable business results. Surface useful content: Generate a constant supply of relevant content company-wide with the help of your research, marketing & product teams. Share suggested original & 3rd-party content into a private hub […] Alert sales to new content with regular newsletter digests. Let them choose content that relates best to their customer audience, then republish it to personal sales & private advisor hubs. Share new content to all levels of your sales funnel with newsletter updates & updates via social media. […] useful metrics derived from customer & sales advisor behaviour, helping you to optimise content even further. Toronto, ON, Canada 7-Sep-2017, Vision Critical @visioncritical announced its acquisition of Pressly @pressly a Toronto-based software company. Vision Critical Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 3.52.08 pmprovides customer relationship intelligence software that improves customer relationships to grow customer lifetime value. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Alida @AlidaTXM created a CXM & Insights Platform. The company is based in Toronto and formerly known as Vision Critical. Alida Inc. formerly known as Vision Critical Communications Inc.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 9.19.15 pmPrezentor @PrezentorCom Sales Enablement platform that transforms sales. Stand out, sell value & win time. Smart, easy-to-use editor, to build feature-rich, clever presentations with a few clicks. Add videos, hotspots & relevant files to better sell your services/products. Sales teams appreciate it before, during & after meetings. Copenhagen, Denmark

ProductByCloud connects the entire sales side of the business in real time. Gives reps access to the most important information on your solutions & how to sell them, anywhere on any device. Improves sales performance by heightening expertise & connecting team members – even the most remote ones. While clients did their research & planning, they still require an expert partner to challenge their assumptions, provide real insight & guide them to a good decision. The role of the Sales Rep evolved: Expert on industry issues, solution details, the competitive landscape & how to best structure a solution. SpeakFeel Corporation, Guelph, ON, Canada

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 10.09.32 amProlifiq former branding @PROLIFIQAPPS Prolifiq ACE sales enablement app, native on Salesforce / native Salesforce revenue optimization solution. Focus on closing deals – not tracking down content to share. Help sales & marketing teams consistently serve up the best customer experience by allowing teams to access the best content, where & when they need it. Completely native Salesforce digital content management app. Marketing content is consumed & shared by Sales teams via Playlists and / or Salesforce Sales Paths – all within the native Salesforce interface. Jul-2020, updated Ace digital content management app’s Ace Content Adviser with a relevant content feature that recommends content wherever users are working in Salesforce Sales Cloud or Salesforce Service Cloud, such as accounts, plans, contacts, industries & opportunities. Ace Engage was also enhanced to associate & report activity, such as email sends, clicks & views, with contact records. Account-based selling apps are available in the Powered by Lightning collection on the AppExchange. $7.1M in revenue annually & competes with Aurea Software, Ivy Mobility, Inc., & Synergistix. PROLIFIQ Software Inc. Beaverton, OR, USA

Promatum @promatumee @webanywhere supply sales & marketing teams with the opportunity to increase their performance by using innovative knowledge management software. Gone are the days of emailing a video link asking for people to watch it. Effortlessly create amazing content (video, copy, quizzes & more) that your team can access anywhere – in the office or on the move. Webanywhere also uses Totara Learn, an open-source, scalable & configurable LMS.

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 8.24.16 pmProteusCo @proteusco Proteus helps digitally transform b2b buyer experiences via content management, buyer enablement & web product innovations. Buyer Enablement for modern buyers, powered by a collaborative digital workspace & buyer-centric communication. Helps drive relationship success. Complex b2b Sales Teams: Seamless buyer enablement platform for b2b sales teams to deeply engage with buyers & stakeholders. Client Growth & Cross-Sell: Accelerate client growth & cross-sell opportunities via buyer engagement & measurable engagement. Sales Enablement 2.0 is Buyer Enablement: SALES LEADER SUCCESS IN A NO HANDSHAKE WORLD: Stop having your sales team sling out as many brochures & ppt’s as they can. Adopt the approach your buyers & clients desire – real consultative & authentic relationships on their terms. ProteusEngage empowers sales & account teams to build highly collaborative digital workspaces to maintain real relationships via communication, collaboration & trust development – digitally. What happens before & after your virtual Meetings? ProteusEngage is a sales enablement platform that brings individuals from the sales team, account team & buyers into a seamless experience to drive relationships, trust, & confidence in complex b2b sales. Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.41.05 amQuestmate @QuestmateApp No Code. Making work simple, rewarding & consistent. Define a specific reward/incentive to be paid out / accessed right at the end of the workflow / job / task. In that sense almost a NoCode Smart Contract. Engaging Workflows. For teams of any type, size & mission. Team onboarding, training, tasks, etc. The simplicity of to-do lists 9G7dlbJj_400x400with straightforward guidance & powerful integrations of external systems & applications. Enabling you to build empowering workflows that connect the what to the how. Also perfect for Customer Onboarding, Staff Onboarding & Surveys. Register for BETA access. Avalon Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia. (Full disclosure: I’m an angel investor)

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.54.07 am

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.54.22 am

Quip (Salesforce company) @Quip living document platform that combines docs, spreadsheets, & communication to help teams get work done faster & smarter. Acquired by Salesforce. Announced Date: Aug 1, 2016. Price $750M. Quip for Salesforce: Embed real-time document collaboration inside the Salesforce CRM to streamline critical business processes & transform how sales & service teams work together. Documents that come to life: Quip documents unite your team’s work & communication, so you can get everything done in one place. Work from anywhere: Access, create, edit, or discuss your documents anywhere, from your phone or tablet. San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Qorus Software @qorusdocs helps organizations to create business critical documents efficiently & accurately. Intuitive Proposal Software  (proposal management). Streamlines access for your sales & marketing teams to the content they need to quickly connect & sell to customers via the Qorus Content Hub. Teams can quickly create state-of-the-art sales proposals & marketing assets. $14.8M in revenue annually. Competes with Proposal Software, SAVO, & Loopio. Bellevue, WA

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 7.24.54 pmQstream @Qstream mobile micro-learning platform that combines proficiency analytics, coaching support & knowledge reinforcement. Keep pace with the speed of change by continually reinforcing the messages & behaviors that employees need to perform best on the job. Whether you need to get new products to market faster, improve sales performance, transform your processes, or meet compliance requirements… Deliver an engaging, easy-to-use precision learning experience to help companies build high performing teams that innovate & excel. Built for enterprise scalability & easy deployment. Qstream has $12.6M in revenue annually. Competes with MindTickle (See above), allego (See above), & Axonify. Burlington, MA

Quadmark Portfolio & Product Selectors, Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Tools, Messaging Assets. Customer & Market Insights, Channel & GTM Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, Business Case Generation. US, Singapore, China, UK

Quark Software (See Docurated)

Qvidian Sant & Kadient had merged into Qvidian now owned by Upland Software (see below) Proposal management software that increases accuracy & wins. Help teams collaborate to create stand-out proposals & RFP responses quickly, shorten sales cycles, track results, & score more wins. Empower teams to craft powerful content fueled by RFP automation. Stay ahead of deadlines by automatically drafting relevant answers so your team can focus on knocking the socks off of the reader. Access all the best answers in one place—the way life should be. Store top-ranking RFP responses & approved proposal content in one easy-access answer library.

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 8.50.38 pmQwilr @Qwilr Pitch with confidence & win more work. Quickly create beautiful & intuitive proposals, sales & marketing documents. Whether you’re creating internally or sharing externally, Qwilr allows you to build document processes that are fast & easy-to-adopt. Set up your brand once, & it’ll update everywhere. Ensure consistency across all of your documents by setting up your colors, fonts & templates so your team is always on brand. Streamline your sales process: Remove the hassle for clients, & start working & earning faster. Integrate with CRMs, accounting tools & more. Integrate with other tools you love: Integrate Qwilr with the CRM, accounting, live chat & analytics tools. Understand your clients better: Track & analyze how your sales & marketing material is browsed. Be notified when your document is first viewed, see how many times it was viewed & what sections your customer actually cared about. Analytics features. $5.5M in revenue annually. Competes with PandaDoc, RightSignature, & Bidsketch. Sydney, NSW. Australia

Rallyware @RallywareSF for Sales Enablement: Speed up onboarding & improve productivity of every sales rep. For any sales organization, the company’s success is determined by its ability to quickly onboard & train its sales reps to get them become productive & knowledgeable about the company’s products, processes, & partnerships. Unfortunately, only a handful of reps become fully productive. Empowers its customers to coach, train, & motivate their workforces through personalized scalable engagement programs that achieve higher sales, faster employee onboarding, increased participation in corporate initiatives, & other business objectives. Mobile & web platform drives online & offline activities by creating a game-like social user experience. $4M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Saba Software, SumTotal Systems, & Cornerstone OnDemand. San Francisco, CA

Raven360 (ContentRaven) @Raven360_ sales enablement platform that allows companies to train, onboard, & coach their team into shortening their sales cycle & closing more deals. They focus on Sales & Partner enablement specifically, video-based coaching & learning. Content Raven (Enterprise Content Enablement Platform) has 25+ enterprise customers & 300,000+ users. ENABLE YOUR SALES TEAM: Onboarding, Training, Coaching, & Confidence to Close More Deals. Provide the right training, content & messaging for complex product sales in one easy experience for reps. Also marketed as Sales readiness platform that delivers up-to-date & consistent sales content, training & coaching. $5M in revenue annually & competes with Syncplicity, OpenDrive, & SugarSync. Framingham, MA, US & R&D in Chennai, India @GetRecapped collaborate with clients & close deals in record time. Client-facing project management tool built specifically for complex deals & onboarding. Keep you & your clients on the same page. SaaS collaboration platform for B2B sales teams & their potential customers. No more searching through emails chains. Get your deals across the finish line. Say bye to those countless emails & messy spreadsheets. Everything you need to collaborate on next steps & communicate with clients. Include notes from your call, sales content, or even set next steps for clients. New York, NY, USA

Refract @refract_ai Shine a light to reveal what aligns with success in your business. Profile coachable insight on every rep on every call, to improve performance & revenue. Turn sales starters into stars, faster. AI insights from every conversation: What do your top performers do in sales conversations that makes them successful? Every company is different, each conversation unique. AI determines what creates successful outcomes for you & delivers personalized coachable insight for every rep. Reduce ramp time for new hires with improved coaching & personalized feedback. Refract empowers reps to learn from their peers, explore a best practice playbook & track their progress, all in one place. Integrates with an ever growing range of CRMs, call dialers, call recording systems, & video conferencing platforms. No need to jump between tabs & services, harness the power of Refract within the products your reps rely on, with one click integrations. North East, England. NEEDHAM, Mass. 9-Dec-2020: Allego, sales learning & enablement solution, announced its acquisition of Refract, UK-based sales engagement & multilingual conversation analytics. Refract brings to the merger capabilities in revenue intelligence—delivering AI-enhanced content & coaching recommendations from sales calls, demos & meetings—to improve sales outcomes & grow revenue.

