What marketing technology fails to address

‘Six issues that content and inbound marketing technology fails to address’ from Wednesday, April 15th, 2009:

[…] To this day, most enterprises work in silos, content strategy, marketing, sales and IT, each with their own agenda, goals and time frames. In most cases, a sea-change has to happen to get an integrated go-to-market strategy. Forrester research recently came out with a statistic, up to 19% of SG&A expense is hidden costs associated with supporting sales. Reducing those costs should be the number one goal and process optimization and integration is the only way to address it.

Issue 4. Generic content does not work anymore, you need to address each stakeholder, if you are selling to a CIO, CFO, HR, you need specific content to address their business requirements.

Issue 5. People come to you at different stages in their buying life cycle, they could buy in one week, one month, one quarter or one year, you need specific content that editorializes and educates them on your business value and unique differentiation on their time frame not yours. […]

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