Reading List – End of 2010

7 Simple Principles of a Successful B2B Marketing Strategy (Jean Gianfagna; 25-Aug-2010)

[…] a monumental shift is occurring in our percepts of buyer behavior & buyer strategy. Such a shift is creating new buyer experience economics for buyers and sellers alike. B2B buyers today desire the totality of end-to-end experience in addition to products & services that help them to meet goals and solve challenges.

These monumental shifts occurring are calling for organizations to think differently and to design buyer experiences that create long-term buyer retention & buyer loyalty. As products & services are subjected to increasing entry into the level playing field we call commodity, differentiation is made in designing innovative buyer experiences. In the Buyer Experience Innovation framework, the design of buyer experiences is one of its most important elements. There are 3 central aspects to Buyer Experience Design that provide the necessary roadmap:

Confluence of Buyer Insights, Buyer Persona Development, & Buyer Experience Journey: This is the bed rock of understanding that offers insight on whom your buyers are, the buying journey they take within their own organizations as well as yours and competitors, and the sequential views that are critical to understanding the current buyer experience.

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