Regalix @regalix @nytro_ai Nytro Platform (PITCH INTELLIGENCE FOR SALES ONBOARDING & READINESS) solutions for Revenue Enablement, Revenue Operations & thought leadership. Create, organize & measure interactive content so you can more effectively coach & train your sales teams to close deals quicker.Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.09.24 am Nytro Trainer app: Remote coaching capabilities including role-based virtual onboarding (ability to onboard sales reps remotely & at scale, enabling them with the right sales readiness content so they can start selling to buyers across the various stages of the funnel), AI-Powered Training (Sales leaders can create customized quiz + assessment journeys, powered by artificial intelligence that recommends guided selling paths that prepare SDRs, BDRs, AEs & Field Reps with selling capabilities), Pitch Master (practice, perfect & record demos & pitches for quick evaluation, powered by AI, that provides insights into which reps are ready to sell & which require more practice to master the perfect pitch), Continuous-Coaching (create PinBoards which inform reps on the latest & greatest sales tips, plays, industry news & best practices, keeping them on top of their game to constantly improve their sales skills in an ever-changing market). Palo Alto, California, United States (Old branding was Many offices in India

Rehearsal VRP @RehearsalVRP video-based practice platform that helps you improve your communication skills, get coaching, & observe top performers. e-learning, software, coaching, role-play, video, leadership, practice, SaaS, mobile, on-boarding, systems training, sales training, sales enablement, sales coaching, leadership development, on-boarding, LMS, sales effectiveness, etc… $4.8M in revenue annually & competes with SalesHood, CommercialTribe, & allego. Reno, Nevada, USA & Leipzig, Germany. 13-Jan-2022: eLearning Brothers, LLC (American Fork, Utah) solidifies position in Video Learning as it acquires Rehearsal (by Rebellion Training, LLC; headquarters Reno, NV). Learning solutions company eLearning Brothers @eLearningBros announced the acquisition of Rehearsal, a video-based practice & coaching platform. The video-based Rehearsal platform lets users practice skills, submit videos for review, & receive manager feedback or automated scoring powered by advanced AI technology. Since the beginning of 2021, Rehearsal has been directly integrated into The Rockstar Learning Platform by the eLearning Brothers.

Revegy @revegy highly visual & configurable sales enablement software solution. Sales platform for key account management. Helps navigate the maze of changing relationships, competing interests, & corporate politics – so you can see the way to win. DYNAMIC PLAYBOOKS: Deploy your best practice process, tools, collateral, eLearning & other assets based on the vertical industry, solution or role. Accelerate onboarding by providing key tools, assets & learning when they’re needed. Fast-track new product launches with a guided process & a wealth of ‘just in time’ support tools – from value statements to objection handling capabilities. Atlanta, Georgia. 15-Nov-2022, Dura Software acquired Revegy for an undisclosed amount.

RevenueGrid @Revenue_Grid_ corporate name changed from to Revenue Grid. SmartCloud Connect evolved into Revenue Inbox. RevenueInbox AI-driven email sequences that guide teams to close more deals. Sales Engagement Platform that helps teams generate more revenue from better customer engagement. Avora Holdings LTD. US Headquarters Mountain View, CA, USA. Europe Headquarters Kyiv, Ukraine

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 12.55.03 pmRevv @Revv_so previously known as RevvSales: All-in-one document management for teams anywhere. Manage document lifecycle in a central place. Running your business, one document at a time, is our business! Modernize your commercial operations with a versatile document composer: Instantly build documents & generate effective forms for your team’s day-to-day business operations. 500+ ready-to-use templates. Automate routine documents with tailor-made workflows: Simplify complex document processes with pre-configured workflows. Designed to magnify productivity & efficiency. Turbocharge document signing & closing with effortless workflows: Send & Share multiple documents for authentication, acceptance & eSignature. Trusting one-click eSignatures instead of traditional handwritten signatures for crucial documents can be difficult for business owners. Try Revv & create handwritten signatures online with ease & comfort. Revvsales, Inc. Walnut, CA, USA. Bangalore, Karnataka, India: Backed by Lightspeed, Matrix Partners, & Arka Ventures, RevvSales, a document management vendor, announced its complete rebranding in response to accelerated company growth & renewal of its corporate vision. At the heart of this rebranding effort is a change of the company name to Revv with a new corporate logo. The company was started in 2018 by Freshworks alums. 17-Oct-2022,, Inc. (NASDAQ: LZ), US-based leading provider of personalized, online legal solutions & legal documents for small businesses & families has acquired Revv, a global Saas company based out of Bangalore, India

RISEcx former SpinRiot founded 2012, Portland, Oregon then RISEcx CareSpace by RISEcx RISEcx moves marketers from sharing folders of content to cloud-based content creation & collaboration. Scalable way to deliver adaptive content strategies for unique customer experiences. Cloud based collaboration platform, easy to deploy, learn, & use. Your brand powered by data driven marketing so you can see what’s working. Seamless interactive presentation created from existing assets (video, PDF, PowerPoint, images, YouTube).

RocketDocs @rocket_docs B2B SaaS company wants to make your job easier completing proposals, RFPs, RFIs, & more. Single source of truth for your content needs. Integrated sales enablement platform that helps clients of all sizes & industries succeed by moving at the speed of sales, with the power of productivity. RocketDocs 2.0: Collaborative Response Management Platform that helps businesses by securely centralizing a single content library across all sales & proposal management teams. Our platform of solutions makes it easier than ever to create & respond to RFPs, RFIs, & questionnaires, as well as assemble & configure proposals, contracts, & sales collateral. RapidDocs, our mobile sales engine lets you pull content & create whatever document you need — whenever & wherever you need it. Smart Response Technology: Machine-learning & AI technology searches your content library & instantly pulls up-to-date answers for quicker response time. Rebranded from Baltimore, Maryland, USA

RO|innovation (RO|enablement) RO Innovation acquired by Upland Software. Announced Date Jun 28, 2018. Price $12.5M (See Upland Software)

R2 R-Square & Company @taka_r2company Cloud Service: Enablement Cloud. Enablement App Sales “results” & “cultivation” Connect Sales Enablement application. Enablement App that maximizes sales capabilities by correlating sales results & human resource development. Provide a sales organization & human resource development measures starting from sales results, & realize a mechanism to verify whether the sales results have been achieved as a result. Lightning Ready App package by R-Square & Company Inc. Tokyo, Japan

SalesBean @SalesBean a platform to align your sales team with everyone else in the organization. Mobile (iPad or Android application) or web platform. Sales Enablement Hub for Accelerating Sales. Seamless synchronize the most important sales documents to your mobile device. Atlanta, GA

SalesBook @salesbook_app sales tool for mobile sales people to reach the customer, analyze needs, & present products. Dedicated, CRM independent, interactive mobile app for customer facing sales. User friendly Configure Price Quote, SFA, Sales, Presentation, Sales Management & Training. Quick mastery & standardization of sale procedures. Sales materials always available & up to date. Salesbook Sp. z o.o., Rzeszów, Poland / Warsaw, Poland / Austin TX / London, England, United Kingdom

SalesBrief @SalesBrief SaaS technology company focused on improving the way B2B companies sell products & services. A digital sales room for each of your deals, curated specifically for your prospects’ needs. SalesBrief analyzes the prospects that are most interested in your story, & delivers the content that will get them to sign. Providence, Rhode Island, US

SalesChoice @SalesChoice_inc a lot more on the CRM system side of the definition of Sales Enablement than I would normally go. AI for B2B sales analytics that is proven on the largest dataset in the world. Salesforce ISV-certified. AI SaaS-based predictive & prescriptive analytics company that increases the performance of b2b sales. Co-Founder Cindy Gordon also founder of Helix Commerce. Toronto, ON, Canada

SalesDoc Architect by CorsPro (See CorsPro). For Sales Doc ( see Sales Doc by innovationinc. below

Sales Doc or Sales document browsing analysis tool. Sales Enablement with Sales Doc! SalesTech / IT tools to streamline sales activities. SalesDoc not only organizes sales materials that tend to be messy, but also makes it possible to visualize the browsing of materials sent to customers, enabling efficient & efficient closing. Japan. By Innovation inc.

Sales Enablement Centre member of the FD Centre Family of Corporations. Then GrowthPoint Mississauga, ON, Canada

Sales Enablement Group (SEG) provides advisory & consulting services to transform the way their clients sell. Principal Craig Nelson co-founded iCentera in 2003. Today the iCentera solution is part of CallidusCloud (see Callidus above) owned by SAP. SFDC salesforce ‘Sales Cloud’ files & libraries keep the most up-to-date sales tools in front of your sales & marketing teams, & eliminate mistakes in the sales cycle by managing & publishing the most accurate product specs, contract documents, & price lists. Quickly see commonly viewed files, get real-time alerts whenever content is updated, & use tags to easily classify content across libraries. With your account you also have Chatter for free. Apps for Chatter are available for Windows, OS X, iOS & Android. Jigsaw was acquired by Salesforce Apr 21, 2010. This deal was done in Cash. shut down. Salesforce fully integrates Jigsaw data into CRM. Slack acquired by Salesforce 1-Dec-2020. Combining @SlackHQ with @Salesforce Customer360 will be transformative, creating the operating system for the new way to work. Together, we’ll enable companies to grow & succeed in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. Slack shareholders will receive cash & shares representing an enterprise value of approx. $27.7Bn. According to Salesforce, the average business leans on almost 1k applications to sustain their operations, which fragments customer data & digital experiences. Salesforce Genie works to resolve this problem by ingesting & harmonizing the various disparate sources of data, creating a comprehensive customer graph that can be used to inform sales efforts & personalize the customer experience. Genie for Tableau will enable automated workflows based on customer data, MuleSoft users will be able to build connected, intelligent experiences & Slack Genie will help bring AI-driven insights into the flow of work. Salesforce also expects Genie to enhance its existing Einstein AI & Flow automation facilities, which will be fed on a more well-rounded set of data. Specifically, the former is expected to generate more accurate & well-tailored predictions to help steer decision-making & the latter will benefit from a new level of dynamism made possible by the centralized source of real-time data.

