Twitter for Product Marketers

Via I found “7 Reasons Why Good Product Managers Must Be On Twitter”:

  1. Connect with other PMs […]
  2. Get in touch with (potential) clients […]
  3. Listen to customer feedback […]
  4. Locate the experts […]
  5. Share good and relevant articles […]
  6. Grow your online-reputation […]
  7. Let people know about your product […]

Read the full blog post at

Here is the response “5 Not Obvious Reasons Product Marketers Should Twitter” from

“Thomas Fuchs Martin over at had a great post called “the 7 reasons why good product managers must be on Twitter” which covers the big reasons like listening to customer feedback and connecting with other PM’s. This then got me thinking about other perhaps less pressing reasons to be on Twitter and I give you…

5 non-obvious reasons product marketers should Twitter:

  1. Communicate Bad News […]
  2. Spy on the Other Guys […]
  3. Get inside the heads of Analysts and Experts […]
  4. Find People you Want to Hire (and some you don’t) […]
  5. Prove you’re human (so people cut your company some slack when you screw up) […]”

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