Job opening – Knowledge and Operations Manager of Sales Enablement

Requisition Number: 8107
Posting Date: 10/Sep/09
Area of Interest: Sales
Job Title: Knowledge and Operations Manager of Sales Enablement
Company: AMD
City/Town: Austin
State/ Province/ Region: Texas
Country: United States

Job Description:

The Operations and Knowledge Manager of Sales Enablement will report into the Sales Enablement Program Manager. This person has responsibility for the overall vision, direction, and global structure for the knowledge management system and operations of the Sales Enablement engine at AMD: knowledge assets, governance processes, sales enablement standards and requirements, communications protocols and other aspects. This person will ensure that all sales enablement requirements for campaigns, product launches and other triggers are collected, prioritized and communicated to the teams responsible for the content development and delivery.

Key Responsibilities:
• Develop sales enablement plans for marketing campaigns, product launches and other key triggers that include content, delivery, sources and audiences
• Set the strategy; define and manage the plan for the overall knowledge management system for sales enablement: mind share, best practices, proven sales strategies, access to subject matter experts and other knowledge assets
• Define the vision, requirements and, in some cases manage and administer sales enablement delivery systems and the sales portal (content repository for sales enablement content)
• Define and drive communications strategies and protocols for all sales enablement activities
• Establish and enforce the standards for sales enablement content: sales collateral, talk tracts, product information updates, etc.
• Represent the team’s requirements for IT, corporate communications and other services

Position Qualifications:
• 10+ years of experience
• 3+ years of experience in sales and marketing roles
• Proven experience in influencing and managing across organizations
• Leadership experience; service organization leadership experience a plus
• Experience in corporate training, sales enablement or sales operations a plus
• Experience with knowledge management or sales training systems a plus

See full job ad and apply here.

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