Salesframe @Salesframe sync latest materials, videos & other content via web-based management system. Integrate Salesframe with your existing systems such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint, & IBM Notes. After meetings, quickly create a branded PDF of the materials & notes so customers have something to take away. Make winning pitches wherever you are with the app for iOS&Android. Finnish company; client base so far mostly Finland-originated B2B companies. Salesframe Oy; old name “sales interactive”. $310K in estimated revenue annually. Helsinki, Finland

SalesHood @SalesHood sales productivity SaaS platform engaging salespeople to share best practices & learn from each other. Increase deal & ramp velocity fast. Do sales training & onboarding. Publish sales content to reps. Run weekly sales meetings. Facilitate peer-to-peer coaching. Available for web, iPhone & iPad. $10M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Velocify, Inc., DialSource, & ringDNA. ENABLE YOUR PARTNERS LIKE YOUR SELLERS WITH PARTNERHOOD: Become your channel partner’s best resource by enabling them to sell & service your customers just like your own customer-facing teams. Always up to date on your latest offerings with a branded & secure PartnerHood. We help companies make it happen efficiently & securely. Launched SkillsHood. Get everyone in the organization speaking the same language with MEDDPICC sales methodology techniques & practices. Qualify deals more efficiently, mitigate deal risks, improve forecasting accuracy, drive urgency with your buyers and drive an accelerated & higher-performing sales process. San Francisco, CA, USA

SalesITV @SalesITV delivering ROI to clients by empowering sales managers to be better sales coaches using sales training methods. We blend world-class content, a proven sales & sales coaching methodology, online tools & an experienced team. Sydney, NSW, Australia

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 1.20.02 pmSalesLoft @SalesLoft sales engagement platform. Transform the way sellers engage with their customers by delivering a better selling experience. Experience true marketing & sales alignment on a single platform. With improved visibility & easy collaboration on templates, sales plays, & lead routing, SalesLoft puts marketing & sales on the same page. Expanded machine learning capabilities enable sales professionals to take personalization to the next level. Eg: Seniority model automatically recognizes a person’s position in the organization & place them into the ideal persona-based cadence. Hot Leads injects artificial intelligence into workflows where it counts, prioritizing engaged contacts, so users can focus their efforts connecting with the right people at the right time. $53M in revenue annually & competes with Outreach, Velocify, Inc., & 2k+ customers use the company’s sales engagement platform to engage in more relevant, authentic & sincere ways. Acquired Costello on 5-Nov-2019. HQ in Atlanta & additional locations in San Francisco, New York City & Guadalajara, Mexico. Atlanta, GA, US

Sales Outcomes

Salespatron @salespatron distribute any sales content to your sales reps with a single click/tap & ensure only the latest content gets used. With advanced analytics, find out how your content gets used in the field & align sales & marketing goals. Find out how your content gets used & create better content. Have a structured analytical way to know which pieces of sales content gets used more often than others & by whom. Use these insights to create even better content next time to improve rep productivity. Increase ROI on marketing content by helping reps close more deals. Reps gets insights on how clients are engaging with their emailed sales content with analytics (when was content opened, which pages were read & for how long). Follow-up smarter & close more deals. Have all content available neatly organized & updated any time on any device, even offline. New Delhi, India

Sales Performance International @spisales global sales performance training company. Specialties: Sales Training, Sales Performance Improvement, CRM Alignment, Sales Enablement, etc… Charlotte, NC (Not a software offering; consulting only)

Sales Pitch Pro @salespitchpro app/tablet based sales enablement tool. Up-skills sales teams to allow technical product qualification, standardises sales pitches, promotes cross selling & provides sales management analytics. AI equipped front line sales enablement app pushes sales teams to correctly qualify the customer needs & identifies solutions from within a product portfolio, increasing customer engagement, reducing sales cycle time & increasing sales. Analytics from customer meetings are used to drive continuous improvement through a sales process, leveraging customer success from across a team to improve sales performance. Colchester, UK

SalesPreso @SalesPreso an enterprise sales platform designed to ensure that all your salespeople tell your best sales story, every time. Transforming enterprise sales by automating its most time-consuming activity: creating customised presentations. Replaces traditional PowerPoint presentations, made by sales, with centrally-managed interactive presentations that integrate customer-relevant data from unlimited sources. They call them presos & automate them to ensure they are bespoke to each customer; their profile, industry, geography, competitive position, & their market activity. Presos = complex data-driven highly interactive presentations; incorporating elements such as ROI calculators, dynamic workflows for guided selling, product demos, & digital signatures. Creating traditional presentations that are customer-relevant uses the greatest amount of sales preparation time; up to 50-80% of the working week. Rebranding to @livepreso LivePreso automatically makes the perfect content for each customer experience. Presentation platform SalesPreso raised AUD$5M, & rebranded as LivePreso as it ramps up its offering for business. Shearwater Growth Ventures, the $50M Sydney VC fund co-founded by former WiseTech directors Charles Gibbon & Mike Gregg, with managing partner Zac Zavos, led the round. Melbourne investor & MedAdvisor chair Chris Ridd will join the LivePreso board. The funds will be used to further develop the LivePreso platform to automate the creation of digital content for business-critical meetings like account renewals, reviews, business development & new sales opportunities. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

SalesProQuo @SalesProQuo Sales intelligence platform designed for & built by the sales community. SPEND LESS TIME RESEARCHING & MORE TIME SELLING: Combines artificial intelligence with crowdsourced data to provide all the information you need to start selling faster. Close more deals fast by using machine learning to transform data into actionable intelligence. Tap into the hidden power of the sales community to unlock the knowledge of other salespeople. Venice, LA

SalesRabbit @sales_rabbit SalesRabbit Inc. An outside sales app. A sales enablement service & mobile CRM designed specifically for outside sales, including field sales & door-to-door sales teams. The canvassing app provides solutions for lead tracking, lead management, & all your other field sales & d2d needs (Door to door). Lehi, Utah, USA

SalesRight @SalesRightCo helps SaaS sales teams close deals faster through Interactive Live Quotes. Developer of a cloud-based platform designed to allow SaaS sales teams to deliver pricing & close deals faster. The company’s platform is an interactive quote delivery software that accelerates the quote creation, delivery & close process. The software’s Interactive Live Quotes increase conversion rates for SaaS sales teams while reducing time spent per opportunity. Quotes provide prospects with interactive buying experiences backed by sales psychology, while serving up the analytics sales teams need to accelerate the deal to close. Sales reps save 10+ hours a month by replacing pricing spreadsheets, slide decks & proposals. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 19-Nov-2020: Acquired by FastSpring; Bright Market, LLC dba FastSpring, USA @SalesRocksS all-in-one Solution for Sales Enablement & Marketing Automation by Sample Solutions BV. Sales, marketing & recruitment enablement platform, that allows users to gain quick access to full contacts & reach the right people through the constantly updated in-house database. The technology used looks across the web, sorting through millions of data-points in real-time to pull back actionable intelligence from a variety of sources. The platform delivers secure & scalable API integrations that help enterprise sales & marketing teams to identify & understand their customers, enabling increased sales & fueling their CRM, HRM or Marketing Automation Systems. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

SaleSphere GmbH subsidiary of mVISE AG Germany @SaleSphere_App SaaS product – mobile sales & field service solution. Digitises existing field work processes & simplifies administrative procedures. Quick access to relevant information & media – simplifies the presentation of product offers. Integrations:, Microsoft Dynamics (CRM), SAP (CRM), Pipedrive, SugarCRM, Vtiger, SAP Business By Design, Adobe Marketo, Citrix GoToWebinar. Some customers: L’orel, BOSCH, Julius Meinl, MyHilda, Hoffmann Group, H&T Presspart, etc… HQ in Duesseldorf, NRW, Germany. Additional offices: Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich & Bonn.

SalesValue @salesvaluexpert see @thomasthejn Sales & Consulting Enablement made easy / Sales & Consulting Enablement solution: Intelligent content management, Automated knowledge sharing, Personalized recommendations, Analytics & insights. Activates the knowledge & power of your whole organization. We enable your Value Creators to help your customers. SalesValue ApS, Capital Region, Denmark. Now

Sales Velocity by MobileForce Software former fonemine? Mobileforce Software @mobileforce_sw Take your Sales & Service Ops to the NEXT LEVEL: Automate Sales Quotes. Streamline Field Service Operations. Drive More Revenue. @MobileForceSW making it easy for field sales teams to work smart via a next-generation mobile engagement & productivity solution that delivers contextually relevant information, at the right time, on any device. Uniquely connects to a wide variety of cloud & on-premise enterprise applications & data sources, automatically orchestrating & synthesizing the information into contextually-relevant user experiences that shorten sales cycles, reduce cost of sales, & gives field reps more selling time back in their day. Sunnyvale, CA MobileForce Software Inc.

Salesvue @Salesvue Salesforce-native sales engagement platform. With a single user interface for tasks, appointments, opportunities, & more, there’s no guessing what to do, or when. Sales cadences provide structure for consistent engagement, whether it be outbound prospecting, quarterly customer touchpoints, or anything in between. Save your sales reps critical time with repeatable cadences, automated & bulk email options, email templates, & more. Indianapolis, IN, USA

Salient6 Designers/builders of portals/applications that drive business results & a prototype Sales Enablement tool to increase the productivity of your sales force. Consulting company creating end-to-end solutions that realize the full business value of the SharePoint platform. Bellevue, WA

Salire @saliresales sales enablement company reclaiming the wasted time in a sales person’s day. Products designed to help Sales Leaders be more effective at managing both their teams & the client. Seattle, WA

SAM (Sales Accelerator Matrix) SAM.Coach @samcoachai powered by AI. Intuitive platform with human-like intelligence calibrated for improving sales forecast accuracy & generating more sales. Helps salespeople increase ROI on their selling time. Enables BDMs, AMs, Pre-sales consultants effectively capture & validate critical customer information, which ultimately underpins the accuracy of sales forecast. By leveraging a common & objective platform, SAM also helps sales managers reduce time & increase effectiveness when providing accounts review, win/loss analysis & coaching. The startup has 3 objectives, 1. increase ROI on salespeople’s selling time (& sales managers’ time on accounts review, win/loss analysis & coaching); 2. improve sales forecast accuracy, & 3. eliminate the need to manually enter information into CRMs. Sydney, Australia

SAP, the German enterprise software giant, announced it acquired CallidusCloud for $2.4Bn on Jan-2018. (Callidus Software had purchased iCentera) SAP had also made an investment in SAVO, but SAVO was acquired by Seismic May-2018. If you take into account LMS & marketing automation revenue & other offerings from SAP then they could be seen as one of the top 10 vendors in Sales Enablement software. Oct-2020: SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) acquired retail marketing automation & personalisation platform, Emarsys @emarsys for an undisclosed sum, a deal designed to build out its customer experience offering. Austria based Emarsys provides a cloud-based omni-channel customer engagement platform with functionality for personalising customer interactions across email, mobile, social, SMS & the Web at scale. SAP (see CallidusCloud above) SAP the German enterprise software giant announced it acquired CallidusCloud for $2.4Bn Jan-2018. (Callidus Software Inc. had purchased iCentera) SAP had also made an investment in SAVO, but SAVO was acquired by Seismic May-2018. Signavio @signavio (now part of SAP) WALLDORF, Germany. Mar-2021, SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced it completed the acquisition of Signavio (in the enterprise business process intelligence & process management space). Signavio’s products become part of SAP’s Business Process Intelligence portfolio & complement SAP’s holistic process transformation portfolio. With Signavio now an official part of our business process intelligence unit, we can help companies quickly understand, improve, transform & manage their business processes at scale.

