Interview with Umberto Milletti – CEO, InsideView

Interview with Umberto Milletti – CEO, InsideView on bringing together all the sources of traditional media and social media (what is being said about your company on the web etc…), analyzing it for relevance to the user and presenting it in one customized view within CRM or other applications. How to turn a cold call into a warm call. Uploaded April 5, 2009 by

From Wikipedia:

InsideView is a Software as a service company based in San Francisco, California, with a development office in Hyderabad, India.
InsideView’s platform aggregates information about companies, executives, and related events (news, blogs, SEC filings, job listings, social network data) for approximately 700,000 North American companies. This information comes from a variety of structured and unstructured content sources such as Reuters, Dun & Bradstreet, Zoominfo, Hoover’s, Jigsaw Data, SimplyHired, LinkedIn, and Facebook. InsideView also parses news and information from approximately 25,000 Web-based news publications and blogs.

It helps customers to generate sales leads, qualify those leads and use technology tools to help find big sales opportunities for customers.

InsideView’s core product, SalesView, is available as a stand-alone Web application as well as integrated with CRM vendors like, Oracle CRM On Demand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, and Landslide Technologies.

InsideView was founded in 2005 by Umberto Milletti, a former executive and co-founder at DigitalThink, an early Web-based corporate training company.

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