SAVO Group (Investment from SAP) KnowledgeTree was acquired by SAVO Group; announced Jun-2017. Then on May-2018, it was announced that Seismic acquired SAVO Group. (See Seismic)

Scaura helps companies to drive b2b sales results via a software platform which brings digital content via a branded app to the fingertips of sales teams & enables them to support any client interaction with relevant content, in the most efficient way. Sales presentations made easy, low-cost sales presentation solution to drive your b2b sales. Helps improving customer buying experiences. The platform analyzes what resonates with prospects & clients in an engaging branded environment. Engage prospects with the right sales content. Anytime & anywhere. Digital marketing, knowledge sharing & effective sales enablement are increasingly important in today’s b2b world. Makes it easy for your sales team to find, present & share the latest sales content; even when they’re offline. Your team is ready whenever the time calls for it. We give you a dedicated channel so, you can align your sales teams with a dynamic stream of sales content. Your sales team will have an effective sales presentation tool which will make their work easier & more effective. Amsterdam, Netherlands/Dutch, Australia & New Zealand, New Comms Digital Mavens is a registered business under the Now Communications Group Pty Ltd. Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Scepos Sales & Marketing Automation Software: The best way to manage & optimize your Marketing & Sales resources. The right content at the right moment easily accessible. Netherlands based / Dutch

Scratchpad @scratchpad_ai Update Salesforce faster with Scratchpad. Designed specifically for AEs to reduce clicks, tab switching, & admin work. The revenue team workspace: Improve your sales performance. Workspace built for sales – with account executives in mind, which means speed. Combines sales notes, spreadsheets, tasks, Kanban boards, search, collaboration, & sales process adherence in one simple & intuitive workspace – connected to Salesforce to eliminate all those tabs & double work. End scattered sales data: Eliminate the spread of high value sales data across sheets, docs, & apps. Scratchpad consolidates valuable sales data in a workspace that syncs instantly with Salesforce. No more reps copying & pasting from random apps & no more missing sales data. Scratchpad, Inc. California, USA

Scrimmage @wescrimmage mobile learning platforms & sales enablement software to help reinforce training, improve speed to competency, & enhance sales productivity. Minneapolis, MN, USA based mobile learning company Scrimmage has been acquired by Canadian software company ACTO @acto the companies announced 11-SEP-2020. “Disrupting Education & Enablement For The Life Sciences” / Omni-channel Education ecosystem for education in healthcare & life sciences. ACTO Technologies Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada

Seidat @SeidatApp cloud-based slide deck platform that enables creating interactive slide decks for any occasion & easily sharing them with your team & customers. Gives you the opportunity to manage all your slide decks under one platform. Keeping your material up-to-date & according to your brand for all your team members has never been this easy. Presentation platform for teams. Create, edit, present & share interactive presentations within the same app. Sell more efficiently with navigable pitch decks, save time with updates by using Smart slide, keep your brand consistent in all slide decks with brand & team management. KEEP YOUR TEAM’S PITCH DECKS UP TO DATE: Any changes made within a team are visible to all. You no longer have to worry about everyone having the most recent presentation materials. Seidat’s cloud does that for you. Team collaboration is easy when everyone always gets the latest materials automatically. $99.4K estimated revenue annually. Helsinki, Finland

Seismic @seismicsoftware cloud-based library of your company’s brand collateral & business materials: All backed by a live data feed – to generate meaningful, integrated content on demand. The single place where all your brand-approved materials are up to date & accessible from anywhere. Can sit inside the CRM or others. Based in CA, US. Partnership with Genuine Interactive. Nu:Pitch became Seismic. Dec-2017 acquired Zensight Cambridge, Massachusetts, US (artificial intelligence to help sales professionals deliver relevant sales messaging & collateral to accelerate sales). May-2018, Seismic acquired SAVO Group which had acquired KnowledgeTree Jun-2017. Percolate @percolate Percolate Industries, Inc. acquired by Seismic Nov-2019. Dec-2020 Seismic acquired Toronto based Grapevine6 @grapevine_6 (social & digital sales engagement platform / a way to engage with buyers on social media). After the acquisition, Seismic launched a new integrated offering called Seismic LiveSocial: Social engagement solution for sales & client-facing teams. Leverages the AI engine built by Grapevine6 to help sellers become advisors by authentically engaging with their prospects & clients across the social media landscape. Sales teams can share timely & compliant content from 11k+ 3rd-party publishers across 6 different languages, targeting the right buyers across multiple social platforms. Additionally, brand leaders can measure the ROI of their social engagement strategy. Aug-2021, sales enablement & marketing orchestration platform Seismic acquired Lessonly, a provider of sales training, coaching, & enablement solutions. With this acquisition, the company will provide sellers the access to marketing & sales content as well as coaching plans, learning programs, & practice scenarios in one location. In addition to the acquisition, the company has also closed a $170M Series G funding bringing the company’s valuation to $3B. Obie acquired by Lessonly 29-Jul-2021

SellsPad SA former TappCtrl now branded as SellsPad @SellsPad Take orders on the go right from your tablet. Always up to date, fast & secure. Improve your sale cycle efficiency. Have the right information at the right time: Documents, presentations, client info, catalog, etc. even when you are offline. Simplify reporting for the people in the field & get detailed information about what really happens in the field. Brussels, Belgium

Sendbloom @sendbloom beautiful, seamless prospecting automation software that helps teams structure, automate & optimize their inside sales processes. Increase sales velocity & empower global initiatives. San Francisco. Feb-2017, ClearSlide, Sales Engagement Platform, & Sendbloom, Prospecting Automation Software, announced a partnership & integration to increase sales velocity & improve business results. Dec-2017 ClearSlide joined Corel Corporation. ClearSlide had acquired SlideRocket to let you create & edit presentations in the cloud with slide-by-slide analytics.

Sendside customer communication platform & secure communication network. Goes beyond simple security & takes electronic communication to a new level enabling high-impact, interactive, one-to-one communications between an organization & its clients, customers and/or prospects via the web. Sendside Deliver: Secure, cloud-based message & document delivery service. Unlike email & other paper-based methods, it helps simplify gathering important documents relating to a transaction & send them to interested parties.

ServiceNow acquires Attivio IP, core technology, & select R&D talent; expects to complete the acquisition by the end of Q4 2019. Announced October 2019. With the addition of the⁦ @attivio ⁩search engine ⁦@servicenow will move beyond keyword-based search to deliver conversational AI & search experiences at scale to customers. cloud-based platform & solutions deliver digital workflows that help people do their best work. Santa Clara, CA, US

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 8.25.40 pmSetSail @SetSailCo Get complete & actionable sales signals from across all your systems — automatically & in real-time. AI-powered platform that combines data & behavioral science to drive more revenue per sales rep. Uses AI to identify the buying signals needed to close a deal. The platform then converts these signals into recommendations for sales reps, providing micro-rewards for following the best path of action & building good selling habits. SetSail Technologies, Inc. San Mateo, California, United States

SETVI @SetviApp mobile sales enablement platform. Enables marketing & sales leaders to distribute, manage, update, & control marketing & sales materials instantly, from one central, cloud-based system. Make new or updated content available for instant access by your sales force. Build dynamic presentations: Create unique presentations on-the-go & on-the-fly by combining PowerPoint decks, Keynote decks, PDF documents, video, images, live websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, dynamic spreadsheets, 3D graphics, HTML5, & more. Understand which materials are being used by sales representatives & which materials are not. Analyze how customers & prospects engage with your materials. Philadelphia, PA, US

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 3.19.55 pmSeva @HiSevaNYC Seva is a unified search platform that helps knowledge workers discover & organize the information they need at work. We keep revenue teams aligned with frictionless access to content they need, when they need it most. Spend less time finding information & more time using it. Where modern teams find & share knowledge. Teams waste countless hours searching for information at work. Seva makes knowledge instantly discoverable to your teams by unifying information that lives in Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Confluence, & Slack. Stop wasting time with bad search & move work forward together, faster. Seva Inc, New York, USA

Shamaym @shamaym_it platform for continuous improvement that creates a culture of high performance in organizations. AI-powered collaborative Win/Loss analysis: Mainly collaborative real-time learning solutions, but also automates the process of a win/loss analysis on its sales team platform. Sales teams often conduct a win/loss analysis after deals are closed, ostensibly to share information with other sales team members about what worked, what needs to be improved, & how the information learned should be applied to future deals. When a salesperson now changes the status of an opportunity (eg in Salesforce), Shamaym automatically generates a deal analysis report, & prompts the salesperson to add their insights & create a win/loss debrief. These takeaways are shared with team members, empowering them to tap into the lessons learned in relevant situations & increase their success rate in future deals. Shamaym, Inc. Boston, MA, US; Tel-Aviv, Israel

Sharekits @sharekits a more influential way of sharing sales content. Send multiple sales attachments inside an engaging, trackable page. No more emails crammed with attachments (unfriendly & hurt sales). Engage prospects & measure buying intent. Package & share content in a personalized, branded page. Package sales attachments: Pick your most influential videos, presentations & docs. Share them as a single page: Send everything inside a single & highly engaging page. Track Your Buyer Engagement: Discover who’s interested & who’s not. San Jose, CR

ShineCX Sales & marketing enablement + automation. Bringing a Sales Enablement software platform to market (some focus on APAC). SHINE CX PTY LTD incorporated 2015; went out of business August 2018. Brisbane, Australia. At least for Australia they seem to be partnering with RISEcx (see above). [Together?] developed a platform that leverages the convergence of education, sales & marketing.

showcase @showcase_cloud catalog, order, & file management app system for sales & marketing professionals. Content at your Fingertips: Sales reps have all of the most recent content they need right where they can always find it. Easy to update: Marketers & managers rejoice! Showcase lets you distribute sales collateral in just a few clicks. Boost sales effectiveness: Forget paper & dump the big screen. Professionally engage prospects with stunning visuals, all from your tablet. Showcase HQ, Logic Solutions, Ann Arbor, MI, US Zombie mode since ’19

Showcase Workshop (Showcase Software) Has customers all over the world. The Showcase Presentation app is free & available for iOS, Android, Windows 8 & web browser viewing option so you can present the same information across your tablets, smart phones & computers. Turn your files into a mobile toolkit with a custom designed interface to match your style guide. Field-based teams can share any approved file, right from their tablet & see when it was downloaded. Real-time information on the usage of the app by field based teams. Wellington, New Zealand

SHOWELL @ShowellApp simple, fast & elegant tablet sales app / solution for sharing & presenting documents, videos, images & HTML5 content on the iPad. Sales enablement platform for winning sales teams. Easy & lightning fast platform for sales & marketing teams to provide the best experience for buyers & beat competitors. Sales acceleration & presentation app for iPad, Android & Windows. Distribute, present & track your sales materials. Consists of Showell Admin, Showell App & Analytics. Showell Admin is where you manage content, users, permissions & settings. Showell App is what your sales reps use to browse, search, present, create & share content. With Showell’s Analytics you keep track of your sales team’s activities. Enterprise-ready; has an API for integrations, eg SSO, CRM, DAM. Provides full support for HTML5 apps, eg forms, calculators, configurators, & other interactive content like animations & 3D. Sales Content Management: Central cloud storage for all your sales materials. Upload & organise PowerPoint, PDF, video, images. Let reps know what’s new & notify them by sending push / email messages. Manage users & set permissions. Access analytics & track your sales team’s activities & more. Jyväskylä Helsinki, Finland

Showpad @showpad empowering sales & marketing to engage buyers with training & coaching software & innovative content solutions. Makes content easy to find, present, share & measure. Empowers businesses to deliver their content to the right audience at the right time with the most intuitive & robust content platform. Sales & marketing teams work better together to engage with audiences, advance conversations, inspire loyalty & accelerate the business. Jun-2018 Showpad, around since 2011, acquired LearnCore, provider of sales training & coaching software) to deliver an integrated Sales Enablement platform: Sales content, engagement, training & coaching. LearnCore & Showpad’s combined platform will leverage data analytics & artificial intelligence to optimize investment in content, deliver relevant content recommendations for sales, & improve the skills of sales teams through personalized training & coaching at scale. Showpad expanded its operations with new offices in Amsterdam, Munich, & Chicago. The combined company will have 350 employees globally. Nov-2018, Showpad sales enablement platform for sellers, acquired meeting intelligence software Voicefox to help with seller productivity, buyer engagement/experience. By recording, transcribing & analyzing business conversations, it gives sales managers the ability to understand & validate what’s happening in the field. Armed with this intelligence, sales managers can more effectively & scalably coach their teams. Chicago, IL, US

Shufflrr @Shufflrr Presentation Management. Enabling the creation of new PowerPoint presentations from all types of files including video, MS Office files, PDFs, images & of course, PowerPoint. Empowers dispersed groups, primarily sales & training teams, to share files, slides, & decks from anywhere, using any device. Build your best presentation in minutes. Present from any device, anywhere. Brings all of the mission critical information hidden within those slides out into the open where your team can find & re-use it. Leverages your investment in brand & message, it ensures compliance & it makes everyone more productive & effective. $2.5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Grunt. New York City, NY, US

Sitecore @Sitecore: Unify & automate content lifecycle & workflow & for a complete content development solution. Digital experience platform combines content, commerce, & personalization so marketers can easily create seamless, individualized experiences. We capture interactions at every touchpoint to provide a personalized experience continuously across every channel. San Francisco, California. Sitecore was acquired by EQT (EQT Partners AB) for $1.1bn, 1-Apr-2016. This deal was done in Cash & Stock.

Skore @SkoreHQ cross-team knowledge platform that ties into your workflow & boosts results fast. Build a knowledge hub to exchange new ideas, link to shared drives, upload files, publish articles, & make notes on a collaborative space. Sustain culture, prevent turnover, onboard new hires, provide training, share processes, publish org charts, job descriptions, & [commission] documentation. Increase sales by training & motivating the team, monitoring engagement, rewarding top sellers, delivering product information, & sharing best practices. Use it as the main channel to disseminate information to sales/channels, including announcements, new releases, & price updates. Marketing: Organize project information, keep a library of updated documents, introduce & discuss new ideas, search for references, seek inspiration, & boost creativity. Deliver content in form flipped classroom & courses, test & measure learning outcomes, assign grades, & introduce new methodologies to teachers. Integrate it with tools & processes already in place to make them more efficient. Sunnyvale, CA, USA; São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

SKURA SFX Sales Enablement solution Adaptive Sales Enablement platform built for the sales rep & company of the future. Puts the salesperson & the customer at the center of the equation by providing the capabilities, features, & usability required for real customer engagement, & real sales enablement. Indegene Acquires Skura! indegene omnipresence (Life Sciences Customer Engagement) & WHUT Inc. offers manufacturers a powerful Sales Enablement that is a complete content, presentation, & engagement platform to help manufacturers sell more. Specifically designed for manufacturers’ field salespeople to operate at their peak, & for managers & marketing to have the visibility you demand. WHUT is out of business or was rebranded to KLYCK @klyckio & moved to Toronto (See above)? Oakville near Toronto, ON, Canada

Slack @slackhq enterprise software platform that allows teams & businesses of all sizes to communicate effectively. Hub for your sales management process: From research to pitch decks to contracts, Slack is where sales happens. Sales teams use Slack for COMMUNICATION, AUTOMATION, TEAM-BUILDING, HANDOFFS. SF, CA, US. Slack acquired by Salesforce Dec-2020. Combining @SlackHQ with @Salesforce Customer360 will be transformative, creating the operating system for the new way to work. Together, we’ll enable companies to grow & succeed in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. Slack enterprise value of approx. $27.7Bn.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 11.08.57 amSlintel @Slintel_Inc go-to-market intelligence that helps businesses discover & connect with high-intent buyers. Enabling companies to prospect better & scale faster by providing lead intelligence & sales enablement support. Helps companies boost conversion rates by getting in front of the right prospects at the right time, using the right medium & with the right content. Competes with Infer, Leadspace, & Lattice Engines. San Francisco, CA, USA. On 5-Oct-2021, 6sense (6sense Insights, Inc.acquired Slintel for an undisclosed amount.

SmarkLabs @SmarkLabs communications agency. Develops sales playbooks based on a communications framework built to enable front line sales efforts. [Not a software solution!] Bridges the gap between sales & marketing through integrated strategies that develop buyer demand & optimize revenue acquisition. Chicago

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 9.40.43 amSmartWinnr @smartwinnr Gamified platform to improve sales & training through better retention. Compliance onboarding, Sales Development, Sales Knowledge, Learning. Sales Acceleration Platform: Drive knowledge through AI-driven quizzes & feeds. Enhance performance by data-driven coaching. Boost performance by gamifying Sales KPIs. San Francisco, CA / Walnut, California & Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India. MobillionLabs, Inc.

Firstup, Inc. @Firstup_io former SocialChorus @socialchorus develops employee communication & engagement platform intended to transform workers & organizations connect. Use-cases/sales-enablement/ Keep Your Field Sales Teams Better Informed: Distributed sales teams need frequent, rapid communications from their sales managers to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, they need regularly updated sales enablement materials to effectively reach their prospects. $16M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Phobio, Dynamic Signal, & GuideSpark. San Francisco, California, United States. Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 9.45.49 pm14-Sep-2021, SocialChorus & Dynamic Signal, two SaaS companies in the digital employee experience (DEX) market combined to create Firstup, a new company built to reimagine employee connection through transformative workforce communications. Firstup reflects a vision for the future of the modern workforce, in which forward-looking, employee-first companies can reach, connect, & engage every worker, everywhere.

Solofire @solofireapp mobile sales enablement platform built for field based reps: Share & track your sales & marketing content; the mobile sales enablement solution built for field based reps! Sales Enablement / Sales App: Make your sales & marketing content the star. Find sales content: Find videos, brochures, case studies, & more that you can share with customers. Empowers your sales team with immediate access to accurate, approved content created by your marketing team. Share sales content: Prepare & present a customized agenda with content that you know will fit your client’s needs. You can instantly share files with your prospects via email & text straight from the app. Track sales content: When you share, you get real-time engagement metrics. As soon as your prospects open your content you get notified so you know your next course of action. Lehi, UT. Sep-2020, VERB Technology Company, Inc. (See VERB) the maker of interactive video-based sales enablement applications, including interactive livestream eCommerce, webinar, CRM & marketing applications for entrepreneurs & enterprises, completed the acquisition of SoloFire (dba for Ascend Certification, LLC), provider of a sales enablement platform for the healthcare industry.

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 9.42.02 amSpekit @spekitapp CHROME EXTENSION: Spekit for Chrome: Access your knowledge & embed your guides, processes & training in any application with a Chrome extension. Digital Adoption & Enablement platform: Accelerate onboarding, productivity & change management by embedding your sales playbooks, tool training & SOPs in the flow of work. Teams use Spekit to learn how to do their job, in their flow of work – with any answer at their fingertips. Digital Adoption + Sales Enablement = Digital Enablement! Empower teams with the knowledge they need to be productive & successful in their roles – from anywhere. Link your playbooks, processes & knowledge to any tool in Chrome. Only 70% of the knowledge learned during training is retained. With knowledge a click away, your users can learn as they go about their daily workflow, with answers accessible from any tool. Denver, CO, USA

SpringCM a DocuSign company @springcm generate, automate & manage your documents & contracts by simplifying business processes so you can close business faster with SpringCM. enterprise-class, on-demand content management. Led by enterprise content management (ECM) industry veterans, SpringCM delivers affordable, easy-to-deploy document management & workflow solutions in a completely Web-based environment. Chicago, IL (DocuSign, Inc. completed its acquisition of SpringCM, a leading cloud-based document generation & contract lifecycle management software company)

Sprinklr Inc. also known as Demand Media, Inc. @sprinklr Sprinklr Modern Marketing; CMS. Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US @squirro delivers real-time context intelligence by combining structured & unstructured data. Harvest content that matters: Revolutionize the way you gather/store/use content that matters. AI-platform – a self-learning system keeping you in the know & recommending what’s next. Extracts & delivers the right insights to you at precisely the right time, automatically. We call it Augmented Intelligence because machines augment human intelligence enabling us to make better decisions. Doing more with your data is critical. Forrester calls it the ‘Insights Economy’. Because smart business is about connecting the dots, you develop a deeper understanding of customers, partners, & markets, spot trends & predict anomalies in all of your data – automatically. $6.7M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Sinequa, Attivio, & Expert System. Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

SteelBrick Salesforce rebrands SteelBrick as Salesforce CPQ after buying the quote-to-cash vendor SteelBrick for $360M on 23-Dec-2015.

StitchView (ChartIQ Inc.) with StitchView, you’ll instantly see context – relevant customer information across all your apps in one workspace view. SYNC INFORMATION IN AN INSTANT: When you have insightful information about your customer intelligently delivered to you across all of your apps instantly, you’re better informed to sell more, faster. Eliminate switching between multiple tabs & windows. Eliminate redundant copy/paste to search across apps. Inputting data & customer notes. Charlottesville, VA, USA

StorySlab @StorySlab whether your sales team is pitching face-to-face or remotely, rest assured that they always have the right content for the right conversation, instantly. Equip, Engage & Close From Anywhere: Cover more topics with content that helps you close more deals in-person or remote. Every seller can be your best with machine learning & AI making real-time recommendations for completeness, upselling, & cross-selling. PDF Perfection: Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 3.53.57 pmMark up, edit, fill, sign, & share PDFs on the fly, all from within StorySlab. Interactive forms & personalized leave-behinds have never been easier. Video Conferencing: Add in your team’s favorite video conferencing & your reps can seamlessly sell to anyone, from anywhere, within StorySlab. Situation-Specific Content: Tag files & upload customer-specific decks to combine the power of content libraries with individual user needs. Syracuse, NY, USA. Acquired by Bigtincan in 2022

Storyworks1 (See Insite Software) Dec-2015, Insite Software acquired Storyworks1. Mar-2017: Storyworks1 officially rebranded as InsitePortfolio. digital content delivery platform that connects sales & marketing with the content, knowledge & tools they need to create powerful customer buying experiences, anywhere. Founded in 2012. Old branding: Storyworks OnDemand Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

streamz @Streamzai AI-based mobile sales readiness platform that empowers companies to build & maintain a highly prepared, engaged, & differentiated sales team. Enable, train & empower your sales talent everywhere. Get your team sales ready- Faster & Easier. Accelerate your business with our world-class mobile-driven sales enablement & readiness platform. Leverage our AI-enabled continuous measurement technology. Set yourself apart from your competition now. GROW YOUR SALES REVENUE WITH PROVEN DATA DRIVEN AI-ENABLED APPROACHES. Track, measure & improve sales knowledge & skills continuously with mobile-first sales enablement technology. Correlate with various sales metrics, & address key learning gaps. Create effective sales readiness programs that can drive improvements individually & at enterprise level. Achieve your sales goals through smarter actions. TeamStreamz Pte Ltd. Singapore, India

Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 3.28.12 pmSweep @sweep_io fast way to build a CRM. No-code editor to manage GTM (go to market) motions on SFDC Customize & scale any Salesforce configuration, without the dev time. CRM should be a source of efficiency, not frustration. Sweep helps you design the CRM that revenue teams really need. No more workarounds or compromises; build a responsive RevOps system to match the speed of your business. Push your CRM process to Salesforce; it automatically configures with just one click. Templates enable you to quickly add best-practice CRM funnels to your system. They’re simple to customize to your needs. Or, if you know exactly what you want, easily build funnels yourself. Sweep turns Salesforce configurations into real-time visuals of your business process. Pipeline information becomes more accessible & more intuitive. Ltd. Tel Aviv, New York, Madrid & Lisbon

Swiftslide (see cegeka above)

SwissVBS @SwissVBS a bts company (BTS is a public company traded at the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm under the symbol BTS b) Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of enterprise B2B sales teams: SET (Sales Enablement Tool) is a marketing & sales app that aligns salespeople to their organization & empowers them to meaningfully showcase their products & services to clients. Push up-to-date organizational messaging to sales representatives simply & quickly. Gain insight into sales activity & customer engagement. Align learning content to the point-of-sale – bringing learning closer to performance. Access to the latest product information in a client-ready format. Customize & share content to meet specific customer needs – both during & after the sale. Access relevant just-in-time training, tied to the client interaction. St Gallen, Switzerland. Toronto, Canada. Munich, Germany.

Tact @tact_ai sales experience platform. Turns a salesperson’s connected device into an AI-powered smart assistant. Works through voice, SMS & offline mobile app. Right there when you need it, automating data entry, delivering insights, & turning admin time into more selling. A single pane of glass to augment daily seller productivity, drive business collaboration, & provide key sales insights across teams. Connects Sales organizations to the data they need across CRM, email, calendar, LinkedIn, Zendesk & beyond, through natural text, touch, & voice conversational experiences. 27-Jan-2020: The AI platform caught the attention of their 5th Fortune 500 organization: Honeywell invested into the human-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) company via Honeywell Ventures & is planning to fully deploy the assistant to their sales teams. Previous investors include Salesforce Ventures, M12 Ventures, Accel Partners, & Upfront Ventures. Redwood City, California, USA (Former name tactile?)

tchop @tchopit mobile communication hub that combines content+community in your own branded app. Combine news & content with social media features in your own native apps, where you control the customer relationship. Sales Support App: For SMB or big sales teams or organisations. Power your sales support process with one app: Communication within a sales organization is as critical as sales support. Put in place & optimize the right types & levels of information & support. Sales reps are most effective when they have flexible access to content, can simply & efficiently prepare for appointments & are part of an organization that provides them with helpful services throughout the sales process. No better engagement platform than mobile devices: Sales teams use mobile apps to stay in touch, to access critical info & to exchange information & experiences quickly. Visual branding central to every marketing & sales strategy: Fully customizable apps in the look & feel of your brand, logo, colors. Content that supports sales: Within your sales organization you have different kinds of target groups with different information needs based on products, accounts or other criteria: A flexible structure of channels & mixes, which enables you to dynamically fulfill those needs within one single branded app. Built-in user management allows to connect users to channels & create custom content & service feeds for each target group or part of your organization. tchop GmbH, Berlin, Germany

TeamSync @teamsync [Former Thriv & Thriv mobile?] Prepare your sales teams on the go: Update your sales team with sales playbooks, product videos, flashcards, & quizzes instantly with a mobile app. Empower your sales team with Sales Playbooks, Selling scripts, Customer profiles & product & customer videos. Share all the tools your customer-facing team needs in a unified feed. San Mateo, CA, USA

Tellwise @tellwise Sep-2020: acquired by ZoomInfo (ZoomInfo Technologies Inc NASDAQ: ZI) to join its family of go-to-market solutions, as “Engage”. TellWise (formerly Discuzz) customer communication focused on seller productivity, pipeline insights, & a greater customer experience. All in one integrated solution. Combines phone, text, email, & presentations into a single platform accessible from your CRM. Live activity feed which watches what customers do with your content. When they are engaging with a piece of content you sent, whether it’s a video or blog post, Tellwise will open up a live feed wherever you work, Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, etc & tells you exactly when & how they are using your content. If you see them interacting with your content, you can reach out & talk with them when they are most interested in your content. Tellwise delivers the customer to a personalized portal that supports various collaboration features, incl. messaging or just call them at that moment. Capture customers when they are most engaged. Bellevue, WA, USA

Templafy @templafy manage, dynamically update & share business templates & brand assets throughout your organization, from anywhere & from any device. Employees now know that they’re always using the latest version of templates; everything completely integrated into the Office package. Distribute the latest company templates & assets instantly & directly to employees who need them available, right where they work. Governance resides in the central admin interface. Entire document ecosystems are centrally controlled, & global distribution takes just a click; with no need for IT involvement. All available company content is approved by your in-house experts & made available directly in the apps employees use. $9.8M in revenue annually & competes with HotDocs, Sparx Systems, & PandaDoc. Copenhagen, Denmark & Berlin, Germany. Acquired Napp (See Napp) on 18-May-2020.

Tettra @tettra knowledge management system for high-performance teams. Organize & share knowledge with your teammates. Eliminate information silos throughout the org, which reduces ramp time for hires, increases collaborative productivity. Google Docs Wiki: Make your Google Docs easier to find, view, & reference with Tettra’s Google Docs Integrations. Slack Wiki: Integrate your knowledge management system with Slack to make it easier to share documentation with your team. You can search your knowledge base directly from Slack. Take a conversation & turn it into documentation within your Tettra wiki, all without leaving Slack. Cambridge, MA

The Brevet Group sales training & sales enablement firm. Tailored/Customized sales performance solutions that help clients in a variety of industries sell smarter. In addition, their online sales training platform, Brevet Online Academy, works as a turnkey sales training solution for companies. Atlanta, GA (They own PointForward; See PointForward above)

THE MAREK GROUP @marekgroup FIELD SALES ENABLEMENT PLATFORM: Branded user interface with an intuitive user experience for desktop & mobile devices. Recommends the right content, at the right time, & in the right medium. Personalize, customize & localize content in multiple marketing tactics & media. Built-in brand & legal compliance. Real-time business intelligence for marketing, operations & the field user. OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING: Digital asset repository. Integrated Direct Market Campaigns: Print, Email, Purls, Mobile. Printed & Downloadable Sales Collateral. Printed & Downloadable Sales Presentations. Trade Show Material. Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA. Owns or has the same leader as Triptych Software (See Triptsych below)

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 1.22.11 pmTigerLRM @TigerLRM all-in-one Solution for Successful Sales Teams: Next-Generation CRM & Sales Enablement Solution. Designed by Sales Leaders to Enable Winning Teams. Created by top closers to guarantee more closed deals. TigerLRM’s FREE, feature-rich platform helps multiply sales teams’ output & empower sales enablement professionals, producing immediate results that are unmatched by any other sales tool. Additionally: Businesses premium sales enablement services that maximize sales teams’ efforts, bringing measurable improvements throughout the pre-close sales cycle. Native mobile apps for iOS & Android, Microsoft Outlook plugin, merchant payment portal, Twilio softphone functionality, web form API, & other features designed for businesses & reps to exceed sales quotas. TigerLRM mobile app allows sales teams, executives & business owners to access TigerLRM’s CRM & Sales Enablement platform while on the go. TigerLRM, LLC, Sunrise, FL, USA

Tiled @tiledco Dynamic Content Publishing for Sales & Training: Selling is a dynamic conversation. Seamlessly engage your customers, efficiently collaborate with your team, & gain insights – in one platform. Enables non-developers to create rich, interactive content experiences that perform like native apps or fully coded websites. Lets you build, publish, & share engaging presentations across any device. Quickly convert existing sales material into powerful interactive experiences. Build app-like presentations using a simple drag & drop interface & give your content the medium it deserves. Keep your sales teams up-to-date with the latest & greatest. Present & Share Anywhere. Measure Activity. Track presentation analytics to drive more effective presentation delivery. $4M in estimated revenue annually & competes with Redbooth, Moxtra, & Asana. San Diego, CA

Tilkee @tilkeeapp @tilkee_com cloud-based app that increases sales team’s closing rate & optimizes prospect follow-up by tracking business proposals. Used to have $1M in estimated revenue annually & compete with ClearSlide, DocSend, & Showpad. Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France. 22-Feb-2022, Tilkee acquired by Efalia Terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed. Efalia, a simplified joint stock company (SAS). Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 5.35.16 pmThe integration of TILKEE with EFALIA’s EDM & BPM solutions will enable to offer an end-to-end digital solution capable of addressing all issues related to document sharing such as contracting. LYON, FRANCE

TinderBox (See Octiv, formerly known as empower reps with pre-built selling material easily found in a central repository, while continuously measuring messaging effectiveness with content tracking (Octiv acquired by Conga BROOMFIELD, CO; 7-Mar-2018, Conga (Intelligent Document Automation) announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Octiv, provider of web-based document solutions.)

Touch & Sell @Touch_Sell multi-device mobile app for sales presentations. Touch & Sell makes it possible to create with autonomy the application which will serve you as a support in commercial RDV. Paris, France

ToutApp (See Adobe) sales communications platform. Close more deals faster with the power of tracking, templates & real-time lead scoring. Fits into Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce & more. Share trackable presentations & documents. Schedule delivery. Track when emails are opened, links are clicked, your leads visit your corporate website, & when your presentation/documents are viewed. Share templates, best practices & analytics across sales & marketing. Gain data on what type of messaging drives results. Train new hires with a template library. Increase collaboration & communication across the team. SF, CA, USA. 19-Apr-2017, Marketo acquired ToutApp: $7M in revenue annually & competes with Velocify, Inc., Outreach, & SalesLoft.

Trapit @trapit platform for employee advocacy & social selling. Empower employees on social media with content. Organize your advocates into teams, discover original content, optimize your content for social networks, & analyze your results. Type in a keyword or point us to a URL to create a “trap”, & we’ll quickly deliver you content that’s relevant. Your traps are updated constantly with fresh content, so you’re always up-to-date. Looking for something more specific? Our robust search feature will give you the precision you’re looking for. San Francisco & Portland, USA. Trapit was acquired by ScribbleLive in May 2017. @scribblelive Empower your sales team with the content they need to support stronger sales conversations. By adding sales enablement solutions into your content marketing mix, sales teams can amplify lead generation & lead quality efforts, providing better insights to marketing. Armed with relevant, useful content, your sales team is empowered, which allows them to have better sales conversations that lead to more revenue & quicker sales cycles. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Rock Content has acquired ScribbleLive on Dec 10, 2019. Rock Content: SaaS, Marketplace. Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil) @tray integrate your entire stack with a general automation platform. Empower your workforce with automated processes & integrate your cloud stack to work in real time. Automate your organization without taxing development resources. Turn your team into citizen automators. Marketing: Improve marketing efficiency & scale growth like never before. Lead list uploads, personalized email, lead scoring & routing, data enrichment, happy customer detection. Sales: stream buying signals & sales updates directly to sales reps. RFP process, alerting, approval process, Sales Enablement, swag automation., inc. San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US

Tree House Interactive / TreeHouse Interactive (see Impartner above)

Triptych Software @GetTriptych sales content management & channel marketing enablement all in one! Triptych is sales empowerment. We give distributed marketing & channel selling teams omni-channel sales support that includes everything from print to digital to 3D. Give your reps & channel partners a single platform to customize, order, & provide feedback on sales materials. At the same time give marketing the analytical data it needs to produce effective sales materials & cut waste. Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Owned by or started by the same leader as The Marek Group? See @marekgroup above or see @tamimarek

True Sales Results @TrueSalesResult No software! Boutique sales consultancy solely focused on B2B technology sales to the enterprise. Sales Enablement Services for B2B Technology Companies. Pleasanton, CA / San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Turtl @turtl Enterprise content automation: Use personalized digital content to build deeper relationships at scale with Turtl’s software. Build better relationships with beautiful & effective content: Personalization at scale. Complete content toolkit for every team. Turtl for sales: Build deep buyer relationships. Equip sales to drive more revenue through better digital materials & deep buying group insights. Turtl for marketing: Get closer to your audience. Rapidly create engaging content & get the insights you need to prove results & deliver better outcomes. Brand management: Hardcoded brand themes keep every asset true to guidelines. Field marketing: Quickly & easily localize key content & compare local engagement. Integrates with your tech stack: Turtl connects directly to your CRM & BI (business intelligence) systems. Limitless use cases: From magazines & white papers to toolkits, brochures, & beyond. London, UK; Boston, USA

Uberflip @uberflip helps marketers create, manage, & optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey – without relying on IT. Use Uberflip to power your company blog, resource center, content library, sales enablement, etc. Streamline content management, accelerate lead generation, & fuel marketing automation. Uberflip is a platform for marketers to create, manage & optimize content experiences, so that content can be fully leveraged by all company stakeholders at every stage of the buyer journey. By providing marketers with the tools they need to boost engagement, generate leads & fuel demand generation they can better leverage content to meet their goals. $15M in estimated revenue annually & competes with NewsCred, Kapost, & Alinean. Toronto, Canada. Uberflip acquired SnapApp @Snap_app on Dec 3, 2019. SnapApp (We empower marketers to create interactive experiences that activate buyers, accelerates leads through the funnel, & unleashes growth. Boston, Massachusetts, United States) SnapApp has joined the Uberflip family to help marketers create better content experiences, accelerate pipeline, & gather audience intelligence that can drive business ROI.

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 8.18.15 pmUnboxed Advisor @unboxedtech custom training & sales enablement solutions work alongside sales reps to provide a better customer experience to the buyer. Interactive demos, guided selling, content library, simple account management, & powerful reporting. Provide a consistent marketing message with smart recommendations which help customers make confident buying decisions. Estimated Annual Revenue $5.4M USD. Unboxed Training & Technology, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

Unily (BrightStarr) @WeAreUnily (“BrightStarr is now Unily“) “full digital workplace solution uniting the very best of Microsoft Enterprise Technology”. Intranet-as-a-service that empowers workforces to communicate & collaborate from any device, anywhere. A Sales Enablement Platform from Unily has the power to help your sales team sell better, giving them the information they need to do their job. Improve sales performance & productivity by providing an integrated platform for salespeople to ensure that they have everything they need at their disposal to engage with a prospective buyer & sell more effectively. Support your sales team with a fully integrated Sales Enablement Platform. Sales teams need to have the appropriate tools at their disposal to do their job effectively. EFFECTIVE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Acts as a central hub, providing easy access to all files required by your sales team to carry out their role effectively. Marketing documents can be created by the design team & easily shared with the sales team. Similarly, a template that’s been created by one salesperson can easily be accessed by other members of the team to reduce file duplication, save time & provide consistent documentation across the company. Advanced search functionality allows users to quickly find the documents & files they need to do their job, helping to improve efficiency & productivity. $25.5M in estimated revenue annually & competes with ElevatePoint Intranet, NGenious Solutions Inc., & Beezy. Godalming, Surrey, UK

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 8.56.04 pmUpland Software @UplandSoftware (cloud-based enterprise work management software) announced 17-Nov-2017 it acquired Qvidian Corporation (provider of cloud-based RFP & Sales Proposal automation software) Sant & Kadient had merged into Qvidian The purchase price was $50M in cash. Upland expects the acquisition to generate annual revenue of approx. $19.5M of which approx. $17.3M is recurring. RO|innovation (RO|enablement) RO Innovation acquired by Upland Software, 28-Jun-2018. Price $12.5M 28-May-2019, Upland Software acquired Kapost for approx. 3x revenue ($45M in cash) + $5M cash holdback payable in 12 months. Austin, Texas. 7-Oct-2019 Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD) cloud-based enterprise work management software, acquired Altify, customer revenue optimization (CRO) cloud solution for sales & the extended revenue teams. It will be a core platform of Upland’s Sales Optimization solution suite. The acquisition adds approximately $24M in annualized revenues. 2-Mar-2021, Upland Software announced it acquired BlueVenn, a cloud-based customer data platform (CDP) @BlueVenn learn more about your customers & deliver outstanding, omnichannel customer experiences with the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform. Raleigh NC, US & Bristol, UK. With BlueVenn, Upland customers can now securely unify their consumer data, unlocking the insights needed to create omnichannel digital engagement strategies to drive their business forward, all from a single vendor. A step forward for Upland in the Customer Experience (CX) category. Centralizing customer data has been a persistent challenge for enterprises since today’s digital consumer uses text, email, mobile applications, & websites to interact with the brands, products, & services they love. BlueVenn will sit at the center of the Customer Experience Management (CXM) offering & deliver a single view of the customer that will drive better engagement across every digital channel. Securely access all your online & offline consumer data sources – from in-store to email to mobile – in one centralized location. This unified view unlocks unique insights into crucial buying behaviors & makes them actionable, which allows companies to optimize omni-channel marketing campaign performance. All while ensuring consumer information is kept secure & compliant with regulations. With a unified consumer database sitting at the center of Upland’s CXM product suite, customers will have the power to reach their consumers where they are, driving engagement & conversions whether on email, mobile application, SMS, or online. 10-Jan-2022Upland Software @UplandSoftware announced it acquired Objectif Lune Inc. @objlune enterprise software for document composition & business communication automation. Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 9.13.44 am24-Feb-2022, acquired Boston-based search company BAInsight / BA Insight / BA-Insight Inc. @BAinsight for $33.4M in cash. With the acquisition of BA Insight, Upland continues to build its knowledge management product portfolio by giving customers a powerful new way to conduct searches that span their enterprise systems to deliver relevant, personalized, & actionable results, with a technology that: Eliminates the blind spots by connecting search to many different systems & applications; Unifies search results with the ability to set up the correct, specialized taxonomies to organize, retrieve, & sort the most relevant documents; Delivers increasingly relevant results using analytics and machine learning to make each search better; & Places a search bar wherever the user wants it so they can search natively in target applications or across all the applications they use every day. On 14-Jul-2022, Private Equity Firm HGGC, LLC $115M strategic equity investment in the form of a new class of convertible preferred stock issued at a premium to Upland’s current market price. Provides incremental capital intended to capture the attractive M&A opportunity set that is expected to emerge as a result of the current macroeconomic environment. It also brings additional strategic & operational support as HGGC and Upland work together to strengthen the company’s go-to-market capability to fully leverage the value of its enterprise customer base and strong product portfolio.

UpsideLMS @Upside_LMS AI-powered Learning Management System & Off-the-shelf Online Content Library (Plethora). AI powered LMS, mobile-ready, SaaS Learning Management System for eLearning, Classroom Training, Virtual Training, Gamification, Social Learning & Mobile Learning. Deliver training programs to your Sales teams anytime, anywhere & on any device. Pune, India. UpsideLMS HR Tech Pvt. Ltd.

UpSync @upsync Sales Process Empowerment & Presentation Tool for web, iPhone, & iPad. Boulder, CO, USA (Out of business?)

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 11.50.13 amurCollection @urCollection distribute docs hierarchically: from CEOs, Sales managers & Marketing managers to the sales force. Only administrators can edit docs, share them with the salesforce & decide which actions the salesforce can take with the documents. Manage & protect documents by using analytics & geo-location. iPad app by App2U S.L., Barcelona, Spain

vablet @vablet deliver more relevant sales presentations with focused content, branded messaging, customized HTML5 sales tools & forms delivered anywhere to the devices your team uses most. Everything is available in a single source business solution for iPhone, iPad etc. Integrates seamlessly with your cloud based marketing solutions. Syncs your field sales rep’s call activities with Salesforce & your marketing automation solutions to provide the enhanced metrics needed to make your sales charts move up & to the right. Competes with Trelevate. Meiotic, Inc., Irvine, CA

Valkre Solutions Inc. @ValkreSolutions software & expert support to make the idea of value creation as easy as possible in B2B markets. Helps B2B companies compete on customer value. SALES & MARKETING: Sell features & functions rather than the value of an offering to a specific prospect or customer. OPERATIONALIZE VALUE SELLING: Enables Sales & Marketing to align on, articulate, & personalize the value of their offerings to customers. VALUE KREATION: Industrial strength cloud software that helps B2B companies compete on customer value. Has $5.3M in revenue annually & competes with Aginity, Pentaho, & Alteryx. Chicago, IL

Valooto See dealhub formerly Valooto

VanillaSoft @VanillaSoft Sales Engagement Platform/System [enables reps to engage with prospects faster & more effectively, increasing their productivity & leading to more sales.] but not a Sales Enablement system. Not a DCMS [Digital Content Management System for Sales]! Lead management software & CRM solutions for phone centric selling. Maximize your deal flow & automate your sales cadence! $10M in revenue annually & competes with Velocify, Inc., NICE inContact, & Genesys. Dallas / Plano, Texas, USA. Oct-2020: VanillaSoft, a sales engagement technology company, announced that they acquired email automation & sales intelligence platform vendor Autoklose.

Veelo @veeloinc (MobilePaks  is now @veeloinc Sales Enablement Platform that uses machine learning & brain science to help you onboard, train, enable & optimize your sales team.) Sales Enablement & learning platform: Increases sales effectiveness & marketing ROI. Guide your sellers with intelligent, actionable recommendations of content & coaching. In the moment & tailored to the sales opportunity. Ramp new hires faster & support better sales performance with tools to develop & deliver coaching in ways proven by science to be the most effective. Present from any device & dramatically increase customer engagement. Share content with just two clicks & see what sellers & customers use most. Competes with Highspot, Brainshark, & SAVO (Now Seismic see above). Jul-2019, Bigtincan (See above) acquired the assets of Portland, Oregon, USA based Veelo, Inc. for US$1.8m.

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 9.33.35 amVelocify also known as Leads360. Ellie Mae is now ICE Mortgage Technology  which acquired Velocify, Inc. for $128M USD on 31-Aug-2017. designs sales acceleration software to help high-velocity sales teams turn more prospects into customers. More than 1,500 companies streamline, automate, & optimize their sales processes using this Sales acceleration software/platform: Delivers a prescriptive approach to selling & surfaces actionable performance insights. $50M in revenue annually & competes with SalesHood, RingDNA, & NewVoiceMedia. El Segundo, CA, USA. Ellie Mae acquired Velocify, Inc. for $128,000,000 Renamed now: 31-Aug-2017, ICE Mortgage Technology acquired Velocify, Inc. for $128M USD

Veloxy @veloxyio Sales Enablement & Predictive Forecasting for Salesforce CRM. Improve Salesforce engagement & keep focus on what drives the pipeline. Overwhelmed by Non-Selling Activities? While most sales professionals spend 65% of their time on non-selling activities, Veloxy users are equipped with AI, spending most of their time engaging with prospects, sending out more content, & increasing their conversion rate. Mountain View, CA, USA

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 1.34.46 pmVendasta @Vendasta a platform for channel partners who provide digital solutions to small- & medium-sized businesses. Vendasta & Yesware @yesware combine to offer CRM with sales enablement & marketing automation capabilities: 17-Oct-2022, Vendasta announced the acquisition of Yesware, a private Boston-based company that offers tools for sales teams to track email outreach activity, rapidly test what does & doesn’t work, & share that data across teams to drive results, faster. Vendasta, a privately-held company headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada provides technology services to small & medium-sized businesses through its relationships with channel partners, such as advertising agencies & media companies. Software startup Vendasta acquired Boston-based Yesware, in a deal Vendasta says will expand its sales enablement & marketing automation capabilities. The financial terms of the transaction, which will see Vendasta integrate Yesware into its portfolio of service offerings, were not disclosed. The Yesware deal marks Vendasta’s third acquisition in the past year or so. Oct-2021, Vendasta purchased artificial intelligence-powered automated scheduling software firm CalendarHero, and this January, Vendasta bought search, display, & social advertising tech company MatchCraft. Vendasta’s acquisition of Yesware also comes a couple of months after the company laid off over 30 of its approximately 700 employees. Founded in 2010, Yesware provides tech tools like email tracking & campaign management to sales teams. As of 2018, Yesware had raised a total of $48M. Vendasta, headquartered in Saskatoon, with offices in Toronto Chennai, India & now Boston. Vendasta Technologies Inc., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Vengreso @GoVengreso Digital Sales Transformation Company for B2B Sales & Marketing. Provides Digital Selling Training, Social Selling, Content Marketing, Employee Advocacy. Content for Sales Enablement: Sales professionals need relevant content to engage their buyer in a meaningful & useful way to enable sales conversations. $3M in revenue annually & competes with LearnCore, LinkedSelling, & Sandler Training. San Francisco, CA

VERB @VerbTech_Co (NASDAQ: VERB) business-focused interactive video Webinar, CRM, marketing, & sales enablement software applications. “Verb CRM: Sales Enablement Platform”. Send Product Samples from an App. Increase retention & revenue with a custom mobile app. Newport Beach, CA, USA. Sept. 10, 2020, VERB Technology Company, Inc. the maker of interactive video-based sales enablement applications, including interactive livestream eCommerce, webinar, CRM & marketing applications for entrepreneurs & enterprises, completed the acquisition of SoloFire (dba for Ascend Certification, LLC), provider of a sales enablement platform for the healthcare industry. verbMAIL is an interactive video sales tool to drive action when a potential customer’s interest is at its highest. Instead of typing an email, simply record a quick personal interactive video. When watching your video, the customer simply clicks right in the video to purchase the product, schedule a demo, view a product listing, open a PDF, connect via social media & more, all without ever leaving the video.

vertical IQ @VerticalIQ Client-facing sharable content! INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE SIMPLIFIED: Build credibility & confidence with easy-to-comprehend industry research. Act as an industry specialist by learning enough about your customer to stand out from the competition. Bring up-to-date industry content into your applications, presentations, trainings, & tools. Designed to be plug&play – Vertical IQ utilizes simple, customer-friendly designs & features. Mobile app for access to industry profiles. Integrate industry insight into your contact strategy by sharing deliverables with business owners. Raleigh, NC, USA

Vidyard @vidyard video solution to help you close even the toughest of deals more quickly & easily. Tools & data you need to maximize audience engagement, convert prospects through the sales funnel, & measure the true impact of video. Access all your video content from mobile or desktop; Hand-pick the ones that are perfect for the specific lead; Create a custom video playlist; Record a friendly, personalized video greeting; Create & send an email using well-designed layouts; Track who is watching what to gain insights on leads & close them more quickly & easily. Kitchener/Waterloo, ON, Canada

Ving @vingapp microburst safety training & on the job information sharing tool. Training & compliance monitoring platform specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. The Ving platform makes it extremely easy & efficient for any company to track, monitor & record employee compliance & engagement with company safety, health, policy & procedure training. Ultimately enabling the company to quickly identify employees who aren’t compliant. via680, LLC. Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Vivisimo Inc (acquired by IBM) Now, Vivisimo Velocity Platform is IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer

Voicefox Nov-2018, Showpad sales enablement platform for sellers, acquired meeting intelligence software Voicefox to help with seller productivity, buyer engagement/experience. By recording, transcribing & analyzing business conversations, it gives sales managers the ability to understand & validate what’s happening in the field. Armed with this intelligence, sales managers can more effectively & scalably coach their teams.

VoiceOps @voiceops_hq AI coaching & training platform for call centers. Behavior-based coaching is similar to coaching an athlete; drill on specific skills, measure improvement to behavior adherence & coach again until performance increases. San Francisco, CA

VoiceVibes, Inc @voicevibes voice analytics & AI-powered coaching platform helps professionals make the best impression, every time they speak. Baltimore, Maryland, USA. On 15-Jan-2021, Bigtincan Holdings Limited @bigtincan (ASX: BTH) announced that its wholly owned US subsidiary, BTC Mobility, LLC entered into & completed a Stock Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with the shareholders of VoiceVibes & acquired 100% of the issued capital of VoiceVibes, Inc

Volley @volley_app Meet less. Communicate More. The conversation hub for business. The richness of talk meets the flexibility of text. Experience conversations that don’t involve time or place using asynchronous video. Utah, USA. Competes with Loom @loom (See above)

vPlaybook @vPlaybook (See DSG Consulting above) Lead the conversation through our sales enablement platform, with just-in-time information to gain wins anytime, anywhere. On-Demand Sales Content Management: With vPlaybook’s resource drawer you can easily provide recommended sales assets based on playbook section. Store any type of file (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) & make it available immediately to your team. DSG Consulting, INC. Little Rock, AR

Vuframe @Vuframe VUFRAME sales enablement platform that helps you to present your products using 3D, Augmented & Virtual Reality. Provides web-based platform to create enriched, sharable Augmented & Virtual Reality experiences & apps online – on any device. Ingest many types of files & online content & publish it once to many types of devices & formats. Simultaneously supports 3D, AR & VR and offers a great on-boarding with lots of templates & examples. It is not a gimmick – you benefit from real-world use-cases. Pay as you go for their off-the-rack templates which neither require tech or coding resources nor R&D effort or risk for the user. Vuframe GmbH. Regensburg, Germany

Vymo @getvymo personal assistant app that automates sales force activities, driving sales effectiveness. By capturing rich, contextual data, it generates actionable insights that help managers make need-based interventions to close more deals. Personal Sales Assistant; captures activities, automatically & predicts next best actions. Vymo, an India-based developer of software for sales automation & field force productivity, raised $18 million in Series B funding. Investors include Emergence Capital & Sequoia India. Vymo’s entry into the US market comes at a key moment for the banking & insurance industries. According to the 2019 Accenture Global Financial Services Consumer Study, banking & insurance customers want greater personalization services along with more efficient ways of integrating digital channels with physical customer interactions. Enables high-value interactions with prospects & customers through data & intelligence, thus also leading to an increase in customer trust & share of wallet. New York, NY, USA & India

White Cup @WhiteCupCompany [formerly Compass Sales Solutions, MITS, Tour de Force] Hookshot for Distributors & Manufacturers: Technology platform, Hookshot, brings data together at the right place & the right time – giving you the right insights that are actionable & valuable. It integrates with your existing ERP & other business systems to give you one source of truth & provide real-time data to help you improve outcomes & predict challenges before they arise. Business Intelligence: Hookshot provides powerful Business Intelligence (BI) that presents data in easy to read dashboards, scorecards & reports, that give your team direction to take the right action quickly: Discover hidden sales opportunities to bolster your bottom line, Identify areas to increase margin or decrease inventory costs, Understand trends so your business can be prepare & predict. Tailor information specific to roles or teams so everyone is on the same page. Sales Enablement (CRM): Hookshot is more than a CRM; enables teams to anticipate the challenges & solve the problems customers face, before they happen. Helps to capture, manage, & drive action based on the information you add to the system: Create workflows & set alerts to keep you on track, Organize & nurture lead & customer information in one place, Integrate with Outlook & other resources to track activities & interactions. Accessible through our mobile app & secure in the cloud, Hookshot goes where you go & provides relevant information, when you need it. Hookshot for office technology businesses: Predict the needs of vendors or customers & make more informed decisions that directly affect sales efforts & the bottom line. Armed with actionable information,